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9 Best Collagen for Joints in 2024

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in joints. For this reason, some people are wondering if collagen supplementation could be beneficial in supporting joints. The emerging research studies suggest that in some cases collagen may be helpful in reducing joint discomfort and stiffness.

However, if you decide to try collagen for joints, it may be a challenge to find the right supplement. There is an abundance of different collagen supplements with different collagen types, sources, and formulations. To help you choose the most suitable product, we crafted a list of what we believe are the best collagen for joints.

Best collagen for joints: shortlist

  1. ProHealth — best collagen for joints overall
  2. Mom Glo — best collagen for women
  3. Future Kind — best vegan alternative that may boost collagen production
  4. Oweli — best collagen powder for joints
  5. Utzy — best joint supplement with intact type II and hydrolyzed type III collagen
  6. Momentous — best collagen for joints with vitamin C
  7. HUM — best collagen supplement with hyaluronic acid
  8. ProFlexen — best intact collagen supplement for joints
  9. MTN OPS — best collagen peptides for joint health

How we compiled our list of the best collagen supplements for joints

Choosing the best collagen supplement for joints is a challenging task. The difficulty arises from the fact that some collagen supplements are designed to address different concerns (such as skin health) rather than joint issues.

To help you find the right supplement, we picked a few products that may be appropriate for joint health. Below we outlined some of the criteria we used to create this list.

Collagen typeAdministration formPrice per servingCustomer experience
Intact type II or hydrolyzed collagenEasy to consumeReasonable price per servingRefund policy, shipping
  • Collagen type. We ranked products that contain intact type II collagen or hydrolyzed collagen higher because these collagens were studied the most for joint health.
  • Administration form. Although collagen in its purest form is odorless and tasteless, some forms may be preferred. Some people would find it easier to take a few capsules, while others prefer taking gummy supplements. For this reason, we included products in various forms for you for you to choose from.
  • Price per serving. We compared prices by calculating the price per serving. We favored products that do not compromise quality to lower the price.
  • Customer experience. We checked the information regarding refund policies and shipping to evaluate customer experience.

Best collagen for joints: product reviews

There are plenty of collagen supplements on the market. To help you choose, we curated a list of the best collagen supplements for joints that are, in our opinion, worth considering.

1. ProHealth — best collagen supplement for joints overall

ProHealth Longevity Collagen

Made to promote longevity, this ProHealth supplement is a great choice for anyone looking for the best collagen for joint health. This product features collagen sourced from chicken, beef, fish, and eggshells and encompasses the five most common types, I, II, III, V, and X.

With a total of 20 grams of collagen per serving, ProHealth offers the highest amount of collagen per serving of our reviewed products.

This supplement also includes a wide range of other active ingredients for further health support. For instance, it contains hyaluronic acid which may contribute to cartilage health and lubrication.

Moreover, ProHealth has been tested by a third-party laboratory with the certification of the results available on the official website.

If you opt to purchase this product without a subscription, it would cost you $59.95 (or $2 a serving). The company offers a 75-day money-back guarantee that allows dissatisfied buyers to return the unused part of the product for a refund.

Currently, there is no established safe maximum dose for daily collagen intake, and data on the safety of such a high dose is limited. Please consult your healthcare provider before using a high dose collagen supplements.

2. Mom Glo — best collagen for women

MomGlo Collagem

CollaGem by Mom Glo is a collagen supplement advertised for busy moms. Containing 10 grams of collagen peptides per serving, this supplement may be of interest to anyone looking to support their joint health.

The collagen in this supplement is sourced from grass-fed cows and contains type I and type III collagen. Moreover, the product is manufactured in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility. To further ensure high quality , the supplement is third-party tested for purity and potency.

One jar containing approximately 35 servings is currently available for $49.99 (or $1.43 per serving). Additionally, the brand provides a 30-day refund policy.

3. Future Kind — best vegan supplement that may boost collagen production

Future Kind Vegan Collagen Booster Biotin Gummies

Although vegans and vegetarians can not reap the benefits of collagen supplements as collagen is of animal origin, this Future Kind product is crafted for collagen boost and is 100% vegan.

The product features amino acids — building blocks of protein — that are found in collagen: L-glycine, and L-proline. Moreover, it includes essential micronutrients such as vitamin C and zinc.

One bottle of Future Kind is priced at $29.99. As it contains 30 servings, this supplement would cost you $1.00 per day. Future Kind offers a 30-day return policy for all of their products.

4. Oweli — best collagen powder for joints


Collagen powders are known to be one of the most versatile options for collagen supplements as they can be incorporated into a wide range of beverages. If you opt for collagen powder, Oweli offers a product that may be the most suitable choice.

Made from hydrolyzed collagen, this powder is designed to support skin and joint health simultaneously.

Buyers can select from 3 flavors: unflavored, vanilla, and chocolate. Depending on the flavor, one serving of this product would deliver from 13 to 17 grams of protein. However, the brand does not specify how much of that amount is coming from collagen.

You can purchase this collagen product for $54.99 (or $1.83 per serving). Oweli offers a generous 100-day refund policy for their products, including this powder.

