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Best Libido Booster for Women in 2024: OTC Libido Enhancers

In a world where women are continually balancing work, home, and personal care, it’s not surprising that many experience dips in their sexual desire. That's where the best libido booster for women can make a significant difference.

In this article we delve into the world of libido-enhancing supplements for females. We explore formulations crafted to rekindle the spark in women's lives, from those navigating the changes of menopause to busy professionals battling stress-induced low libido.

Each product in our curated list has been assessed according to strict criteria — because your sexual health deserves nothing less than the best.

Best women's libido boosters in 2024: shortlist

  1. Bonafide — best overall libido enhancer for women
  2. FOCL — best libido booster for women made from herbs
  3. Moon Juice— best female sex drive booster in powder form
  4. Owelibest female libido booster seeking a holistic approach
  5. House of Wise — best female libido supplement in gummy form

How we selected the best libido enhancers for women

When selecting the best women's libido booster, it is important to consider several key criteria to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Clean ingredientsClean, natural, free from harmful additives
Reputable providerWell-reviewed companies known for quality and safety
Dosage and priceKey ingredients at a fair price
Special needsSpecifically addressing unique hormonal changes
Product approvalThird-party tested
  • Scrutinize the ingredients. Opt for products with clean, natural ingredients, avoiding harmful chemicals and artificial additives. The best natural libido booster for women will feature transparently-listed, proven ingredients.
  • Assess the provider’s reputation. Choose supplements from reputable, well-reviewed companies known for quality and safety.
  • Compare the dosage and price. Seek a libido enhancer for women that offers an adequate dose of active ingredients at a reasonable price point.
  • Address specific needs. For menopausal women, specifically look for the best natural libido booster for menopausal women that is tailored to address the hormonal changes.
  • Confirm product approval and certification. Opt for female libido enhancement products that are tested and certified by third-party organizations, ensuring they meet health and safety standards.

Best female enhancement supplements: reviews of top products

This review provides an in-depth comparison of five reputable providers of libido-boosting supplements for females. Each of these providers has developed unique formulations designed to elevate women’s sexual health.

In our comprehensive review, we will assess these supplements against specific criteria including ingredient transparency, evidence-backed components, manufacturing standards, and customer reviews.

Notably, many products reviewed here have multiple ingredients that are not necessarily well-researched for their effects on libido, but rather the general well-being for women.

1. Bonafide — best overall libido enhancer for women

Bonafide Ristela

Bonafide presents Ristela, a holistic blend of antioxidants and amino acids designed to act as a natural libido enhancer for women. The formula has been scientifically tested and shown to be effective in enhancing sexual desire in women by incorporating a thoughtful mix of L-arginine, L-citrulline, French Maritime pine bark extract, and rose hips.

The product stands out for its transparency regarding ingredients, enabling consumers to know exactly what they are taking. What else that reflects on the product's quality is its high research, manufacturing, and testing standards.

Overall, Bonafide represents a promising option in the face of Ristela for women interested in naturally enhancing their libido without hormonal changes. The supplement comes in the form of coated tablets. Women are recommended to take 2 tablets daily for sexual arousal and increased orgasm.

A one-time purchase of 30 servings of Ristela by Bonafide costs $57.00 ($1.90 per serving).

2. FOCL — best herb-based libido booster for women

FOCL Libido Gummies for Her

FOCL Libido Gummies for Her supplement is a standout choice among libido-boosting supplements for females, owing much to its meticulously chosen ingredients and stringent product quality testing.

The supplement features a proprietary herb blend designed to naturally boost female libido. This blend combines active ingredients such as Fenugreek powder, Epimedium, and Pine bark extract, aimed at enhancing sexual desire.

What sets this supplement further apart as one of the best female libido boosters is its commitment to quality and safety. The product is third-party tested and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, ensuring that women can confidently incorporate this supplement into their wellness routine.

A bottle with 30 servings costs $49.00 ($1.63 per serving).

3. Moon Juice — best libido booster for women in powder form

Moon Juice Sex Dust

Moon Juice Sex Dust is tailored for those who appreciate natural ingredients and seek a seamless way to integrate a libido boost into their daily routine, turning a simple cup of coffee or tea into a moment of empowerment. Presented as a powder, it effortlessly blends into your favorite beverages, offering a convenient and enjoyable way to boost sexual vitality.

The formula is rooted in natural, primarily organic ingredients — featuring cacao powder, shilajit extract, and Epimedium leaf extract (commonly known as horny goat weed), among others — indicating a commitment to clean, holistic wellness.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews available are a strong endorsement of its effectiveness as a female libido booster. However, the lack of third-party testing results shared on the website leaves a gap in transparency that some discerning consumers might find concerning.

14 servings cost $38 ($2.71 per serving).

4. Oweli — best women's libido booster with a holistic approach


The Oweli Female Libido Enhancement supplement offers a comprehensive approach to boosting women's sexual health, combining a rich proprietary herb blend — including Epimedium, Tribulus terrestris, and ashwagandha — with essential vitamins and minerals.

The thoughtful combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals sets Oweli apart as a promising option for women seeking a natural approach to enhance their libido.

Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and cGMP-compliant, the product also undergoes third-party testing, highlighting the brand’s commitment to quality and safety.

One potential area for improvement is the transparency around customer reviews. While the website showcases positive feedback, it is unclear if there are any negative reviews, which makes it challenging for potential customers to get a fully-rounded view of user experiences.

Regardless, the thoughtful combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals sets Oweli apart as a promising option for women seeking a natural approach to enhance their libido.

30 servings cost $59.99 ($2.00 per serving).

