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Best Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies: Top Recommendations for 2024

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been trending due to its acclaimed benefits for weight loss, blood sugar control, cholesterol reduction, and antioxidant properties.

Sounds like a miracle, right? There’s just the downside of the pungent vinegar taste and burning sensation in the throat or stomach when taken in a liquid form. Thankfully, the wellness industry caught right on and has created ACV gummies, supplements that feel like a little treat.

With so many products to choose from, all claiming to deliver outstanding results, it can be confusing and hard to choose. We have compiled a list of the best ACV gummies in the market to ease your search.

We also look into the science behind ACV and the associated claims. Whilst ACV has some potential health benefits, we always aim to educate our readers on the science behind supplements, set realistic expectations, warn about any side effects that often get overlooked, and suggest the most optimal ways to incorporate them into your life.

Best apple cider vinegar gummies: a shortlist

  1. Future Kind — minimal ingredients
  2. Uchews — most health-promoting ingredients
  3. Goli — original ACV gummies
  4. Essential Elements — gummies with the ‘mother’
  5. Snap Supplements — big 9 allergen-free

How we compiled our list of the best apple cider vinegar gummies

We have decided on our top ACV gummy choices by thoroughly researching and comparing the following factors:

IngredientsQualityPrice and valueReviewsTaste and texture
Type and amount of ingredientsScientific backing and certification$9.98–49.99Customer reviews and experienceTaste and texture of the different products
  • Ingredients: We closely examined the ingredient list to make sure the product contained the beneficial ingredients, as well as kept an eye on any additives like colorings, flavors, and sugars.
  • Quality: We looked at the scientific basis for the ingredients, certification, and third-party testing.
  • Price and value: We looked at how the product compares to its competitors on the market.
  • Reviews: We looked through customer reviews on the company site, Amazon, iHerb, and Reddit when possible, to get a bigger picture of individual experiences with the product and the brand.
  • Taste and texture: The appeal of ACV gummies as compared to pure ACV or pills is the flavor and nicer texture, hence, we evaluated that.

Best apple cider vinegar gummies: an overview

From the potential to stabilize blood sugar to improving skin, ACV gummies seem to do it all and taste like a little treat. We aim to educate about and demystify information on each product so you can make an informed decision and pick the most suitable product for your goals, taste preference, and affordability.

To help you navigate the waters of yummy health supplements, we look into the best ACV options below.

1. Future Kind — Minimal ingredients

Future kind Vegan Organic Apple Cider Vinegar gummies

Future Kind Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Gummies are vegan and third-party tested for label accuracy. They are also GMO, gluten, wheat, yeast, and soy-free. The gummies are apple flavored and contain only 3 g of added sugar and 20 calories per serving. The brand recommends their product to support optimal digestion, weight management, and to address inflammation.

The product has a 4.5-star average review score, with customers praising the flavor, how easy it is to implement the gummies into their routine, and the digestive benefits. However, some customers are saying they have not seen any significant improvements when using the product, some are also saying that the taste takes some getting used to.

We appreciate that Future Kind is a vegan brand, as gummies often contain animal-derived products. We also enjoyed the apple flavor, the 30-day money-back guarantee, and the fact that the product is third-party tested for no undeclared ingredients. We also liked that the daily dose is standardized to include 5% of acetic acid, one of the key beneficial compounds in ACV.

The product is available to order in 30, 90 or 180-day supply and offers free U.S. shipping. A 30-day supply costs $24.49 ($0.81 per serving). The serving size is 2 gummies.

2. Uchews — Most health promoting ingredients

Uchews body and detox

Uchews urges you to reveal your inner radiance with apple flavored Body + Detox ACV gummies. The product not only has 1000 mg of ACV powder per serving (2 gummies), but also contains vitamins B12 and B9, beet and pomegranate juice extracts, that may offer additional health benefits. The brand recommends a well-rounded formula for energy and metabolism support, gut health support, and natural detox.

