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Best Fertility Supplements and Vitamins for Women in 2024

Fertility supplements for women are specifically designed to provide some benefits in promoting reproductive health in females. They contain science-backed ingredients — vitamins, minerals, or herbal extracts — suggested to help women in their journey to conception.

For women planning a family or trying to conceive, we have curated this guide of the 6 best fertility supplements on the market with the aim of assisting in the selection process.

Best fertility supplements for women: shortlist

  1. Bird&Be — overall best prenatal supplements for female fertility
  2. NuviaLab — overall best supplement for female fertility
  3. Femometer — best fertility supplement for ovulation
  4. A Quality Life — best multivitamin when trying to conceive
  5. Performance Lab — best product with omega-3 for women
  6. Nature’s Craft — best supplements for hormonal balance

How we compiled the best fertility vitamins and supplements for women

We have conducted extensive research on fertility vitamins and supplements to provide you with a list of the best products. The criteria we considered during the selection process are the following.

Brand reputationPrice
Science-backed and cleanDeveloped in cGMP and FDA-compliant manufacturing sitesCustomer reviews$0.70–1.70
  • Ingredients. We assessed the ingredients in the formulations making sure they are science-backed for being effective for female fertility. Additionally, we chose supplements containing clean ingredients.
  • Safety. We considered fertility vitamins and supplements that have been developed in cGMP and FDA-compliant manufacturing sites and underwent third-party quality testing.
  • Brand reputation. We explored the brand reputation of each supplement, examining such factors as customer reviews, transparency, and commitment to quality.
  • Price. As another important factor, we considered the cost-effectiveness of the fertility supplements on our list.

Best supplements for fertility: overview

We have reviewed 6 brands providing fertility supplements containing essential vitamins, herbal ingredients, and minerals. Go ahead and explore our selection of the best options available on the market to help you support reproductive health and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Yet remember that if you want to enhance fertility or address specific health concerns interfering with conceiving, you should turn to your healthcare provider for more professional advice.

1. Bird&Be — overall best prenatal supplements for female fertility boost

Bird&Be The Power Prenatal for Females

Bird&Be’s The Power Prenatal for Females stands out as the top choice for those preparing to conceive. Formulated by fertility specialists, Bird&Be offers a convenient prenatal vitamin option with high-quality, bioavailable ingredients.

Each of the 30 daily packs includes 6 capsules containing scientifically backed ingredients like NAC, CoQ10, omega-3, and Trans-resveratrol, among other essential vitamins and minerals designed to support overall fertility in women.

Significantly, the brand allows women to select the dose of CoQ10 in the capsules, aiming to improve egg quality. To assist with selecting the suitable amount for you, a helpful quiz is available from the provider. Yet, you should also consult your healthcare provider for more professional advice.

These supplements are free of gluten, dairy, shellfish, yeast, artificial colors, dyes, and preservatives, making them suitable for various dietary needs. The Power Prenatal for Females is also made in GMP-certified facilities

Bird&Be prenatal supplements without the CoQ10 Boost are available for $60 as a one-time purchase. A monthly subscription can save you 10%. Additionally, The Power Prenatal for Females is HSA/FSA-eligible, adding to its convenience and affordability.

2. NuviaLab — overall best fertility supplement for women

NuviaLab Female Fertility

NuviaLab Female Fertility is an all-in-one supplement designed to help women improve fertility, libido, and energy levels. It comes as a 19-ingredient formula involving vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals.

Nominated as overall the best supplement for women's fertility on our list, NuviaLab features promising fertility ingredients such as CoQ10, folic acid, vitamin D, inositol, and Maca root extract.

The manufacturer of Female Fertility by NuviaLab claims to conduct third-party testing of its products and use 100% clean and natural ingredients in its supplements.

According to the provider, this is a vegan-friendly, dairy and allergen-free supplement. The recommended doses are 2 capsules daily — 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 after dinner. Still, it’s worth noting that some of the ingredients in the NuviaLab formula may interact with certain medications.

A one-month supply of NuviaLab Female Fertility supplements is priced at $49.99 ($1.66 per serving).

