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12 Best CBD Brands of 2024: Top-Rated CBD Products List

The use of CBD is spreading like wildfire due to its potential therapeutic properties without non-psychoactive effects. The World Health Organization stated that CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile across a number of controlled open-label trials.

Cannabidinoil interacts with the endocannabinoid system and has the potential to influence different body processes, reducing stress and anxiety, supporting sleep problems and aiding skin conditions.

The CBD market is expanding due toc its potential benefits and it might be challenging to navigate it. That’s why we have compiled a list with the top rated CBD brands of 2024, so you can select the perfect one to incorporate into your routine.

Best CBD companies for 2024: shortlist

  1. R&R CBD — best broad-spectrum solutions in a CBD brand
  2. BATCH — best variety of CBD products
  3. Cornbread Hemp® — best CBD brand for seasoned cannabidiol users
  4. FOCL — best adaptability to the customer in a CBD brand
  5. Aspen Green — best manufacturing practices in a CBD brand
  6. NuLeaf — best non-GMO CBD brand
  7. Joy Organics — most eco-friendly CBD brand
  8. Nordic Nutris — best CBD brand with alternative formulas
  9. Slumber — best CBD brand with relaxation and sleep products
  10. Fab CBD — best human-centered cannabidiol brand
  11. cbdMD — best gummy options in a CBD brand
  12. Medterra — best CBD brand for first-time users

How we ranked the best CBD brands

We have compiled our top-rated CBD companies with four main criteria so you can gauge the prospects and reputation of each one and select the best CBD manufacturer for your preferences and needs.

TransparencyDosageSide EffectsReviews
Lab results and certificationsCBD, THC, and other compound concentrationMild, medium, or severeMinimum 3 star review
  • Transparency. We reviewed the presence of Certificates of Analysis (COA), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and additional information on the extraction and production of CBD products.
  • Dosage. Presence of CBD, THC, and other compounds derived from cannabis. We reviewed proportions and combinations with additional ingredients, as well as the recommended dosage.
  • Reviews. We examined the satisfaction of clients with the products and their impact on their well-being in accordance with ratings.

Best CBD brands and products to consider in 2024: overview

We have compiled a list of the best CBD providers and their products in the market that follow quality and safety standards and offer quality supplements adapted for various consumers' necessities and preferences.

1. R&R CBD — best broad-spectrum options in a CBD brand

RR CBD Fresh Mint THC-Free CBD Tinctures

The CBD landscape features great full-spectrum and broad-spectrum formulas, offering top-notch brands such as R&R CBD — a unique CBD brand based in Colorado and particularly committed to delivering broad-spectrum products for various preferences.

This brand utilizes a supercritical CO2 extraction method to reap the potential well-being effects of cannabinoids, flavonoids, phytonutrients, terpenes, and other hemp plant compounds. According to R&R CBD, this process yields over 9 cannabinoids and 11 terpenes — an unmatched level in the industry.

R&R CBD also shines for its efforts to set quality standards in the cannabinoid industry. As one of the first brands to earn a USDA-organic certification, its commitment to quality stands out through its local and sustainable harvesting process.

The prices start from $45 and include veteran discounts and a 60-day guarantee policy on all of their products.

2. BATCH — best variety of CBD products

BATCH Original CBD Gummies

BATCH is a Wisconsin-founded company that offers different options for CBD lovers, from tinctures to gummies and topical products for those who prefer a good massage. Their array of quality products makes this brand a standout choice among the various options available on the market.

The company's spotlight is its variety, offering different formats and dosages including isolate, broad, and full-spectrum hemp extracts. Their variousness dives into the different potential health benefits of CBD that can be used for improving sleeping problems, reducing inflammation, decreasing stress, and aiding pets' well-being.

Another aspect that shines throughout the brand's website is its transparency, as it discloses all the processes of producing and manufacturing hemp products, as well as provides lab results and full lists of ingredients for each one of them. Their policy even transpires to their facilities, as the brand schedules tours to their labs so clients can be part and feel more connected to BATCH and their CBD production.

BATCH is vegan, paraben-free, non-GMO, and certified by Leaping Bunny with an integrated in-house team that carefully curates every aspect of the production process.

The price starts at $29.99 and offers a 30-day return policy and free shipping over $75.

3. Cornbread Hemp® — best CBD brand for experienced cannabidiol users

Cornbread Hemp® Berry CBD Gummies

Cornbread Hemp® emerges as one of the best choices for seasoned cannabidiol aficionados. Established in 2019, this Kentucky-based company specializes in full-spectrum CBD products to support recovery, sleep, and relaxation.

Cornbread Hemp® offers various formats, including gummies, oils, capsules, creams, balms, and pet products to elevate well-being. Their products are enriched with natural terpenes and flavonoids up to 0.3% of THC per serving.

