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5 Best Anti-Aging Supplements in 2024: Review of Top Brands

The perception of aging has changed greatly. For a growing number of people, age is no longer a definition of their health. Conversely, others may be in constant pursuit of methods and supplements that reverse aging.

Although aging cannot be reversed or stopped, healthy living can be the primary way of slowing down aging processes. This is one approach to start your longevity journey, along with exploring the market for the best anti-aging supplements.

We created this article to help you find the top-rated supplements containing vitamins and other ingredients for healthy aging.

Best anti-aging supplements: a shortlist

  1. GenuinePurity™ — overall best anti-aging product
  2. partiQlar — best antioxidant for healthy aging
  3. MS Hair — best anti-aging supplement for skin, hair, and joints
  4. HUM — best supplement for glucose and healthy weight support
  5. MTN OPS — best anti-aging macronutrient

How did we rank the best anti-aging supplements?

We took into consideration primary quality factors when reviewing the top-rated anti-aging supplements on the market.

FormulationManufacturingThird-party testingBrand reputationPrice per serving
Science-backed ingredients with proven anti-aging effectscGMP and FDA-compliantIndependent lab tested for qualityTransparency and communication$0.71–$2.60
  • Formulation. We aimed to choose supplements containing science-backed ingredients with demonstrated effects for healthy aging in doses frequently used in clinical studies.
  • Manufacturing. Supplement companies are required to make their products in cGMP and FDA-approved facilities to maintain their quality and safety.
  • Third-party testing. Third-party testing is an additional step for anti-aging supplements verifying that the product contains what is claimed on the label.
  • Brand reputation. Among unbiased feedback displays, transparency with customers regarding ingredient sourcing, manufacturing practices, dosage, and supplementation guidelines builds brand's reputation.
  • Price. Our list includes anti-aging supplements at reasonable prices based on their quality, formula, and manufacturing standards.

Best anti-aging supplements in 2024: an overview

In the field of longevity products, we selected, in our opinion, the 5 best anti-aging supplements that might help you address processes resulting in accelerated aging and the appearance of related symptoms.

Remember that while these supplements may propose some benefits, the sole supplementation with them cannot be the only approach to healthy aging.

1. GenuinePurity™ — overall best anti-aging product

GenuinePurity™ NMN

For people seeking that sensational nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) compound for its supposed anti-aging properties, GenuinePurity™ may be the best choice. Developed by Leading Edge Health, the GenuinePurity™ NMN product stands out for its liposomal formula for potentially improved bioavailability.

GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN is suggested to contribute to a longer healthspan by supporting metabolism, energy production, and muscle endurance. Most importantly, this product is suggested to increase nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) levels, which, as per the provider, is “the key to feeling younger and living longer.”

The provider sends its Liposomal NMN for third-party testing to establish composition and the absence of contaminants. According to the lab results, the NMN is of 96% purity.

GenuinePurity™ NMN bottle contains 60 capsules for 2 months servings. The capsules are vegan and contain non-GMO ingredients. The brand recommends taking 1 capsule daily to receive 250 mg of NMN.

While a one-time purchase of GenuinePurity™ NMN costs $69.95, the brand offers bigger discounts with multi-buy options.

2. partiQlar — best antioxidant supplement for healthy aging

partiQlar Pure Resveratrol

Resveratrol stands along with the best longevity supplements for its powerful antioxidant properties. You can obtain resveratrol from partiQlar, a brand offering lab-tested and high-quality supplements.

Pure Resveratrol by partiQlar incorporates 500 mg of trans-resveratrol (a more bioactive form of resveratrol) in a single capsule. The brand claims to source its trans-resveratrol from a leading manufacturer, Effepharm.

The partiQlar Pure resveratrol supplement is third-party tested, and the certificate of analysis can be found on the product page. It is also NSF and UL-certified for following regulatory manufacturing standards. The claimed resveratrol purity is 99%.

A bottle of partiQlar trans-resveratrol serves 60 days and is sold at $36.99. Moreover, you will enjoy significant discounts with multi-buy options and monthly subscriptions.

3. MS Hair — best anti-aging supplement for skin, hair, and joints

MS Hair Boost Collagen Drink bottle

MS Hair presents Hair Boost Collagen Drink as a beauty and health product for people searching for strong hair, skin radiance, and joint health assistance. This collagen drink comes with an abundance of active ingredients that may help you look and feel youthful.