3. Femometer — best fertility supplement for regular ovulation

Femometer Myo & D-Chiro 40:1 Inositol

Irregular cycles may indicate irregular ovulation, which can hinder successful conception. Femometer's formula, containing D-chiro and Myo-inositol, supports cycle regulation to enhance the chances of getting pregnant.

There is scientific evidence to suggest that these two forms of inositol in Femometer may play a role in improving reproductive health in women with PCOS — egg quality and regular ovulation.

Femometer is a women-centric supplement brand manufacturing its products in cGMP-compliant facilities. To further ensure quality, they prioritize third-party testing.

Femometer recommends women take 3 capsules of its fertility supplements daily. Additionally, they offer an inositol supplement bundled with an LH and HCG Fertility Health Kit to help women track their fertile windows.

One bottle of Femometer Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol contains 90 capsules for a month's supply and is priced at $35.99 ($1.20 per serving).

4. A Quality Life — best multivitamin for women trying to conceive

A Quality Life Multivitamin for Women

A Quality Life offers the Ultra Vita For Women complex, which involves 12 vitamins and 8 minerals to help fill nutrient deficiencies. It also incorporates antioxidant and immune support blends.

Some of the vitamins in Ultra Vita For Women suggested to play a role when trying to conceive are B12, B6, B12, and B9 (folic acid), as well as minerals such as zinc, selenium, and chromium picolinate. These and the rest of the ingredients are packed in vegetarian capsules.

The brand exercises transparency regarding its fertility supplement quality by displaying a certificate of analysis (COA). The manufacturer claims to use all-natural, USA-sourced ingredients and refrain from GMOs, lactose, gluten, and added sugars.

Women are recommended to take 2 capsules daily. The provider also encourages talking to your healthcare provider before supplementing with this product.

A one-time purchase of A Quality Life Ultra Vita For Women is $38.45 ($1.30 per serving).

5. Performance Lab — best omega-3 product for supporting women's fertility

Performance Labs Omega3

Performance Lab is a well-established supplement brand offering sustainably derived omega-3 for women planning a pregnancy. Studies suggest that women may increase fertility and chances of conception by Providing the body with these essential fatty acids.

The manufacturer aims to stay eco-friendly by deriving its omega-3 fatty acids DHA + EPA from algae “cutting the middle fish.” Performance Lab supplement is also Clean Label Project-certified for containing no unnecessary additives.

Performance Lab fertility-supporting supplements come in vegan softgels. Women are recommended to consume 3 capsules daily taken with the first meal.

One bottle of Performance Lab omega-3 costs $49.00 ($1.63 per serving).

6. Nature’s Craft — best female supplements for hormonal balance

Nature's Craft Inositol

Hormonal imbalance is one of the culprits hindering successful pregnancy. Therefore, by incorporating Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol in its fertility formula, the scientists of Nature’s Craft aimed to help women balance hormonal levels by potentially promoting insulin sensitivity.

The combination of these ingredients is also believed to help with cycle regulation. The addition of choline in the formula is suggested to promote metabolism in women.

Nature’s Craft fertility supplements for women have been produced with globally sourced ingredients manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities in the USA. They are also claimed to be third-party tested for quality.

These are vegan and asserted to be all-natural supplements. The recommended dosage from the provider is to consume 4 capsules daily before a meal.

A single bottle of Nature's Craft, containing 120 capsules, is available at the affordable cost of $22.77 ($0.76 per serving).

Comparison of the top fertility-boosting vitamins and supplements

BrandPricePrice per servingServings per bottleServing sizeMain ingredients for fertility
Bird&Be$60.00$2.00301 sachet with 6 capsulesB vitamins, minerals, CoQ10, antioxidants, omega-3
NuviaLab$49.99$1.66302 capsulesCoQ10, Maca extract, vitamin D, selenium, folic acid, vitamin and mineral complex
Femometer$35.99$1.20303 capsulesInositol, D-chiro-inositol
A Quality Life$38.45$1.30302 capsulesVitamin and mineral complex, herbal extracts
Performance Lab$49.00$1.63303 capsulesAlgal oil (omega-3)
Nature’s Craft$22.77$0.76304 capsulesCholine, Myo-inositol, D-chiro-inositol

