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Best Fat Burner for Men: Effective Weight Loss in 2024

A well-chosen fat-burning supplement combined with exercise and a balanced diet may help you reach your target weight and improve athletic performance. However, selecting the product that’s best for you may sometimes be challenging: where to begin?

We’ve looked at several male fat burner brands and ranked their supplements according to a number of criteria. In this article, we consider aspects like user testimonials, ingredient quality, versatility, and price and help you decide which thermogenic for men meets your needs the best.

Best fat burner for men: shortlist

We’ve looked at several fat-burning supplements for men and created the following shortlist of the best products according to their strongest advantage.

  1. PhenQ — best for night-time fat-burning
  2. Fat Burn Active best for those who want an immediate effect
  3. Terra Origin best for beginners
  4. Swolverine — best for those who look for versatility
  5. mindbodygreen best for long-term commitment
  6. Legion — best for those who prefer to avoid strong stimulants
  7. Bulk — best for increasing energy and exercise efficiency
  8. ATH Burn — best according to customer satisfaction rate
  9. Snap — best for the keto

How we picked the best fat-burning supplements for men

The goal of the following reviews is to help male customers navigate the abundant market of thermogenic supplements. When selecting the most effective fat burners, we took into consideration user testimonials, ingredient quality, price, and the product’s versatility.

TestimonialsIngredient qualityPriceVersatility
Customers’ experience
Natural, certified, scientifically-backed ingredients
Price per package ($15.50-60.00)Other positive effects besides fat burning
  • Testimonials. Customer reviews are helpful because they offer insight into the brand’s values, transparency, and product development priorities. The more reviews, the better: comparing user’s testimonials will help you form your opinion.
  • Ingredient quality. It is important to choose products that follow good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and safety guidelines. Your supplement should contain safe ingredients. Check if they are lab-tested and considered safe by health authorities.
  • Price. The best choice is top quality for an affordable price. A bigger bottle is not always a better deal — check the dosage to see how long a supplement bottle will last.
  • Versatility. Besides helping burn fat, some ingredients may bring extra benefits, such as improved mood, better sleep, or reduced food cravings. Certain customers prefer products with a wider range of beneficial effects.

Top picks: best fat burner for men

Based on the criteria mentioned above, our team reviewed the following 8 fat burners for men. Here is the list of our top choices, highlighting key features of every product.

1. PhenQ — best for night-time fat-burning

PhenQ PM

PM by PhenQ is a weight loss product formulated for men and women of all ages, according to the brand. It is composed of only scientifically supported ingredients, among which L-theanine, known for its calming properties, may improve your sleep experience. According to the makers of PM, this, in combination with the synergistic effects of the entire formulation, should help target your metabolism and ignite mechanisms linked to calorie burning.

In this weight loss product, you will find amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Studies suggest that among these ingredients, chromium may help with blood sugar regulation, while L-arginine appears to have a beneficial impact on body composition indices such as waist circumference and fat mass, both aspects of weight loss.

The brand recommends choosing either the 3-month or 6-month package options for its supplement to provide ample time to deliver the weight management benefits it promises. However, they do so with the understanding that individual experiences may vary, and that's why they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on every order of PhenQ PM.

Interestingly, the return rate for its product is less than 2%, a statistic that underscores the satisfaction of customers who have chosen the brand's offering.

A 120-count bottle of PhenQ PM, which should last for 30 days, typically retails at $79.99. However, the brand frequently offers discounts and slashes its prices. For the latest deals, make sure to visit its official website, where you might just find a great bargain.

2. Fat Burn Active — best for those who want an immediate effect

Fat Burn Active

According to the company, Fat Burn Active was designed to provide maximum results in the shortest possible time. The aim is to kickstart thermogenesis from the very first day of use.

The compounds contained in Fat Burn Active are not only suggested to break down fats but also stop their synthesis in adipocytes.

The manufacturer also says the product’s active substances stimulate the metabolism and the release of digestive juices. Among other ingredients, the supplement contains green tea leaf extract, caffeine, and phenylcapsaicine.

The company claims 96% of its customers are satisfied with the product's effects.

A package costs $49.99 and contains 60 capsules. Sets of 3 and 6 packages are available.

3. Terra Origin — best for beginners

Terra Origin Metabolism Boost & Fat Loss

According to the manufacturer, the supplement’s precise formula allows it to break down the fat as soon as it is ingested. The product is claimed to suppress appetite and inhibit the production of citrate lyase, which activates fat storage in the body.

