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Best Natural Supplements for Weight Loss – Top Options for Your Goals in 2024

Many people face challenges trying to lose weight naturally, leading to numerous questions about effective methods. However, achieving successful weight management, which involves both losing weight and maintaining it, proves to be a difficult task.

Not only would it require reduced calorie intake and regular exercise, but also an increase in metabolism that perhaps some weight loss supplements might assist you with.

While a singular natural weight loss pill to handle everything doesn't exist, this article will delve into our top five picks for supplements that may assist you on your weight loss journey.

Best natural supplements for weight loss: a shortlist

  1. A Quality Life — best natural weight loss supplement
  2. Utzy Naturals — best fiber food supplement for potential weight loss
  3. Performance Lab® — best caffeine supplement for potential weight loss
  4. Unbloat — best supplement that reduces bloating
  5. NuLeaf Naturals — best CBD oil for potential appetite control

How we compiled the list of best natural supplements for weight loss?

Quality ingredientsNatural, backed by science, ingredients
CertificationsCertified for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and others
Third-party testingTested by independent third-party laboratories
  • Quality ingredients. We run through the product's ingredients list to check if it is evidence-backed for suggested purposes, contributing to the product's effectiveness.
  • Certifications. Our priority is to check whether brands provide consumers with assurance and transparency by disclosing certifications to see if it has high quality standards and ethical manufacturing practices.
  • Third-party testing. We checked whether brands are using independent laboratories for third-party testing.
  • Price. We evaluate the product's cost in relation to its quality and benefits.

Best natural supplements for weight loss: an overview

Natural weight loss supplements can be a valuable addition to your weight management efforts, but they should be seen as supportive aid rather than standalone miracle solutions for shedding pounds.

In the following section, we'll present an overview of our top five supplements for potential weight loss.

1. A Quality Life — best natural weight loss supplement


Fitness Advance by A Quality of Life is a dietary supplement that blends natural ingredients like green coffee beans, green tea, raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia, and caffeine anhydrous. Many of these ingredients have the capacity to enhance metabolic health such as improving glucose control and having a positive effect on blood lipids.

With components known to support energy metabolism, vitality, and digestive health, it can be a valuable addition to your daily routine. The product, as indicated on the brand's website, is free from GMOs and unnecessary additives. Each veggie capsule is designed for ease of use, and independent 3rd-party lab reports guarantee transparency.

The brand advises to take one capsule twice daily as a dietary supplement. For optimal results, consume 20-30 minutes before a meal with 8 oz. of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Priced at $36.45, A Quality Life offers free shipping for all products and is a reliable choice.

2. Utzy Naturals — best fiber food supplement for potential weight loss

Utzy Fiber Food

Fiber Food by Utzy Naturals is a solution for meeting daily fiber needs. With a pleasant apple-cinnamon flavor, it provides 10 grams of fiber per serving to bridge the gap between recommended and actual daily fiber intake.

Fiber may play a role in weight loss by absorbing water and extending the stomach, which may enhance a sense of fullness. Consequently, this may result in decreased calorie consumption.

The blend of soluble and insoluble fibers, derived from sources like rice bran and psyllium seed husks, is suggested to support microflora balance, normal blood sugar levels, and cholesterol control. Additionally, the inclusion of prunes and figs promotes digestive regularity.

Manufactured in an NSF® audited facility, the brand assures that its product is manufactured to meet food safety and sanitation requirements.

Priced at $25.95, Utzy Naturals also offers free shipping and an Empty Bottle Guarantee, which means a 100% refund of your purchase for any reason within the first 90 days.

3. Performance Lab® — best caffeine supplement for potential weight loss


Performance Lab®'s Caffeine+ is a supplement designed to provide you with an energy boost with proven ingredients such as caffeine. Some studies suggest that caffeine intake may aid in weight, and body fat reduction. This is attributed to increased calorie burning effects of caffeine, potentially leading to a decrease in weight and body fat.

The formula of Caffeine+ by Performance Lab® is designed to provide the familiar benefits of caffeine, including enhanced focus, clarity, and feeling more energetic. Notably, it includes caffeine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, and NutriGenesis® B-vitamins.

