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Best CBD Cat Treats: A Review Of Top 5 Brands

CBD products for pets are gaining popularity in the cannabinoid market. As research continues to expand on the potential properties of this compound for humans, its benefits are also extending to the animal world.

The potential anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties of CBD may play a role in addressing various health concerns in felines, including stress aggression, and pain. Treats infused with CBD and additional ingredients may assist in alleviating these concerns and enhancing the well-being of cats.

In this article, we have selected various products and brands that offer high-quality CBD pet treats for cats tailored to the needs of your feline companion.

Best CBD treats for cats: shortlist

  1. BATCH — best CBD cat treats for pain and muscle stiffness
  2. Penguin CBD — best CBD isolate cat treats
  3. Upstate Elevator Supply Company — best CBD treats for elderly cats
  4. HolistaPet— best CBD calming treats for cats
  5. Treatibles — best budget-friendly CBD treats for cats

How we compiled our list of best CBD treats for cats

The world of CBD chews for cats is intricate, and pet owners may find it complicated to choose the product that best suits their feline friend. Therefore, we have compiled our list with the assistance of key factors that should always be considered before the purchase of any CBD product.

PriceBrand transparencyIngredientsCBD amountPalatability
$10.00–$60.00Disclosure of manufacturing practices and additional third-party certificationHigh-quality and natural ingredientsAdequate dosage for your petFlavors that are easy to introduce in a cat’s diet
  • Price. We evaluated different brands and compared the quality of their ingredients to determine the overall value of the price paid.
  • Brand transparency. The CBD universe lacks strict regulation, with neither the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) nor the FDA screening CBD products for pets. This regulatory gap leaves room for brands to engage in unethical manufacturing practices and use of questionable ingredients. Therefore, we have selected brands that disclose their production processes and hold additional certifications from reputable third-party organizations.
  • Ingredients. We conducted a meticulous analysis of brands and their formulations to ensure that products are free from herbicides, pesticides, or harmful substances. Furthermore, we prioritized products with natural and organic ingredients over synthetic and GMO ones.
  • CBD amount. The concentration of CBD is an essential factor, as treats may contain various types and amounts of cannabidiol. We reviewed different brands and selected those that specify their CBD concentration and offer a range of options.
  • Palatability. To introduce CBD to your cat, the treats should be easily incorporated into its diet. For that reason, we have chosen brands that offer palatable flavors that can complement various cat foods.

Best CBD treats for cats: an overview

CBD research in cats is still in its infancy: therefore, its effectiveness and benefits have not yet been fully validated. However, CBD’s potential anxiolytic properties might contribute to inducing calmness and comfort in pets. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties may also help alleviate joint pain or stiffness in felines.

As a result, we have compiled a list of various treat options with different added ingredients and CBD dosages. This way, you can review each product and select the one that best suits your pet.

1. BATCH CBD — best CBD treat for pain and mobility


BATCH CBD Pet treats infuse 25 mg of isolate CBD into the treats, making a formula designed to target mobility and alleviate muscle stiffness.

BATCH takes pride in its ethical manufacturing practices, boasting a cGMP certification and a strong commitment to using organic hemp without any fillers or additives. Additionally, the brand places a significant emphasis on testing, subjecting its products to rigorous in-house inspections and third-party testing.

These treats feature additional ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin, compounds that may help to maintain pet cartilage and support joint health.

The brand recommends administering the treats 1-2 times a day. While effects may take a couple of hours to manifest in the pet, it's essential to note that individual responses may vary. The recommended amount varies based on the cat's weight:

0–10 lbs (0–4 kg)0.25 treat
11–20 lbs (5–9 kg)0.5 treat
21–50 lbs (10–22 kg)1.25 treat
51–100 lbs (23–45 kg)2.0 treat

It is available for $44.99 and includes a 30-day guarantee policy.

2. Penguin CBD — best CBD cat treats for anxiety with isolate cannabidiol

Penguin CBD Salmon CBD Cat Treats

Penguin CBD treats are meticulously crafted using hemp that is free from pesticides and non-GMO. The brand takes pride in its eco-friendly farming practices and utilizes a CO2 extraction method to produce high-quality isolate CBD treats.

Furthermore, the brand rigorously tests its products in an ISO-accredited facility, ensuring the best experience for cats. Pet owners can check the test results of their products online to verify the alignment of quantities and ingredients on the label.

These treats are enriched with added ingredients to promote the health and tranquility of felines. They include brewer's yeast, valerian root, and salmon, which is abundant in fatty acids.

The brand recommends administering one treat to the cat either by hand or mixed with food. Each treat contains 3.3 mg of cannabidiol.

It is available for $60 and includes a 30-day return guarantee.