The manufacturer emphasizes the multifunctionality of the product, as it works all levels of weight loss: the physical, mental, and emotional. The combined effect of faster metabolism, better mood, controlled appetite, and higher perceived energy may result in steady fat loss and increased physical performance.

One serving size contains 500 mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl, which is claimed to convert fatty acids into energy, and 200 mg of L-tyrosine to speed up the metabolism.

Based on 43,221 ratings the supplement scores 4.8 stars out of 5. 88% of customers awarded the product 5 stars.

Terra Origin costs $15.50 per bottle, with a 10% discount for subscribers. One bottle contains 60 capsules, the recommended serving size is 2 capsules daily. The company accepts returns within 30 business days of the purchase date.

4. Swolverine — best for those who look for versatility

Swolverine Therm®

According to the manufacturer, Swolverine's Therm is a natural thermogenic with the specific purpose of helping customers burn more calories at rest.

It contains 20 clinically tested, active weight loss targeting ingredients whose function is to jumpstart your metabolism and boost your perceived energy level, thus making your exercise routine more efficient.

Because of the comparatively wide range of ingredients, the supplement may be considered quite versatile, as the ingredients may have other beneficial effects besides weight management.

Among the supplements’ key ingredients are vitamin B6, widely believed to play a role in fat metabolism, iodine to support thyroid health, guarana, and green tea leaf to speed up metabolism and boost energy.

Compared to other similar products, this supplement does not have many customers reviews, only 37 at the moment of writing. 78% of customers give the product 5 stars.

The indicated dosage is 1 tablet daily, preferably with meals. For best results, the company recommends taking the supplement early in the afternoon. A bottle contains 90 servings. A single purchase costs $34.99, subscribers get a 15% discount.

5. mindbodygreen — best for long-term commitment

mindbodygreen metabolism+

The supplement is made of plant-based ingredients. It focuses on increasing metabolic rate, regulating appetite, and activating thermogenic calorie burn.

The key ingredients are green tea leaf extract, Veld grape stem and leaf extract, and plant-sourced caffeine. The manufacturer suggests taking the supplement in the morning or in the early afternoon, as it contains stimulants.

The product's website contains 83 reviews, majority of them are positive, the overall rating on the product's website is 4.3 stars out of 5.

The suggested dosage is 3 capsules a day, and the bottle contains 60 capsules. The price of the product is comparatively high: a single purchase costs $60. International shipping is available.

5. Legion — best for those who prefer to avoid strong stimulants

The manufacturer states that the supplement is 100% natural with clinically effective doses. The brand claims that the product’s ingredients and doses are supported by 30 peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Moreover, the company points out that Legion Phoenix Fat Burner was analyzed for purity and potency in a state-of-the-art ISO 17025-accredited lab.

Key ingredients are vitamin B6, black ginger, caffeine, and mucuna pruriens extract. According to the company, it is standardized to 98% of L-DOPA, which is involved in the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline that help regulate focus, attention, and metabolic rate.

On the product's website, the average score of the supplement according to customers' reviews is 4.3 out of 5 stars. 69% of clients give it 5 stars.

A bottle contains 30 servings. A one-time purchase costs $49.99, subscribers get 10% off.

6. Bulk — best for increasing energy and exercise efficiency

Made of 9 potently dosed ingredients, this fat burner for men aims to have an energizing effect and increased alertness. It combines caffeine, plant extracts, and amino acids. The manufacturer emphasizes focus on energy boost during workout sessions with an impressive 300mg of caffeine.

Other ingredients, such as citrus aurantium, kola nut, BioPerine®, cayenne pepper, L-tyrosine, and L-theanine, may help thermogenesis.

The product is rated "excellent" on Trustpilot, with 79% of customers giving it 4 stars out of 5.

A bottle of BULK costs $16.99 and contains 30 servings. Free delivery is offered on orders over $45.

8. ATH Sport — best according to customer satisfaction rate

The company explains that BURN acts as a natural thermogenic fat burner by suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism, and giving an energy boost for fast results.

The brand cites 97% client satisfaction rate, with 401 out of 479 reviews giving the product 5 stars. The supplement comes with a fat loss guide. Ingredients include organic caffeine and various appetite suppressants.

The supplement is made in the USA. A bottle costs $49.95 and contains 30 servings. The recommended dose is 3 capsules per day.

