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Best Alpha Lipoic Acid in 2024: Top 5 Products Reviewed

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is an organic compound that has been gaining attention in the health and wellness space. Our bodies produce it naturally, but it is also found in various foods like meat and potatoes and available as a dietary supplement.

In past and recent years, ALA has been studied for its potential health benefits, including its role in diabetic neuropathy and skin health.

This article will provide our top 5 selections for the best alpha lipoic acid supplements in 2024. These choices are the result of extensive research based on the quality of ingredients, brand reputation, scientific support, and price. We will discuss the definition of ALA and its potential health benefits and offer practical tips on incorporating it into your daily routine.

Best alpha lipoic acid supplements: a shortlist

Choosing the right supplement can be challenging, given the number of options on the market. To make this easier for you, we have curated our own list of the best alpha lipoic acid supplements in 2024.

  1. ProHealth—high dose ALA
  2. GNC — best alpha-lipoic acid supplement for energy metabolism
  3. Nutricost — best alpha-lipoic acid supplement for neuropathy
  4. Thrivous — best alpha-lipoic acid supplement for nerve pain
  5. Doctor's Best Alpha-Lipoic Acid—added sugar free

How we compiled the list of the best alpha lipoic acid supplements?

We considered the following criteria to select the best alpha lipoic acid supplements in 2024.

IngredientProvider reputationBacked by sciencePrice
High quality ingredients with no harmful fillers or additivesBrand values and customer reviewsUse of ingredients with supporting scientific evidence$14.55–51.90
  • Ingredient. We prioritized supplements that contain high-quality, pure alpha lipoic acid without harmful fillers or additives.
  • Provider reputation. We selected products from companies with a good track record of customer satisfaction and adherence to good manufacturing practices. We also considered customer reviews and ratings.
  • Backed by science. Alpha lipoic acid has been studied for its antioxidant properties and potential health benefits. We looked for supplements containing ALA doses that align with those used in scientific studies.
  • Price. We aimed to find products that offer good value for money.

Best alpha lipoic acid supplements: an overview

This section will provide a comprehensive guide to some of the best alpha lipoic acid supplements currently available. We have carefully evaluated each product based on the criteria mentioned earlier, including quality and price. Stay tuned as we delve into the specifics of each product, encompassing aspects like features, key ingredients, dosage, safety, directions for use, and price.

1. ProHealth—high dose ALA

ProHealth Alpha Lipoic Acid

Pro Health’s Alpha Lipoic Acid capsules deliver 1000 mg of ALA per serving (2 capsules), making it one of the highest dose choices on the market.

The product does not contain dairy, egg, soy, wheat, gluten, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts, making it suitable for most diets. The brand also provides third-party lab reports, proving that the supplement is free of heavy metal cross contamination.

To ensure the quality of their products Pro Health uses an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility for manufacturing, as well as third-party tests for each batch.

60 capsules (30 servings) costs $19.95 ($0.67 per serving). However, you can subscribe and save 30%.

2. GNC — best alpha-lipoic acid to support energy metabolism

GNC alpha-Lipoic Acid

The GNC alpha-Lipoic Acid supplement is formulated to support cell energy metabolism and the regeneration of antioxidants like glutathione in the body.

Each serving contains 600 mg of alpha-lipoic acid, and it comes in a caplet form with no added artificial flavors.

GNC adheres to the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) specifications for caplet weight and disintegration, ensuring that each supplement is produced with consistency and meets the quality standards.

The provider recommends taking one caplet daily. There are 60 servings per container, and each container is priced at $29.99 for a one-time purchase. Every order comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Thrivous — best alpha-lipoic acid for nerve pain

Thrivous Alpha Neuroprotector

Thrivous Alpha Neuroprotector is a supplement packed with ingredients that offer potential brain and nerve health benefits.

The supplement provides 150 mg of R-alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant that may aid in lowering blood sugar levels and improving nerve function. It also includes 300 mg of alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (alpha GPC), which has been reported to improve cognitive function in animal studies.

In addition, the supplement contains 500 mg of acetyl L-carnitine, known for transporting fatty acids into cells to be burned for energy, potentially aiding energy production in the brain.

It also contains 100 mg of phosphatidylserine, a fatty substance that helps transmit messages in the brain to help cognitive function. Lastly, it includes 90 mg of Ginkgo Biloba, which is rich in antioxidants and may help support brain function.

The product is thoroughly tested for quality and composition, adhering to FDA regulations, and manufactured in certified U.S. facilities.

The provider recommends taking four capsules daily with meals. Priced at $51.90 for a one-time purchase of a bottle containing 30 servings, this supplement offers value for its quality.

4. Nutricost — best alpha-lipoic acid for neuropathy

Nutricost Alpha Lipoic Acid

The Nutricost Alpha Lipoic Acid is designed to provide 600 mg of alpha-lipoic acid per serving. The single active ingredient - alpha-lipoid acid - is reported to have antioxidant properties and may help in the management of oxidative stress, potentially protecting tissues from cellular damage.

The supplement contains 300 mg of alpha-lipoic acid in each capsule, and the provider recommends taking two capsules at once or one capsule in the morning and one in the evening, according to your preference. It comes in two size bottles: one with 240 capsules (120 servings) and another with 120 capsules (60 servings).

Quality and safety are ensured through 3rd party testing by ISO-accredited laboratories. The product is made in a facility that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It is suitable for vegetarians, free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and does not contain soy or gluten.

A one-time purchase of a bottle containing 120 capsules costs $27.95. The provider offers a 60-day money back guarantee which underscores the provider’s confidence in their product and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

5. Doctor's Best Alpha-Lipoic Acid—added sugar free

Doctor's BEST Alpha-Lipoic Acid 600

Doctor’s best alpha lipoic acid delivers 600mg of ALA in a veggie capsule. The supplement is Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and soy free. The formula is also free of any added sugars.