The brand claims each capsule contains 50 mg of caffeine. The product is formulated in a way that may help you achieve sustained focus avoiding the common downsides like jitters or crashes associated with caffeine consumption. Importantly, this supplement is non-GMO and manufactured to high-quality standards, and features NutriCaps® for optimal delivery of ingredients.

Priced at $44.00, Caffeine+ is a practical choice for individuals looking natural weight loss supplements.

4. Unbloat — best supplement that reduces bloating

Unbloat Daily Capsules

In recent clinical trials, it was evident that both probiotics and synbiotics have the potential to aid in weight and fat mass loss, due to their positive influence on metabolic processes and the promotion of a healthier gut microbiome.

Unbloat is a dietary supplement that contains 21 digestive enzymes, 7 probiotic strains, 2 prebiotic fibers, and an array of natural components like ginger, turmeric, and peppermint, designed to promote healthy digestion and reduce uncomfortable bloating.

Unbloat is backed by research and formulated in collaboration with gastroenterologist Dr. Shilpa Mehra. The brand also claims to offer a solution for bloating caused by various factors, such as menstrual cycles, menopause, or IBS.

Priced at $37.33, Unbloat may offer enhanced overall health and immunity. Brand recommends regular use of the product to foster long-term digestive well-being and a flatter belly as a result.

5. NuLeaf Naturals — best CBD oil for potential appetite control

NuLeaf CBD Oil

While the evidence regarding the impact of CBD on weight loss and appetite control is still emerging, certain studies propose a potential anorexigenic effect of CBD that could aid in weight loss.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil provides 30 mg of CBD per serving. It's a whole-plant extract, rich in synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes. The entourage effect is harnessed, as multiple cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN work together.

NuLeaf ensures quality through organic farming, third-party testing by SC Labs®, and CO2 extraction, avoiding the use of harsh solvents.They recommend 60 days of consistent use to experience the benefits. CBD is suggested to work on the endocannabinoid system, promoting anxiety relief that may be important for people struggling with emotional eating.

Priced at $49.00, NuLeaf Naturals is a trusted source, offering high-quality, lab-tested CBD oil for those seeking a potential aid in their weight loss journey.

Comparing the best natural supplements for weight loss

ProductPriceServing sizeServings per containerIngredients
A Quality Life$36.451 capsule60Coffee beans, green tea, raspberry ketones, and garcinia cambogia
Utzy Naturals$25.951 scoop15Psyllium seed powder, flaxseed flour, rice bran, fig, prune, and apple pectin
Performance Lab®$39.601-2 capsule(s)30Riboflavin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, natural caffeine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine
Unbloat$37.332 capsules30Probiotics, flannel seed, turmeric root extract, ginger root extract, spirulina algae, L-leucine and various enzymes
NuLeaf Naturals$49.0010 drops30Cannabidiol, secondary cannabinoids, and organic virgin hemp seed oil

Disclaimer — all natural diet supplements are intended for adult use only. Please adhere to the recommended dosage and do not exceed it. If you are pregnant, nursing, under 18 years of age, or have a known medical condition, it is advisable to consult a physician before incorporating this or any dietary supplement into your routine.

How can natural supplements help with weight management?

Natural supplements for weight loss have potential to assist in weight management by providing specific ingredients that support various aspects of the weight loss process. For example, ingredients like caffeine can boost metabolism and increase energy expenditure, while fiber and protein may promote feelings of fullness, reducing overall calorie intake.

Furthermore, supplements containing active ingredients like green tea and certain herbs can have thermogenic effects, further aiding in calorie burning. It's essential to note that while these supplements might be helpful, they should be only an addition to a weight management plan that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Supplements and weight management: research behind it

Research on natural weight loss supplements is mixed. Some supplements, like green tea extract and caffeine, may slightly boost metabolism, but the effects are often modest and short-term.

Others, such as garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones, lack strong scientific support. Chromium and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may have limited benefits, but the results vary. Safety and long-term effects are also concerns with many supplements.

Afterall, a balanced diet and regular exercise remain the most reliable ways to manage weight and good health. Consult with a healthcare professional before taking any weight management supplements to ensure they're safe and appropriate for your individual needs.