3. Upstate Elevator Supply Company — best CBD treats for older cats

Upstate Hemp Chewy Calm Bites

Upstate Hemp Chewy Calm Bites, made with full-spectrum CBD sourced from Vermont farms, are especially targeted to deliver calmness to pets.

The treats are subject to third-party testing to ensure that the ingredients and quantities align with those stated on the label.

Upstate’s chews incorporate ingredients such as lemon balm and L-Theanine, both known for their anxiolytic effects, which contribute to soothing stress symptoms in cats such as irritability or restlessness. Additionally, lemon balm has also been linked with anti-inflammatory properties, potentially aiding in relieving stiffness in older cats.

It is recommended that cats eat half a chew daily. Pet owners can break the treat and mix it with food for easier consumption. However, it's essential to note that the appropriate dosage depends on the cat's size and weight.

It is available for $19.99 and includes 2.5 mg of CBD per treat with 30 pieces per package.

4. HolistaPet — best CBD calming treats for cats with stress

CBD Calming Chews for Cats offer a unique formula crafted with broad-spectrum cannabidiol, free from artificial colors, preservatives, and grains. These chews are especially directed at agitated cats or those in need of soothing body aches.

The product undergoes third-party testing, with results available online, allowing pet owners to verify the transparency of the ingredients administered to their cats.

The formula is enriched with added ingredients such as valerian root, L-tryptophan, catnip, and taurine, especially aimed at promoting calmness. The combination of these ingredients may ease stress levels and prepare them for a restful sleep.

The brand recommends 0.25 mg (regular dose) or 0.5 mg (strong dose) of CBD for every 1 pound of body weight. It is advisable to start with a low dose and tailor the precise dosage to the cat's weight and size:

Under 10 lbs (4 kg)1–2 chews
10–15 lbs (4–7 kg)2–3 chews
Over 15 lbs (7 kg)3–5 chews

It is available for $18.71 and includes 75 soft chews per jar.

5. Treatibles — most affordable CBD treats for cats

Treatible Soft CBD Chewables are crafted with organic full-spectrum CBD oil, USDA certified and completely organic. Additionally, it is extracted through an infusion method that preserves all the good properties of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other nutrients of cannabinoids.

These treats undergo third-party testing and are free from heavy metals, pesticides, and bio-contaminants, prioritizing quality over quantity for the peace of mind of pet owners.

These soft chewables contain active ingredients such as turmeric, bromelain, papain, and catnip. This powerful formula works synergically to boost cats’ well-being, supporting mobility, and gut, and skin health.

The brand recommends administering 1 chewable for every 10 lbs (4 kg) of a cat’s weight, with the option to adjust the quantity after monitoring the pet's response. Each chew includes 1.5 mg of CBD.

The chews are available for $10, and each package includes 100 mg of product.

Comparison of the best CBD treats for cats

ProductPriceCBD typeCBD per servingCOA available onlineOther active ingredientsUnits per package
BATCH$44.99Isolate25 mgYesGlucosamine and chondroitin30 treats
Penguin CBD$60.00Isolate3.3 mgYesSalmon and valerian root60 treats
Upstate Elevator Supply Company$19.99Broad-spectrum3.2 mgYesL-Theanine and lemon balm 30 chews
HolistaPet$18.71Broad-spectrum2 mgYesL-Tryptophan, catnip, valerian root, and taurine75 treats
Treatibles$10.00Full-spectrum1.5 mgYesTurmeric, catnip, bromelain, and papain20 treats

Please be aware that, in this article, we refer to cat treats as chewable food items. While most conventional cat treats contain ingredients typical to feline diets, CBD treats for cats contain active ingredient cannabidiol, which in high doses may result in adverse effects and toxicity. Therefore CBD treats should not be used as a part of the reward system for your pet and need to be administered with caution and moderation. Please discuss with your veterinarian the appropriate dose and formulation of CBD products for your pet.

What are CBD treats for cats?

CBD pet treats for cats are edible products containing cannabidiol and additional ingredients such as fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins to boost feline well-being. The primary component, CBD, is a compound present in cannabis and is known for its anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects.

While there are limited studies that focus on the relationship between CBD and animals, it is suggested that cannabidiol may have similar effects in pets and their human counterparts.

Do CBD treats really help cats?

Despite CBD research in cats being in its early stages, there is promising potential for its use in our feline companions.

Cats, like all mammals, possess an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates several functions, including stress levels, pain, and inflammatory responses, among others. The interaction between cannabidiol and this system may potentially boost overall well-being and alleviate discomfort in the body and minds of cats.

Benefits of CBD treats for cats

The therapeutic benefits of CBD for cats offer a promising journey ahead. However, more research is needed to validate its effectiveness. Some of CBD’s properties in humans may also be associated with our feline companions:

Stress regulation

CBD may interact with the ECS and potentially induce calmness in cats. Certain stress symptoms in these pets may be linked to misbehavior, such as meowing, hissing, or urinating. The anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties associated with cannabidiol may help to soothe distressed cats and promote their well-being.

