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Best MCT Oil For Your Weight Loss Goals in 2024

MCT oil is a dietary supplement that features triglycerides of medium-chain fatty acids, a type of fat that is more easily converted into energy within our bodies. In theory, MCTs should serve as a quick and efficient source of energy and thus may have various benefits such as providing an energy boost for exercise. Moreover, some research studies suggest that MCT oil may be beneficial for weight management.

If you decide to incorporate MCTs into your routine, we have prepared a list of what we consider to be the best MCT oil products.

Best MCT oil: a shortlist

  1. Performance Lab — best organic MCT oil
  2. Bulletproof — best C8-based MCT oil
  3. Nature's Craft — best MCT oil softgels
  4. Onnit — best MCT oil for weight loss
  5. BrainMD — best MCT oil for keto

How to choose the best MCT oil?

When choosing the best MCT oil, it is important to consider certain factors. Below, we will give an overview of the criteria that played a role in selecting the products for our list.

TypeC8 and C10
Brand reputation Has positive reputation
Price-quality ratioHas good value for the price
SustainabilityHas taken at least sustainability measures
  • Type. Most studies used MCT oils containing C8 and C10 medium-chain fatty acids, so products containing them were preferred.
  • Brand reputation. We analyzed various factors to determine the brand’s reputation such as reviews, certifications, and transparency.
  • Price-quality ratio. For this list, we aimed to find high-quality products that are also reasonably priced.
  • Sustainability. As MCT oil is derived from palm kernel oil or coconuts, sourcing these raw materials may have a higher environmental impact. We looked for products that keep sustainability in mind to minimize their product carbon footprint.

Best MCT oil: overview

Whether you are looking for the best MCT oil for weight loss, keto, or health, we have prepared a list of some of the options that are worth exploring. In this section, we will mention the most prominent features of these oils and why we choose to include them in the list.

1. Performance Lab — best organically sourced MCT oil


Made from organic and non-GMO coconuts, MCT Energy Oil is our top choice due to its high quality and sustainability measures taken by the company.

Since this Performance Lab product is certified by the Clean Label Project, this MCT oil has been tested by an independent laboratory. Moreover, it contains no additional ingredients besides C8 and C10 MCT. Currently, most research studies have been conducted on C8 and C10, making them the preferred types of MCT oil.

According to the manufacturer, MCT Energy Oil is extracted via a cold process and undergoes triple distillation to ensure its purity.

A bottle of 1-month (16 fl oz or 473 ml) supply would cost you $39.00. One recommended serving of this product contains 12.8 grams of MCT.

2. Bulletproof — best C8 MCT oil

Bulletproof Brain MCT Oil

Brain Octane by Bulletproof is a pure C8 MCT oil with no additional ingredients. As the manufacturer suggests, C8 is better absorbed through the body than C10-based MCT oils.

Moreover, Brain Octane is free of any flavors and can be easily mixed in food and drinks.

To purify the oil for this product, triple-steam distillation technology is used. Although Bulletproof claims its products are tested for heavy metals and toxins, no information about testing this particular MCT oil is available on the product’s page.

A 16 fl oz (473 ml) bottle is currently priced at $26.95. The brand also offers 3 fl oz (88 ml) and 32 oz (946 ml) bottles. One recommended serving of this product provides 14 grams of C8.

3. Nature’s Craft — best MCT oil supplement in a softgel form

Natures Craft MCT Oil softgels

For those who are seeking the most precise dosage, MCT softgels by Nature’s Craft may be a perfect choice.

As claimed by the brand, this MCT product has been tested by a third-party laboratory. Moreover, it was made in GMP-certified facilities.

Keep in mind that if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, this Nature’s Craft supplement may not be the most suitable product because it contains gelatin.

Right now, you can get a bottle containing 120 softgels for $14.77. One recommended serving is 2 softgels, which provides 2 grams of MCT oil.

4. Onnit — best MCT oil for weight management

Onnit MCT Oil

Onnit is a coconut-sourced MCT oil formulated for weight management. This product contains no other ingredients besides C8, C10, and C12 types of MCTs.

According to the reviews, Onnit's MCT oil could be also considered to be the best MCT oil for coffee, smoothies, or any other beverage as it has no flavor and mixes well.