Active ingredients in natural supplements for weight loss

Here are some most researched ingredients that may be found in natural supplements for weight loss and may contribute to healthy weight management.


Caffeine is known to aid weight loss by boosting metabolism and enhancing fat burning. It stimulates the central nervous system, increasing alertness and energy expenditure. Caffeine can also improve physical performance, making it an effective component in some weight loss supplements.

According to Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, meta-analysis represents the initial exploration of how caffeine intake affects weight, BMI, and body fat. The findings suggest that caffeine consumption may contribute to reducing weight, and body fat.

This review has limitations. It only includes a small number of studies, and although it suggests caffeine might aid weight loss, more research is necessary to draw definitive conclusions.


Fiber has the potential to assist in weight loss. Soluble and insoluble fiber absorbs water and forms a gel, slowing gastric emptying and promoting a feeling of fullness. This can lead to reduced calorie intake.

The data suggest that incorporating viscous fiber into the diet is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing overweight or obesity, and those with diabetes or metabolic syndrome. While viscous fiber alone may not lead to significant weight loss, combining it with an energy-restricted diet could offer a more effective strategy.


Protein might support weight loss by increasing a feeling of fullness, reducing overall calorie intake. Additionally, protein has a higher thermic effect, requiring more energy for digestion and metabolism. This can contribute to fat burning and weight management when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Clinical trials indicate that a high-protein diet (HPD) can lead to weight loss, reduced blood triglycerides, and lower blood pressure, all while preserving fat-free mass (FFM). The review paper highlights that the effects were observed in both energy-restricted and standard-energy diets over 6–12 months.

However, longer trials are needed for a better understanding of HPD's effects and safety.

Green tea

Green tea has the potential to aid in weight loss. It contains catechins and caffeine that may boost metabolism and enhance fat burning. The combination of these compounds can contribute to increased calorie expenditure. Including green tea as part of a healthy lifestyle may support weight management efforts.

In Janssens et al. study “Nutraceuticals for body-weight management: The role of green tea catechins“ combining green tea catechins with caffeine was suggested to be beneficial for managing body weight, particularly in maintaining weight after weight loss.

The positive effects are linked to sustained energy expenditure, increased fat oxidation, and the preservation of fat-free body mass. However, certain limitations include high habitual caffeine intake, combination with protein intake, and genetic factors.

Other health benefits of natural supplements for weight management

Beyond aiding in weight loss, natural supplements may offer additional health benefits. Some supplements, like green tea and CLA, may enhance heart health by improving cholesterol profiles. Others, such as fiber supplements, can help regulate blood sugar levels, supporting individuals with diabetes or prediabetes.

Moreover, certain home remedies or supplements, such as probiotics, promote gut health and may aid in digestion. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using supplements to address specific health concerns and ensure they align with your individual needs.

Side effects and considerations

While all natural diet supplements can be beneficial, they may also entail side effects. Common issues include digestive problems, such as gas or upset stomach. Some supplements, like caffeine-based ones, can lead to increased blood pressure, jitteriness and sleep disturbances.

Additionally, individuals may experience allergic reactions to certain ingredients. It's crucial to adhere to recommended dosages and consult with a healthcare professional, as supplements can interact with medications or exacerbate existing health conditions.

Prioritize safety and individual suitability when incorporating weight management supplements into your routine.

Other ways to manage weight effectively

You might consider one of the weight management strategies — intermittent fasting. It is a dietary approach that involves alternating periods of fasting and eating. It has gained popularity for its potential benefits, including weight management and improved metabolic health. During fasting periods, the body may utilize stored fat for energy, contributing to weight loss.

Intermittent fasting may also enhance insulin sensitivity and support cardiovascular health. However, individual results can vary, and it may not be suitable for everyone. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting an intermittent fasting regimen, especially if you have underlying health conditions or specific dietary needs.

The best natural supplements for weight loss – conclusion

In conclusion, natural weight management supplements can play a supportive role in achieving your health and fitness goals. However, their efficacy varies. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and consulting with a healthcare professional should always be the foundation of any weight management strategy.

All natural diet supplements may offer potential benefits, but they should complement, not replace, a healthy lifestyle. Individual responses differ, so it's essential to make informed choices and prioritize overall well-being in your weight management journey.

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