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Best CBD Capsules, Pills, and Softgels in 2024: A Review of Top 6 Brands

CBD capsules and pills are alternative pre-measured methods of consuming cannabidiol. A range of brands on the market makes it possible to choose from various CBD formulations that may help to reduce pain and stress, as well as manage sleep.

When it comes to selecting the product specific to your needs, you may feel lost in the overwhelming number of CBD brands on the market.

Thus, we’ve researched the market to determine the 5 best CBD capsules and softgels to help you pick the one depending on your health needs.

Best CBD capsules and pills in 2024: shortlist

  1. BATCH — best full spectrum CBD softgels for beginners
  2. R&R CBD — best CBD softgels with potency options
  3. Cornbread — best full-spectrum CBD softgels overall
  4. NuLeaf — best softgels with CBD concentration selection
  5. Joy Organics — best CBD softgels for inflammation
  6. Medterra — best isolate CBD softgels for relief

How did we rank the best CBD capsules and pills on the market?

We considered several quality criteria to organize the best CBD capsules and pills.

IngredientsPrice per servingThird-party testing
cGMP-certifiedVegan and non-GMO$1.60–3.00Certificate of Analysis (COA) for purity
  • Manufacturing. The brand should consider ISO or cGMP-certified facilities regulating safe production processes to ensure the final product is clean from contaminants.
  • Ingredients. We selected the best CBD products made with non-GMO, USDA-certified, vegan, and clean ingredients.
  • Price per serving. To help you better organize your budget, we calculated the approximate price per serving based on daily consumption.
  • Third-party testing. Independent lab testing is essential to establish the exact amount of CBD and other cannabinoids reflecting the quality of the product. It is also a method to detect contaminants or heavy metals, if any.

Best CBD capsules and pills: an overview

The best CBD capsules and pills listed below are hand-picked from brands making no over-promising claims about the effects of their products.

The CBD capsules review below highlights the products’ benefits, prices, ingredients, and quality certificates.

1. BATCH — best full spectrum CBD softgels for beginners

BATCH CBD Softgels

Batch CBD softgels deliver 25 mg of full spectrum CBD per capsule, making dosing easy and convenient. The product is aimed at relieving pain, reducing anxiety and stress, and improving sleep.

Although the product is full-spectrum, BATCH promises there is no “high” effect. The hemp is non-GMO and Wisconsin-grown. Each batch is also third-party tested for ingredient adherence.

The recommended dose is 1–2 capsules per day. There are 60 capsules per container. The product is gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free.

BATCH is committed to transparency and quality. Thus, its products do not contain unnecessary additives or fillers and are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities.

One-time purchase costs $89.99 for 60 softgels ($1.5 per serving).

2. R&R CBD — best CBD softgels with potency options

RR-CBD Softgels

R&R offers CBD softgels in 3 potency options — 30, 60, and 90 mg of CBD per serving. This enables selecting the most cost-effective option for individual needs.

The manufacturer uses nano-emulsified CBD in its softgels to enhance absorption. Using the supercritical CO2 extraction method, the provider aims to maintain the utmost CBD efficacy.

A single bottle of R&R contains 34 softgels of full-spectrum CBD, for the formulation of which the manufacturer uses gelatin. The provider recommends taking 1 pill daily.

The most popular potency option is 60 mg which may be preferred by experienced CBD users. With this option, you will receive 7.1 mg of minor cannabinoids for possible anti-inflammatory effects and immune support.

The reviewed option of R&R Medicals full-spectrum CBD softgels costs $75 ($2.20 per serving).

3. Cornbread — overall best full-spectrum CBD softgels in 2024

Cornbread Hemp® Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Cornbread produces the best USDA-organic CBD capsules sticking to sustainability principles and harvesting non-GMO and clean ingredients. Cornbread’s CBD softgels contain CBD, trace amounts of THC, and minor cannabinoids.

The scientists behind Cornbread CBD softgels utilize organic sugarcane ethanol to obtain a whole plant extract from hemp plant flowers. They manufacture the supplements in cGMP-certified facilities under pharmaceutical control.

Each capsule of Cornbread full-spectrum CBD softgels contains less than 0.2% THC and 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. The manufacturer recommends taking 1 capsule daily.

A bottle packs 30 capsules and is sold at $69.99 ($2.33 per serving). These are the most expensive CBD capsules on our list, yet the composition and production processes may justify the pricing.

4. NuLeaf — overall best brand for CBD softgels

NuLeaf CBD Capsules

NuLeaf is an established CBD brand providing high-quality products leading the CBD market since 2014. Their full-spectrum CBD softgels are produced in ISO and cGMP-certified and FDA-registered facilities.

