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Reviewing Best Garlic Supplements in 2024: How Can They Improve Your Health?

Welcome to the world of garlic, a culinary gem cherished by cultures around the world and renowned for its abundance of nutrients and potential medicinal properties. The reported benefits of this compound date from Egyptians, traveling through generations as a remedy for colds, infections, and many other health concerns.

While garlic's medicinal properties have long been part of folklore, modern science has started to shed light on its tapestry of potential benefits encompassing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and cardiovascular health and immune function support.

Join us as we dive into this ancestral herb universe, exploring some of the best garlic supplements and their full potential to aid and elevate your well-being.

Best garlic supplement: a shortlist

  1. Swanson — best garlic supplement for cholesterol
  2. BulkSupplements.com — best garlic supplement with allicin
  3. Kyolic — best aged garlic supplement
  4. Sports Research — best garlic pills for high blood pressure
  5. Pattern Wellness — best garlic supplement for inflammation

How we compiled our list of the best garlic supplements

Garlic supplements are gaining popularity online, with a wide range of formats tailored to meet the preferences and needs of numerous individuals. Consequently, navigating through such an extensive landscape may be daunting.

Our mission is to streamline your decision-making process by identifying key criteria — that, in our opinion — align with the best garlic supplements on the market:

Price per serving$0.04–0.86
IngredientsHigh-quality and scientifically backed
Brand TransparencyInformation about manufacturing, sourcing, and testing
Type of garlicVarious types
  • Price. Our selection encompasses providers with high-quality formulas for various pricing preferences
  • Ingredients. We only considered products with high-quality garlic and scientifically backed ingredients.
  • Brand Transparency. Due to the lack of control by the FDA, many brands are not transparent about their production practices, often making unreliable claims about their supplements. For this reason, our list prioritizes providers that disclose their manufacturing and sourcing.
  • Type of garlic. Garlic supplements feature various types of garlic formulas, including powdered garlic, aged garlic extract, or garlic oil. For this reason, we have selected options tailored to the preferences of different users.

Best garlic supplement: an overview

Garlic is mostly renowned for its culinary properties; however, it has also been praised as a holistic agent in many ancestral cultures. This compound is believed to hold promising health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial properties. Moreover, it has also been suggested as a valuable support for immune function and cardiovascular health.

Consequently, we have delved into the garlic dilemma, researching and curating a list of some top-notch providers to benefit from the potential properties of this compound:

1. Swanson — best garlic supplement to support cardiovascular health

Swanson Garlic - Odor-Controlled

Garlic’s tapestry of benefits makes it a cornerstone in the diet of many cultures. However, its popularity does not align with its palatability, with many disliking its unique odor and aftertaste.

Swanson has crafted a unique supplementation formula to combat the flaws of this compound with odor-controlled garlic so that people can enjoy its properties without experiencing its unpleasant scent and flavor.

Various studies have delved into the properties of garlic, showing promising cardioprotective benefits, particularly regarding cholesterol and blood pressure. Moreover, garlic’s active compounds show the potential to support the immune system.

The supplement features 1 g of garlic, and the brand recommends taking 2 tablets per day to enjoy its benefits. However, it advises against pregnant or breastfeeding individuals consuming their product.

Swanson’s formula is available for $18.86 and includes 250 tablets per bottle.

2. BulkSupplements.com — best budget-friendly garlic supplement

BulkSupplements.com Garlic Extract Powder

BulkSupplements.com delivers a straightforward formula specifically designed to support heart health, aid in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and deliver antioxidants. Furthermore, their garlic formula is sugar-free, making it a suitable choice for various dietary preferences.

Among its numerous properties, garlic is highlighted for its antioxidant activity, which may assist in fighting free radicals that damage cell membranes and DNA. A meta-analysis from 2020 pointed out the potential antioxidant properties of this compound, linking it with a reduction of oxidative stress markers.

The supplement features 500 mg of garlic per serving. It can be taken once or twice daily with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Moreover, the brand is third-party tested and GMP-certified.

250 grams of this garlic formula are available for $21.96, but there are other pricing options depending on the size of the package.

3. Kyolic — best supplement with aged garlic

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract

Featuring organically grown garlic, Kyolic's aged garlic aims to deliver all the benefits of this herb without any odor or taste. Boasting 600 mg of garlic per serving, the product supports immune function and cardiovascular health while also displaying anti-inflammatory properties.