The manufacturer of MS Hair added vitamin C to its product, which may help the natural synthesis of collagen in the skin. The addition of hyaluronic acid in the Hair Boost Collagen Drink may help lock in moisture in skin and hair.

One serving of MS Hair, a potential anti-aging supplement with vitamins, delivers 10 g (10.000 mg) of hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides. This form of collagen is suggested to be more bioavailable. Note that the collagen is derived from fish — not a vegan preference. Yet, it is certified halal and free from sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy.

The provider recommends consuming 25 ml (one measuring cup) of Hair Boost Collagen Drink added to your favorite drink or directly from the cup.

One bottle of MS Hair collagen is 500 ml and provides 20 servings. It comes at the price of $49.99.

4. HUM — best supplement for glucose levels and weight support

HUM Berberine capsules

There is a greater likelihood of experiencing elevated glucose levels and increased body weight while aging. HUM offers the Best Of Berberine supplement featuring a homonymous natural compound that may show beneficial effects for supporting healthy weight, balanced blood sugar levels, and heart health.

The manufacturer added BioPerine® patented formula of black pepper extract to improve berberine absorption. Each serving of 2 capsules daily delivers 1200 mg of berberine coupled with 5 mg of BioPerine®.

HUM Best Of Berberine supplement is certified by Clean Label Project for containing no harmful added ingredients. It is a major allergen-free and vegan supplement, third-party tested for composition and label accuracy.

HUM Best Of Berberine is sold at a reasonable price of $35.00.

5. MTN OPS — best anti-aging macronutrient

Omega-3 is one of the highly praised nutrients with potential anti-aging effects and evidence-backed benefits for cardiovascular, eye, and metabolic health. Although these benefits may be gained from a diet rich in omega-3, people not consuming enough of this nutrient from food may consider obtaining their omega-3 supplement from MTN OPS.

MTN OPS is a long-established brand developing supplements targeting people pursuing an active lifestyle. Thus, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy the brand's Omega-3 (EPA and DHA), which may deliver some effects on bone health and endurance while aging.

The supplement comes in the form of softgels containing high-quality fish oil. Omega-3 obtained from fish is not suitable for vegans. Also, according to customer reviews, some people may feel fishy aftertaste with the supplement.

MTN OPS anti-aging supplements contain no gluten or GMOs, they are also manufactured in cGMP facilities.

The recommended daily dosage is 2 softgels, delivering 1200 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. Note that the brand mentions different amounts of total omega-3 on the bottle, supplement facts, and website.

A one-time purchase of MTN OPS Omega-3 is sold at an affordable price of $19.95.

Comparing the best anti-aging supplements

BrandPricePrice per servingServings per bottleServing sizeActive ingredientsSuggested anti-aging benefits
GenuinePurity™$69.95$1.16601 capsuleNMNNAD+ increase, cell rejuvenation, metabolic support, and energy production
partiQlar$36.99$0.61601 capsuleTrans-resveratrolCardiovascular health and anti-inflammatory effects
MS Hair$49.99$2.492025 mlCollagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and mineralsSkin, bone, and hair health
HUM$35.00$0.71302 capsulesBerberineMetabolic, heart, and skin health support, healthy glucose levels maintenance
MTN OPS$19.95$2.40302 softgelsOmega-3Cardiovascular, muscle, and skin health

What causes aging symptoms to appear?

The reasons for aging symptoms to appear may vary from person to person, depending on numerous factors.

Aging is a complex and multifaceted process characterized by a gradual decline in physical well-being and diminished health. This decline is typically linked to the time-dependent accumulation of cellular damage caused by various genetic pathways and biochemical processes.

These factors, individually or collectively, contribute to cell senescence, reducing their ability to repair, proliferate, and communicate effectively. Consequently, this leads to subsequent tissue damage. Over time, tissue damage may manifest in various physical, cognitive, sensory, or metabolic symptoms, resulting in visible signs of aging, an increased risk of age-related conditions, and reduced quality of life.

Although some of the above-mentioned causes of aging symptoms cannot be prevented, they may be slowed down with some anti-aging supplements containing micronutrients.

Can supplements help with aging symptoms?

Certain supplements may help with aging symptoms to some extent. Although there are no scientifically proven anti-aging supplements, some vitamins, antioxidant botanicals, amino acids, and minerals may play a role in slowing down the appearance of aging symptoms.