Factors to consider when choosing supplements that help get pregnant

The primary factor to consider when choosing supplements that may help you get pregnant is getting professional guidance from your healthcare provider. Furthermore, when buying fertility products online, consider the following additional aspects:

  • Dietary needs. In case of dietary restrictions, choose supplements that are certified vegan, and free from gluten, nuts, soy, and other allergens.
  • Testing. Obtain your supplements from reputable brands that display third-party testing, ensuring the product is free from contaminants and of high quality.
  • Fertility goals. Select supplements that may be suitable for addressing your specific fertility goals — regular ovulation and periods, hormonal balance, or overall reproductive health.
  • Additional benefits. Beyond the primary goal of enhancing fertility, consider supplements that may offer other potential health benefits for your well-being.

How to boost female fertility?

Female fertility may be affected by several factors, including age, which may influence the egg quality making conception challenging, as well as overall reproductive health. Health conditions such as PCOS or irregular cycles may also be a reason for decreased fertility in females.

Fortunately, there are several methods to potentially increase female fertility. One crucial approach is a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, stress, and body weight management.

Women can further monitor their fertility by using ovulation kits and fertility tracking apps. Consulting with an obstetrician-gynecologist can offer professional guidance to ensure your reproductive health is on track.

Incorporating supplements for enhanced fertility may be the next step following these healthy lifestyle changes.

Do vitamins and supplements for female fertility actually work?

Supplements hold the potential to advance female fertility. Women may also opt for vitamins to boost fertility by managing possible nutrient deficiencies. Some formulations may additionally assist in maintaining menstrual and ovulation regularity and enhancing egg quality.

Best fertility supplements may also help with specific health conditions, such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), by potentially balancing hormonal levels and supporting favorable conditions for conception.

However, you should ensure specific formulas or vitamins will work for your fertility goals and assess their pros and cons. Therefore, consult your healthcare professional for individualized recommendations for supplements.

Supplements and vitamins that boost fertility

Women seeking to boost their fertility should discuss the use of the following nutrients and supplements with their OB-GYN:

  • Myo-inositol. This is one of the widely recommended supplements for fertility in women. It may help with regular cycles, better insulin sensitivity, ovulatory support, and egg quality.
  • Omega-3. Limited studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may help women improve fertility to achieve healthy conception.
  • CoQ10. There is evidence to suggest that CoQ10 supplementation may improve reproductive health in both men and women by increasing sperm and egg quality, respectively.
  • Folic acid. Women may be recommended to take folic acid to prevent deficiencies and support ovulation, as well as prevent birth defects.
  • Maca root. Some limited studies on animals have shown that this plant-based supplement may help with regular cycles, as well as increased libido in males and females.

Potential side effects of female fertility supplements

While supplements for fertility improvement are generally considered safe when used according to professional recommendations, some side effects are still possible.

Some of the possible adverse effects of fertility supplements are the following:

  • Digestive issues
  • Mood swings
  • Allergic reactions
  • Interaction with medications

The ideal way to avoid severe adverse effects is to design your supplementation routine in consultation with your healthcare provider. In case you encounter side effects while supplementing with fertility vitamins or other formulas, discontinue the use and reach out to your doctor.

When to see a fertility specialist?

If you’ve been trying to conceive for 6 months or more without success, you should consider seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. Furthermore, irregular cycles interfering with ovulation tracking may also hamper you from getting pregnant.

Thus, addressing this health concern with a specialist may increase your chances of conception.

Addressing underlying health conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases, endometriosis, or PCOS is crucial and should be managed by a healthcare expert to support your fertility goals.

Additionally, it's essential to recognize that fertility challenges may not be exclusive to women. Men should also consider seeking a consultation to check sperm quality, including motility and count.

Best fertility supplements for women — conclusion

Summing up the above-discussed, selecting the best fertility supplement for women should involve a meticulous consideration of ingredient quality, individual health concerns, and, essentially, a doctor’s consultation.

Supplementation with fertility formulas should be incorporated with healthy lifestyle changes — balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and stress management activities — to help you increase your chances of conceiving.

Other supplements for women's reproductive and overall health

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