To make it even better the product is cGMP certified, GMO-free, and 100% vegan. There is 4 g of added sugar and 25 calories per serving.

Uchews are available on their site only, for the time being. They have raving reviews, with customers praising improved digestion, skin, energy and overall well-being. Unfortunately, the brand does not provide negative reviews

We liked the holistic outlook and additional potentially health promoting ingredients. This product is great for supporting cellular metabolism due to B9 and B12, as well as beetroot and pomegranate extracts, superfoods, associated with performance support for athletes. The product still includes a similar amount of ACV as its competitors. We also liked that the gummies are GMO-free and vegan. The brand also offers free shipping, which is a great bonus.

One-time purchase costs $49.99 for 30 servings ($1.66 per serving), and drops to $42.49 if you subscribe.

3. Goli — original ACV gummies

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins

The O.G ACV gummy: Goli’s Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are #1 best-selling in America. Infused with delicious apple flavor and boosted with vitamins B12 and B9, the gummies aim to aid digestion, gut health, support immune function, and provide cardiovascular health benefits.

Beetroot and pomegranate extracts may additionally provide antioxidant properties. The gummies use pectin instead of gelatin, making the product suitable for vegans. The gummies are also gluten free, non-GMO, and cGMP certified. Each gummy contains 2 g of total sugar and 500 mg of ACV. The brand suggests taking 1-2 gummies three times a day.

Conveniently available on Amazon, Goli vitamins have an average of 4.4-star rating. Customers are praising the taste, the ease to use, and weight loss promoting effects. However, some find the taste a bit weird, and those who live in a warmer climate complain about how easily the gummies melt. Some also find the supplement a bit pricey.

We liked that the brand is well established in ACV gummies, as they were one of the first to start the trend. We also appreciated the addition of B12 and B9, beetroot, and pomegranate extract. We like the clear breakdown and explanation of the ingredients. We also appreciated the possibility of choosing from 30, 60, 180 or 300 gummy packages.

30-count packages cost $9.98 ($0.33 per gummy), 60-count packages cost $14.98 ($0.25 per gummy), 180-count packages cost $44.94 ($0.25 per gummy), and 300-count containers cost $62.98 ($0.21 per gummy).


4. Essential Elements — gummies with the ‘mother’

Essential Elements Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Essential Elements Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are vegan, soy-, dairy-, shellfish-, gluten and peanut-free. The ACV used is with the ‘mother’, the part of the ACV fermentation that is naturally rich in probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other beneficial compounds.

The gummies are red apple-flavored; the serving size is 2 gummies that have 25 calories and 4 g of added sugar. The gummies also have added vitamins B6, B9, and B12, which can support cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and cellular energy production. B vitamins help the body to convert carbohydrates into glucose to fuel the cells.

These gummies may support the immune system, contribute to weight management, and aid digestive health.

The product is available on Amazon and has an average of 4.3-star score. Most positive reviews focus on the pleasant and not overly sweet taste. Customers are also praising the appetite curbing effects and the increase in energy. Some customers have also seen improvements in digestion and less bloating. Of course, there are customers who have not seen any improvements in their well-being with the product or who find the taste unappealing. The opinions are heavily based on personal experience.

We liked that Essential Elements ACV included a broader spectrum of B vitamins compared to other products. We also like the addition of beetroot and pomegranate powder, as well as iodine, which may further contribute to the health benefits of the product. We also liked that there is a sugar-free version available.

30 servings cost $20.70 ($0.69 per serving).

5. Snap Supplements — Big 9 allergen free

Snap Supplements Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Snap Supplement ACV gummies are enamel-safe, gluten-free and vegan. The product has also been tested to be free of the Big 9 allergens, non-GMO, and 100% drug-free.

Besides ACV, the gummies contain pomegranateand beetroot juice powders, both of which may contain antioxidants. The addition of B vitamins may contribute to energy production and overall vitality.