This brand features the third position in our ranking due to its scientific background, as its health claims have been explored in various research papers. Studies on Kyolic's aged garlic suggest it may play a beneficial role in gut microbiota and may support healthy blood pressure in those with hypertension.

Kyolic’s formula is gluten and sodium-free as well as an optimal choice for vegetarians. The brand recommends consuming 2 capsules a day with a meal for best results.

It is priced at $31.12 and includes 300 capsules.

4. Sports Research — best garlic pills for high blood pressure

Sports Research Garlic Oil Pills

Finding a vegan and palatable capsule may be challenging, as most garlic products often feature animal-derived ingredients. However, Sports Research aims to make a difference in the garlic landscape, featuring 10 mg of garlic free from animal cruelty.

Sports Research could also be a suitable option for those seeking to support healthy blood pressure, as garlic has been shown to potentially lower BP in hypertensive individuals. Additionally, the formula boasts parsley and chlorophyll, both renowned for their antioxidant nature.

This supplement shines in our ranking due to Sports Research's brand transparency, which follows stringent manufacturing practices and top-notch quality control. According to the provider, their products are also third-party tested.

This supplement's serving consists of 2 capsules daily. However, there is no information available on how to take the supplement. One bottle is available for $14.36 and includes 150 capsules.

5. Pattern Wellness — best garlic supplement with anti-inflammation properties

Pattern Wellness Odorless Organic Garlic

Pattern Wellness formula delivers 10 mg of garlic extract without the unpleasant smell of raw garlic. The brand claims that each serving is equivalent to 1000 mg of fresh garlic, delivering various health benefits such as heart and immune system support.

Among the potential benefits of garlic, its anti-inflammatory properties standout to support various inflammatory health conditions. It is suggested that garlic may help decrease the levels of certain inflammation-associated molecules that may play a role in inflammatory conditions.

Moreover, the product also claims to support overall heart health, including healthy circulatory function. The latter finds some scientific evidence in various studies, which link garlic usage with the reduction of high blood pressure.

Pattern Wellness is GMP-certified and third-party tested. It is available for $26.06 and includes 30 vegetarian capsules.

Comparing the best garlic supplements

ProductPrice per servingDaily servingsTotal amount of servings per bottleType of garlicAmount per servingFormat
Swanson$0.152 pills125 servingsOdor-controlled garlic1 gPill
BulkSupplements.com$0.041/5 teaspoon500 servingsGarlic extract500 mgPowder
Kyolic$0.202 capsules150 servingsAged garlic extract600 mgCapsules
Sports Research$0.192 capsules75 servingsGarlic oil10 mgCapsules
Pattern Wellness$0.861 capsule30 servingOdorless garlic10 mgCapsules

What are garlic supplements?

Garlic, also known as Allium sativum, is a plant with an edible bulb used in many cultures, including Egypt, China, and India. Modern science has recently investigated garlic's ancient beliefs, confirming its promising potential to elevate wellness.

Consequently, this herb has started blossoming in the supplement universe in the form of capsules, powders, or oils. These formulations are often crafted odorless, which may be a good option for those who struggle to eat raw or cooked garlic.

What is allicin, and why is it important?

Allicin is an active biological compound responsible for the smell and taste of freshly cut or crushed garlic. This compound has potential physiological effects that make garlic a key player in medical research. One of the most important ones associated with this compound is its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature, which may help alleviate various infections like mycosis.

Moreover, allicin has also been suggested to have the following effects:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Potential to reduce cholesterol
  • Potential to lower blood pressure

Health benefits of garlic supplements

Garlic stands as a remarkable herb with various benefits and nutritional properties. Moreover, it is often integrated into winter cuisine due to its warming effect on the body.

However, garlic may be daunting to consume due to its frequent undesirable effects, which often include bad breath. In these cases, supplementation may be an optimal solution to incorporate the advantages of this herb without its unpleasant odor or taste. Among its myriad of benefits, four properties stand out:

Cardiovascular health

Various risk factors, such as high blood pressure and LDL-cholesterol, affect the development of cardiovascular disease, and garlic has been signaled as a potential cardioprotective agent.

A meta-analysis from 2009 revealed that garlic supplementation may reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels, which are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Moreover, some scientific studies have explored the potential of garlic in reducing blood pressure (BP), with emerging evidence suggesting it may help to reduce blood pressure in individuals with hypertension. Garlic has also been found to enhance nitric oxide production, which may help to increase blood flow, reduce blood pressure, and enhance overall cardiovascular health.

