Weighted Blanket Recalled After Two Deaths Involving Product

As temperatures drop throughout the United States for the Christmas weekend, parents will make sure to keep their children warm during the arctic breeze. Parents should be warry of a popular weighted blanket that was recalled this week due to fatal consequences.

Key takeaways:
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    Target issues recall regarding weighted blankets after multiple deaths involved with the product.
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    Weighted blankets are not to be used for babies or infants, but can provide some help for adults.
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    More recalls were issued surrounding child products in December, including plush-toy sets, water bottles, and a Crate and Barrel crib.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported a recall for Pillowfort Weighted Blankets sold at Target on Thursday. CPSC says young children are at risk of being trapped within the blanket, with death being a possible result.

Other than weighted blankets, the CPSC has also issued recalls for other products aimed at children.

Around 204,000 Pillowfort Weighted Blankets have been recalled after a 4-year-old and 6-year-old girl died from weighted blankets in North Carolina earlier this year in April. Target is the sole provider of the blanket, which was sold at stores across the U.S. and online.

Individuals who purchased the blanket are able to receive a refund of $40 in-store credit or for online Target purchases. The blankets are 60 inches long and 40 inches wide with a removable cover that is waterproof and washable. Blankets feature eight different designs, including white, space navy, pink, blue, gray, buffalo plaid red, blue constellation, and unicorn pink.

These weighted blankets have been available from December 2018 until September 2022. Target can be contacted at 800-440-0680 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CT daily for any questions regarding the recall.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend any form of weighted blankets for infants. However, adults battling insomnia may receive some benefits.

Weighted blankets are popular because they can provide relief. A study posted in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found weighted blankets can help individuals suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and also increase daytime levels of activity. Weighted blankets are not a cure for any of these illnesses, only serving as a potential remedy. Some may find weighted blankets do not impact sleep positively at all.

Another Target recall

Target issued a recall on December 1, for Cloud Island 4-Piece Plush Toy Sets. The product is a soft-knitted toy that contains a blue car, a yellow bus, a red tractor, and a green truck — each plush contains a rattle. Tires have been reported to fall off vehicles, creating a choking hazard for young children.

The product has been available from March 2022 until August 2022 for around $20. Luckily, no children have been injured by the toy. The CPSC recommends parents remove these toys if possessed by the child.

More child product recalls

Crate and Barrel recalled their Thornhill Dark Brown and Natural Baby Cribs on December 15, after mattress support pin problems caused the mattress to fall — creating a hazard. Over 280 units of the crib had been sold, including five in Canada.

Crate and Barrel are contacting all purchasers of the crib, and also offering a free refund or replacement. No injuries have been reported in the six-pin malfunctions that occurred.

Discovery Cubes Animal Hide and Seek activity toys were recalled on December 1, proving to possess a choking hazard. The product sold online at Habausa, Walmart, and Amazon featured an open seam in the product that may release harmful filling to the child. Over 800 units were sold, and HABA USA is currently offering refunds to those who purchased the $30 toy.

Green Sprouts experienced problems with some of their steel straw bottles, sippy cups, and “sip & straw” cups, leading to a recall earlier this year in November. The recall features 6-ounce and 8-ounce Green Sprouts Stainless Steel cups and bottles with tracking numbers 29218V06985, 35719V06985, and 33020V06985. Tracking numbers are visible at the bottom of the bottle.

The product had been available at Buy Buy Baby and Whole Foods stores across the U.S. and was also available online at Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond until September. Green Sprouts is reaching-out to all purchasers directly and offering refunds.


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