The serving size is 2 gummies, which add up to 24 calories and have 4 g of added sugar.

Snap ACV gummies have a 4.9-star rating. Positive comments focus on improved digestion and a pleasant taste. Most customers are saying they would recommend the product to a friend.

Negative feedback is mostly due to customers not experiencing any improvements in their well-being and being unsure if the product does anything.

We like the balanced ratio of the ingredients. We also greatly appreciated the 90-day money-back guarantee. As the product is vegan and free of the most popular allergens, it is suitable for most diets.

A 30-day supply costs $21.95 ($0.73 per serving).

Comparing the best apple cider vinegar gummies

ProductPrice per servingACV per servingAdditional ingredientsBest forVegan friendly
Future Kind$0.811,000 mg-Purest ACV gummiesYes
Uchews$1.661,000 mgB6, B12, beet juice powder, pomegranate juice powderMost health promoting ingredientsYes
Goli$0.25500 mg (per gummy)B6, B12, beet juice powder, pomegranate juice powderOriginal ACV gummiesYes
Essential Elements$0.691,000 mg B6, B9, B12, beet juice powder, pomegranate juice powder, iodineGummies with the ‘mother’Yes
Snap Supplements$0.731,000 mgB6, B9, B12, beet juice powder, pomegranate juice powder, iodineBig 9 allergen-freeYes

What is apple cider vinegar?

ACV is produced by crushing and juicing the apples. The juices are then left to ferment by yeast. During the fermentation process the sugar is turned into ethanol, and then acetic acid- forming bacteria, present in the ‘mother’ portion of the ACV, turn ethanol into acetic acid. Together with malic acid, acetic acid gives ACV a sour taste.

Gallic acid, caffeic acid, and ferulic acid — that can be grouped as phenolic compounds — are also present in ACV, contributing to its potential health promoting effects.

Records of ACV use date back all the way to ancient Babylonians. It was used in traditional medicine due to its potential antimicrobial properties, before antibiotics existed. Thankfully we do not need to do so anymore, but ACV is still commonly used in the food industry as a food preservative and a flavor enhancer. It is also commonly used in salad dressings.

Available apple cider vinegar forms

ACV is available in several forms:

  • Liquid. Pure ACV, with or without the ‘mother’ is widely available in most grocery stores. It is the pure form of ACV that can be taken as a shot or added to food. Mixing a tablespoon of ACV with tahini makes an excellent salad dressing.
  • Capsules. Powder can be packed into capsules. Sometimes additional ingredients are added to provide additional health benefits. Some people may struggle to swallow pills.
  • Gummies. Gummies are trending, as they offer a more enjoyable way to reap the benefits of ACV without needing to drink vinegar or swallow pills. It also often has added antioxidant-rich ingredients and vitamins that may provide additional benefits.

Benefits of taking ACV gummies

Animal studies have demonstrated that ACV has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and cardiovascular health benefits, however, human studies are lacking. The few human studies that have been done have shown inconclusive results. Furthermore, the few studies that have been done, were done using ACV in its liquid form rather than gummies.

Weight loss

There is a popular belief that having an ACV shot on an empty stomach promotes weight loss, however, the scientific evidence is limited. A study explored the effects of ACV supplementation for 12 weeks - the experimental group took 30ml/day of ACV and had a caloric deficit, while the control group had only a caloric deficit.

The authors revealed that ACV supplementation, together with a caloric deficit, resulted in greater weight loss. The group taking ACV might have lost more weight due to stricter adherence to the caloric deficit, as short-term use of ACV may suppress appetite.

Cholesterol reduction

ACV has the potential to reduce total cholesterol. A meta-analysis revealed promising results, administration of ACV for over 8 weeks has resulted in a reduction in total cholesterol.

While the meta-analysis shows the use of ACV has promising results toward total cholesterol reduction, a healthy lifestyle, diet, and genetics remain the most important players. People who are prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication should stick to recommendations given by their doctor.

