9 Nutrition-Related Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2024

Starting the new year with a focus on nutrition is a great way to set yourself up for a healthy year ahead. But with so much information out there, it can be difficult to know what to listen to. This guide to the nine best nutrition-related podcasts aims to inspire your listening choices, guiding you toward your health and wellness goals in 2024.

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The popularity of podcasts has continued to rise over the years, with more than 95 million listeners in the U.S. in 2023. Health and nutrition podcasts are a highly favored genre globally, and their demand is growing steadily as more people take an active approach to improving their overall health and wellness.

Nutrition-related podcasts are a convenient and inspiring way to learn about what foods and supplements might work best for your body type and fitness goals. Whether you are driving to work, out for a walk, or hitting the gym, here’s a list of our top nine nutrition-related podcasts for a 'sound' boost to your body and mind.

1. The Proof with Simon Hill

If you are into science-backed conversations about nutrition, health, longevity, exercise, and sleep, then this could be the podcast for you. Simon Hill is a qualified nutritionist and physiotherapist, who leads lively discussions on the latest health and wellness research alongside expert guests.

Perfect for
People who love easy-to-digest information that is research-backed and science-led.

2. Root Cause Radio with Lacey Dunn

This is potentially one of the best nutrition and health-related podcasts for women out there. Navigating the sheer amount of information relating to hormone balancing, thyroid function, and gut health can feel like an impossible chore. With Root Cause Radio, Lacey Dunn delivers essential knowledge about balancing hormones and boosting your metabolism in a fun and empowering way.

Perfect for
Women who want to feel empowered and confident in their choices around hormone health.

3. Nutrition Nerd with Delancey Prince

Navigating the latest news on health and nutrition with so much contradicting information available is no easy feat. Delancey Prince offers bite-sized nutritional news every day with a focus on the food and nutrition-related topics currently being discussed in the media. Expect a breakdown of nutrition terms, food tips, and advice on how to discern fact from fiction in the ever-changing world of health and wellness.

Perfect for
People who want a daily dose of easy-to-digest nutritional information that is short, well-informed, and straight to the point.

4. Food Heaven Made Easy

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about topics like intuitive eating, body acceptance, and the relationship between food and culture, Food Heaven Made Easy could be a great podcast to add to your list. This nutrition-related podcast is like listening to two wise best friends give you the most practical, knowledgeable, and easy-to-implement health advice. Started by registered dietitian nutritionists, Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, the podcast is all about empowering you to make healthier choices for a more balanced life.

Perfect for
Those who want to feel like they're having a deep chat and getting worldly advice from wise friends.

5. The Key Nutrition Podcast

Brad Jensen, owner and CEO of Key Nutrition — a platform for wellness coaching — guides listeners through a journey into health, fitness, nutrition, and mindset. New episodes come out every week, with each one lasting around an hour, so it’s great for traveling to work or used as inspiration while exercising.

Perfect for
People who are on a mission to achieve their fitness goals and nurture a healthy mindset through nutrition.

6. Nutrition with Judy

Judy Cho is a board-certified nutritionist with an incredible backstory and an impressive catalog of nutrition-related podcast episodes. Based around a carnivore diet, she breaks down nutritional tips and gut-healing practices that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. This podcast looks at the root causes of issues in the body and mind and offers wisdom from both Judy and her wellness-expert guests. It also includes Q&A sessions with hundreds of previous clients.

Perfect for
People who are curious about a meat-based diet for optimal wellness and are looking for evidence-backed information, methods, and recipe ideas.

7. Food Health Facts

Listeners of the Food Health Facts podcast can expect expert advice on nutrition from a pharmacist dedicated to sharing knowledge and answering questions about food and dietary supplements. Each episode is around 5 minutes long, making it ideal for when you’ve got a few minutes to yourself to catch up on some interesting nutritional news.

Perfect for
Those who only have a few minutes to spare and want to spend that precious time engaging with interesting nutrition-related content.

8. Nutrition Facts with Dr. Gregor

Dr. Gregor has one of the largest social media followings, with over 2 million across different platforms. He champions the latest nutritional research and delivers information in 15-minute, easily digestible segments that are science-based but delivered in an easy-to-grasp way. The Nutrition Facts podcast does the hard work of sifting through the most recent science around nutrition, bringing you cutting-edge education in a concise format. Dr. Gregor also provides links to studies for those who want to deep dive into the research themselves.

Perfect for
People who like to be in the know about the latest science around health and nutrition and research topics on their own.

9. Female Athlete Nutrition

Host Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes is a professional when it comes to knowledge about female-specific nutrition for pro and recreationally athletic women. Many athletes and those with a strong exercise regime fall into bad eating habits and, as a result, suffer from hormone, gut, and other health imbalances. With a focus on staying fueled up in the healthiest way, the Female Athlete Nutrition podcast is a go-to for women who want to perform at their peak.

Perfect for
Women who want to ensure they are getting the right kind of nutrition for the amount they train. It’s also great for understanding how hormones, food, and fitness performance are connected.

Final thoughts

For people who put health and wellness first, nutrition-related podcasts are the perfect way to gain insights and information on how to best nourish our bodies. From bite-sized tips for when you’ve got 5 minutes to spare to hours-long discussions between hosts and their distinguished expert guests, there’s something for everyone to learn about nutrition in 2024.

Important reminder
Advice given on a podcast should never replace the guidance offered by your primary care physicians or healthcare professionals. Podcast hosts and their guests do not aim to diagnose or treat any conditions. If you are concerned about anything health-related you are experiencing, it is always best to book an appointment with your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment protocol.
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