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Best Milk Thistle Supplement: Our Top 5 Favorites in 2024

Our liver works tirelessly to rid us of toxins, but sometimes, it may require assistance. To support liver health and aid natural detoxification, milk thistle has been used as an herbal remedy in traditional medicine for centuries.

In this article, we search for the best milk thistle supplement, delving into the nuances of selecting a high-quality product that aligns with your health goals. We explore the importance of silymarin concentration, the potential benefits of various supplement forms — pills, liquid, and extract — and how to navigate the myriad of options available.

Whether you're seeking to support liver function, aid detoxification, or simply integrate a natural supplement into your wellness routine, this article will provide you with the insights needed to make an informed choice.

Best milk thistle supplement: shortlist

  1. Future Kind — overall best milk thistle supplement
  2. Herbal Roots — best milk thistle supplement combining seeds and extract
  3. Doublewood — best milk thistle supplement in liquid form
  4. BulkSupplements — best milk thistle supplement in powder form
  5. Clav — best milk thistle supplement with artichoke

How we compiled our list to find the best milk thistle supplement

Ingredient qualityCustomer reviewsPriceSafetyForm
Purity and potency of the extractFeedback from users$0.04—0.70 per servingNecessary quality assurancePills, liquid, or powder
  • Ingredient quality. Supplements that boast high concentration milk thistle extract were prioritized, ensuring that the only supreme quality milk thistle is found in products that adhere to stringent quality controls.
  • Customer reviews. User feedback provided insights into the user satisfaction levels associated with each product, guiding toward the best milk thistle pills and liquids preferred by consumers.
  • Price. Affordability without compromising on quality is key. We sought out the best brand of milk thistle that offers a balance between cost and amount of servings, making liver health support accessible to more people.
  • Safety. Ensuring that each supplement is manufactured at high quality was paramount, and third-party testing to ensure a toxin-free product was a welcome plus. The best form of milk thistle must also be one that consumers can trust for safety and consistent quality.
  • Form. Whether in the form of the best liquid milk thistle, best milk thistle pills, best milk thistle extract powders, or teas, the preference for one form over another was considered, recognizing that the best milk thistle supplement needs to cater to individual preferences.

Best milk thistle supplement: an overview

To put our selection criteria to the test, we reviewed five top picks that we think are worth your consideration. We analyzed the following brands’ products based on their ingredient origin, organic certifications, quality testing, customer reviews, and price-to-value ratio. Read on to learn our findings.

1. Future Kind — overall best milk thistle supplement

Future Kind Vegan Milk Thistle Seed Liver Cleanse

Future Kind takes milk thistle supplementation seriously and provides the extract and the plant seed powder in a convenient capsule form. This composition may help your body enjoy the full benefits of milk thistle compounds and absorb as much of them as possible.

Providing 80% standardized extract, Future Kind ensures the product is top-notch and is positioned to provide liver support and antioxidant effects.

The brand manufactures its milk thistle extract powder in an NSF-certified, FDA-registered, and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)-adhering facility, which helps ensure product quality. The supplement is also third-party tested, ensuring it’s toxin-free. The quality offered by this brand is confirmed by positive customer reviews, signifying high user satisfaction.

A 30-day supply costs $19.99 ($0.67 per serving).

2. Herbal Roots — best milk thistle supplement combining seeds and extract

Herbal Roots Milk Thistle Capsules

Herbal Root’s Milk Thistle supplement offers all there is to wish for. The product comes in a convenient vegan capsule and contains 312.5 mg 80% milk thistle extract in combination with 137.5 mg of milk thistle seeds. Such a high standardized silymarin amount is among the highest on our list.

The brand claims that this supplement, in addition to supporting liver health, also is a digestive aid, and is rich in antioxidants. The customers also appreciate this supplement, and although the reviews are few, all of them indicate supreme user satisfaction.

The Herbal Root’s product is manufactured under GMP standards, meaning that the quality of this milk thistle supplement is always top. Additionally, rigorous in-house testing provides confidence that these capsules are toxin-free.

Sixty capsules cost $24.99 ($0.42 per capsule).

3. Doublewood — best milk thistle supplement in liquid form

Doublewood Milk Thistle Drops

Doublewood presents their milk thistle supplement in the form of drops. This product offers a way to include milk thistle into your health routine if you are looking for something other than capsules.

