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BetterMe App Review in 2024: A Personal Perspective

The BetterMe app is a wellness application that enables users to support their fitness level and overall health. It combines fitness plans, meal plans, and mental health resources tailored to individual preferences.

It is a suitable tool for people who want to elevate their fitness level, get nutritional advice, tools, and content to support mental health, track their progress, and get community support throughout.

The BetterMe app works on mobile and desktop and has many unique features and properties, and I have been excited to try it out and share my review with our readers.

How did I review the BetterMe App

When reviewing the BetterMe app, the focus was on two very different sides. One was practical: user experience, time consumption, and pricing. And the other was more focused on the complexity of health and fitness as well as holistic promises.

  • Features. What are the main features, and how do they benefit goal progress? Too many features might scare the new user, and too little might be short on excitement.
  • User engagement. Is the app easy to navigate, adaptable between devices, and compatible with wearables? More importantly, are there tools to motivate, remind people about commitment, and educate them about health and fitness?
  • Pricing. Are plans flexible and affordable? Are there additional features available? How does this app compare to others in the industry?
  • Awareness and sensitivity. Since the app is targeting body image, eating habits, and mental health, it is very important to review its awareness of various health conditions. Additionally, is BetterMe an inclusive app?
  • Time consumption. Time is valuable, and in this fast-paced world, we need smooth and easily accessible timelines.
  • Potential. Is there room for growth, and are new features or tools being planned?
FeaturesUser engagementPricingAwareness and sensitivityTime consumptionPotential
What are they and how they benefit goal progressEasiness of navigation, compatibility with other devicesFlexible and affordableInclusivity and view on health conditions Timelines that are easy to followNew tools and features in the pipeline

What is the BetterMe App?

The BetterMe app was founded in 2017 after Victoria Repa, a co-founder and current CEO, found that health and fitness apps lacked diversity, equity, and inclusion. BetterMe goals were to deliver a holistic approach that caters to people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The app offers personalized tools and holistic approaches, so it is an option for those on the lookout for something tailor-made. Numerous workout routines, diet plans, calorie counting tools, water intake logs, mental health sections, intermittent fasting know-how, and many more educational and active features might actually be focused on health and reaching individual goals.

It is also a bit more than just an app. BetterMe has a fitness band that's supposed to help better track progress and an online store that sells sportswear and equipment.

Reviewing the features

BetterMe aims to deliver many features that combine to create a holistic atmosphere for health, fitness, and mental health. Some of them are purely functional, and others have a deeper impact throughout. Below, features are listed as they come, not by importance.

1. Logging calories

The app offers an easy way to log your calorie intake. It has great functionality for searching for food and meals in the BetterMe database, where the app provides the nutritional content.

It is possible to monitor calorie intake progress throughout the day and see how much carbohydrate, fat, and protein meals have had. I’ve personally checked for some local food that might not be in the mainstream, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find them in the database.

Better Me calories counting app function

2. Water tracker

This pretty much self-explanatory feature has a neat design; tracking daily and weekly intakes, editing, monitoring, and, well, reaching hydration goals.

3. Step tracker

Similarly, as in “Water tracker,” the step tracker tracks your steps and converts them into burned calories and distance. You can also find your weekly average and monitor your daily step goals.

4. Workouts

Better Me offers a very wide and inclusive variety of workouts. They have simple, advanced, and intense options, as well as workouts for seniors, pregnant people, people with disabilities, and people with upper or lower limb loss. BetterMe suggests that this is truly their main and strongest advantage.

At “Today’s Activity” the user finds a randomly picked, yet tailored to their needs, workout that is guided through a pre-recorded video interaction. It also logs your burned calories and steps, and you can personally log in to a custom activity, such as outdoor sports or training.

The first few workouts fit into a 15-20 minute routine, making them suitable for someone with a busy lifestyle.

5. Mental health

BetterMe app mental health UI options

The most intriguing to look into, BetterMe: Mental Health app(separate from Better Me: Health Coaching app) is an addition to the overall holistic agenda.

Each day, the app offers a new read about forming healthy eating, fitness, and self-love habits. It tries to explain how the brain works and aims to help form new, healthier habits. So, the app itself combines dietary, physical, and psychological factors.

6. Intermittent fasting

BetterMe also has an intermittent fasting tool where users can check their progress between eating and fasting periods. Fasting is a method in which a person refrains from eating for extended periods of time. The app is teaching about fasting and guiding a person through first-time fasting, as well as being a useful tool for experienced fasting enthusiasts.

7. Others

The BetterMe app has deservedly earned the 2024 Webby Award for People’s Choice, often referred to as the Internet's Oscar. It offers an extensive array of features, far too many to cover in detail, including personal coaches, challenges, courses, and the BetterMe band for better tracking.

Design and layout

BetterMe has a signature sleek design, keeping it simple, attractive, and functional. Much like the promise of a holistic approach to health and fitness, the layout also seems well-rounded.

It is useful that at the beginning, the app sort of leads the user through each step, making sure that the routine of when and where is known. Every feature is easily reachable, and each has sections to learn more, dig deeper, and explore.

An AI tool that helps measure one's fitness level is quite enjoyable and simple to use. Even those who are reserved when it comes to notifications and usually find them rather annoying or distracting will find that with BetterMe, the notifications seem on point, and the overall push from the app seems polite and supportive.

