COVID-19 Immunization Cards No Longer Provided by the CDC

The white vaccination card was essential for proving your immunization when the COVID-19 vaccine initially became available. Those cards, however, will no longer be given out, according to the CDC.

The agency states that it does not maintain vaccination records and advises recipients to contact their state health department's immunization information system (IIS) if they wish to keep track of their COVID-19 doses.

According to the organization, an individual's complete immunization record, including COVID-19 vaccines, can be provided in digital or paper form by a state's IIS.


The CDC advises retaining a copy of your immunization record for your primary care physician to assist in making future medical decisions. Additionally, your doctor's office can provide you with a replacement card if you bring your immunization record. However, major drugstore chains claim the latest vaccine may be obtained without your old card.

On the CVS Health Dashboard, those who received an immunization at a CVS Pharmacy or Minute Clinic can see their vaccination data.

For immunizers to update booster information, the agency advises patients to bring their dosage cards or immunization records, although it is unnecessary. Walgreens will question people to confirm their age and immunization history.

A vaccination card is not required for vaccination, but our pharmacists will complete them if patients bring them in.

- CVS statement

Based on a statement from Walmart, pharmacists are pleased to add a dosage to a patient's existing vaccination record if the patient requests it.

Additionally, Rite Aid claims that it will stop requesting vaccination cards.

The COVID-19 vaccination cards were introduced in late 2020 as a convenient tool for the government and vaccine recipients to manage doses supplied.

They may be used to demonstrate immunization status for situations like significant events and overseas travel.


According to Tori Emerson Barnes, executive vice president for public affairs and policy at the U.S. Travel Association, individuals are no longer required by the federal government to submit their vaccination card when entering the country from abroad.

Most nations no longer demand vaccination confirmation for entry, but the CDC still advises that you verify your destination before departing from the U.S.


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