Furthermore, this brand harbors an unwavering commitment to quality. Holding the first USDA certification in Kentucky, their sourcing is possible through close collaboration with local farmers and trusted retailers. As a result, the brand delivers high-quality hemp that adheres to the rigorous standards set by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Their prices start at $49.99 and include a discount for military, responder, medical, teacher, students, and disadvantaged users. However, they only ship during business days.

4. FOCL — best CBD brand for personalized customer preferences

FOCL Feel Good Full Spectrum Gummies

If you are looking for products to support sleep and pain-related issues , FOCL may be a good fit. They feature full and broad-spectrum products, including drops, gummies, supplements, and topicals for various needs. Additionally, they also have a line for pets and recently launched functional mushroom gummies.

The brand has more than 3,000 certified reviews with positive feedback. In addition, FOCL tests all of their batches by third-party labs and provides results under the listing of their products, making it easy for customers to spot ingredients and other considerations before their purchase.

One of the greatest things about the brand is that in many of their products, customers can choose whether they would like full-spectrum or broad-spectrum, or, in the case of their full-spectrum CBD Gummies, users can choose the type and the flavour.

All the products manufactured by FOCL follow high standards of quality assurance and are made in GMP-compliant facilities, free from herbicides, pesticides, and other toxins.

The prices start from $29 and currently offer free shipping and a 60-day return policy.

5. Aspen Green — most transparent CBD brand


Aspen Green offers a wide variety of full-spectrum products backed by transparent manufacturing and testing practices. Their commitment to openness and disclosure makes this brand an ideal choice.

The brand is one of the best examples of reputable CBD brands that lives up to its reputation, highlighting its open policy throughout their website with three core principles: quality, integrity, and transparency.

The brand follows high quality standards during the farming, extraction, testing, and production process of their hemp products. Furthermore, their batches are reviewed by third-party testing labs and are free from harmful chemicals or adulteration. Their COAs are easily available online, and batches contain a QR code so users can be assured of the safety of each product.

Aspen Green is legal in all 50 states following the 2018 Farm Bill that stipulates a maximum of 0.3% THC in all products.

The prices start at $22.49, and the brand offers a 35–60% discount to the military, first responders, medical personnel, teachers, students, and the disadvantaged. It has both standard and fast shipping.

6. NuLeaf — best CBD brand with natural ingredients

NuLeaf CBD Oil

NuLeaf distinguishes itself as a premium option, featuring a wide range of formulas with natural-derived ingredients and flavors. The brand offers oils, soft gels, gummies, drink mixes, topicals, and pet oils that include different cannabinoid compounds such as CBC, CBD, CBG, THC, and CBN.

Their products are organic, free from harmful substances, and verified by third-party lab results. In addition, its operations follow the standards introduced by the FDA and Colorado Department of Health, ISO, and GMP guidelines. The brand also has the recognition of Detox Project and Certified B Corporation, meaning that the brand is involved in building an inclusive, green, and sustainable economy.

NuLeaf extraction methods are eco-friendly and their products are vegan, gluten-free, organically sweetened, and made with plant-derived flavors and colors.

The brand has a good reputation with 25,000 highly rated customer reviews and a 4.7-star rating in Trustpilot. Their price starts at $24 and offers free shipping for $74 orders and a 60-day return policy.

7. Joy Organics — best eco-friendly CBD brand


For environmentally-conscious CBD enthusiasts, Joy Organics may be their perfect match. This brand offers a diverse range of broad and full-spectrum products, including gummies, soft gels, tinctures, and topicals.

This family-based business operates under the USDA in all its hemp manufacturing processes, assuring its products are tested and free from harmful substances. Furthermore, all their batches are tested by certified ISO third-party labs to ensure the safety and quality of their products. Consumers can check the results online by scanning their QR codes or manually searching for them.

The brand proudly exhibits its organic and eco-friendly efforts through its carbon-neutral shipping and recycling packages set to reduce waste and carbon footprint. In addition, they have good customer support with a broad list of FAQs that include inquiries about their products, but also about CBD types and dosage.

Their prices start at $19.95 and include a 90-day return policy.

8. Nordic Nutris — best CBD brand for adventurous users

Nordic Nutris CBD oil “Pure”

The CBD universe brings a wide range of solutions with multiple formats and ingredients. Yet, amidst this overcrowded market, numerous brands tend to offer similar products to customers, resulting in limited choices. If you are on the search for a unique CBD solution, Nordic Nutris may be a good match.

Crafting products with recyclable packaging, the brand offers full-spectrum and broad-spectrum solutions with innovative formats, including tea or sunscreen options.

The brand places significant importance on its production practices, emphasizing its strong commitment to natural ingredients and testing practices. This excellence is further evidenced by its high ratings across various websites, including Trustpilot.

