TikTok Trend 'Cozy Cardio' Makes Exercise Enjoyable

A new TikTok trend called "cozy cardio" is all about making your home workout as pleasant as possible and no longer seeing exercise as "a punishment."

TikToker Hope Zuckerbrow posted videos about the "cozy cardio" movement and has already generated millions of views. And this TikTok trend appears to continue to gain steam.

Zuckerbrow's exercising routine usually starts early in the morning when she makes herself protein coffee in a room with moody lighting and the aroma of scented candles. Instead of skin-tight leggings and a sports bra, Hope chooses to wear a baggy t-shirt, a robe, and fuzzy socks.

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She warms up by walking on a walking pad while watching her favorite series or a movie and then does her 30-minute workout on the living room floor.

Tiago Barreira, an associate professor at Syracuse University, says that a cozy setup may have a psychological impact on a workout, making people more likely to be physically active and enjoy exercising more. Meanwhile, the physiological benefits are similar to any other type of workout.

Barreira says that walking at a comfortable pace of three miles per hour, as Hope does in one of her videos, is considered moderate-intensity exercise, which is in line with the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

"It has enormous physiological benefits, such as blood pressure reduction, weight control, control of glucose levels, and even decreasing cholesterol," Barreira told Healthnews.

According to the guidelines, adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity every week, ideally spread throughout several days.

Even if the training load is not increased over time, the health benefits remain, Barreira says. However, a more challenging workout benefits you more.

"If being in pajamas and similar clothes is the best way to get comfortable, that's fine. But sportswear companies try to develop clothes that are comfortable for what you're going to be doing. That's why they have clothes that help evaporate sweat and make it easier to keep cool while exercising," he says.

Meanwhile, Zuckerbrow says she wants cozy cardio to be a movement that helps women "reclaim their relationships with exercise."

According to Zuckerbrow, due to enormous pressure to look a certain way, many women turned working out "into a punishment."

"Cozy looks different for everyone, but my version looks like ambiance lighting, the flicker of the candle, the taste of my favorite protein coffee, or the comfort of a show I’m binging," she said in a recent video.

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Zuckerbrow calls "cozy cardio" a form of meditational self-love meant to help enjoy movement again.

Barreira says that being comfortable exercising is one of the most important goals. And if a cozy setup helps to achieve it, then the "cozy cardio" trend is recommended.

He adds, "Being physically active instead of sedentary is a great thing. A lot of research shows that starting the day with some physical activity is beneficial for the rest of the day."

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