Vegan Influencer, Zhanna Samsonova, Died From Strict Diet

Zhanna Samsonova, also known online as Zhanna D'Art, starved to death on July 21 after adhering to a strict raw vegan diet consisting solely of exotic fruits, seeds, and liquids.

According to the New York Post, which blamed malnutrition for Samsonova's death, said the Russian influencer started going to a clinic for medical care while on tour in Southeast Asia.

A friend who desired to remain anonymous claimed that when the 39-year-old was in Sri Lanka a few months prior, she already appeared worn out and had swollen, lymphedema-filled legs. The friend continued that Samsonova was sent home to receive treatment but eventually took off again.


"I lived one story above her, and every morning I dreaded seeing her dead body. She didn't survive, despite my efforts to get her to seek treatment," the friend said.

The vegan influencer claimed on social media that she followed a "completely raw vegan diet" that exclusively included "fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, fruit smoothies, and juices."

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A media source from Kazan, Russia, reported that her mother, Vera Samsonova, has not yet received formal documents but has been informed that her daughter died from a "cholera-like infection." She previously speculated that her daughter's vegan diet may have accelerated the body's decline.

A bacterial illness called cholera is frequently transmitted by tainted water. The extreme diarrhea and dehydration brought on by cholera can be fatal, and even in previously healthy individuals, cholera can be lethal if ignored.

In the words of one friend, "Zhanna's idle stagnation was making her melt before our eyes, but she believed everything was fine."

An acquaintance says the vegan influencer only consumed jackfruit and durian. Others have claimed that the primary factor for her death was the toxins in the fruits she ate.

According to Cleveland Clinic, you may force your body into starving mode by relying only on fruits and depriving yourself of essential vitamins, lipids, and proteins. In an effort to save energy for essential processes, your body will slow down your metabolism if it senses starvation.

It is crucial to consult with a nutritionist or connect with a medical professional before beginning any new diet or nutrition program.

Samsonova also claimed not to have any water for six years.

The influencer posted on her Instagram: "As for not drinking water, it is a common experience among raw fruitarians. I'm not thirsty for water. I don't want to drink water! I get my water from fruits and coconuts and I'm OK with it!"

The Perlis Police Chief Datuk Surina Saad shared with Malaysia-based news outlet New Straits Times that the results of the post-mortem investigation revealed the Russian tourist's death was due to heart-related conditions, and this case does not involve any criminal or abusive elements.

The chief continued that, based on their investigation, the vegan influencer had only been in Perlis for a short time when, after complaining of health problems, she was transferred to Tuanku Fauziah Hospital in Kangar for treatment.

She concluded: "For this case, we classify it as sudden death or SDR, and we are collaborating with Interpol to locate her next of kin for the process of repatriating the victim's body to her home country."


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