Two Las Vegas Pools Closed By the Health District

The swimming pools at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip have been shut down by the Southern Nevada Health Department (SNHD) subsequent to finding problems at both of the hotel's pools.

The SNHD stated on June 21 that an inspection they conducted on June 12 discovered water chemistry violations concerning the north pool.

Officials were concerned about lifeguards at both locations, the statement said.

"Both the north and south pools were found to have inattentive lifeguards, lack of managerial control over lifeguards, and improper rotation of lifeguards."

"There is also a compliance issue involving the alteration of drain covers. Both pools have been closed by SNHD. They can reopen when compliance is achieved," read the statement from SNHD.

A problem involving "the alteration of drain covers" and lifeguarding activities also caused health inspectors concern.

Caesars Entertainment responded by saying, "We care about the health and safety of our guests. We are working closely and in full cooperation with the Southern Nevada Health District to address all issues presented to us. In the meantime, our guests are being redirected to our neighboring pools at Horseshoe and Paris."

SNHD says "When compliance is achieved," the pools can go through re-inspection and reopen.

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prefix 8 days ago
Leave our pools alone. Let’s be real. This is due to one incident. Don’t make everyone else suffer because of it