NFL Player Damar Hamlin In Critical Condition After Cardiac Arrest

American football star Damar Hamlin who suffered a cardiac arrest following a hit during the game is in critical condition.

Hamlin’s heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transferred to the UC Medical Center for further testing and treatment, his team, Buffalo Bills, announced on Twitter.

“He is currently sedated and listed in critical condition,” the tweet says.

Hamlin, 24, collapsed after colliding with Bengals receiver Tee Higgins.

Before being rushed to the hospital, he received on-field medical attention for about 30 minutes.

Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops pumping. Blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs when this happens.

If not treated immediately, cardiac arrest can lead to death. Nine out of 10 people who suffer from a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital die.

Cardiac arrest usually occurs without warning, and its signs may include sudden collapse, no pulse and breathing, and loss of consciousness.


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