Judge Rules Apple Infringed on Med Tech Company’s Patent

The United States Trade Commission will consider whether to impose an import ban on specific Apple Watch models.

A pulse oximeter or Pulse Ox sensor built into wearable devices is a convenient way to measure the oxygen saturation level in red blood cells.

In 2020, Apple debuted its first Apple Watch which included a pulse oximeter sensor. The sensor works with the Blood Oxygen app on Apple Watch Series 6 and later models.

However, a US judge recently ruled that by marketing watches with Pulse Ox functionality, Apple infringed on pulse oximeter patents held by Masimo, a medical tech company. As a result, some Apple Watch models may face an import ban in the US.

According to Reuters, Masimo says the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) will now consider whether to implement an import ban on these Apple Watches.

The majority of Apple Watches are made in Vietnam, India, or Brazil.

In a statement, Apple said, “we respectfully disagree with today's decision and look forward to a full review by the Commission."


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