A 24 fl oz (710 ml) bottle of Onnit is currently priced at $24.95 if you opt for a one-time purchase. This bottle size would provide you with about 47 servings, each delivering 12.7 grams of MCT.

5. BrainMD — best MCT oil for keto diet

BrainMD MCT Energy

This MCT oil by BrainMD stands as a solid choice for people who follow a keto diet. As it contains no additional ingredients, this oil is flavorless and pairs well with coffee, smoothies, and other low-carb beverages.

Furthermore, the product was made using organic and non-GMO coconuts and contains C8 and C10 MCTs. According to the brand, the product is made utilizing the cold pressing method.

A 16 fl oz (473 ml) bottle of BrainMD MCT oil is currently priced at $24.95. The product contains around 31 servings, each delivering 14 grams of MCT.

Comparison of best MCT oil products

BrandSourceFormOil typeMCT per servingPackage sizeServings per packagePrice per packagePrice per serving
Performance LabOrganic coconutsOilC8, C10 12.8 grams 16 fl oz or 473 ml31$39.00$1.26
Bulletproof CoconutsOilC814 grams16 fl oz or 473 ml32$26.95$0.87
Nature’s CraftCoconutsSoftgelsC8, C10 2 grams 120 softgels60$14.77$0.25
Onnit CoconutsOilC8, C10 12.7 grams24 fl oz or 710 ml47$24.95$0.53
BrainMDCoconutsOilC8, C10 14 grams16 fl oz or 473 ml31$24.95$0.80

Effectiveness of different MCT supplement forms

MCT oil is proposed to be helpful in weight management and gut health. However, as of now, research studies are scarce, especially comparing different MCT oil supplement forms. If you decide to use MCT, the most suitable form for you will be the one that can be easily integrated into your routine.

Most commonly, MCT supplements are sold in oil form. MCT oil itself is flavorless. It can be mixed up with food and beverages. You may also find MCT softgels and powders.

When it comes to sources, MCT oil is derived either from coconuts or palm kernel oil. When it comes to effectiveness, these two forms should not differ.

Can you use MCT oil when on a keto diet?

Yes, you can use MCT oil on a ketogenic diet as long as it does not contain any additional ingredients high in carbs.

In fact, MCT oil is preferred to coconut oil for those who practice keto since MCTs are more easily converted to ketones for energy.

The role of MCT oil in weight management

In weight loss, MCT oil is thought to boost energy expenditure and satiety, potentially reducing caloric intake. However, as of now, there are limited studies that explore MCT oil in weight management.

For instance, limited studies comparing MCT oils and other oils (olive, for instance) suggest higher weight loss with MCT supplementation.

The full impact and safety, especially in overweight individuals, require further research studies with larger participant numbers. High-fat diets, including supplementation with MCT oil, may not be suitable for those overweight, obese, or at risk of cardiovascular issues.

Best time and dosage for MCT oil supplementation

As of now, the research is scarce to give a conclusive answer.

When it comes to the best time, some studies showed no difference when you consume MCT oil. For instance, one study included elderly people divided into two groups: the ones who took MCT during breakfast and those who added it to their dinner. This study did not show any difference between the groups in measured muscle mass and function and cognition parameters.

If you're trying to determine the optimal dosage of MCT, there's no conclusive recommendation available as of now. According to the EFSA review of MCT, the research studies on MCT used a range of dosages from 1.7g to 55g per day. Moreover, no major side effects were noticed during the reviewed studies.

However, this is not to say that MCT oil is well-tolerated in all populations. In the next section, we will talk about the possible negative effects and considerations regarding MCT oil supplementation.

What to consider before taking MCT oil

While some studies suggest that MCTs may have some benefits, more research is needed to fully understand their effects, especially in the long term.

Moreover, it is crucial to know that a diet high in fat (including MCT oil) is not advised for overweight and obese people or people at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

If you decide to incorporate MCT oil into your routine, it is best to start with lower doses. Please also consider contacting your healthcare provider to determine if MCT is the right option for your case.

Best MCT oil: conclusion

MCT oil is promoted as a dietary supplement with potential benefits such as quickly providing energy, upkeep of gut health, and support for weight management.

Our curated list of the best MCT oil products, considering factors like type, brand reputation, price-quality ratio, and sustainability, aims to assist individuals seeking to incorporate MCTs into their routine. However, if you decide to incorporate MCT oils into your routine, it is best to consult your physician.

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