The pricing of their products starts at $11.99 and includes free shipping to the U.S. over $60.

Safety Note
Nordic Nutris CBD oil “Pure” is only for external use.

9. Slumber — best CBD brand for relaxation and sleep

Slumber CBN Capsules for Sleep

Slumber is a Colorado-based company with a clear mission: improve the sleep quality and wellness of its users. Consequently, their various formulas are targeted to enhance relaxation and unwind both body and mind.

Slumber makes it into our curated selection for its versatile usage of various cannabinoids to soothe the body, including CBN. This versatility solidifies in their wide range of broad-spectrum and full-spectrum formulas, tailoring their solutions for various preferences.

Slumber's dedication to its customers is evident in its testing protocols. The brand claims to have conducted a study investigating Deep Zzzs CBD CBN THC Gummies For Sleep, examining their impact on sleep quality with positive results.

This brand’s pricing starts at $15.00 and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee policy on all of its products.

10. Fab CBD — best human-centered CBD brand

Fab CBD Anytime Gummies

Fab CBD shines as an excellent brand in our ranking, especially for those seeking to support a human-centered company. Established in 2017, this enterprise focuses on elevating the quality of life of its cannabidiol users, delivering products for diverse preferences and needs.

This brand grows its hemp under cGMP guidelines, following stringent manufacturing practices. Their products comprise various potency options, with their most potent option including 3000 mg of cannabidiol. Furthermore, this brand undergoes testing on all of its products, providing its COAs available online.

Fab CBD is part of our selected brands for CBD week due to its involvement in charity, fostering collaboration with various social and eco-friendly causes, including the “Make a Wish” organization.

The starting price for this brand is $39.00 and includes a 30-day return policy for all of their products.

11. cbdMD — best brand for those seeking CBD gummies


For those seeking top-notch gummy options, cbdMD's offerings might be the perfect fit. This company, renowned for its top-notch formulas, delivers various CBD and CBD+THC products to align with the preferences and needs of a wide range of users.

This company crafts its products under cGMP guidelines, with clean and tested ingredients free of artificial fillers. Their commitment to transparency is also underscored by full disclosure of all the compounds used in their products.

Their formulas undergo comprehensive testing in ISO-certified labs to ensure the products are free from contaminants and other heavy metals. Moreover, they are also non-GMO and free of animal cruelty.

The pricing of this brand starts at $19.99 and offers a subscription program for 25% off on every order and free shipping.

12. Medterra CBD — best beginner-friendly CBD brand

Medterra CBD Sleep Tight Gummies

For those looking forward to getting acquainted with the CBD landscape for the first time, Medterra CBD may be one of the best brands, delivering a wide range of isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD products.

Counting on a medical advisory board, the brand strives to create products with high-quality hemp. This commitment transpires through all of its products, delivering premium formulas with natural botanicals to address sleep, pain, and well-being.

This brand may also be the perfect match for beginners due to its wide range of CBD solutions, tailored for diverse preferences with lower and higher-potency products.

Medterra CBD also prides itself on its stringent production practices. Located and based in Kentucky, this brand operates under the guidelines of the Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program, ensuring their hemp plants are grown without herbicides or chemicals.

Medterra CBD products start from $24.99 and include a 30-day return policy. Moreover, they also offer discounts to military and disabled groups.

Safety Note
Several active ingredients in Medterra CBD's Sleep Tight Gummies, including 5-HTP, L-theanine, and CBD may target serotonin receptors that play a key role in mood regulation. As the research on how these compounds work together is scarce, it is unclear what their combined effects are. Individuals who are taking anti-depressants or other medication known to affect serotonin levels, should consult a medical professional before using these gummies.

Comparison of the top-rated CBD manufacturers

BrandCOAsAdditional certificationsType of CBDPrice rangeGMP Review
R&R CBDYesUSDAFull-spectrum, and broad-spectrum$45.00–85.00YesR&R CBD
BATCHYesLeaping BunnyFull-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate$29.99–112.49YesBATCH review
Cornbread Hemp®YesUSDAFull-spectrum$49.99–194.96YesN/A
FOCLYesNoFull-spectrum and broad-spectrum$29.00–213.60YesFOCL review
Aspen GreenYesNoFull-spectrum$22.49–434.97YesAspen Green review
NuLeafYesISO, Detox Project, Certified B CorporationFull-spectrum and isolate$24.00–183.00YesNuLeaf review
Joy OrganicsYesUSDA and ISOFull-spectrum and broad-spectrum$8.95–79.95YesJoy Organics review
Nordic NutrisYesNot specifiedBroad-spectrum$11.99–55.99Not specifiedN/A
SlumberYesNot specifiedFull-spectrum and broad-spectrum$15.00–120.00Not specifiedN/A
Fab CBDYesNot specifiedFull-spectrum and broad-spectrum$39.00–201.00Not specifiedN/A
cbdMDYesNot specifiedFull-spectrum and broad-spectrum$19.99–189.99YesN/A
Medterra CBDYesNot specifiedFull-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate$24.99–109.99Not specifiedN/A

What to look for when choosing a reliable CBD company

There are certain standards and criteria to consider before purchasing CBD products. We have compiled the key factors that should be clear and included in any trusted CBD brand’s website to assure your safety and security.