One of the aspects we considered for nominating NuLeaf as the overall best CBD brand is the over 700 positive customer reviews. According to them, these CBD softgels helped with stress, anxiety, and sleep.

The provider recommends taking 2 softgels daily, offering 30 mg full-spectrum CBD and 436 mg organic virgin hemp seed oil. Bottle sizes are available with 300, 900, and 1800 mg total CBD content.

The manufacturer uses the CO2 extraction method to ensure its CBD product's highest efficacy. The third-party testing showing the exact CBD amounts, purity, and absence of toxins can be obtained on the website or by scanning the QR code on the ordered bottle.

The most cost-effective serving size for NuLeaf CBD softgels is a 900 mg bottle, sold at $49.00 ($1.63 per serving).

5. Joy Organics — best CBD softgels for inflammation and pain reduction

Joy organics CBD Softgels with Curcumin

Joy Organics added NovaSOL® curcumin into its Joy Nutrition Premium CBD softgels to help you address pain and muscle stiffness. Curcumin is known for its inflammation-reducing properties.

For adults experiencing muscle stiffness pre or post-workout or chronic joint pain, Joy Nutrition offers 250 mg of curcumin and 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD with one daily serving. Some customers report feeling relaxed and getting better sleep.The provider utilizes the supercritical CO2 extraction method for its CBD products to maintain the terpenes and other nutrients in the hemp plant. The nanoemulsion technology increases the absorption of these CBD pills.

Note that the softgels may not be suitable for vegans as they contain bovine-derived gelatin. People already taking curcumin supplements or having gallbladder issues, hormone-sensitive conditions, diabetes, and bleeding disorders should consult their doctor before curcumin consumption.

One bottle of Joy Nutrition Premium CBD softgels contains 30 servings and costs $79.95 ($2.66 per serving).

6. Medterra — best isolate CBD softgels for relief

Medterra Isolate CBD Gel Capsules

In case you’ve been looking for the best CBD softgels to help you relax, Medterra offers its product in isolate form which is considered to be a better option for supporting stress relief.

Using its proprietary extraction method, the provider aims to maintain the highest CBD quality, as well as eliminate even trace amounts of THC. So, in case the drug test is of concern for some people, Medterra’s Daily Relief isolate CBD gel capsules may be the ideal choice.

One bottle of Medterra Relief isolate CBD contains 30 easy-to-swallow softgels. The daily recommended dose is 1 softgel providing 25 or 50 mg of CBD based on your strength selection offered on the product page. Per provider and based on customer reviews, the most popular option is 25 mg which may be suitable both bothe beginner and experienced CBD users.

The lower strength option of Medterra Relief CBD softgels is sold at $49.99 ($1.66 per serving).

Comparison of the best CBD capsules

BrandPrice per bottle*Price per servingCBD typeCBD formPotency (per serving)Additional ingredientsCertificate of analysisReview
BATCH$89.90$1.5SoftgelsFull-spectrum25 mg-Available onlineBATCH review
R&R CBD$75.00$2.20SoftgelsFull-spectrum60 mg-Available onlineR&R review
Cornbread$69.99$2.33SoftgelsFull-spectrum25 mg-Available online-
NuLeaf$49.00$1.63SoftgelsFull-spectrum30 mg-Available onlineNuLeaf review
Joy Organics$79.95$2.66SoftgelsBroad-spectrum25 mgNovaSOL® curcuminAvailable onlineJoy Organics review
Medterra$49.99$1.66SoftgelsIsolate25 mg-Available online-

* — prices vary depending on the total CBD and capsule content in a bottle.

CBD capsules: what are they used for?

CBD capsules are pre-measured pills designed for people who want to enjoy the benefits of hemp extract without the bitter or earthy taste. Capsules contain either CBD oil or powder in full, broad-spectrum, or isolate extracts.

Both CBD capsules and oils may bring the following benefits:

  • Stress relief. CBD has been suggested to have stress-reducing effects in some studies. According to the research, CBD may also reduce the risk of stress-related conditions, such as anxiety.
  • Pain reduction. CBD supplements have shown significant effectiveness during studies for people who prefer over-the-counter pain management means.
  • Weight management. A recent research study suggests CBD may have appetite-suppressing effects and help manage weight. However, further research is needed to clarify the effects of cannabidiol on appetite and feeding.
  • Sleep aid. By reducing stress and anxiety, CBD capsules and oils may benefit a good night’s sleep. Some evidence suggests that CBD may help in the management of insomnia symptoms.