Immune system support

Garlic has been reported as a functional food and a spice to potentially aid in numerous diseases and infections. The anecdotal evidence of this compound has transpired to the science sphere, shedding light on the promising properties of allicin to support the immune system through the modulation of inflammation-related molecules.

Furthermore, garlic has also been shown to display antibacterial and antiviral properties, with a systematic review suggesting this compound may support the immune system against a wide range of viral pathogens.

Moreover, a systematic review pointed out that garlic may help prevent colds; however, the available evidence is still limited. Nevertheless, incorporating this herb during winter may be a good option to support the body when it is exposed to a greater risk of infections in closed spaces.

Antioxidant properties

Garlic is a great source of antioxidants that may help neutralize free radicals that damage cell membranes and DNA. This protective action may have potential use in age-related disease prevention.

Additionally, a 2020 meta-analysis demonstrated that garlic supplementation may be beneficial in reducing oxidative stress markers.

Potential anti-inflammatory effects

Various studies have investigated the influence of garlic on inflammatory conditions, concluding it may affect inflammation-related molecules produced by our body.

A systematic review from 2020 validated this suggested effect, concluding that garlic exerts anti-inflammatory effects by decreasing levels of certain inflammation-associated molecules.

Types of garlic supplements

There are several types of garlic preparations available on the market depending on how garlic is processed, either in powder, extract, or oil. Moreover, the formulas may also vary depending on the overall amount of garlic and added ingredients:

  • Powdered garlic. Supplements with powdered garlic are made from garlic cloves, which are usually sliced and dried at low temperatures to maintain their active properties. The dried garlic is often pulverized and made into tablets or added in a powder format.
  • Aged garlic extract. This type of garlic is soaked in 15–20% ethanol for up to 20 months at room temperature and filtered at low pressure, eliminating the odors and harsh, irritating compounds in garlic. This formulation is believed to have increased antioxidant properties compared to fresh garlic extract.
  • Garlic oil. Garlic oil is made through a garlic distillation process that results in a mixture of vegetable oil and allyl sulfides, beneficial compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Garlic oil macerates. Supplementation with this type of garlic contains crushed garlic cloves in vegetable oil.

Tips for maximizing the benefits of garlic supplements

While there is no scientifically accepted consensus on how to maximize the benefits of garlic supplementation, there are some tips that may help to optimize well-being during supplement intake:

  • Consuming adequate dosage. Before taking any supplement, it is essential to ensure the formulation and dose align with your needs. Moreover, adhering to the recommended daily intake is essential to prevent adverse reactions.
  • Monitor your reactions. Garlic supplements may have mild side effects, such as bad breath or gastrointestinal issues. If you experience any reactions after consuming the product, it is fundamental to consult with your doctor.
  • Select the best type of garlic. There are various types of garlic on the market. Opting for a type that aligns with your preferences can help to streamline the intake process.
  • Engage in a healthy lifestyle. Supplementation with garlic does not replace a healthy lifestyle. Consuming a balanced diet and engaging in frequent exercise is key to optimizing your well-being.
  • Consult with your healthcare provider. Before incorporating garlic supplements into your diet, you should consider a consultation with your healthcare provider on the most optimal dosage and type for your specific needs.

Potential side effects and precautions when taking garlic supplements

Garlic supplements are generally safe to consume. However, certain population groups should avoid their intake, such as pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. Moreover, those allergic to garlic should also avoid consuming these supplements.

Supplementation with garlic has been reported to cause mild effects in some individuals, including:

  • Bad breath
  • Bodily odor
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach issues

Those with a bleeding disorder or consuming anticoagulant drugs, blood pressure, or cholesterol medication should consult with a health professional before incorporating this product into their diets.

Lastly, if you are taking any other medications, you should always consult with your doctor on the usage of garlic supplements or any other supplementation product.

Best garlic supplements — conclusion

Garlic is a herb with a myriad of benefits; however, it may be daunting to consume due to its strong odor and taste. For those who cannot handle the unique scent of garlic, supplements may be an optimal solution to benefit from its wellness-boosting properties.

Garlic supplements are available in various formats on the market, from powders to oils, tailoring garlic to your unique preferences. Selecting the best garlic supplement involves careful consideration of doses, ingredients, and the type of garlic used in the formulation.

We hope that this article serves as a helpful guide into garlic supplements, enabling you to select a product that aligns with your needs and elevates your wellness goals.

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