Equinox Wants To Help You Live Longer — For $40,000

Luxury fitness chain Equinox is launching a full-service gym membership aimed at helping customers live longer, but it’ll cost you a steep annual fee of $40,000.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the longevity train right now, and Equinox is joining the longevity trend by offering a new, pricey program in partnership with lab-test startup Function Health.

As first reported by CNBC, the gym chain announced this week that it’s launching “Optimize by Equinox” to offer consumers a host of services and supports — from medical testing to nutrition coaching to massage therapy — in an effort to help them live longer.

The two companies first announced their partnership in April, promising to introduce “a paradigm shift in approaching health optimization that integrates visible physical achievements with crucial, yet often overlooked internal health markers.”

Those who sign up for the program will first undergo a series of lab tests to assess their overall health — looking at 100 different biomarkers, including heart health, immune system function, cancer genes, and nutrient levels — as well as exercise tests to determine their fitness level. These tests will be repeated twice a year.

According to CNBC, an Equinox “Concierge” will then use all the data collected to create an individualized plan to help improve their health and wellness, featuring components including fitness, nutrition, sleep, and massage therapy. Every member will have a designated coach for each of these facets who will help improve their health and, subsequently, their longevity.

The program amounts to 16 hours of coaching per month in these four areas, with a steep price tag of $3,000 monthly — not including the price of an Equinox gym membership. Combined, the program and membership will cost customers roughly $40,000 per year.

The program will initially be offered to consumers in New York City and Highland Park, Texas at the end of May before eventually rolling out to other parts of the country.

"We are ushering in the next chapter of healthspan and longevity with the partnership between Equinox and Function Health," said Julia Klim, the vice president of strategic partnerships at Equinox, in a news release. "This partnership represents a new era in personalized, performance-driven health, integrating the highest standards in personal training with cutting-edge research and data across nutrition and regeneration."

Function Health’s stated mission is to help people live “100 healthy years.”

The “Optimize by Equinox” announcement comes at a time when longevity has never been more popular, with many companies and individuals utilizing the powers of technology combined with extreme lifestyle choices to reduce and even reverse the effects of aging.

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