Differences of CBD capsules and other forms

CBD comes in different forms, such as capsules, softgels, oils, and gummies. These forms can bring health effects depending on the dosage and composition.

However, the primary deviations of these forms are the ease of use and the absorption rate of the cannabinoids.

CBD capsules vs. oil

While oral CBD administration, such as CBD oils administered under your tongue, is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, capsules may take a bit longer until the coating dissolves in the gastrointestinal tract.

You can easily add CBD oils to your drinks or food. CBD capsules are easy to carry and consume as any other supplement.Also, for people who do not like the CBD test, capsules may be an ideal way to conceal the bitterness.

CBD capsules vs. gummies

For people who have a hard time swallowing CBD oral capsules or softgels, chewable gummies may be an ideal way to consume cannabidiol. Moreover, CBD gummies may be infused with flavors making the intake more palatable.

Although you can choose the flavor and CBD content, gummies may contain added sugar and gelatin — the latter may not be suitable for vegans.

CBD capsules vs. cream

CBD capsules are for oral intake, while creams are used topically. CBD capsules may work systematically in the body, while creams are for targeted localized pain management.

People use CBD creams for a specific skin area for targeted pain and inflammation reduction. A disadvantage over capsules is that with topicals, dosage may be inconsistent.

CBD capsules ingredients

Depending on the intended use and suggested benefits, CBD capsules may have various formulations, such as other botanicals in the ingredient list. To make the capsule or the softgel, the providers may use additives or anti-caking agents.

The ingredients you may encounter often are mentioned in the table below.

IngredientSuggested benefitsPossible side effects
AshwagandhaStress and anxiety reduction, sleep improvementDigestive discomfort
L-theanineStress relief, better mood, and cognitive function, sleep improvementSleepiness
MCT oilHigher CBD absorption Digestive discomfort
CurcuminAnti-inflammatory and immune system supportSkin rash and digestive discomfort
ChamomilePain and stress relief, improved immune system, lower inflammation, digestive supportAllergic reaction (especially in people with asthma)
Other cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDa)May work synergistically with other ingredients contributing positive benefitsDry mouth, digestive discomfort, and drowsiness

Potential risks and side effects of CBD capsules

CBD capsules, pills, and softgels are generally safe for most people. When used in accordance with the amounts recommended by the provider or as suggested by a healthcare provider, they should not pose side effects.

Remember that CBD may be contraindicated for people with known medical conditions and taking prescription medications. Individuals intolerant to CBD and other ingredients in a capsule, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women, should consult a doctor before consumption.

In some cases, CBD capsules may cause the following adverse effects:

  • Digestive discomfort
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Reduced appetite

Although the FDA doesn’t regulate the CBD market, it warns about possible liver or reproductive damage due to CBD overdosing in any form.

How many CBD capsules should you take?

Depending on the CBD amount in a capsule, manufacturers may recommend different amounts for daily intake. Check the product label to determine how many capsules you should take daily.

If in doubt, consult your doctor. While several clinical trials included higher than 100 mg of CBD, official health institutions recommend not exceeding the 70 mg daily dose.

Some providers may also suggest the titration technique — observing your body’s reaction to CBD and gradually increasing or decreasing the dosage. However, it is best to consult your doctor for dosage adjustments.

How long does it take CBD capsules to work?

CBD capsules may start to work in 2–4 hours. The capsules travel to the stomach, where, after the absorption, the active molecules reach the liver to be metabolized.

Nevertheless, the time CBD capsules take to work depends on the metabolism, body weight, and individual sensitivity. If you don’t feel any effects, consult your doctor to choose the best CBD capsules and pills in doses suitable for you.

Can I travel with CBD capsules internationally?

Generally, yes. You can travel with your CBD pills internationally, yet you should consider that they may be illegal in some countries. So, check the cannabidiol regulations in the intended country of visit.

Remember that while CBD products may be legal in a particular country, the amount of THC may be a concern. For instance, lower than 1% THC is legal in Switzerland, while Norway and Sweden only allow CBD with 0.00% THC.

Our conclusion of the best CBD capsules and pills

Summarizing the CBD capsules review above, the capsules and softgels offer more convenient pre-measured CBD doses with 1–2 capsules. We think one of the important aspects one should consider when buying supplements is their convenience of use. This is why we would choose CBD capsules, softgels, and pills over oils or gummies.

Remember that the products on our list are based on individual opinion and reviewed according to the available research. If you want to buy any of these products, consult your doctor for personalized recommendations.

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BATCH is committed to transparency and quality. Thus, its products do not contain unnecessary additives or fillers and are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities.

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