Health Insurance Options at the Top 5 U.S. Companies

For a whopping 89% of the American workforce, health insurance is the most important benefit of work, according to a recent survey. With nearly 159 million Americans relying on employer-sponsored health coverage, we looked at what benefits the top five American companies offer to their employees.

In the United States, only companies with 50 or more full-time employees are required to offer affordable health insurance to their workers and their family members. And insurance provided by companies significantly varies — from covering basic medical services to covering fertility treatment and bariatric surgeries. Out-of-pocket costs employees have to pay may also notably differ from company to company.

Those working at small firms (with less than 200 workers) pay $7,556 out of their paychecks annually for family coverage, compared to $5,580 paid by larger companies' employees, Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) data shows.


Healthnews looked at health benefits at the top five American companies by revenue, according to Fortune's list.

Walmart Inc.

Walmart Inc., a retail corporation that employs nearly 1.6 million people in the U.S. alone, offers its employees eight health plans, which depend on an employee's location.

For instance, the most popular Premier plan provides 100% coverage for preventive care, including annual checkups and vaccinations. It also allows the employees to take advantage of copays without meeting deductibles first, such as $35 for primary care and mental health office visits and $75 for specialists and urgent care.

The annual deductible — the amount the employee must pay before their insurance starts paying up to 75% of eligible costs — is $2,750 for an individual or $5,500 for the employee and their covered dependents.

For those needing surgery, cancer treatment, or fertility care, Walmart's Centers of Excellence program may provide access to medical specialists and facilities. Many conditions are covered at no cost with most Walmart medical plans, according to the company's website.

Additionally, mental health benefits include 20 free therapy or mental health coaching sessions per person per year and virtual visits with a therapist through Doctor On Demand by Included Health.

Amazon Inc.


A multinational technology company, Amazon Inc., employs about 1.1 million people in the U.S. alone. Its employees can choose from seven health insurance plans, all of which cover preventive care by 100%.

They also include coverage for prescription drugs, emergency and hospital care, and mental health, and there are no pre-existing condition exclusions. For instance, the Standard Plan provided by Aetna or Premera Blue Cross offers deductibles of $300 per person and up to $900 per family in-network.

Amazon Inc. employees can also choose between dental and vision plans that give 100% coverage for an annual eye exam and lenses at in-network providers.

The company offers additional health support programs. Fertility benefits consist of fertility treatments and access to specialists. Meanwhile, the diabetes management program includes coverage for free test strips and lancets, as well as monitoring with Livongo's smart meter.

For mental health, employees can receive up to five free counseling sessions — virtual or in person — per issue per year.


Over 62,000 U.S.-based employees of ExxonMobil, an international oil and gas company, can choose from Aetna's POS II A and POS II B health insurance plans. Both provide 100% coverage for preventative care, including most diagnostic lab and X-ray services.

Depending on the plan, the annual deductible ranges between $300 to $500 for an individual and $600 to $1,000 for a family within the network. Meanwhile, the out-of-pocket maximum is between $3,000 to $4,500 for an individual and $6,000 to $9,000 for a family.

ExxonMobil employees can receive 75% to 80% coverage for in-network inpatient hospital services, including for mental health and substance use disorder. A copay for primary care office visits is between $25 to $40 and between $40 to $60 for a specialist visit.

Both insurance plans include a $25,000 separate lifetime maximum for bariatric surgery, a procedure that reduces the amount of food a person can eat and absorb by shrinking the stomach.


Apple Inc.

Apple Inc., a technological giant employing about two million people across 50 states, provides health insurance through UHC or Aetna.

Besides covering usual medical services and providing dental and vision insurance, Apple Inc. has a comprehensive package of less common health benefits.

For instance, the company provides egg-freezing services to female employees who wish to postpone pregnancy. Moreover, the employees can seek medical care at the company-owned on-site clinic.

Employees are also offered on-site fitness classes and an on-site gym that is available for a fee of $300 per year.

Apple Inc. contributes $750 annually to employees' Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), personal accounts that help people save for medical expenses that are not reimbursed by high-deductible health plans.

UnitedHealth Group Inc.

UnitedHealth Group Inc., a healthcare and insurance company, also offers health benefits for its 400,000 employees. They can choose between two types of insurance plans: copay plans and HSA-eligible plans.

All medical plans cover in-network preventive care at 100%, while employees have to pay a copay for preventive prescription drugs. Among other benefits are free or low-cost virtual visits, free diabetic supplies, and a free mail-order benefit for insulin.

UnitedHealth Group Inc. employees enrolled in medical plans can participate in Rewards for Health. This personalized wellbeing program allows an employee to earn up to $800 and up to $1,750 for an employee and their covered spouse/domestic partner and children.


Employees can choose two dental plans, both of which cover preventive services, such as cleanings, at 100%, even after hitting the annual limit. There are also two vision insurance plans available.

For general health and wellbeing, the company offers on-site Well clinics and fitness centers, coaching through Real Appeal, a weight loss program, and access to the Sanvello app that helps to manage stress and anxiety.


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