The brand states that a single serving of 1 ml contains an extract of 108 mg of dry milk thistle seed. Extracted with vegetable glycerin and purified water, the supplement is vegan and organic.

While the product is newly introduced and has no customer reviews at the time of writing, Doublewood provides confidence in this supplement. The brand produces milk thistle drops in a GMP-certified manufacturing facility in the USA. Additionally, Doublewood goes the extra mile to have their product third-party tested, ensuring the drops are toxin-free.

Thirty servings cost $19.95 ($0.67 per serving).

4. BulkSupplements — best milk thistle supplement in powder form

BulkSupplements.com Milk Thistle Capsules

BulkSupplements offers their milk thistle supplement in a powder form. A serving of 250 mg, which equates to roughly one-tenth of a teaspoon, offers flexibility in how you take it. Powder’s versatility means that it can be mixed in with food, like a smoothie or a soup. The brand claims that its milk thistle extract is standardized to no less than 80% silymarin.

BulkSupplements manufactures milk thistle extract powder in an NSF-certified, FDA-registered, cGMP manufacturing facility. The supplement is tested by a third-party laboratory, ensuring product quality. The quality offered by this brand is also reflected in hundreds of positive customer reviews, signifying high user satisfaction.

One hundred grams of this supplement equals about 400 servings and costs $15.96 ($0.04 per serving).

5. Clav — best milk thistle supplement with artichoke

CLAV Milk Thistle Complex

Clav offers their milk thistle supplement in combination with artichoke extract. This supplement may deliver a synergistic effect of both plants to support liver health. While milk thistle contains silymarin that may aid liver health, artichoke contains cynarin, which has been reported to stimulate bile production, improve fat digestion, and support the liver in processing toxins more efficiently. Therefore, Clav’s milk thistle with artichoke may offer a comprehensive approach to liver health by supporting the health of liver cells and improving bile flow.

While a single serving of two capsules contains 800 mg of milk thistle powder and 80 mg of artichoke extract, there is no silymarin standardization figure on the product label. The product page has no customer reviews yet, likely due to the product being newly introduced.

Clav manufactures its milk thistle supplement in Germany and boasts an Organic certification from EU Agriculture.

One hundred twenty capsules cost $34.90 ($0.58 per serving).

Comparing best milk thistle supplements

BrandPrice per bottlePrice per servingNumber of servingsSilymarin concentrationForm
Future Kind$19.99$0.673080%Capsules
Herbal Roots$24.99 $0.426080%Capsules
Doublewood$19.95$0.6730Not declaredLiquid
Clav$34.90$0.58 60Not declaredCapsules

What is milk thistle?

Milk thistle, a plant indigenous to the Mediterranean region, stands out with its sharp leaves and striking purple blooms. The plant's leaves, distinctively marked with white veins resembling milk spills, are the origin of its name.

Traditionally, milk thistle has been valued not just for its visual appeal but also for its seeds. These seeds have been utilized in various traditional practices. Historically, the milk thistle plant seeds have been used for their perceived beneficial properties in supporting liver health. These practices include using milk thistle as a remedy for liver-related conditions, such as jaundice and inflammatory liver conditions, by leveraging its purported detoxifying effects. Additionally, milk thistle has been employed in traditional remedies aimed at aiding digestion and enhancing gallbladder function.

Health benefits of milk thistle supplements

Milk thistle supplements have garnered attention for their potential to support health, particularly in the context of liver function and detoxification processes. Rich in silymarin — a compound purportedly having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties — milk thistle may contribute to liver health by helping protect it from damage and supporting its regenerative capabilities.

Beyond liver support, milk thistle supplements may also play a role in supporting metabolic health, reducing the impact of oxidative stress, and aiding in the management of blood sugar levels.

For fatty liver and overall liver health

Milk thistle supplements are particularly noted for their potential to support a healthy liver. You can find the best milk thistle for fatty liver that would help this and related conditions. Fatty liver is characterized by excess fat accumulation in the liver, and if you're curious if milk thistle is good for fatty liver, science offers evidence.

Milk thistle’s active component, silymarin, may assist in stabilizing liver cell membranes and support the liver's natural detoxification pathways, potentially easing the burden on livers compromised by fatty deposits.

