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Best Bone Broth For Dogs: Top Ranked Choices

Your pet is like a furry family member — you want the best for them. Not all pet food is created equal, and choosing top-quality products for your canine friend can make a huge difference in their health and longevity.

Recently, there's been a surge of interest in the superfood, bone broth, which isn't limited to humans alone. Dogs can also reap the rewards of bone broths. This prompted us to scour extensively for the finest bone broth options tailored specifically for our furry companions.

Best bone broth for dogs: shortlist

  1. Raw Paws Pet Food — best beef bone broth for dogs
  2. Native Pet — best bone broth powder for dogs
  3. Brutus Broth — best bone broth for older dogs
  4. Cherry Brook — best liquid bone broth for dogs
  5. Best of The Bone — best bone broth for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  6. Open Farm Pet — best chicken broth for dogs
  7. Nutraviva — best bone broth for puppies

How we compiled the list of best bone broths for dogs

To give your dog the best quality bone broth, we looked at these key factors when compiling our list:

PriceIngredient qualityNutritional compositionFlavor
$7.99–55.99High-grade ingredientsBalanced nutrients like proteins and fatsTastes the dogs prefer
  • Price. Cost-effectiveness is key when it comes to nourishing your loyal companion. Because of that, we selected quality bone broths at different price points.
  • Ingredient quality. We chose bone broths with high-quality ingredients while avoiding unnecessary fillers.
  • Nutritional composition. Dogs need a range of nutrients just like humans. Among the crucial components found in bone broths for dogs, protein and fats stand out as particularly vital for their well-being.
  • Flavor. It’s important to buy a bone broth that your dog will want to consume. Therefore, we've selected options featuring flavors that dogs naturally gravitate towards, such as chicken and beef.

Best bone broth for dogs: overview

Is bone broth safe for dogs? Yes! It can even add vital nutrients and minerals to their diet. But it's important to choose products specifically for dogs or to find a dog-safe bone broth option.

If you’re wondering what is the best bone broth for dogs, we’ve helped make your search easier by rounding up these top brands so that you can give your dog the nutrients they need.

1. Raw Paws Pet Food — best beef bone broth for dogs

Raw Paws Pet Food Beef Bone Broth Supplement Powder

Raw Paw Pet Food Beef Bone Broth Supplement Powder is great for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. This bone broth is at the top of our list since it's made from only one ingredient, grass-fed beef bone broth powder, and is sourced from free-range cattle raised without steroids, antibiotics, or added hormones.

One of the other reasons it ranked so high is its convenience. You can use this powder as a pour-over, topper, or mix-in to help boost your dog food’s moisture, nutrition, and flavor. Rawpaw beef bone broth powder is guaranteed to have a 95% crude protein content to help support your dog’s nutritional needs.

You can get three 6-ounce Raw Paws bone broth jars for just $55.99!

2. Native Pet — best bone broth powder for dogs

Native Pet Beef Broth

Native Pet brand makes a beef bone broth powder that we've ranked as our top bone broth powder for dogs, which according to them is “super nutritious and totally delicious”. When you combine this product with water, you get an easy-to-prepare grass-fed bone broth for your canine friend.

This bone broth was researched and formulated by veterinarians and, according to the brand, made with the right blend of active ingredients at optimal dosages. Native Pet makes their bone broth with only two ingredients: beef bone broth and sunflower lecithin. The powder formula means it lasts longer than liquid and is easy to scoop and serve on top of your dog’s normal meals.

Give your pet the essential nutrients it needs for $19.99, 4.75 ounces.

3. Brutus Broth — best bone broth for older dogs

Brutus Bone Broth makes a convenient, powdered version of their human-grade bone broth, fortified with healthy ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric. These may all help support joint and hip health, especially for aging dogs, but may be helpful for dogs of all ages.

You can use this broth as a dry topper or mix it into a liquid for a wet broth. Brutus Bone Broth has a protein percentage of 38% to 39.5% to give your dog the energy it needs. It is free of potential allergens like soy, dairy, and wheat.

Give your dog human-grade Brutus Bone Broth for $18.99, providing up to 65 servings.

4. Cherry Brook — best liquid bone broth for dogs

If you’re looking for a nutrient-rich, liquid bone broth for your dog, then look no further. Cherry Brook’s Stella and Chewy's Bountiful Bone Broth Grass-Fed Beef Recipe for Dogs is made from 100% human-grade bone broth, with added superfoods like turmeric, ginger, pumpkin, and cinnamon.

This liquid broth comes in a convenient and easy-to-open BPA-free pouch. Cherry Brook’s dog bone broth is grain and gluten-free and high in collagen, gelatin, and amino acids to potentially help support a healthy gut.

Stock up on 16 ounces of Cherry Brook’s liquid bone broth for dogs, priced at $7.99.

5. Best of The Bone — best bone broth for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Dogs with sensitive stomachs can have bone broth too! That’s why Best of The Bone brand makes a bone broth without additives, grains, and sugars – all of which may be harmful to your pup’s gut. This rich bone broth is made from slow-cooked, grass-fed beef and bones.

This high in marrow bone broth may play a helpful role in gut health for dogs to potentially help improve their digestion. According to the website, the brand offers nearly 40% bioavailable collagen and is loaded with protein, essential minerals and fatty acids, and other nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin.

Support your dog’s sensitive stomach, priced at $20 for 375 grams of Best of The Bone Buddies Broth.

