Four Day Workweek Improves Overall Happiness

A six-month trial in the United Kingdom involving a four-day workweek resulted in a positive note among both employers and employees.

4 Day Week Global, a not-for-profit organization, and Autonomy, an independent progressive research organization, were created to test if a four-day week could be regulated in the future. The project happened between June and December 2022 and incorporated various companies and organizations within the U.K. The half-year project saw refined results in team culture, efficiency, and a healthier outcome within the company.

The project included approximately 3,000 employees and employers at 61 different companies. They utilized a 100-80-100 mode, meaning workers got 100% of their pay for only working 80%. Through the experiment, 92% of companies said they saw positive results and will continue implementing the program permanently.

Of the other five companies that are not part of the 92%, two are lengthening the 4-day trial. At the end of the trial project, companies evaluated the experience as 8.3 out of 10.

How did the trial impact employees?

For employees, 90% expressed satisfaction with a four-day workweek, 55% said their work performance heightened, and 15% said they would not return to the usual five-day workweek even with a pay raise. To continue, by the end of the trial, 39% of employees reported feeling less stressed.

Additionally, 43% saw an improvement in their mental health, and 37% saw an enhancement in their physical health. Along with these positive results, 62% of employees reported having a manageable social life. Male employees said their availability to take care of their children significantly rose.

The trial team concluded: "We encourage business, employees, researchers, and government to all play their part in creating a new way of working which will improve business productivity, worker health outcomes, stronger families and communities, challenge the gender equality issue, and work towards a more sustainable work environment."

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