Additional ingredients in these treats, like L-tryptophan or valerian root, may also benefit cats struggling with irritability or restlessness. Nevertheless, consulting with a vet is always necessary to determine the best use.

Pain management

CBD’s therapeutic properties may help alleviate pain and support mobility problems in cats.

Cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory effects have been shown to help alleviate pain in humans; therefore, it might be beneficial in aiding cats experiencing similar discomfort.

In any case, if your pet is experiencing pain, it is essential to seek the right treatment under veterinary supervision.

Behavioral problems

Cats may exhibit behavioral problems due to various stressors, which may manifest as excessive meowing, aggression, and other issues.

CBD may help to soothe cat’s stress and alleviate potential discomfort and muscle stiffness, which may reduce potential behavioral problems.

Nevertheless, behavioral problems should be addressed with the guidance of a veterinarian, and CBD should never be considered as the sole treatment for these issues.

Other benefits

CBD, especially when combined with other compounds, may offer various potential benefits for felines. Some of them include:

  • Support with sleeping problems, especially when combined with ingredients such as L-theanine or valerian root.
  • Support skin and fur health, especially when combined with compounds like Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Support joint mobility, especially with glucosamine or chondroitin.

Is it safe to give CBD treats to cats?

While the safety of CBD has been studied in humans, there are very few studies focused on cats. However, some research in this field has emerged.

For instance, a research study found no adverse effects after administering up to 80 mg of CBD orally, and there were no clinically significant changes in the blood tests.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to consult with a veterinarian regarding the use of CBD treats or any other form of cannabidiol in cats.

Possible side effects

CBD studies in humans and dogs have shed some light on the potential side effects of cannabidiol. Some of the most common adverse effects include drowsiness, changes in appetite, and gastrointestinal discomfort.

In the case of cats, a few small studies have indicated behavioral changes such as lip licking, head shaking, and hypersalivation. However, there is insufficient research to determine the toxicity and safety of CBD specifically for cats.

Kittens or p regnant cats shouldn't consume CBD treats or other cannabidiol formats. Additionally, it is crucial to consult with a veterinarian about its potential use in felines.

How many CBD treats can my cat have?

CBD is currently not regulated by the FDA or the AMVA when it comes to cats. This essentially means there is no standard dosage, and each supplier has its own suggestions on cannabidiol usage.

However, it is important to note that the dosage is strongly associated with the cat's weight and size. We have compiled a table with some common brand recommendations:

8 lbs (3 kg)2.0 mg
10 lbs (4 kg)2.5 mg
12 lbs (5 kg)3.0 mg
15 lbs (7 kg)3.75 mg
25 lbs (11 kg)6.25 mg

CBD treats vs. CBD oil for cats — what are the differences

Cannabidiol is gaining momentum in the pet industry, and as a result, more and more brands are adapting their products to cater to the preferences of different pets. CBD gummies for cats, as well as other products like oils or creams, are now available for both humans and their furry companions.

However, choosing the right format for your cat can be a bit tricky. While CBD oils for cats may offer more effective absorption when applied sublingually, it can be challenging to administer the correct dosage, particularly with cats, which tend to move around.

On the other hand, CBD treats can be easier to administer, as pet owners can accurately measure the appropriate amount of cannabidiol for their cats. Additionally, treats often contain various beneficial ingredients, such as vitamins and other nutrients that may enhance the well-being of cats. They also come in palatable flavors, making it easy to integrate the product into a pet's diet.

What form of CBD is most effective for cats?

The effectiveness of CBD in humans is still limited, and even more so when it comes to pets. While there have been some breakthroughs regarding the potential benefits of cannabidiol for dogs, cats still require more extensive research to understand how this compound may impact their health.

One important factor linked to the potential benefits of CBD for cats is dosage. Cats have distinct needs compared to humans, so cannabidiol should be tailored to their specific weight and size.

While CBD oils are usually associated with better bioavailability, particularly in addressing concerns such as anxiety, arthritis, or aggression, CBD treats may also be a good option to support cats' well-being. There is some evidence suggesting that CBD administered together with food, especially fat-containing ingredients, may have increased bioavailability.

How do you know if CBD for cats works?

CBD responses may vary from pet to pet based on various factors, such as weight, size, health condition, or dosage.

While some cats may experience benefits within hours of consumption, others may take days or even weeks to manifest effects. For instance, some cat CBD treats for anxiety are recommended by brands to be administered before stressful situations to calm down the feline, while others encourage pet owners to serve daily treats to enhance the cat’s well-being.

In any case, pet owners should introduce the treats slowly into their pet diets and carefully monitor their reactions. Consulting with a veterinarian is always encouraged to determine the best way to use them.

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