Drizzilicious Rice Cake Bites, Popcorn Recalled Due to Undeclared Peanut

Snack Innovations Inc. voluntarily recalls several batches of Drizzilicious branded mini rice cake bites and drizzled popcorn products after undeclared peanut residue was discovered. Consumption of these products poses a severe risk to people with peanut allergies.

The company recalls products listed below:

Products recalled due to undeclared peanut

Recalled products were distributed nationwide through retail stores and online e-commerce sites. They are packaged in Drizzilicious branded pillow bags and/or stand-up zip pouches. The products have the lots codes printed on the back of the bag.

Snack Innovations Inc. says the recall was initiated after one of its ingredient suppliers discovered undeclared peanut residue in one of the sub-ingredients used in making Drizzilicious products.

Consumers who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to peanuts should not eat any remaining product and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. Products are safe to consume for those not allergic to peanuts.

Last week, Corim Industries voluntarily recalled several peanut butter hot chocolate products because they may contain undeclared peanuts. The recalled products are branded as Cocoa de Aroma, Smart Sips, Jersey Charm, and Colonial Coffee.

Peanuts are a food allergen associated with anaphylaxis, which occurs when an over-release of chemicals puts the person into shock. This sudden and potentially deadly reaction requires immediate treatment.

Anaphylaxis may begin with mild symptoms, such as a runny nose, a skin rash, or a "strange feeling," and progress to more severe symptoms, including trouble breathing, fainting, and cardiac arrest.

If someone has symptoms of anaphylaxis, you can help by

  • Using an adrenaline auto-injector if the person has one.
  • Calling the emergency number in your country.
  • Removing any allergy trigger if possible.
  • Laying the person and raising their legs. If the person is having difficulty breathing, sit them up and help them breathe.

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