For individuals with a healthy liver, the best milk thistle for the liver may offer protective benefits, helping to shield liver cells from damage caused by environmental toxins and alcohol. This proposed dual action of supporting liver health in compromised and healthy states highlights milk thistle's potential versatility as a supplement for liver wellness.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Milk thistle's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties extend beyond liver support, offering potential benefits for the entire body. The active compound, silymarin, is known for its ability to neutralize harmful free radicals, thereby potentially reducing oxidative stress, which is a key factor in the aging process and various inflammatory conditions.

This antioxidant action is not limited to the liver — it may also protect other organs and tissues from oxidative damage, supporting overall cellular health. Additionally, milk thistle's anti-inflammatory effects can help soothe inflammation not just in the liver, but potentially in other areas of the body, contributing to a reduction in the risk of inflammatory conditions and supporting general well-being.

Types of milk thistle supplements

Milk thistle supplements are available in several forms to suit different preferences and absorption efficiencies. Pills are a popular choice, offering a straightforward way to consume a precise dose of milk thistle extract in a convenient format.

For those who may have difficulty swallowing pills, liquid milk thistle provides a flexible solution, allowing for easy dosage adjustments and the option to blend with other liquids.

Extracts, often concentrated, present another option, ideal for individuals seeking the most direct form of milk thistle's active ingredients.

Each type ensures that finding the best milk thistle supplement to fit one's health regimen is simple and effective.


Milk thistle pills are an excellent choice for individuals seeking a convenient and precise method of incorporating this supplement into their daily health routine. Typically favored by those with busy lifestyles or who prefer not to taste the supplement directly, pills offer the ease of portability and no-fuss consumption.

The silymarin concentration in milk thistle pills can vary. Many products are standardized to contain between 70% and 80% silymarin, ensuring a strong dose of the active compound believed to support liver health and provide antioxidant benefits. This form is ideal for those who value simplicity and efficiency in their supplementation practices.


Milk thistle in liquid form is particularly suitable for individuals who experience difficulties with swallowing pills, such as those with dysphagia, or for anyone who prefers a more adaptable dosing method. This form allows for easy adjustment of doses and can be mixed into beverages or taken directly, offering a versatile approach to supplementation. The concentration of silymarin in liquid milk thistle can vary widely depending on the product, but it generally offers a range that allows for tailored dosing to meet individual needs.

Liquid forms provide a practical solution for those seeking the benefits of milk thistle with greater flexibility and ease of use.


Milk thistle extract is ideal for individuals seeking a highly concentrated form of silymarin to maximize the potential health benefits. This form is particularly suitable for those who are focused on specific health goals related to liver support or antioxidant intake and prefer a higher concentration of the active ingredient. Milk thistle extracts are often standardized to contain a high concentration of silymarin, typically ranging from 80% to 90%, providing a robust dose of the active compound in each serving.

For people who prioritize efficiency and strength in their supplements, milk thistle extract offers a direct approach to incorporating this herb into their wellness regimen.

Finding quality milk thistle supplement: a look at concentration

When searching for the best milk thistle supplement, it is key to understand the role of silymarin concentration. Silymarin, the active compound in milk thistle, is credited with the plant's potential health benefits, particularly in supporting liver health and providing antioxidant properties. A quality milk thistle supplement should contain a silymarin concentration of at least 70%. This concentration ensures that you're receiving a concentrated dose to potentially impact your health positively.

The right concentration is vital because it directly correlates with the supplement's ability to support the liver's health and protect against oxidative stress. Choosing a supplement with an adequate level of silymarin maximizes the likelihood of experiencing the intended health benefits, making concentration a key factor in selecting a quality product.

Best milk thistle supplement — our conclusion

In conclusion, finding the best milk thistle supplement involves careful consideration of form, concentration, and quality. Whether you prefer pills, liquid, or extract, ensuring a silymarin concentration of at least 70% may be crucial for maximizing potential health benefits, especially for liver support.

Our exploration highlights the importance of selecting a supplement that aligns with your lifestyle and health goals, underpinned by quality ingredients and positive customer feedback. By prioritizing these factors, you can confidently choose a milk thistle supplement that best supports your wellness journey.

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