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Best CBD Products for Stress Relief 2024

Nowadays, we live with sky-rocketing levels of stress, and as a result, we often find ourselves feeling exhausted, irritable, and anxious without a clear reason.

Such high stress is usually best resolved with a holistic approach that includes meditation and mindfulness practices, healthy eating, and good sleep. These approaches may also be successfully complemented with supplements and other means, like CBD.

Known to bring about calmness and help rest, CBD products are steadily gaining popularity. In this article, we discuss how CBD can be used to combat stress and review what's out there on the market for the best CBD products for stress.

Best CBD for stress: a shortlist

  1. Batch — best CBD for stress relief overall
  2. Aspen — best CBD for stress relief for experienced users
  3. NuLeaf — best CBD for stress relief in capsule form
  4. R&R — best CBD gummies for stress relief and sleep
  5. FOCL — best CBD gummies for stress relief for beginners

What to consider when choosing best CBD for stress?

CBD extract typeFull-spectrum, broad-spectrum, CBD isolate
DosageAppropriate strength
QualityCertifications, testing, responsible sourcing
Brand reputationTrusted, well-reviewed companies
Price$0.5-$3.5 per serving
  • CBD extract type. The CBD extracts may be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or pure CBD isolate. It’s important for those wanting to avoid the trace THC altogether or enjoy the so-called entourage effect, where all cannabinoids work in synergy.
  • Dosage. CBD for stress relief comes in many strength options. The right dosage varies for each individual, depending on their specific needs.
  • Quality. Nobody should be worrying about CBD product purity when trying to relieve stress. Look for good manufacturing practice (GMP) certifications and testing to ensure the product is toxin-free.
  • Brand reputation. Look for brands with genuine, positive customer reviews. This is a reliable way to choose CBD for stress relief.
  • Price. The stress-relieving CBD effects may take a while to settle in. Hence, you need to be able to afford long, sustained consumption of the CBD product.

Top CBD for stress: product overview

To give you an overview of the best CBD products for stress management, we selected several top products that we think best represent what’s out there.

The following brands are analyzed based on their CBD extract type, dosage options, ingredient quality, brand reputation, and price. The following sections give you a glimpse of how you should scrutinize any CBD brand you find.

1. Batch — best CBD for stress relief overall


Batch Original CBD Oil Tincture offers a full-spectrum CBD product with a hint of mint. This CBD oil is a full-spectrum extract, meaning it provides the much-talked-about entourage effect for those who don't mind trace amounts of THC. The full-spectrum extract delivers a range of cannabinoids working together in synergy, potentially enhancing the oil's stress-relieving properties.

The brand offers flexibility in CBD dosage, catering to individual needs with various strength options in your journey to find the right CBD amount for effective stress management.

Batch also doesn't disappoint with their commitment to quality. The CBD tincture purity is evident, with GMP certifications and third-party testing ensuring the product is toxin-free. For those using CBD to alleviate stress, the proven quality eliminates concerns about impurities.

Lastly, Batch's reputation is solid. Backed by genuine, positive, and numerous customer reviews, this CBD tincture is well-regarded, leaving most customers happy.

60 servings of the least potent CBD oil tincture costs $44.99 ($0.75 per 8.3 mg serving).

2. Aspen Green — best CBD for stress relief for experienced users


Aspen Green Calm CBD Oil is a lemon-flavored, full-spectrum CBD extract for those seeking a natural way to ease stress. This oil takes advantage of the entourage effect by combining all cannabinoids to boost relaxation and diminish stress.

The product comes in a fixed dosage of 50 mg per serving. This amount aims to cater for most individual requirements.

The quality of Aspen Green's oil is remarkable, and that’s why this product stands out. Backed by third-party testing and organic certification, it boasts the absence of harmful toxins. Such quality reassurance is a welcome premium for anyone looking for CBD to alleviate stress.

The reputation of Aspen Green is demonstrated by over a thousand positive reviews from customers. Testimonies typically underscore the dependability and effectiveness of the product in aiding stress relief. This level of trust is a must when choosing a CBD product, and Aspen Green's Calm CBD Oil certainly presents a spotless reputation.

A 30-day supply costs $99.99 ($3.33 per 50 mg serving).

3. NuLeaf — best CBD for stress relief in capsule form

NuLeaf CBD Softgels

NuLeaf Naturals' CBD Capsules are a full-spectrum option for those looking to leverage the entourage effect in their stress management routine. These capsules include the entirety of hemp cannabinoids, which may significantly aid in relaxation and stress reduction.

These capsules offer 30 mg CBD per serving, accommodating a wide range of users’ demands, though more experienced users may find a single serving not strong enough.

Quality-wise, NuLeaf Naturals demonstrates its dedication to ensuring product purity. This is evident from their GMP certification and third-party testing, guaranteeing a toxin-free product. Such a high standard of quality provides confidence in the product's safety.

The brand's strong reputation, backed by numerous authentic and positive customer feedback, demonstrates its success in aiding stress relief. With this in mind, NuLeaf Naturals CBD Capsules are well-positioned to help anyone on their stress relief journey.

30 capsules cost $49.00 ($1.63 per 30 mg serving).

4. R&R — best CBD gummies for stress relief and sleep

RR-CBD gummies

R&R's CBD Gummies present a pleasant and convenient approach to stress management.

