Some UV Wands May Give Off Unsafe Radiation Levels

The FDA warns against using certain brands of ultraviolet (UV) wands as they can cause injury to the skin and eyes.

Using these UV wands for disinfection may expose the user or any nearby person to unsafe levels of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) radiation, resulting in injury to the skin, eyes, or both after a few seconds of use, the agency warned in July after testing the products.

Some manufacturers are marketing unsafe UV wands to disinfect surfaces and kill germs outside healthcare settings. The FDA recommends not using such products and considering safer alternative methods, such as chemical cleaners.

UV wands that give off unsafe levels of radiation are the following:

  • Safe•T•Lite manufactured by Max‐lux Corporation
  • OttLite Rechargeable UVC Disinfecting Wand, model: UV10002M, manufactured by OttLite Technologies Inc.
  • UVILIZER Flip, model: SG-153 manufactured by In My Bathroom LLC, "dba" IMB
  • Ultraviolet Sterilamp, model: PURPLEGLOW manufactured by Vanelc
  • Sharper Image® UV Sanitizing Portable Wand, model: 101362 manufactured by MerchSource LLC
  • SurfaceSoap UV manufactured by PhoneSoap LLC
  • Magic UV Light SanitizerTM manufactured by Magic UV Light Sanitizer
  • Purple Glow Ultraviolet Sterilamp, model: BP52, manufactured by In My Bathroom LLC, "dba" IMB
  • UVILIZER UV Light Sanitizer, model: Razor, manufactured by In My Bathroom LLC, "dba" IMB
  • OttLite Compact Travel Disinfecting Wand, model: UV11001M, manufactured by OttLite Technologies Inc.
  • WBM Smart UV Portable Sterilizer, model: UV-03, manufactured by World Business Management (WBM)
  • Safe and Healthy Disinfecting UV Light, model: 2090, manufactured by Ontel Products Corporation
  • 59S® Wand Disinfector, model: 5F1025917, manufactured by Shenzhen UV Guard Technology Co., Ltd.

The FDA also advises against using UV wands that lack safety instructions or information on the radiation emitted and associated risks.

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