5. House of Wise — best libido-boosting supplement for females in gummy form

House of Wise Daily Libido Gummies

House of Wise Daily Libido gummies stands as a unique and appealing option in the market of libido-boosting supplements for females. The convenient and palatable gummy form is a standout feature, making this one of the more user-friendly options for women seeking to enhance their sexual health and well-being.

Crafted with a potent blend of 10 mg maca root extract, 10 mg Ginkgo biloba, 10 mg yohimbe extract, 10 mg ginseng root extract, 200 mg horny goat weed, and 10 mg ashwagandha, these gummies are designed to naturally enhance female libido. The formula eschews vitamins, focusing solely on herbal extracts known for their potential to boost sexual desire and overall vitality.

Third-party testing ensures the quality and safety of these gummies, a reassuring feature for discerning consumers.

While the product currently has few reviews, those that are available reflect a good rating, suggesting early signs of positive user experiences.

30 gummies cost $59 ($1.97 per serving).

Comparing the best female enhancement products

BrandPrice per servingPrice per bottleNumber of servingsIncludes vitaminsNumber of ingredients
Moon Juice$2.71$38.0014No 6
House of Wise$1.97$59.0030No6

How to know if you have low libido

Low libido, or reduced sexual desire, can vary from person to person and is generally defined as a decreased interest in sexual activity. It’s normal for sexual desire to fluctuate over time, but consistently low libido may be concerning for some. Common symptoms include:

  • Absence of responsive desire after sexually provocative situations.
  • Concern or distress about lack of sexual interest.
  • Lack of sexual fantasies or thoughts.
  • Reduced interest in sexual activity.

It is also important to note if these symptoms are a departure from your previous level of interest in sex, and if they are pervasive across different situations and partners.

Additionally, consult with a healthcare professional who can consider underlying health conditions, medications, hormonal changes (such as in menopause for women), and psychological factors like stress or depression. They may offer solutions, which can range from lifestyle changes and counseling to prescribing female sex drive boosters or other treatments as appropriate.

Causes of low libido in females

In females, low libido can result from a complex interplay of physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors.

Physically, hormonal fluctuations. Especially during menopause, pregnancy, and breastfeeding — affect sexual desire.

Medical conditions. Like diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid issues, as well as certain medications, including antidepressants and birth control pills, can lower libido.

Emotional and psychological factors. Including stress, depression, anxiety, and issues in the relationship, are significant contributors. Additionally, societal and cultural norms around sexuality can affect a woman's desire.

Lack of sufficient sleep. Or an imbalance in work-life responsibilities, are lifestyle factors that often play a role.

It is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional to identify specific causes and potential solutions, such as the best female libido supplements or counseling.

Are libido-booster supplements for females safe?

The safety of libido-boosting supplements for females can vary widely between products. Generally, the best libido booster for women will have undergone rigorous testing and be produced by reputable providers using clean, natural ingredients.

Even the best female libido supplements, can potentially have side effects, especially if they interact with other medications, like blood pressure medications or antidepressants, or underlying health conditions.

Common side effects may include headaches, upset stomach, and changes in blood pressure. It is crucial to opt for over-the-counter women's libido enhancers that are third-party tested and certified, as this indicates adherence to quality control and safety standards.

Before starting any supplement, including those marketed as a female sex drive booster, consulting with a healthcare professional is essential. They provide personalized advice based on your health history and current medications, ensuring that you choose a supplement that is both safe and effective for your specific situation.

Choosing the best libido-boosting supplements for women

Aligning these supplements with your personal health needs, like hormonal changes in menopausal women, ensures that the product targets your specific concerns and conditions, enhancing both safety and potential for positive results without unwanted side effects.

Choose a reputable company

Choosing products from transparent and ethical companies ensures that you are supporting businesses that prioritize customer health and safety over profits. These companies are more likely to disclose full ingredient lists, manufacturing processes, and sourcing practices, which helps consumers make informed decisions.

Choose natural ingredients

To choose the best libido-boosting supplements for females, prioritize clean, evidence-backed ingredients that align with your personal health needs — such as herbs that may help balance hormones for menopausal women.

Check customer feedback

Strong customer reviews further validate the product’s effectiveness and safety, providing real-world insights and highlighting potential side effects or benefits from those with similar needs and experiences.

When should you start taking supplements for female libido?

Starting supplements for female libido should be a well-considered decision, often best made in consultation with a healthcare professional. If you consistently experience a lower sexual desire that is distressing and significantly different from your past experiences, this might be a time to consider intervention.

It may also be appropriate when lifestyle changes, such as reducing stress or improving sleep, haven’t been effective in enhancing your libido. For menopausal women experiencing a drop in desire due to hormonal changes, supplements designed for their specific needs, like the best natural libido booster for menopausal women, may be worth considering.

Before starting any supplement, it's crucial to consult with a healthcare provider who can confirm a diagnosis, rule out underlying health issues, assess potential interactions with other medications, and recommend a product that is safe and effective based on your unique situation and needs.

How to naturally boost libido for women

To naturally boost libido for women, consider the following strategies:

  1. Exercise regularly. Physical activity, such as yoga or cardio workouts, can improve blood flow, boost energy, and enhance mood, all of which can contribute to increased libido.
  2. Make lifestyle changes. Reducing stress through mindfulness practices, like meditation or deep-breathing exercises, and getting adequate sleep can have significant positive effects on sexual desire.
  3. Eat certain foods. Incorporate libido-boosting foods into your diet, such as dark chocolate, nuts, and certain fruits like avocados and figs, which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals.
  4. Prioritize intimacy. Spend quality time with your partner outside the bedroom, like date nights or massages, to foster emotional intimacy, which can naturally lead to increased sexual desire.
  5. Consider counseling or therapy. If psychological issues, like depression or anxiety, are affecting your libido, seeing a mental health professional can be immensely helpful.

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