9. Snap — best for the keto diet

Keto Burn by Snap is a fat burner designed to aid ketosis, boost energy, and promote fat burning.

With active ingredients like decaffeinated green tea extract and red pepper extract, this product aims to stimulate thermogenesis, a metabolic process during which the body burns calories to produce energy deficit. Moreover, Keto Burn also contains beta-hydroxybutyrate and potassium chloride.

Based on 222 reviews currently available on the official website, this product scores 4.8 stars out of 5.

Before discounts, this Snap fat burner is retailed at $26.95 (or $0.90 per serving).

The most effective male fat burners compared

BrandPrice, one time purchaseServings per containerDaily dosageCaffeine content per seving
PhenQ$79.99304 capsulesNone
Fat Burn Active$49.99302 capsules76 mg
Terra Origin$15.50302 capsules80 mg
Sworlverine$34.99901 tablet100 mg
mindbodygreen$60302 capsules150 mg
Legion Phoenix$49.99303 capsules200 mg
Bulk$16.99303 capsules300 mg
ATH Sport$49.95303 capsules120 mg
Snap$26.95302 capsulesNone

Prior to using weight loss supplements, it is important to be aware that certain ingredients in the formulation of such products, including stimulants like caffeine, may not be suitable for individuals sensitive to their effects. Stimulants can affect individuals differently, and some may experience side effects such as increased heart rate, jitteriness, or difficulty sleeping. We strongly advise consulting with healthcare professionals before incorporating any weight loss supplement into your routine.

Incorporating the best fat burner into your routine

Fat-burning supplements for men work best when combined with exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. Everyone's response to supplements is individual. In order to obtain optimal results, one of the most important goals is to aim for consistency and establish healthy habits.

Adhering to the recommended intake daily is vital to achieve the desired outcome. Taking the dosage during your morning routine or pre-workout can substitute your regular caffeine intake and help you manage it.

To amplify the effects of the product, complement it with a diet that ensures the nutritional needs of your body. Factors like a fully disclosed ingredient list and third-party testing should also be considered when selecting the supplement. If you have any doubts, consult a healthcare provider or fitness expert for personalized advice.

The way fat burners work

Fat burners work by combining several effects that are linked with weight loss. Typically, they include appetite reduction, thermogenesis, metabolism speed-up, and energy-boosting effects.

  • Thermogenesis. Many belly fat burners for men aim at stimulating thermogenesis, which means they may help you burn fat faster. Potent ingredients that aid thermogenesis include cayenne pepper seeds, caffeine, green tea extract, and vitamins B6, B12, and C.
  • Appetite suppression. Appetite suppression means you are less likely to overeat. It also may help avoid food cravings and control portions better, resulting in lower calorie intake.
  • Metabolism boost. Certain common ingredients, such as caffeine, increase alertness, heart rate, and perceived energy level, helping you exercise more efficiently. Others, e.g., iodine, ensure optimal thyroid function for normal metabolic function.
  • Energy boost. Amino acids, such as L-tyrosine and L-arginine aid muscle repair, whereas vitamins B12 and B6 may reduce fatigue and help maintain steady energy levels.

Choosing the most effective fat burner for men

If you aim for the best result, it is important to identify the fat burner that aligns with your fitness goals and priorities. First of all, make sure you know your objective: is it weight loss, weight maintenance, better endurance, appetite control or something else?

When you know your primary target, check if the supplement has the right ingredients. A product that is formulated for weight loss may not do so much for boosting your energy, so make sure the ingredients work the way you want them to work.

Another important thing - check if the product is safe and if the regulatory bodies approve the ingredients. User reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect from the brand - read what others have to say about the fat burner of your choice.

Effective fat-burning ingredients

If you look at the list of ingredients of several brands, you’ll often see a number of the same components. This is because some are widely considered a reliable aid in fat burning. Commonly used ingredients in fat-burning supplements for men are vitamins B6 and B12, caffeine, amino acids, and plant extracts.

  • Vitamins B6 and B12 take part in energy metabolism pathways, thus affecting energy use and body weight maintenance.
  • Caffeine is a potent stimulant, which helps to increase athletic performance and increase heart rate. Both effects may have an effect on thermogenesis. It is also said to improve mood and suppress appetite.
  • Amino acids L-tyrosine and L-theanine, commonly added to fat-burning supplements, may have an effect on cognitive performance.
  • Plant extracts, such as cayenne pepper extract or green tea leaf extract, may help reduce appetite and participate in the body's metabolic processes.

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