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Best CBD Drinks in 2023: CBD Infused Beverages

After bath bombs, gummies, and massage oils, a new product is gaining momentum in the cannabidiol universe — CBD drinks. These beverages unite the refreshing properties of fizzy drinks or the warmth of teas with the relaxation benefits of CBD, creating a perfect companion for tranquility.

Whether you are looking for new formats to enjoy cannabidiol or you are simply curious about these products, we have compiled our top picks for the best CBD infused drinks, so you can lay down, sip your beverage, and rewind.

Best CBD drinks: shortlist

How to choose the best CBD drink in 2023

Type of CBDDifferent CBD spectrums on the products
CBD concentrationCBD per serving or total amount
Brand transparencyDisclosure of manufacturing practices and certification
FlavorPalatability of the drinks
  • Price. We evaluated the price of the drinks regarding their quality, palatability, CBD dosage, and other additional features.
  • Type of CBD. Products can contain full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD. We selected products with multiple CBD spectrums, so you can find the right fit for your needs.
  • CBD concentration. The concentration indicates the amount of CBD present in the product. Customers can opt for different drinks depending on concentration and type of CBD. Information on these two factors is usually available online and measured per serving or total amount.
  • Brand transparency and ethics. The FDA does not screen CBD products except for cannabidiol in medications like Epidolex. It is a great plus when brands are certified by organizations like USDA on their good practices and third-party tested to ensure that they do not include any harmful chemicals.
  • Flavor. Drinks usually include added flavors to increase the palatability of the product. We evaluated the enjoyment and taste of different CBD beverages based on customer feedback.

Best CBD drinks: an overview

We selected CBD beverages with distinct ingredients suited to meet individual needs, such as hydration, energizing, or relaxing.

We hope you find the right match among our selected brands and products.

1. NuLeaf Naturals — most hydrating CBD drink

NuLeaf CBD Drink Mix

NuLeaf CBD Drink Mix introduces a refreshing and hydrating beverage to replenish the body after a workout or during a hot day.

This drink is palatable and travel-friendly. With its 30 mg of CBD and ingredients like vitamin C, sodium, or potassium, it aims to relieve muscle stiffness, reduce stress, and prepare the body for the nighttime.

The brand employs high quality and safety standards throughout the whole production process, from a supercritical CO2 extraction of hemp to an exhaustively tested formula free from artificial colors and flavors.

The brand recommends consuming one package with the beverage of your choice and drinking it immediately. The effects may be perceived from 20 minutes to an hour after consumption and may last 2–4 hours. However, individual responses may vary.

It is available for $25.00 and includes a 60-day return policy.

2. Miraflora Naturals — highest concentration of CBD in a drink

Miraflora Naturals Sparkling CBD Beverage +Relax

Miraflora's Sparkling CBD Beverage is a delight to unwind and recharge, reducing daily stress and preparing the body for rest.

Made with a combination of ashwagandha root, l-theanine, and chamomile tea, it may induce a calming sensation throughout both body and mind. Additionally, the brand claims that it might help to manage sleep problems and enhance immunity.

This highly enriched CBD beverage is sourced from Miraflora's farms in Colorado and grown with sustainable and eco-friendly practices to produce a palatable drink free from additives and with zero sugars.

It is available from $20.00 and comes in two size packages, containing 4 or 24 cans. It is flavored in Yuzu Chamomile.

3. Upstate Elevator — best sugar-free CBD drink


Upstate Elevator CBD Raspberry Hibiscus Lime Seltzer is a refreshing treat for the body. Free from sugar and excessive ingredients, it unites fruity flavors with sparkling water, becoming a perfect beverage to induce relaxation throughout the body and mind.

Additionally, Upstate brings the spotlight on brand reputation. With several Certificates of Analysis (COAs) and certifications from United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), it focuses on bringing quality drinks for its consumers.

A seltzer contains 6 mg of CBD infused in the beverage. The brand claims to use an exclusive proprietary nanotechnology that allows the absorption of cannabidiol on the body 6 times faster than other formats.

It is available for $24.99 and includes 6 cans with 12 oz per serving.

4. Apothecary Brothers — most relaxing CBD-infused drink

The Brothers Apothecary Breathe Well CBD tea

Apothecary Brothers Breathe Well CBD tea combines the stress-relieving properties of cannabidiol with organic ingredients like eucalyptus or mullein aimed at relaxing and boosting well-being.

