Costco Healthcare Visits Now Available for Members

The retailer now offers virtual doctor's visits, therapy appointments, and standard lab panels as part of a new Costco healthcare initiative.

Costco has joined other major retailers in the healthcare space by collaborating with Sesame — an online marketplace connecting healthcare providers with patients — to provide Costco members with a new option for accessing healthcare.

Through Sesame, Costco members can make same-day virtual health visit appointments with primary care, mental health, and dermatology specialists, and providers in 40-plus other specialties. Sesame's telehealth providers can also prescribe medications and order lab panels.


The service is designed to provide uninsured people or those with high-deductible insurance plans affordable access to healthcare.

In a statement, David Goldhill, co-founder and CEO of Sesame, said, "Quality, great value, and low price are what the Costco brand is known for. When it comes to health care, Sesame also delivers high quality and great value — and a low price that will be appreciated by Costco members when it comes to their own care."

Sesame + Costco healthcare offers the following:

  • $29 virtual primary care visits.
  • $72 health checkups with a virtual healthcare provider, including a follow-up visit plus a standard lab panel (complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel, and urinalysis).
  • $79 virtual mental health therapy.
  • 10% off other Sesame services, like in-person appointments.

Costco members can make virtual appointments with a telehealth provider through Sesame's website. Before the appointment, the member fills out a medical history form and pays for the visit.

If the provider prescribes medication, the consumer can have it shipped to them directly or pick it up at their local pharmacy.

Although Sesame's healthcare professionals are out-of-network for most health insurance, some insurers may cover the cost depending on the provider. Therefore, Sesame provides a bill so consumers can submit it to their insurance company. Moreover, the virtual healthcare provider accepts HSA and FSA payments for visits and medications.

The launch of Costco healthcare via Sesame follows similar healthcare services already offered by Amazon, Walmart, CVS, and others.



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