5. Utzy — best joint supplement with native and hydrolyzed type III collagen

Utzy Coll-U-Gen

Coll-U-Gen by Utzy is one of the best collagen supplements for joints as it contains two types of collagen linked to joint health: intact type II and hydrolyzed type III. Both of these collagen types have been studied clinically and have shown positive results making them a great choice amongst joint supplements.

Moreover, this product contains 40 mg of intact type II collagen, which aligns with the dosage used in several studies on this type of collagen that yielded favorable outcomes for joint health.

When it comes to hydrolyzed collagen, this product features 5,000 mg of it, also falling within the range of doses used in studies, which typically span from 1,000 mg to 10,000 mg.

Coll-U-Gen comes in flavorless powder form that can easily dissolve in water or other beverages.

One jar of Utzy is priced at $47.50. As one jar contains 24 servings, the supplement would cost you $1.98 per day. Moreover, as claimed by the manufacturer, if the products do not work for you, you can contact them for a full refund within 90 days.

6. Momentous — best collagen supplement for joints overall

Momentous Collagen Peptides

Formulated to support joint and bone health, this Momentous supplement is made from hydrolyzed collagen in powder form. The hydrolyzed form is associated with better absorption and has been clinically studied and demonstrated to be beneficial for joint health. Moreover, this product includes vitamin C — an important vitamin for collagen biosynthesis.

According to the reviews, the product is easy to mix up with various beverages such as shakes and coffee.

If you purchase the product without the subscription, one package containing 30 servings would cost you $51.95 (or $1.73 per serving). All orders over $75 get complimentary free shipping within the USA. Moreover, the brand offers a 30-day refund policy on their products.

7. HUM — best collagen supplement featuring hyaluronic acid

HUM Nutrition Collagen Love

If you are seeking the best collagen for joint health, consider Collagen Love by Hum. Not only does this supplement feature hydrolyzed type I and type III collagen, but it also boasts hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our bodies and provides lubrication to our joints. For this reason, supplements featuring this ingredient may help alleviate joint discomfort.

Moreover, Collagen Love also includes chondroitin sulfate which has been associated with joint health support.

Right now, you can purchase this supplement for $40.00 per bottle (or $1.33 per serving). HUM accepts returns up to 30 days of delivery for unopened products. Opened products may be returned for store credit.

8. ProFlexen — best native collagen supplement for joint tenderness

NuviaLab ProFlexen

ProFlexen is a joint supplement that incorporates 13 active components, with native type II collagen as the prominent ingredient. Native type II collagen was investigated by numerous clinical studies and indicated that it has the potential to alleviate joint discomfort.

Other active ingredients in this supplement include glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Boswellia serrata, turmeric, ginger, bromelain, papain, vitamin C, zinc, manganese, and selenium. Turmeric, for instance, may reduce inflammation and vitamin C is linked to collagen biosynthesis. Some of these ingredients have been also clinically tested for joints but showed mixed results (e.g. glucosamine with chondroitin).

One bottle of ProFlexen contains 60 capsules and is retailed at $49.99. As one serving is 2 capsules, one daily dose would cost you $1.67.

9. MTN OPS — best collagen peptides for joint health

MTN OPS Collagen

MTN OPS is a collagen peptides supplement that delivers 10 grams of collagen per serving. Made from collagen powder, each serving is packed in convenient on-the-go packaging for more precise dosing. The collagen in this supplement is sourced from bovines.

The MTN OPS powder is unflavored, meaning you can easily mix it in your favorite beverage or simply water.

Right now, one bag of MTN OPS is retailed at $54.95 (or $1.83 per serving). The brand also offers a 30-day refund policy. All orders over $99.00 will be granted free shipping.

Comparison of the best collagen products for joints

BrandCollagen composition or typeCollagen sourceAdministration formCustomer experience Price per the smallest containerPrice per serving*
ProHealthHydrolized (types I, II, III, V, and X)Bovine, marine, eggshells, chickenPowder75-day refund policy, free shipping for orders over $30 $59.95 $2.00
MomGloHydrolyzed (types I and III)BovinePowder30-day refund policy$49.99$1.43
Future KindN/AN/ACapsules30-day refund policy, free shipping for orders over $70$29.99$1.00
OweliHydrolyzed collagen Bovine and chickenPowder100-day refund policy$54.99$1.83
UtzyIntact (type II) and hydrolyzed (type III)Chicken and bovinePowder90-day refund policy, free shipping for orders over $75 $47.50$1.98
MomentousHydrolyzed collagenBovinePowder30-day refund policy, free shipping for orders over $75$51.95$1.73
HUMHydrolyzed collagen (types I and III) BovineCapsules30-day refund policy, free shipping for orders over $50$40.00$1.33
Intact (type II)ChickenCapsulesNo information on their refund policy$49.99 $1.67
MTN OPSHydrolyzed collagen BovinePowder30-day refund policy, free shipping for orders over $99$54.95$1.83

* — The price could be lower if you purchase in bulk, choose a bigger container, or opt for the subscription model.