The tea, crafted with botanical herbs like malva, Siberian ginseng and mullein, might be a great match for those with cold symptoms or who wish to induce a soothing sensation in the body and prepare for slumber.

The brand includes 30 mg of CBD per bag, harvested in Oregon and thoroughly tested to ensure a high-quality tea. Apothecary claims to use a unique formula for hemp, elaborated with coconut oil to increase its absorption on the body. Additionally, it holds COAs and is completely cruelty-free.

It is available for $19.99 and comes with 10 tea bags.

5. Hakuna Supply — best invigorating CBD tea

Hakuna Supply CBD Cacao Fusion

Hakuna’s Supply CBD Cacao Fusion, enriched with 5 mg of cannabidiol per serving, aims to reap the potential antioxidant benefits of cannabidiol and increase energy levels in the body.

The tea is made with cocoa shells, rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, maca, and licorice root, potential antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in the body. Additionally, they may also help regulate the metabolism and reduce stress on the body and mind.

Furthermore, the brand uses organic and cruelty-free practices throughout their production processes. Their hemp is free from pesticides, THC, and their packaging is completely recyclable.

It is available for $24.95 and includes 18 tea bags.

Comparing the best CBD drinks

ProductPriceCBD amount per servingCOA accessibilityQuantityFlavors
NuLeaf $25.0030 mg Available online10 packsCitrus
Miraflora Naturals$20.00*35 mgN/A4 cansYuzu chamomile
Upstate Elevator $24.996 mg Available online6 cansRaspberry hibiscus lime
Apothecary Brothers $19.9930 mgAvailable online10 tea bagsVanilla mint
Hakuna Supply $24.955 mgN/A18 tea bagsCocoa and cinnamon

* — prices vary depending on the number of cans

Before buying the best CBD infused drinks: What to look for?

We compiled a list with different criteria that buyers should consider before purchasing any product on the market.

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA). Certificates of Analysis can provide a better understanding of the product. Customers can check whether the CBD amounts on the package are correct and review that the drink is free from harmful substances like metals, herbicides, and others.
  • Ingredients. CBD drinks combine cannabidiol with other ingredients in their formula. It is key to select products free from harmful additives and other substances. Additionally, it is a great plus when beverages are vegan and include natural flavors.
  • Potency. CBD beverages have different types of potency based on their formula and targeted health benefits. However, it is essential to note that the potency and type of CBD extracts can affect individuals differently, therefore it is important to select the best fit for you.
  • Sugars and excessive ingredients. Brands should avoid adding excessive ingredients or large amounts of sugar in their formulas. This may be a good way to appeal to individuals with different dietary needs or health conditions.

What is a CBD drink?

A CBD drink is a beverage that contains cannabidiol in its formula. CBD extracts may be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolated depending on the presence of THC and other cannabinoids.

Cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant that has no psychoactive effects and is often associated with a safe profile. There is promising evidence of the properties of CBD on the body, including pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and aid with sleeping problems and stress.

In the case of drinks, their formulas are usually directed to reap the potential relaxing and soothing properties of cannabidiol, which may aid in reducing stress and improving well-being after its consumption.

Types of CBD drinks

There are several types of CBD drinks on the market. All of them have different properties and flavors and aim to satisfy different preferences of customers.

CBD infused drink

CBD-infused drinks refer to all the drinks that include CBD in their formulas. This denomination covers canned drinks and other beverages like coffee or tea. Individuals who consume these types of drinks can benefit from some of the potential properties of cannabidiol such as relaxation or stress relief.

CBD canned drinks

CBD canned drinks include CBD and added ingredients to make the consumption of cannabidiol more palatable and convenient. Consumers will not have to measure doses and can transport the cans anywhere. Additionally, they can be enjoyed as a sparkling beverage or have a similar format to juice or water.

CBD seltzer

CBD seltzers are drinks made of sparkling water, CBD, and added flavors such as lemon or rosemary. They are fizzy and refreshing, making them a great match for those looking for an alternative to other soft drinks. Additionally, they can be added to other beverages to enhance their flavor like lemonade or mocktails.

CBD water

CBD water consists of infusing CBD in water. This process is usually complex as nanotechnology is needed to mix an oil-based CBD with an emulsifier to produce small particles that can be distributed evenly throughout the water. This type of drink is usually low on CBD and mostly geared towards hydration.