Improved blood sugar control

Animal studies have shown that ACV may be able to reduce blood sugar levels and improve blood glucose control after a meal, by delaying gastric emptying and enhancing glucose uptake into the cells. A meta-analysis of RCTs exploring the effects of apple cider vinegar consumption on blood sugar levels revealed that consumption of apple cider vinegar improved fasting plasma glucose levels.

Furthermore, the authors explored whether the duration of consumption of ACV has any importance for fasting blood glucose levels. They found that ACV consumption for longer than 8 weeks was more pronounced than shorter consumption periods.

Experimental studies looking at other types of vinegar have seen similar effects on blood glucose, thus, it may not be ACV itself, but the compounds found in vinegar that provide the health benefits.

Potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

Theoretically, ACV contains a considerable number of essential compounds, such as phenols, organic acids, and flavonoids, that may protect the cells from oxidative stress and can potentially reduce proinflammatory markers.

Animal studies have shown that the use of ACV can help reduce proinflammatory markers (TNF-α, IL-6) and oxidative damage-related marker (MDA and nitrite) levels in mice. Also, some compounds found in ACV may reduce oxidative-stress related biomarker levels in animal cells and tissues. A small cell culture study found that ACV has some protective properties against bacteria such as E.coli, S.aureus, and yeast C.albicans.

Despite showing some anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in animal studies and cell culture studies, human studies are lacking. Thus, it is important to understand that ACV supplementation lacks scientific evidence to support the majority of its health-related benefits.

Despite the benefits of ACV gummies, you should remember that it is a dietary supplement. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are still the primary aspects of maintaining overall health. It is advisable to follow the recommendations of use provided by the brand to not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Tips for using apple cider vinegar gummies effectively

Here are some tips to incorporate ACV into your wellness routine for potential health benefits:

  • Dosage. There is no single consensus about how much ACV can or should be consumed per day. If you are taking ACV in a supplement form, you should follow the recommended serving size.
  • Time. There is a lack of evidence-based recommendations to support a certain time of the day to consume ACV. Based on people’s experience, ACV on an empty stomach or before a meal might contribute more to appetite reduction and blood sugar control.

Potential side effects and precautions of using ACV gummies

As with most things in life, there are some downsides and potential side effects of using ACV.

  • Damaged teeth enamel. ACV is highly acidic pH 2.5-3, and some scientific evidence that ACV consumption contributes to tooth enamel erosion over time, if used inappropriately. This might be more detrimental for people who already have damaged tooth enamel. Hence, you should not consume pure ACV and should rinse or brush your teeth after consuming highly acidic substances. You also can consume ACV shots through a straw to minimize contact with teeth.
  • Digestive issues. Due to its high acidic content, ACV may irritate the stomach, especially when taken on an empty stomach.
  • Interactions with medications. ACV can negatively interact with insulin stimulating medication and diuretic drugs.
  • Worse gastroparesis symptoms. Gastroparesis is a common condition in people with diabetes. It is essentially delayed gastric emptying. It may affect insulin action and efficient nutrient absorption. Due to ACV’s potential to delay gastric emptying, the condition and associated symptoms may become worse. Depending on the severity, delayed gastric emptying may disrupt digestive system function, causing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and even abdominal bloating, diarrhea, or gas
  • Chemical skin burns. Due to its acidity, ACV may cause skin burns when applied. It may also cause throat burns, hence, it should be kept away from children and only used when diluted.

Best apple cider vinegar gummies – conclusion

ACV gummies are gaining popularity due to how easy they are to use, the potential health benefits, and the pleasant taste. Although ACV supplements may have some weight loss promoting, blood sugar balancing, cholesterol reducing, and antimicrobial effects, it is not a miracle cure.

There is a lack of strong scientific evidence of the effects of ACV in humans. A balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, stress management, and a good exercise regime remain the main pillars to boost your well-being.

You should always consult a healthcare professional before using supplements, especially if you have any underlying conditions.

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