Don't Soak Zyn Pouches in Deer Blood, Please

A potentially dangerous bio-hack trending on social media claims soaking a nicotine pouch in deer blood boosts nutrients and cognitive function.

Concerning and harmful health hacks continue to emerge on apps like TikTok and X. For example, trends like "bone smashing" for beauty and "scalp popping" for migraine relief are just a few dangerous practices floating around on social media platforms.

Now, blood-soaked Zyns has emerged as the latest and not-so-greatest bio hack.

According to a recent X post, immersing a Zyn nicotine pouch in raw deer blood and then placing it in the mouth is a "powerful nootropic" and "saves the digestive system energy."

The post set off a firestorm of debate, with most comments urging people to steer clear of this hazardous practice. The platform added a community note warning X users about the dangers of putting deer blood in their mouths.

One post on X mentions the potential for deer blood to contain prions associated with chronic wasting disease (CWD). Though no confirmed cases of CWD have been identified in humans, a recent study incited controversy after linking the deaths of two hunters to the condition.

Exposure to deer blood

Aside from the health impacts of nicotine, adding deer blood into the mix could cause several diseases, including anaplasmosis, a bacterial infection spread by blacklegged deer ticks, and brucellosis, a bacterial infection that can last for months.

Moreover, whether humans can contract human prion disease from consuming deer meat from CWD-infected animals is unclear. According to a report, results from animal studies have been mixed, with several showing evidence that CWD can spill over to animal models, while others found no evidence of transmission.

The uptick in bird flu (H5N1) among cattle, poultry, and cats may also be a concern, as it's unknown whether deer have contracted the illness and whether the H5N1 virus could infect humans through animal milk, meat, or blood.

Moreover, the American Veterinary Medical Association lists over 30 diseases humans can acquire from deer, making the practice of putting a deer blood-soaked Zyn in the mouth an extremely hazardous practice.

In short, people should not dip anything in deer blood or the blood of any animal and put it in their mouths.

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