CBD sparkling water

CBD sparkling water resembles CBD water but instead of infusing cannabidiol in still water, it is infused in sparkling water to induce an experience more similar to a fizzy drink.

CBD oil drink

Consumers can make their CBD oil drink by adding their preferred oil into their beverages. It is recommended to select a good oil by a reputable brand so the drink has a high-quality CBD. Additionally, it is key to follow the oil’s recommendations on dosage.

How are CBD drinks made?

CBD drinks are made with cannabidiol and added flavors to create a palatable and enjoyable formula for customers.

CBD is usually obtained through a CO2 extraction process where different compounds are abstracted until only an enriched full-spectrum extract remains. In the case of broad-spectrum or isolate, further extraction is performed to ensure that the oil does not contain THC and other cannabinoids.

Once the extract is prepared, it goes through quality assurance and testing to ensure it does not contain harmful chemicals or other hazards to health. The final step is mixing CBD in a formula with additional flavors to create a tasty beverage. Additionally, some brands might treat CBD with special nanotechnology to infuse small particles in the drink like seltzers or CBD waters.

Where to buy CBD drinks?

CBD drinks can be found in the online catalog of many well-known CBD brands and spotted in small shops or dispensaries.

However, we would like to remind you that while these products are legal but not supervised by the FDA, it is key that customers review their brands’ manufacturing practices, COAs, as well as other information before their purchase.

Additionally, CBD beverages are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women due to possible side effects on their newborns. Also, those who are currently taking medication should be cautious about the consumption of these drinks.

We encourage a visit to the doctor to find out more about CBD and its potential benefits in your specific case.

How to use CBD drinks?

CBD-infused drinks include already prepared formulas (cans, teas or other liquid refreshments) or CBD oils that can be added to the preferred beverage.

In the case of already manufactured formulas, brands usually advise drinking one serving. In the case of CBD oils, brands have more specific recommendations depending on the type of CBD and its concentration per serving. However, it is important to note that the consumption of CBD should be done with caution as it may have different outcomes for various individuals.

Formulation may also play an important part, as some ingredients might be targeted for specific concerns. For instance, some drinks will be highlighted to aid with stress and wellbeing, while others may be pointed towards hydration with additional minerals and electrolytes.

In any case, we encourage a consultation with your doctor for the best use of CBD drinks in your specific case.

Benefits of CBD drinks

CBD drinks can be a good option to enjoy a beverage on a night out with friends or as a relaxing treat at home. However, it is important to note that even though CBD may have some potential benefits, it is still highly understudied, and further research is needed to evaluate its effectiveness.

  • Pain relief. Some initial studies suggest that the interaction of CBD with the endocannabinoid system might have an impact on reducing pain. However, the evidence is still very limited.
  • Sleep quality. CBD, either alone or in combination with THC, has been linked to an improvement in sleep quality due to its potential soothing effects on the body.
  • Calming. CBD may be a promising support for anxiety and stress disorders. It has been suggested that it has the potential to induce anxiolytic effects, reducing stress and promoting well-being.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Some initial evidence suggests that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties. However, most of these studies have been conducted on animals and cells, and further research is needed on the topic.
  • Hydration. Many of these drinks may have hydration properties as their formulas include large concentrations of water and some minerals that might help to replenish the body.

Possible risks of using CBD drinks

Usually, cannabidiol may cause mild side effects like nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, or diarrhea. In some cases, it has also been correlated with increased heart rate or elevated liver function. However, the most severe side effects of CBD are linked with higher doses.

Additionally, there are some risks associated with the use of CBD products for pregnant or lactating women. The FDA especially discourages the use for this specific group due to the possible adverse effects on newborns.

In any case, we encourage you to consult with your physician about the use of cannabidiol and its benefits for your specific case.

Best CBD drinks: conclusion

These drinks reap the calming properties of CBD oil in a palatable and refreshing formula that cannabidiol enthusiasts may enjoy.

Whether you are looking for new non-alcoholic options, a refreshing treat after or to replenish your body, these products may become your new ally.

All of the brands featured in our list bring out something special that will surely catch the tongue of those who enjoy rich tastes. All that is left to do is to open the beverage and lay back as the flavor takes over.

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