While some individual active ingredients in dietary supplements may have been studied for their potential benefits discussed in this article, their interactive effects, as well as the safety and effectiveness of the overall formulation has not been fully established.

Searching for the best collagen supplements for joints: things to know

If you have decided to introduce collagen supplements in your routine for joint health, avoid making hasty decisions. A lot of collagen supplements are targeted for skin health — for this reason, they may not contain the most suitable collagen for your case. You can, however, analyze supplements according to the criteria below.

Collagen type

Type II collagen is commonly found in cartilage, thus it is the optimal choice for joints. Usually, type II collagen is sourced from chicken. As other sources of collagen may also contain type II, check the label to understand the product better.

Hydrolyzed vs intact collagen

Collagen in supplements is often either hydrolyzed or intact (undenatured). Both compositions have been studied for joints and shown positive results. However, studies examining hydrolyzed collagen used higher doses than the studies evaluating intact collagen, therefore it is difficult to compare results between the two.

Collagen dose

Research studies on native collagen type II for joints usually used around 40 mg of collagen, although some benefits were observed at low doses, such as 10 mg per day. Studies on hydrolyzed collagen used higher doses — around 2,000 and 10,000 mg of collagen.

Additional ingredients

Some other ingredients in collagen supplements may also promote joint health. For example, glucosamine and chondroitin are popular compounds in joint supplements as they naturally occur in joints. However, as of now, scientific evidence on their effectiveness is mixed.

What type of collagen is best for joints?

When it comes to types of collagen, type II is the most popular in joint supplements. This is because II collagen is present in cartilage. Moreover, intact type II collagen has been used in clinical studies for joint health and showed such benefits as reduction in pain.

Type II collagen is usually sourced from chicken but marine collagen can also be the source of it. The doses of intact type II collagen used in clinical studies range from 10 mg to 40 mg.

However, not only intact type II collagen can be beneficial for joint health. Scientific studies have been conducted using two forms of collagen: hydrolyzed and intact type II (also known as undenatured or native). Both of these forms have shown some benefits in supporting joint health although their mechanism of action differs.

While intact type II is proposed to have anti-inflammatory properties, other types of collagen may help to replenish collagen in our bodies.

However, for replenishing collagen levels it is recommended to pick hydrolyzed collagen products that have a higher likelihood of being absorbed. If you choose hydrolyzed collagen, keep in mind that studies on this type of collagen used doses ranging from 0.36 grams to 10 grams (10 grams being the most common option).

Benefits of collagen for joints

Taking collagen for joints may have several benefits.

  • Source of collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen may help reduce joint pain according to several clinical trials. Collagen replenishment has been proposed as the mechanism of action for this benefit. This could be especially important for older individuals as our bodies synthesize less collagen naturally as we age.
  • Reduces inflammation. Native type II collagen has been clinically tested for joint health and has been shown to be helpful in reducing pain. Scientists believe that the benefits are most likely possible due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this type of collagen.
  • Aids fitness goals. Since collagen is a protein, it may also be useful for people who work out. Collagen may improve muscle recovery and increase muscle protein synthesis.

How can collagen supplements help manage joint pain?

Depending on the collagen supplement composition, there are different ways how collagen supplements may help manage joint pain.

As of now, type II collagen is the most studied type of collagen for joints. When it comes to composition, hydrolyzed and native collagen have been assessed for joints. Below we will explain how these compositions may differ in their mechanism of action.

Hydrolyzed collagen

Hydrolysis is a chemical process of breaking down compounds into smaller units (peptides). It is proposed that hydrolyzed collagen is more bioavailable, meaning it can reach the bloodstream more easily and accumulate in the cartilage. In turn, these collagen peptides may aid in supporting joint health and lessen the pain.

Undenatured collagen

Undenatured collagen has also been studied for joint health and showed favorable outcomes. Having said that, the mechanism of action of intact collagen is different from hydrolyzed collagen.

Intact collagen is resistant to enzymes that break down proteins, thus it is not digested like hydrolyzed collagen. This enables intact collagen to interact with the immune system. Scientific research suggests that this interaction may help to reduce inflammation and, consequently, decrease joint pain.

What to know before taking collagen for joint health

There are a few things to consider before taking collagen supplements.

Firstly, it could take some time before you start seeing noticeable results from collagen consumption. In most clinical trials involving collagen, participants used the supplement for around 3–6 months.

Also, keep in mind that since collagen is derived from animal sources (fish, cows, chicken, etc), it is not suitable for vegans. Vegans can opt for supplements that may boost collagen production. These usually include vitamin C, proline, hyaluronic acid, and other active ingredients.

Lastly, although collagen is generally seen as safe, it is important to consult your doctor before starting to take any supplements, especially if you have any underlying conditions.

Best collagen for joints — conclusion

Collagen supplementation may be beneficial for joints. Nevertheless, given that collagen supplements are frequently formulated with skin in mind, it is important to be cautious and read the label carefully.

Most research studies that observed an alleviation in joint discomfort with collagen supplementation used native type II or hydrolyzed collagen. Supplements containing native type II collagen may provide benefits at doses around 40 mg, whereas hydrolyzed collagen was examined at higher daily dosages ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 mg.

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