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Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions in 2024: Top 8 Brands Reviewed

Imagine a scenario where selecting the right vitamin supplements from a complex market becomes effortless. This is precisely the convenience that personalized vitamins bring to the table. These tailored vitamin regimens cater to individual nutritional needs, considering distinct health profiles, lifestyle choices, and objectives.

This modern approach simplifies the often overwhelming task of choosing supplements in a saturated market, providing a convenient solution that delivers precise nutritional support and addresses potential deficiencies. While general vitamins have held their place as a dietary staple for a considerable time, the current trend is now shifting towards personalized vitamins, which are rapidly gaining significant popularity.

To effectively guide you in providing your body with essential vitamins, we have compiled a list of the top 8 brands offering the best personalized vitamins in today's market.

Best personalized vitamins: a shortlist

  1. Autumn — best personalized vitamin subscription overall
  2. Bioniq — best personalized vitamin subscription in granule form
  3. HUM Nutrition — best personalized vitamin subscription for women
  4. Viome — best science-based personalized vitamins
  5. Gainful — best personalized vitamin subscription for sporty people
  6. Vous Vitamins — female-run personalized vitamin subscription brand
  7. CorneaCare — best personalized vitamin subscription for eye health
  8. Nurish by Nature Made — best established personalized vitamins

How we listed the best personalized vitamins

When you are on the hunt for a premium personalized vitamin brand, there are several factors to consider. To assist you in making an informed decision and selecting a premium personalized vitamin subscription that aligns with your needs, we rely on the following criteria:

Brand reputationProven track record
Safety profileThird-party testing or relevant certifications
PriceValue for money
Science-backedFollowing established nutritional guidelines
Ingredient transparencyClear information about the ingredients
  • Brand reputation. We have chosen reputable and established personalized vitamin subscription brands as they are more likely to invest in research, quality control, and testing to ensure their vitamins are safe and contain dosages that are carefully balanced, avoiding both excessively low amounts that might be ineffective and excessively high amounts that could lead to toxicities.
  • Safety profile. We actively looked for brands that subject their personalized vitamins to third-party testing, which assures that the supplements match the dosages mentioned on the label and undergo thorough assessments for allergens and contaminants.
  • Price. The personalized vitamin choices highlighted in this list are available at prices spanning from $4 to $230. For those who choose subscription plans, supplementary discounts may apply, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of these offerings.
  • Science-based. Established brands tend to develop their formulations based on toxicity studies and clinical research. We gave preference to brands that ground their recommendations in scientific research and nutritional guidelines.
  • Ingredient transparency. Among the best personalized vitamin brands on this list, you will find those openly sharing details about the ingredients in their customizable supplements. This openness assures customers they can trust the quality and sustainability of their choices.

Best personalized vitamins in 2023: an overview

The trend of personalized vitamins has gained traction among those who seek targeted solutions for their specific health needs. Offering a diverse array of formulations, individuals can now experience a tailored approach that addresses their varying levels of needs. The brands highlighted in our list represent the finest options available in today's market.

1. Autumn — best personalized vitamins overall

Autumn custom supplements

Autumn launches our list as the premier choice for personalized vitamin subscriptions. What sets this brand apart is its innovative approach to customization. Alongside the lifestyle quiz, Autumn uses a saliva test to assemble your vitamin package. The company analyzes more than 500 health markers to formulate a vitamin program that is right just for you.

You can choose between two analysis methods when selecting your personalized vitamins from Autumn. The initial method involves utilizing a saliva collection kit, whereas the second method necessitates uploading your existing lab test results onto the brand's website.

If you do not possess any preexisting results and decide to proceed with the saliva kit option, Autumn will conduct a genetic sequencing within four business days. Subsequently, the results will be conveyed to you through an online portal.

In addition to the customized vitamin packs, users may receive a complimentary personalized vitamin and supplement report. What is more, it is worth noting that all of Autumn's bespoke vitamin packs are crafted to be non-GMO and vegan, and they are produced within the United States.

A personalized 30-day supply of customized vitamins costs $79.99. It should be mentioned that the saliva collection kit, typically priced at $59.99, is now included at no additional cost.

2. Bioniq — best personalized vitamin subscription in granule form

Bioniq PRO personalised supplements

Backed by a solid foundation of research and a customer base of over 40,000, Bioniq is a pioneering brand in personalized supplement subscriptions. Poised to revolutionize the conventional approach to supplementation, it offers a delivery mechanism that they call the future of personalized supplements.

The brand argues that while most supplements, typically in the form of capsules or tablets, may not be formulated for optimal absorption, its prebiotic-fiber-based supplements offer a potential solution by securing a pathway for nutrients into the intestines, thereby avoiding premature destruction in the stomach.