It’s also essential to recognize that some anti-aging effects related to supplements may be intrinsic benefiting overall organismal well-being. While some signs of aging start appearing on the skin, considering anti-aging approaches for the face and skin, such as collagen, vitamins, and minerals, may become particularly relevant.

After all, you should remember that while they may contribute to healthy aging, supplements are not a panacea for all aging-associated conditions. Hence, pursuing a balanced diet, active lifestyle, and adequate sleep patterns is central to preventing premature aging.

Most researched ingredients in supplements that might help with anti-aging

With the ongoing scientific research in the field of anti-aging supplements for longevity, scientists have differentiated some ingredients demonstrating potential benefits for promoting youthfulness while aging.

The ingredients described below can also be found in the best anti-aging supplements included on our list.

NAD+ precursors

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) precursors, such as NR and NMN, are gaining popularity for their anti-aging properties. The primary role of these two molecules is the contribution to the stable increase in NAD+ levels — fundamental for energy metabolism and the support of almost all cellular functions.

Yet, some essential body functions falter with age and NAD+ levels decline. Limited scientific studies with animals and humans suggest that boosting NAD+ levels with NR supplements or NMN products may potentially support healthy aging and cellular rejuvenation.


Resveratrol, as a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, has been extensively studied for its anti-aging potential. One of its multiple actions is the upregulation of SIRT1 — genes participating in the improvement of several health aspects while aging.

Scientific evidence suggests that the activation of the SIRT1 gene may be involved in complex and interconnected health benefits, such as a wide range of cellular actions from improved genomic stability to enhanced metabolic efficiency.


According to scientific findings, higher omega-3 levels in the blood are associated with increased lifespan. Omega-3 fatty acids are commonly present in fish oil supplements and are reported to have anti-inflammatory effects and moisturizing qualities for healthy hair and skin complexion.

Diets rich in omega-3 are reported to significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications, as well as lower risk of vision impairment and metabolic syndrome.


Berberine is a natural compound gaining popularity for its therapeutic effects, and is proposed to promote healthy aging by reducing inflammation and the risk of oxidative stress, as well as supporting metabolism.

Studies with mice show that supplementation with berberine may significantly lengthen healthspan and lifespan. However, it’s important to note that the results in animal studies may not always equally translate to human outcomes.


Collagen is a structural protein that maintains tissue integrity and is essential for skin elasticity. It is also a sought-after ingredient in anti-aging supplements. Emerging in powder, topical, encapsulated and liquid collagen forms, this supplement may show the potential to support healthy skin and address aging signs.

Supplements containing collagen with vitamin C are often preferred as the latter is proposed to stimulate natural collagen production in the skin. This combination is also suggested to work synergistically, offering protection against the accumulation of reactive oxygen species, hyperpigmentation, and the appearance of dark spots.

Other ways to manage aging symptoms

Besides exploring the best supplements with some anti-aging benefits, there are specific methods you should consider to prevent aging symptoms from appearing prematurely. We share some expert-validated tips to help in your efforts to preserve youthfulness and vitality.

Skin protection

Skin protection goes beyond cosmetics. To keep your skin vibrant and healthy, consider constant protection from UV rays by applying sunscreen even in winter. UV protection may help maintain skin elasticity, hinder premature aging, and lower the risk of developing skin cancer.

Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle includes such aspects as a balanced diet, adequate sleep patterns, and quitting harmful habits such as smoking and excess alcohol consumption.

Nourish your body with food rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Drink an adequate amount of water a day to stay hydrated for skin and overall body health.

As the saying goes, “Resting is rusting.” Yet, regular physical activity can be a cornerstone for well-being. At least 30 minutes of daily exercise can help preserve flexibility and healthy weight — important for graceful aging.

Stress management

Stress and anxiety are other caveats for the accelerated aging process. Learn the most suitable methods to cope with stress — yoga, meditation, and social interaction.Living with chronic stress can be devastating and lead to the premature appearance of aging signs. It is fundamental to find help from a therapist to manage stress and gain holistic anti-aging results.

Best anti-aging supplements — conclusion

Aging is an inevitable process that begins from the moment we are born. However, the phase of aging may be decelerated with certain strategies. While looking for the best anti-aging supplements is a valid approach, incorporating a healthy lifestyle can be a holistic approach.

Aging is a complex process linked to the decline of several cellular functions in the body. Supplements offering targeted benefits for anti-aging may only address some aspects of aging, such as metabolic support, energy production, and heart health. However, not all of these effects are based on human studies and need further exploration.

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