How to get started

Starting the app takes about 10 to 15 minutes, from a download to full access. First, a rather interesting and sensitive questionnaire tackles fitness goals.

After appearance self-evaluation, current physical activity, diet, and mental health, a decision about suitable subscription plans has to be made to fully access the app. Kudos for including a question about presumable feelings about whether and when the body weight goal or fitness goal will be reached.

It shows that the creators of BetterMe are trying to be aware of mental health issues connected to body dysmorphia.

However, one really disappointing moment was the inability to choose from more than two genders. The app might not be adapted for the LGBTQIA+ community. It might be too difficult to adjust the generally used algorithms for calorie counting and other aspects.

BetterMe App subscription plans and pricing

Upon registration and finishing the quiz, the user has to choose a plan to get access to the app. In my case, I’ve been offered three choices: a one-week plan for $9.99, a four-week plan for $19.99, or a 12-week plan for $41.99.

However, prices vary, and limited-time offers are to be sought. After choosing a one-week plan, extra features are offered for additional sums.

There are also paid courses and challenges available, once registered. Though the subscription seems reasonable, I was disappointed to find out that all the courses and challenges ranged from $5 to close to $100. A little free trial would be much appreciated.

Take a quiz, get a personal plan!
BetterMe phone App

User feedback about the BetterMe App

Here is a look into user reviews at Trustpilot, The Apple Store, and their official website.

Platform / RatingPositiveNegative
Trustpilot / 4.0 stars (23.077 reviews)A user-friendly interface has been mentioned quite often, and workout routines are also deemed effective. There are some compliments for personalized meals and fitness plans that help people achieve their health goals.Quite a lot of negative comments are about difficulty canceling subscriptions and unexpected charges.
Apple Store / 4.7 stars (560.3 k ratings)Reviews shift towards the variety of features, challenges, and personalized coaching.Reviews mention technical glitches and occasional app crashes. There are also concerns expressed about the value of premium plans.
Official Website / no ratingAs expected, webpage reviews emphasize the high quality of customer support, the comprehensive nature of the app, and useful tracking tools. Feedback includes concerns about the intensity of some workout plans and their execution.

Overall, the BetterMe app has a rather high rating, especially with that many reviews (Trustpilot has over 23,000 reviews, while Apple Store has 560.3 k ratings) and is praised for its user-friendly navigation, effective fitness, and meal plans.

Some reviewers even compared "Better Me" to fitness giant "Peloton" by congratulating its creators for their great strategy of affordability and great marketing.

Who shouldn't use the BetterMe app

Firstly, there are numerous medical conditions for which using such an app might not be advisable. Individuals with eating disorders, specific medications, and pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a healthcare provider or decide not to use BetterMe after all.

Certain promoted activities, such as fasting, may pose risks for these groups. The most serious downside might be triggering body dysmorphia. Calorie tracking might be dangerous for people suffering from anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders.

While abstaining from eating for longer periods can be dangerous for the fetus's development or an expecting mother. Even though the app promises support for mental health, it is still a risk for sensitive groups.

Comparing the BetterMe App with other weight loss apps

AppPriceAvailable onWorkoutsMeal plansAdditional featuresCommunity supportDevice integrationEducational resources
BetterMeOne month subscription plan for $19.99 Android, iOSPersonalized plansCustomized meal plansChallenges, courses, meditation, fasting, and mental healthChallenges with prizes, social sharingBetterMe band, wearablesYes
My Fitness PalFree, $19.99 monthly plan Android, iOSDatabase, personalized plansExtensive food databaseBarcode Scan, fastingForums, community postsWearables, HealthKitYes
Noom$70 for a monthly auto-renewing plan Android, iOSPersonalized, psychology-basedBehavior change focus, meal suggestionsHealth coaching, articlesSupport groupsWearables, HealthKitYes
8fit$24.99 monthly Android, iOSPersonalized, HIIT, yogaCustomizable meal plansWorkout programs, meal planningCommunity challengesHealthKit, Google FitYes
FitOnFree Android, iOSOn-demand stylesNutrition plans, recipesLive classes, social featuresSocial interaction featuresWearables, HealthKitYes

BetterMe, compared to other apps, seems to be a fully packed experience. The app has loads of features, useful tools, and a moderate cost when comparing monthly subscriptions. However, the community support factor could be further developed.

Concluding BetterMe App review: my personal view

What I liked

While using this app, I felt a gentle yet constant push to not forget to work out, drink water, or take a minute for a mental health read. I enjoyed the tone with which the information was delivered and the sleek, toned-down design of the app.

Workouts were easy to follow through, and while the app is not specifically designed for children, even my five-year-old joined me to do some light exercises.

A great advantage of this app is the meal plans. The very first time I opened the dietary feature of this app, I was greeted by a delicious-looking pasta dish. A promise that I’ll be eating something that might be considered comfort food while exercising and trying to reach my goal weight seems too good to be true.

What I didn't like

The BetterMe app offers a very appealing “challenges” section where one can join various tests such as quitting sugar, practicing yoga, doing a digital detox, and so on.

However, all of them come at an additional price. Some are rather cheap and fall under 5$; others are rather expensive, rounding up to 100$ for a seven-day challenge with BetterMe app CEO Victoria Repa. It seemed like a rather costly addition.

I will also note that keeping two genders on the questionnaire might not be technically suitable for the LGBTQIA+ community, which the brand could take into consideration in the future.


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