To create a supplement formula just for you, the brand analyzes blood test results. You have the option to upload your existing lab results or choose the Bioniq blood test, priced at $199. The latter will schedule you for a 50-parameter analysis performed at a certified lab partner, with services available exclusively in NYC and LA.

The 3-month starter package, which is, in fact, a one-time offering, provides everything you need for a three-month period. Priced at $550, it includes a complimentary travel case and a nutrition consultation.

3. HUM Nutrition — best personalized vitamins for women

HUM custom bundre for woman

In line with their catchy slogan — science-backed, women-centered — HUM Nutrition brings forth custom vitamin blends catering to all phases of life. This personalized vitamin subscription service provides supplements to address a variety of needs, such as promoting skin and hair vitality, maintaining digestive balance, offering PMS relief, assisting with weight control, and enhancing immune resilience, among various others.

HUM Nutrition maintains complete transparency regarding the precise quantities of every active ingredient present in its products. This commitment is evident as they refrain from employing proprietary blends, which are customized combinations that withhold the specific measurements of individual ingredients on the supplement label.

Formulated by certified dietitians, each Hum vitamin blend targets specific health needs. By taking a short quiz, you can receive a tailored selection of recommended vitamin supplements.

All supplements offered by HUM Nutrition are gluten-free, and most align with vegan diet principles. However, it is important to note that exceptions to this rule exist in products containing collagen or fish oil.

HUM Nutrition offers personalized vitamin supplements at varying price points, starting as low as $10 and going up to $60 per product.

4. Viome — best science-based personalized vitamins

Viome Health Intelligence Test

Every formula designed by Viome is completely distinct, and created exclusively based on the test results. Viome's innovative technology integrates health scores, findings of numerous clinical studies as highlighted by the company, and a multitude of Viome's algorithms.

Algorithms employed by Viome precisely identify optimal nutrient needs that hold the potential to benefit your body, while simultaneously improving specific health metrics that demand targeted focus.

Moreover, the brand champions transparency and maintains a steadfast commitment to providing clean-label products. An in-depth description, references to relevant clinical studies, and educational resources accompany each ingredient included in the customizable vitamin packs.

You can be confident that Viome's products are devoid of questionable additives, such as synthetic fillers, artificial colors, mercury, or partially-hydrogenated soybean oil.

To subscribe to Viome's personalized vitamins, you must purchase and complete either the Viome Gut Intelligence test, the Oral Health Intelligence test, or the Full Body Intelligence test.

Viome's personalized vitamins can be obtained for a cost of $199 when selecting both stool and blood tests.

5. Gainful — best personalized vitamin subscription for sporty people

Gainful - Personalized Sports Supplements

Solidifying its position as a premier subscription service specializing in personalized sports supplements, Gainful offers an extensive product lineup. This includes protein powder, pre-workout options, personalized hydration supplements, creatine, collagen, and fiber — all formulated to potentially support you in reaching your fitness aspirations.

Gainful's line of supplements, crafted under the expertise of their in-house registered dietitians, is designed to accommodate different dietary restrictions with precision in the formulation.

With Gainful, a quick and free 5-minute quiz makes it a swift process to receive recommendations for highly personalized and customized sports supplements tailored specifically to your needs.

At Gainful, personalized supplements are available at prices ranging from $22 for options like creatine and fiber to $45 for protein powder.

6. Vous Vitamins — female-run personalized vitamin subscription brand

Vous personalised vitamins

With a foundation rooted in medical expertise, the minds behind Vous Vitamins bring a personalized touch to the vitamin subscription market. Extensive research of the medical literature has led them to create a survey pinpointing individual nutritional needs — a task they contend can only be executed by qualified professionals.

In its attempt to put an end to often poor adherence to supplement intake, the brand has designed its tablets with particular attention to size, shape, and coating, all to encourage optimal and sustainable long-term compliance with vitamin routines.

Vous Vitamins supplements, though not subject to third-party testing, carry cGMP certification from NSF. This guarantees that the supplement packaging and labeling controls are in place.

Vous Vitamin's personalized vitamin subscriptions kick off at a budget-friendly monthly investment of just $30.

7. CorneaCare — best personalized vitamin subscription for eye health

CorneaCare personalised plan

Wrapping up our list of the best personalized vitamin subscriptions is CorneaCare, another well-received vitamin service brand, offering a collection of eye care products tailored to deliver individualized support for eye health.

With its community portal and app, the latter serving as a CorneaCare coach, alongside its proprietary products, the brand's supplement lineup spans from eye vitamins and drops to eyelid hygiene packages and eyecare bundles.

CorneaCare holds third-party GMP certifications from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), one of today's most reputable independent product testing organizations.

These internationally recognized third-party GMP certifications help the brand assure its customers that the products it manufactures meet high standards and feature a strong safety profile.

CorneaCare offers personalized vitamins with prices ranging from $15 to $230, providing a diverse array of options to support eye health, catering to individual preferences.

