Back to School: Breakfast Kit Ideas to Take to School or College

The beginning of the school year ushers in a period of fresh starts, updated routines, and academic adventures. In the rush to get everything ready in the morning, students can sometimes forget the importance of a healthy and nutritionally balanced breakfast. In addition to providing energy for the body, a healthy breakfast helps to prepare the mind for a hard day of concentration and learning.

Key takeaways:

In this article, you’ll find some inventive and practical breakfast kit ideas to bring to school or college so you can start your day well-nourished.

Breakfast kit ideas

There are some mornings where it feels like there isn't enough time to get everything done before rushing out the door to get to class. Too often, breakfast gets skipped when we are in a rush and don't factor in proper nourishment before starting a day of rigorous intellectual exercise.

This is where breakfast kits come in to save the day. Take a look through our delicious list of breakfast kit options so you'll never attend class with a rumbling belly again.

Overnight oats kit

A delightful no-cook breakfast option, overnight oats are also quite adaptable. The night before, prepare individual servings in little Mason jars or resealable containers. Combine rolled oats, milk (or a milk substitute), honey, or maple syrup as a sweetener, and the flavorings of your choosing, such as cinnamon, vanilla, or chocolate powder. Add chia seeds, flaxseeds, or sliced fruit for extra nutrients. Refrigerate the containers overnight after sealing. Grab a jar in the morning, and you'll have a tasty, healthy breakfast at your fingertips.

Yogurt parfait kit

Fresh fruit, crunchy granola, and creamy yogurt combine to make delicious yogurt parfaits. Yogurt should be divided into small containers in order to make a parfait kit. You can add mixed fruits, like berries, banana slices, or diced peaches. Follow these simple steps to make the perfect yogurt parfait:

  1. Pick a small container
  2. Add a layer of granola
  3. Add a layer of yogurt
  4. Add a layer of fruit

This package offers a healthy balance of protein, fiber, and vitamins in addition to being absolutely delicious.

Smoothie prep kit

A smoothie prep kit is a great choice if you enjoy smoothies. Put the ingredients for your preferred smoothies into freezer-safe bags or containers in advance. Include up to two fruits (choose your favorite or go with any of these staples: berries, mango, pineapple), leafy greens (spinach, kale), and extras like nut butter or seeds. Simply empty a bag's contents into a blender in the morning, add liquid such as water, milk, or a milk substitute, and blend until smooth. You're good to go after pouring the smoothie into a travel cup.

Breakfast burrito kit

A delicious breakfast burrito's ingredients can be prepped the night before using the following method:

  1. Scramble eggs with chopped tomatoes, bell peppers, and any other veggies you like.
  2. Add in cooked breakfast meats like bacon or sausage if you want the full meaty experience.
  3. Put your mixture into a small container and store in the refrigerator.
  4. In the morning, heat up your egg mixture and create your burrito with salsa, cheese, and any other toppings you enjoy.
  5. Eat on the way to class or save it for your first break.

Peanut butter banana wrap kit

Make peanut butter and banana wraps for a quick but filling meal. Spread whole-grain tortillas with almond or peanut butter. Place a banana in the middle and roll the tortilla up. To keep the wraps fresh, pack them in foil or parchment paper. This portable package is a fantastic choice for long-lasting energy since it offers a balance of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

Breakfast muffin kit

Create a muffin kit by baking a batch of healthy breakfast muffins over the weekend. Pick recipes that include nuts, fruits, and whole grains. The muffins should be stored in resealable bags or containers. For additional protein, you may also include:

  • A container of Greek yogurt for dipping or spreading on your muffins.
  • Small bag of mixed nuts.

On the way to class, muffins are a convenient breakfast to grab and eat on the go.

Hard-boiled egg and veggie kit

Eggs that have been hard-boiled are a portable and high-protein choice. Prepare ahead of time by boiling and peeling a batch of eggs. Put the eggs and a side of sliced vegetables like cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots in a container. You could also include a small bowl of hummus or guacamole for dipping to add extra flavor. This breakfast kit offers a great combination of protein, fiber, and good fats to keep your brain healthy and your body energized throughout the day.

Cereal and milk kit

Create a cereal and milk package if you enjoy traditional breakfast cereals. Your preferred cereal should be divided among small resealable bags or containers. Pack a tiny container of dairy or alternative milk or a single-serving carton of milk. When you're ready to eat, combine the cereal and milk for a quick and convenient breakfast.

Don't forget to pack a spoon if you are taking a cereal and milk breakfast kit to school or college with you!

English muffin breakfast sandwich kit

Prepare the components of a quick-to-assemble breakfast sandwich. Toast whole-grain English muffins and prepare an omelet or scrambled eggs. Additionally, you might add smoked salmon or grilled bacon with turkey. Separately pack each ingredient, then build your sandwich the next morning with a slice of cheese and any additional toppings you'd like.

Trail mix and fruit kit

A trail mix and fruit kit can be a fantastic choice for individuals who want a lighter breakfast. Mix nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and a little dark chocolate to make your own custom trail mix. Include a piece of fresh fruit, such as an apple or a bunch of grapes, with the trail mix when packing it in a compact container. This kit offers a good mix of nutritious fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates, which will keep you alert and focused during class.

Invest in some air-tight plastic or glass containers specifically for your breakfast kits. That way you minimize the risk of spillage in your bag.

Always keep in mind that the secret to a great breakfast kit is making sure it's nourishing, easy to make, and simple enough to enjoy on the go. These breakfast kit suggestions provide a selection of options to accommodate various tastes and dietary requirements while sustaining your energy levels and maintaining your focus throughout the school or college day.


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