The supplement may be able to support glucose metabolism and act as an antioxidant, helping you to address these concerns.

Doctor’s Best products are third-party tested and manufactured in a cGMP-certified laboratory.

60 servings cost $24.99 ($0.42 per serving).

Comparing the best alpha lipoic acid supplements

This table shows a brief comparison of the main features of the best alpha-lipoic acid supplements.

BrandPricePrice per servingServing sizeServings per containerALA dose per servingAdditional key ingredients
Pro Health$19.95$0.672 capsules301000 mgN/A
GNC$29.99$0.501 caplet60600 mgN/A
Nutricost$27.95*$0.452 capsules60, 120600 mg N/A
Thrivous$51.90$1.734 capsules30150 mgAcetyl L-carnitine, alpha GPC, Ginkgo Biloba, phosphatidylserine
Doctor's Best$24.99$0.421 capsule60600 mgN/A

* — prices vary depending on the product's serving size

What is alpha lipoic acid, and why is it important?

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is an organic compound that is naturally produced in the body and also found in various natural food sources like red meat, organ meats like liver, and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes. It is made inside the mitochondria, where it helps enzymes turn nutrients into energy.

ALA is water- and fat-soluble, allowing it to enter and work in every cell or tissue in the body. It is an antioxidant, meaning it helps neutralize free radicals that may damage cells at the genetic level.

The first clinical application of ALA occurred in 1959 when German scientists used it to treat acute poisoning caused by death-cap mushrooms. Since then, it has been considered as a potential aid in diabetic nerve pain and oxidative stress-associated conditions such as ischemia-reperfusion or radiation injury.

However, there is still a need for more research studies on ALA’s benefits in other conditions.

Health benefits of alpha lipoic acid

The antioxidant properties of alpha lipoic acid have been the subject of many scientific studies for years. This section delves into the health benefits of ALA, exploring its role in nerve health, blood sugar regulation, and skin health.

Role in supporting nerve health

High blood sugar levels may lead to an overproduction of reactive oxygen species and other free radicals in our body's cells, causing oxidative stress, which can cause harm to the cells lining our blood vessels and nerves. Alpha lipoic acid may support the nervous system by potentially preventing nerve damage from the harmful free radicals.

It is also said to improve nerve blood flow and nerve conduction of sensory and motor signals.

In a comprehensive analysis of various studies conducted in 2024, researchers found that using ALA for diabetic polyneuropathy provided relief for sensory symptoms. However, it did not show significant effects on muscle strength, vibration perception, and nerve conduction.

Potential healthy blood sugar levels support

Several studies over the past years have demonstrated that ALA may increase glucose (blood sugar) uptake. Specifically, a study by Eason and others found that when the muscles of ob/ob mice, which are typically used as animal models for insulin resistance and obesity, were treated with ALA, glucose absorption saw a significant increase.

It is thought that one of the ways ALA may help regulate blood sugar is by stimulating an enzyme known as AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase), which aids in the conversion of glucose into energy, thereby potentially helping to manage high blood sugar levels.

This suggests that ALA may be beneficial and a potential candidate for supplements to lower blood sugar.

Potential skin health support

Alpha lipoic acid has also shown promise in helping the skin. Its high antioxidant content is proposed to have benefits for skin health.

One of its suggested benefits for skin is the potential to lighten dark spots. In 2019, a study conducted on guinea pigs investigated the impact of applying alpha lipoic acid (ALA) to the skin using a novel nanocapsule method. The findings revealed that when ALA was applied in this manner, it reduced pigmentation resulting from UV exposure.

However, limited research is available on the skin benefits of alpha lipoic acid, and more studies are needed for further investigation.

Incorporating alpha lipoic acid supplements into your routine

In this section, we will provide you with practical tips and important points to consider before incorporating alpha lipoic acid supplements into your routine. We’ll also discuss the possibility of interactions with other medications or supplements you may be taking.

Timing and dosage of alpha lipoic acid supplements

The timing and dosage of ALA supplements can vary depending on individual health goals and needs.

Most manufacturers suggest taking an oral capsule of 300 mg or 600 mg of ALA once daily for up to 6 months. However, it is always best to follow the supplement packaging instructions or consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Ways to incorporate ALA into your daily routine

Incorporating ALA into your daily routine can be as simple as taking a supplement once a day with your meal. However, you can also boost your ALA intake naturally by including foods rich in ALA into your diet. These foods include spinach, broccoli, red meat, and organ meats.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to benefiting from any supplement. You could also consider setting a reminder on your phone or marking it on your calendar to ensure you don’t forget to take your supplement.

Potential interactions

While ALA is generally safe, it is important to be aware of potential interactions with other supplements or medications.

For instance, ALA may lower blood sugar levels, so if you’re taking other supplements with similar effects, like bitter melon and aloe supplements, or you're on blood-sugar-lowering medication, it could lead to excessively low blood sugar. ALA might also slow blood clotting, so it is vital to be cautious if you take other supplements or medications with the same effect, such as those containing ginger.

Always consult a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen to ensure safe integration into your wellness routine.

Best alpha lipoic acid supplements – conclusion

In conclusion, alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant with potential health benefits, including supporting nerve health, regulating blood sugar levels, and promoting skin health.

Incorporating it into your daily routine may be simple and beneficial, whether through diet or supplements. However, as with any supplement, it is crucial to consult a healthcare provider to ensure safe use.

We hope that our top 5 picks for the best ALA supplements of 2024, backed by extensive research, will guide you in making an informed decision.

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