8. Nurish by Nature Made — best established personalized vitamins

Nurish by NatureMade Personalized packs

With over half a century of experience, Nurish by Nature Made stands as a trusted name in the world of personalized vitamin subscriptions, offering supplements to families all over the United States.

Beyond the personalized vitamin subscriptions customized to fit specific nutrient needs, the brand's product portfolio encompasses multivitamins, letter vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbal supplements, and a host of other options.

Most Nurish by Nature Made products have undergone testing, and their ingredients have been verified by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), a scientific non-profit organization responsible for establishing purity and potency standards for dietary supplements in the U.S.

The brand takes customization to the next level and goes the extra mile to embrace the personalized vitamin concept, ensuring that every vitamin you purchase will bear your name on the packaging.

With Nurish by Nature, you can opt for either a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription. Monthly subscription options start as low as $4 and go up to $16, with most of them providing a 30-day supply.

Comparison of the top 8 personalized vitamin brands

BrandPrice rangeMethod of personalizatioCustomization Third-party testingShipping
Autumn$79.99Saliva testYesYesFree shipping for every order
Bioniq$550Blood testYesNot specifiedCalculated at checkout
HUM Nutrition$10.00–$60.00QuizNoYesFree monthly shipping on orders over $50
Viome$199Blood and stool testYesYesFree in the U.S.
Gainful$22.00–$45.00QuizYesNot specifiedCalculated at checkout
Vous VitaminsStarts at $30QuizYesNoFree
$15–$230QuizNoYesFree in the U.S.
Nurish by Nature Made
$4–$16QuizNoMost of the productsFree U.S. shipping on orders over $30

Please be aware that the FDA is not authorized to approve dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness. Therefore, always consult with your doctor before deciding to purchase or use dietary supplements, especially together with prescription medications.

What to look for when choosing the right personalized vitamins for you

Selecting the best personalized vitamins for you requires thoughtful deliberation and thorough research. Here are essential factors to take into account when choosing customizable supplements tailored to your health profile:

  • Reputable brand. Search for a personalized vitamin brand with a prominent and well-regarded presence in the industry. Ultimately, choose a brand that is GMP-certified, subjects its products to thorough third-party testing, and showcases favorable independent customer reviews.
  • Individualized formulation. Verify that the personalized vitamins are precisely tailored to your needs, addressing nutrient deficiencies or health objectives identified through the assessment process.
  • Allergen and dietary considerations. Be certain that the personalized vitamin provider can accommodate any allergies or specific dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, to guarantee a tailored and suitable solution based on your health profile.
  • Value for money. Assess the cost of the personalized vitamin subscription and weigh it against your budget and health priorities to ensure alignment between the benefits offered and your financial resources.

What are personalized vitamins?

Personalized vitamins or customized vitamins are simply dietary supplements designed exclusively to match distinct nutritional needs and health goals. The concept underlying personalized vitamins aims to deliver precise and tailored nutritional assistance, believed to be more impactful compared to standard multivitamin supplements.

These custom vitamins work by providing specific nutrients that have been found as deficient or below optimal levels through an individualized assessment and thorough data analysis. The core purpose of personalized vitamins is to rectify these imbalances, ultimately bolstering the overall health and well-being of the individual.

Are personalized vitamins good for you?

Whether personalized vitamins are good for you may depend on several different things. In essence, these custom vitamins can benefit those in pursuance of precise nutritional support based on their unique health profiles. Personalized vitamins are particularly useful in proactive health management, as they may address potential deficiencies before they manifest as health issues.

Besides, the convenience factor cannot be overlooked either, as personalized vitamins simplify the often complex process of selecting and consuming what is truly necessary for you.

On the contrary, you should remember that personalized vitamins might not suit everyone. Those with a balanced diet and no specific health concerns may not experience significant benefits beyond what generic supplements offer. We emphasize further that a balanced diet rich in whole foods remains the cornerstone of good nutrition and optimal health.

Before considering personalized vitamins or any other dietary supplements, it is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to ensure that the supplements are appropriate for your individual needs and health status.

Benefits of personalized vitamins

Personalized vitamins offer a host of advantages that cater to individual health requirements. Tailored to address specific nutritional gaps and goals, they have emerged as a potentially proactive solution for optimizing well-being.

  • Nutrient tailoring. Personalized vitamins are formulated to include the specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, or other nutrients the individual assessment indicates may be needed.
  • Potential cost-effectiveness. Although personalized vitamins might appear pricier initially, they can prove to be cost-effective by efficiently addressing specific needs, potentially eliminating the need for additional supplements.
  • Convenience. Rather than consuming multiple generic supplements, personalized vitamins provide a streamlined solution by combining essential nutrients into a single product.
  • Specific health goals. Whether your goal is to support your immune system, manage stress, improve cognitive function, or address nutrient deficiencies, personalized vitamins can be distinctly formulated to incorporate nutrients recognized for their support in achieving those exact objectives.