  • Adherence to Good manufacturing practices (GMP). Assures that all products are produced and controlled according to quality standards appropriate to their intended use. Transparency of GMP adherence reduces the risk of potential side effects due to the presence of cross-contamination or harmful chemicals.
  • Certificate Of Analysis (COA). Brands must disclose the results of their product analysis, as well as additional information about their compounds and their concentrations. Individuals should be able to consult COA online to check the safety of the product.
  • Ingredients. The complete list of ingredients should be available to inform about the quality of the product and provide information on possible sensitivities, allergies, and other concerns an individual could be at risk of.
  • Clear information. Avoid companies that claim treatment of diseases as well as make bold statements of their benefits. Make sure information is displayed clearly and tackles not only benefits but also additional information like ingredients, possible reactions, use recommendations, and other disclaimers.

What are CBD products?

CBD products are products that contain cannabidiol as one of their main ingredients, aimed at reaping its potential therapeutic benefits including pain relief, anxiety and stress release, and many more. Currently, there is a wide variety of CBD products in the market, adapted for various usage preferences including oils, sprays, and edibles among other options.

However, there are significant differences between the various administration methods and forms of CBD. For instance, inhaling cannabinoids might have a rapid effect and approximately a 31% bioavailability, while oral administration has a slower onset action and a 6% bioavailability.

Another point to highlight when it comes to CBD products, is its list of ingredients. Some additional elements or compounds might influence or support the systemic activity of CBD, resulting in both positive and negative outcomes. As an example, many creams also include natural ingredients like almond oil or aloe vera that can enhance CBD anti-inflammatory properties.

We encourage you to review the different products that a brand offers and book a consultation with your doctor to inquire about its possible benefits, dosage, and additional information for its best use.

Where are CBD companies usually based?

Even though hemp is cultivated worldwide, the United States stands as one of the best examples due to its meticulous agriculture and manufacturing safety standards.

CBD companies in the USA are usually based in Colorado, Wisconsin, Oregon, or Kentucky where the hemp has more suitable conditions to grow. Regardless of the region, it is always a green flag when companies manufacture and extract their hemp domestically.

Finding products that are locally produced, eco-friendly, and free from harsh chemicals is key in purchasing high-quality CBD that follows cGMP standards and that can ensure the safety of the product regardless of format or consumption method. Furthermore, certifications like the USDA One or Certified B corporation add further credibility and reputation to any brand.

Is CBD safe to take?

Initial clinical evidence suggests that CBD possesses a desirable safety profile, is well-tolerated, and with potential benefits for the well-being of individuals. As for side effects, it is suggested that it can range from mild to moderate like nausea, dizziness, sore throat, or heartburn, making products that contain this compound relatively safe to use.

While the medical community leans toward its potential secure use and non-toxicity, CBD is still a highly unexplored territory, especially for some products like gummies. Therefore, we recommend a thorough review of brands, including their COA, ingredients, certifications, and reviews before making any choices.

In terms of dosage, many brands claim to start slow and increase consumption as you adapt to its effects. We remind you that CBD has different effects depending on each individual, so we strongly recommend a consultation with a medical specialist before using any brand or product.

How to take CBD

There are different ways to take CBD depending on your preferences and lifestyle. Some might prefer its topical application to harness the benefits of CBD massage therapy, while others might prefer to consume it through oils or other edible formats. Regardless, brands have proliferated in the market and adapted to individuals' needs offering various ways to enjoy CBD.

  • Oral consumption. Through ingesting CBD either in the form of oils, oro mucosal sprays, or edible products like gummies or capsules. The CBD penetrates the bloodstream and ingestion delays the drug effect.
  • Topical. Application of CBD in the form of cream, lotions, and other oils. Topical administration may increase the bioavailability of CBD and could be a great solution for targeting localised pain.

Regardless of your preference, we remind you to consult with a doctor on dosage and other additional information before consuming any cannabidiol product.

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Best CBD gummies for weight loss to support your journey towards the perfect weight.

Best CBD dog treats for anxiety to help your furry companion with anxiety and stress.

Best CBD for fibromyalgia may help alleviate pain and inflammation.

Explore the natural power of best CBD isolate, crafted to support your overall well-being.


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