These vegan-friendly sugar-coated gummies are made with full-spectrum hemp extract, potentially offering the desirable entourage effect by incorporating various cannabinoids, including a small amount of THC, to aid relaxation and stress reduction. The gummies come in three flavors: strawberry, apple, and peach.

The 30 mg per gummy dose is well-balanced, catering to a diverse range of CBD users, from beginners to those seeking more significant relief. This versatility allows for easy customization of dosage to meet individual stress management requirements. The brand also offers a strength option of 60 mg per gummy.

R&R demonstrates a strong commitment to quality, safety, and purity. The brand provides third-party testing results for each batch, guaranteeing their products are devoid of harmful substances.

The brand's solid reputation, reinforced by positive customer reviews, highlights its dependability. This trust factor makes R&R's CBD Gummies a reliable choice.

30 multi-flavored gummies of 30 mg strength cost $55.00 ($1.83 per gummy).

5. FOCL — best CBD gummies for stress relief for beginners

FOCL Daily Calm Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

FOCL's CBD Gummies offer an excellent option to those desiring a natural and pleasant method to tackle stress. These gummies take advantage of the full-spectrum CBD extract, which may provide the entourage effect through the mix of all cannabinoids.

FOCL provides three flavors: sour watermelon, tropical punch, and mandarin orange. These flavors come from natural sources, offering a fruity twist to your CBD serving.

Each gummy includes around 25 mg of CBD, making it easy to manage the CBD intake according to your specific stress management needs. As these gummies supply a consistent and easy-to-manage dose, they are more suitable for CBD gummy newcomers, as the dose is relatively smaller.

FOCL's product quality can be gauged from the third-party testing results. It demonstrates that these gummies are devoid of harmful substances and contain what the brand claims. Lastly, the brand's strong reputation is backed by numerous positive customer reviews.

30 gummies of 25 mg each cost $59.00 ($1.97 per gummy).

Comparison of the top 5 CBD products for stress relief

BrandPrice per bottlePrice per servingPrice per mg of CBDServing sizeAmount in a bottleForm
Batch$44.99$0.75$0.0900.5 ml30 mlTincture
Aspen Green$99.99$3.33$0.0671 ml30 mlOil
NuLeaf$49.00$1.63$0.0541 capsule30 capsulesCapsules
R&R$55.00$1.83$0.0611 gummy30 gummiesGummies
FOCL$59.00$1.97$0.0791 gummy 30 gummiesGummies

How CBD might help combat stress

Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained attention for its potential in managing stress. The research has demonstrated CBD’s interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for regulating mood, sleep, and stress responses. CBD may help in gently shaping the ECS inner workings, potentially leading to reduced stress levels.

Users report self-perceived benefits of CBD in managing stress, anxiety, and sleep problems. However, this is self-reported data, and the need for more rigorous clinical trials is still unmet.

CBD's potential in stress management is also supported by its anxiolytic properties, which may help in reducing anxiety, a common component of stress. Research suggests that serotonin — a neurotransmitter linked to mood and stress levels — is influenced by CBD in the brain.

While the compound shows promise, CBD use requires caution and consulting with your healthcare provider, considering the differences in CBD products and the vast range of individual responses.

Taking CBD for stress — what to consider

Incorporating CBD into your daily routine for stress management requires you to consider the dosage, product type, and your overall lifestyle. When choosing CBD for stress relief, consider the form that can be based on your normal day-to-day routine and other particular needs — pills for precise dosing, tinctures for quick absorption, or lotions for localized relief.

Dosage varies by product type.

Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting to take any form of CBD and adjust the dose under their supervision.

Also, in concert with CBD, integrate stress-reducing practices like mindfulness, exercise, and a healthy diet. Remember, consistency is key in any stress management routine.

Comparing CBD for stress with traditional stress relief methods

CBD, when used for stress relief, may be seen as an additional tool to be combined with traditional methods that include meditation, therapy, and counseling. While the feeling of relaxation and a sense of calm may be enhanced with the help of CBD, it cannot replace conventional approaches and stress relief medication prescribed by healthcare professionals.

Instead, you should regard CBD as a useful integration into a holistic approach for stress relief. For example, CBD may complement regular meditation practice or counseling. This way, it may enhance the overall benefits, bringing about an improved sense of calm and therefore making the entire stress relief effort more effective.

On the other hand, when it comes to those taking any regular medication, it's essential that you consult with a doctor before combining CBD with any other drugs. While the CBD side effect profile is minimal, as discussed in a later section, your healthcare provider will ensure that your use of CBD is safe and will help prevent any potential interactions.

All in all, you should view CBD for stress management as a part of a broader, multifaceted approach to relieving stress, rather than a stand-alone solution.

Possible side effects of taking CBD for stress

CBD is generally well-tolerated, but users should be aware of the potential side effects when using CBD for stress relief. Common side effects include:

  • Fatigue. Some individuals may experience tiredness or drowsiness.
  • Changes in appetite. Appetite may be increased or decreased, and eating patterns may be affected.
  • Dry mouth. A feeling of dryness in the mouth, known as the “cottonmouth”, may become apparent.
  • Diarrhea. CBD may upset the digestive tract in some cases.
  • Mood changes. Rarely, some people may experience irritability or mood swings.

To stay safe, you should always consult your healthcare provider and, under their supervision, start with a small dose and gradually increase it while monitoring your body’s response.

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