6. Open Farm — best chicken broth for dogs

Most dog bone broths are made from beef, but not this one. Open Farm Pet makes a Harvest Chicken Bone Broth for Dogs from humanely raised chicken bones. To enhance their broth's nutritional value, they’ve slowly simmered the bones with ingredients like non-GMO pumpkin, carrots, and turmeric.

This nutrient-rich bone broth may help support healthy digestion, skin and coat, and immune system. Open Farm Pet uses 100% traceable ingredients from certified family farms to ensure the best quality for your pet.

You can get 33.8 FL ounces of this nutrient-rich bone broth for $14.99.

7. Nutraviva — best bone broth for puppies

Puppies need a nutrient-rich diet to help support their growth and development. Nutraviva’s pet bone broth powder may be just the superfood you’ve been looking for your growing pup.

This protein-rich formula is made with multiple collagen sources from cattle bones and hides. It is packed full of micronutrients, with over 90% protein content. Nutraviva’s bone broth for dogs is free of gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, binders, preservatives, nuts, grains, and artificial ingredients to ensure your dog or puppy gets only ingredients that have the potential to support their health.

Give your dog or puppy an extra boost of nutrition, priced at $42.48 for 300 grams.

Comparison of the best bone broths for dogs

ProductPriceQuantityBroth typeSource
Raw Paws Pet Food$55.99(3) 6 oz jarspowderbeef
Native Pet$19.994.75 ozpowderbeef
Brutus Broth$18.99up to 65 servingspowderbeef
Cherry Brook$7.9916 oz of liquidliquidbeef
Best of The Bone$20375 gramsliquidbeef
Open Farm$14.9933.9 fl oz of liquidliquidchicken
Nutraviva$42.48300 gramspowderbeef

Exploring the varieties: types of bone broth for dogs

When deciding on the best bone broth for your dog, you’ll want a product that you can conveniently give to your pet on a regular basis. Luckily, there are a wide variety of bone broths for dogs on the market.

You can choose from these different types of bone broth for your dog:

  • Liquid bone broth
  • Bone broth powder
  • Bone broth treats

Bone broth for dogs can be made from different types of animals, mainly beef and chicken, but also lamb, turkey, and pork. Pets can be picky too! You may need to try a few different kinds to figure out which one your dog likes best.

Bone broth for dogs: what you need to know

What's most important for your dog's health is a well-rounded diet full of essential nutrients like proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and fluids. Dog-safe bone broth may be incredibly beneficial for dogs that can tolerate it. It may be a great addition to your dog's diet, especially when rounded out with a gut-balancing probiotic for dogs.

Wondering how bone broth may help your dog? Here are a few of the top potential benefits:

  • Improve digestion
  • Support joint health
  • Enhance their skin and coat
  • Add vitamins and minerals to their diet

Dogs can generally reap these benefits by eating the actual bone, but bone broth tends to be a much safer option. That’s because chewing on bones can potentially crack your dog’s teeth or create a choking hazard when it breaks into smaller pieces.

How to pick the best bone broth for dogs

It can be intimidating to pick out a new food or supplement for your dog. If canines are food-motivated, they might eat any bone broth product put before them, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best one for them.

Wondering what to look for when picking out a dog bone broth? We’re here to help.

Look closely at ingredients

Many bone broths for dogs are filled with extra ingredients that may be harmful or at least don’t add any nutritional value. Try to avoid products with ingredients like yeast, salt, and “natural flavors.” Most of these ingredients are fine in moderation but are not necessary for a healthy diet. Excess salt consumption can be potentially harmful to dogs and may lead to conditions like "salt toxicosis."

Look for balanced nutrients

Bone broth products are usually intended to be more of a dietary supplement than a core part of a dog's diet. That's why it's important to look for one that offers a diversity of nutrients that will complement your dog's current diet.

Dogs are carnivores, so the most important nutrients for them are proteins and fats. It’s helpful to look at the crude protein percentages of different bone broths. You’ll want your dog’s bone broth to have about 80% protein for dehydrated versions and 3% protein for liquid products.

Some bone broths may include vegetables. These are not harmful but also aren’t necessary when you’re looking to add more protein and fat to your dog’s diet from a bone broth.

Be cautious of bone broth

It may be tempting to give any bone broth from your pantry to your dog, but be careful when giving them broths made for humans. Certain ingredients found in bone broths made for humans, like garlic and onions, can be dangerous for dogs when ingested.

Because of this, when wondering where to buy bone broth, it’s best to go to a pet store or go straight to the manufacturer's website.

Research findings on bone broth for dogs

While there isn’t any specific research on the benefits of bone broth for dogs, scientists have found many benefits for different individual components of bone broth.

Just like humans, dogs need essential vitamins and minerals like potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium – which can all be found in bone broth. These minerals help support a wide range of physiological processes, including muscle contractions, sleep, heart health, and nervous system regulation.

Another benefit of these nutrients is their ability to support your dog’s immune system. Giving your dog a balanced diet full of immune-supporting foods like bone broth may help prevent infections and illnesses while potentially improving their ability to fight diseases.

Supporting joint health is key for dogs, especially as they age. Nutrients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid may help strengthen and repair your dog’s joints and may occur naturally in bone broth.

Best bone broth for dogs: conclusion

Bone broth is a great source of protein, and other vital nutrients to help support your dog’s health. Most bone broths for dogs are made with just bones, although some may have added ingredients for further nutritional value.

To give your dog the best bone broth, look for ones made from high-quality animal products and free of artificial ingredients and additives. Your dog will thank you!

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