Weight Loss Drugmaker Warns Against 'Vanity' in Oscars Ad

Eli Lilly, the company behind medications including Mounjaro and Zepbound, launched a new ad campaign during the Oscars urging individuals not to take their drugs just to get a smaller dress size.

Blockbuster weight loss drugs have swept through Hollywood in recent months, with many celebrities openly sharing about their use of such medicines to shed unwanted pounds. Now, drugmaker Eli Lilly is calling out those who are taking the medications for reasons outside their FDA-approved indications — pointing a finger at the “vanity” of Hollywood stars.

Eli Lilly aired their new ad, titled “Big Night,” during the Oscars on Sunday. The clip begins by showing a sequin dress, followed by a large theatre similar to the venue of the Academy Awards.

"Some people have been using medicine never meant for them,” a voiceover says. “For the smaller dress or tux, for a big night — for vanity.”

The drugmaker announced its new “Get Better Campaign” last week, explaining that its goal is to draw attention to the importance of treating obesity as a disease and the appropriate use of anti-obesity medications.

“Timed to awards season, the film Big Night addresses a topic that has been part of the cultural dialogue at recent high-profile awards ceremonies: the use of anti-obesity medications outside their FDA-approved indications,” the company said in a statement.

The ad comes amid major shortages of these coveted medications, which have led to diabetes patients — who need them for medical reasons — not being able to access them while others use them for non-essential cosmetic purposes.

Another ad included in this Eli Lilly campaign, which aired last week and is titled “Shame,” aims to address stigmas surrounding obesity, increase the dialogue about treating it as a serious disease, and reinforce that there is no place for shame in the conversation around it.

“Patient safety is Lilly's top priority, and our medicines are indicated for the treatment of serious diseases,” the company said. “They were not studied for, are not approved for, and should not be used for cosmetic weight loss, and at Lilly we believe it is important that, in consultation with their healthcare providers, the right people can get access to these medicines.”

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