Any possible risks or side effects?

The newly originated concept of personalized vitamins holds the potential to deliver distinct benefits tailored to individual needs. Though, just like with any dietary supplement, it is essential to approach these customized vitamins with mindfulness and informed judgment. Before integrating personalized vitamins into your daily regimen, seeking guidance from a healthcare professional can help ensure a side-effect-free experience.

Down below are several potential risks and side effects associated with personalized vitamins:

Risks and side effectsImpact
Unproven claimsSome personalized vitamin providers overly exaggerate health claims related to micronutrients which may mislead a consumer.
May interact with medicationsCertain vitamins and minerals have the potential to interact with medications, which could lead to diminished effectiveness or unintended side effects.
Allergic reactionsPersonalized vitamin supplements may contain components to which individuals could be allergic or sensitive. Consequently, consuming these supplements might lead to allergic reactions or gastrointestinal discomfort.
Lack of scientific evidencePersonalized vitamins are frequently promoted with assertions that might lack robust scientific substantiation.

Ingredients of personalized vitamins

The specific ingredients found in personalized vitamins can vary widely based on an individual's health profile and goals. However, several common ingredients are often included in personalized vitamin formulations due to their widespread health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Vitamins. Vitamins, among them vitamin D, C, E, A, and B group vitamins, are micronutrients crucial for promoting healthy development and facilitating optimal bodily functions.
  • Minerals. For the optimal functioning of muscles, the heart, bones, and the brain, our bodies necessitate essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium, and potassium.
  • Amino acids. Amino acids serve as the foundational building blocks of proteins, playing essential roles in diverse functions such as muscle recovery, immune support, and providing the body with energy.
  • Probiotics and prebiotics. The synergy between probiotics and prebiotics within personalized vitamins offers a holistic strategy for improving gut health. Probiotics introduce beneficial bacteria directly into the gut, while prebiotics nourish and support the growth of these bacteria.

Are personalized vitamins better than generic vitamins?

Whether personalized vitamins are better than generic vitamins depends on a multitude of factors, encompassing individual health needs, objectives, and personal inclinations. A universal solution cannot be applied, given that personalized and generic vitamins each possess distinct strengths and limitations.

Ultimately, the choice between personalized and generic vitamins relies on your needs, preferences, and budget. Personalized vitamins might offer a more tailored and potentially effective solution if you have specific nutrient deficiencies, health concerns, or sports performance goals.

Personalized vitamin packs compared to regular multivitamins

Personalized vitamins are formulated to address an individual's specific nutrient deficiencies. Choosing between personalized and generic vitamins hinges on individual needs and priorities. Personalized vitamins offer a precise approach, tailoring nutrients to address deficiencies and health goals, often with professional input. This option suits those seeking targeted supplementation and a comprehensive wellness plan.

Conversely, generic vitamins provide a more straightforward, cost-effective solution for basic nutrient support without specific customization. They are widely available and suitable for individuals without distinct health concerns. When deciding, consider your health status, budget, and desired level of personalization.

Consulting a healthcare professional can guide you toward the optimal choice, ensuring your supplement regimen aligns with your unique needs and goals.

Are personalized vitamin subscriptions worth it?

Whether personalized vitamin subscriptions are a worthwhile choice hinges on a variety of factors, including your unique health requirements, objectives, financial considerations, and personal preferences. Should you possess specific health aspirations, nutrient deficiencies, or preferences, the customization offered by personalized vitamin subscriptions might deliver precise support to your daily routine, making them a valuable investment and, indeed — worth it.

However, exercise caution when dealing with companies that make exaggerated claims lacking robust scientific support. In the end, the worth of a personalized vitamin subscription lies in its ability to precisely address nutrient deficiencies, avoiding unnecessary ingredients and potential vitamin toxicities.

It is important to note that while personalized vitamins are intriguing and have potential benefits, the scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness is currently limited. The field of personalized nutrition is ever-evolving, and more research is needed to determine the true impact and value of these customized supplement regimens.

Our conclusion of the best personalized vitamin subscription

Personalized vitamins present an enticing prospect and a dynamic shift in the world of supplementation, offering tailored solutions to meet individual health goals and take measures against micronutrient deficiencies. Technological advancements have fueled their emergence, increasing consumer awareness and a desire for more personalized approaches. These custom vitamins hold the potential to optimize nutrient intake, support proactive health management, and simplify supplementation routines.

Though again, we must note that it remains crucial to exercise caution when considering personalized vitamins, as their efficacy is dependent upon the quality of the product and the reputation of the brand. Factors such as transparency regarding formulations, health claims substantiated by scientific evidence, and the engagement of healthcare experts all come into play.

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