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The Best Probiotic Gummies in 2024: Top 5 Brands

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria for your gut health, closely linked to your overall well-being. They come in capsules, powder, yogurt, or other fermented foods.

For a more convenient option, you may enjoy probiotic gummies. To help you find the right product, we reviewed the market and selected the best probiotic gummies in 2024.

Go on reading to choose the one most suitable for your health needs.

The best probiotic gummies: shortlist

  1. Future Kind + — overall best probiotic gummies
  2. HUM — best probiotic gummies for metabolism
  3. Aura Essentials — best probiotic gummies for women
  4. Culturelle® — best price for prebiotic + probiotic gummies
  5. Femometer — probiotic gummies for daily use

How did we choose the best probiotic gummies in the market?

We have conducted a thorough market analysis of probiotic gummies to compile a list of high-rated products using the following criteria.

CFU countUp to 5 billion
IngredientsNo harmful additives
SafetyManufacturing and testing
Price per serving$0.60–$1.00
  • CFU count. Colony-forming units represent the number of live bacteria in the probiotic gummies. Make sure to check if the product label specifies the final CFU count at the time of manufacturing or during shelf-life.
  • Ingredients. Check the supplement label to ensure you get a clean probiotic gummy supplement containing no major allergens or artificial colors. Additionally, keep an eye on the sugar content to stay within the recommended limits.
  • Safety. Our pick of the best probiotics gummies are claimed to be manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities or tested for safety and quality.
  • Price per serving. We choose probiotic supplements that are budget-friendly and reasonably priced based on the daily serving amount.

Best probiotic gummies: overview

This section offers a deep dive into our pick of the best probiotic gummies on the market. Here we reviewed 5 products along with their benefits for your gut and overall health, their pros and cons.

Read on to find the most suitable probiotic gummy supplement for your health needs and the flavor you favor the most.

1. Future Kind + — overall best probiotic gummies for gut health

Future Kind Vegan Probiotic Gummies

The manufacturers of Future Kind+ boast with their organic, eco-friendly, and vegan probiotic gummies. This is a high-quality product designed to support gut health, digestion, and immune health.

The inclusion of Bacillus subtilis (DE111®) is noteworthy, as this probiotic strain has shown promise in supporting both immune health and digestion in various studies. Moreover, the 5 billion CFU of this strain indicates the potential of this product for promoting gut health and overall well-being.

Future Kind+ offers these probiotic gummies in a delightful strawberry flavor, and are colored with natural black carrot. The recommended daily dosage, according to the provider, is 2 gummies.

The product is developed in FDA and cGMP-compliant facilities in the US. Future Kind + probiotic gummies are also claimed to be third-party tested for quality.

A one-time purchase of Future Kind + organic probiotics is priced at $29.99 ($1.00 per serving).

2. HUM — best probiotic gummies for weight loss and metabolic support

HUM Probiotics ACV Gummies

The scientists behind HUM incorporated vitamin B12, B. coagulans, and apple cider vinegar to create the PRO ACV probiotic gummies. This combination is suggested to support healthy weight management, metabolism, and digestive health.

The recommended daily dosage of HUM is 2 probiotic gummies, providing 2 billion CFU. Note that the provider indicates this amount to be measured at the time of manufacturing.

HUM PRO ACV probiotic gummies are vegan, and contain no artificial colors or flavors. They are formulated in cGMP-certified sites and are claimed to be third-party tested for quality. This supplement is also Clean Label Project certified for utilizing clean and verified ingredients.

HUM offers its PRO ACV probiotic gummies at $26.00 ($0.90 per serving).

3. Aura — best probiotic gummies for women’s health

Aura Essentials Daily Probiotic Gummy

The provider of Aura Essentials asserts its products help with yeast infection management, potentially becoming one of the best probiotic gummies for women’s health.

The formula is a combination of B. coagulans and B. lactis strains, with a total of over 2.5 billion CFU. Yet, it's important to note that this count is determined at the time of manufacturing.

Probiotic gummies from Aura Essentials come in natural raspberry flavor and watermelon flavors. Instead of added sugar, the manufacturer uses 6 g of sugar alcohols to make its gummies less sweet and lower in calories.

These probiotic gummies are vegan, free from GMOs and fillers. The provider claims their products to be quality tested by third-party labs.

On-time purchase of Aura Essentials probiotic gummies costs $29.99 ($1.00 per serving).

4. Culturelle® — best prebiotic and probiotic gummies for price

Culturelle® Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies

Culturelle® is one of the reputable and well-established supplement brands in the USA, offering a wide range of products. One of them is Probiotic + Prebiotic gummies for adults, which are comparably lower priced.

This synbiotic formula by Culturelle® combines the benefits of two distinct probiotic strains — B. subtilis and B. coagulans. These probiotic strains are known for supporting digestive health and promoting a balanced gut microbiome. With 2 gummies daily, this product delivers 2 billion CFU.

Culturelle® Probiotic + Prebiotic gummies are made palatable with mixed berry flavor. Moreover, they contain less than 1 g of sugar and are vegan.

All Culturelle® products are manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities. Due to the packaging and formulation, these probiotic gummies do not require refrigeration.

Culturelle® Probiotic + Prebiotic gummies are reasonably priced at $15.99 ($0.61 per serving).

5. Femometer — best chewable probiotic gummies for everyday use

Femometer probiotic gummies

Femometer offers probiotic gummies designed to provide daily health benefits. The provider suggests a minimum of three-month usage for potential gut health support.

This is a single-strain probiotic supplement containing B. coagulans with the amount of 5 billion CFU. Femtometer probiotic gummies contain no gluten or added sugar, and are suitable for vegans.

One bottle of this product contains 60 gummies infused with natural orange and strawberry flavors. The provider recommends taking 2 gummies daily with or without food.

Femometer probiotic gummies are developed in cGMP and FDA-compliant sites. According to the provider, this product is also third-party tested by independent labs.

Femometer provider doesn’t offer a monthly subscription, thus, the one-time purchase of its probiotic gummies can be obtained at $28.99 ($0.96 per serving).

Comparing the best probiotic gummies in the market

BrandPricePrice per servingServing sizeServing per bottleCFU countFlavors of probiotic gummiesVegan
Future Kind +$29.99$1.002 gummies305 billionStrawberryYes
HUM$26.00$0.902 gummies302 billionNot specifiedYes
Aura Essentials$29.99$1.002 gummies302.5 billionRaspberry and watermelonYes
Culturelle®$15.99$0.612 gummies522 billionMixed berry flavorYes
Femometer$28.99$0.962 gummies305 billionStrawberry and orangeYes

How do probiotic gummies work?

Probiotic gummies may work by helping your body’s community of microorganisms return to a healthy condition after being disturbed. Gummies deliver beneficial microorganisms in a convenient and palatable form, making it easier for people to incorporate them into their daily routines.

By balancing the levels of “friendly” bacteria in your gut, probiotic gummies may help with such aspects of your health as:

  • Bloating relief
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Diarrhea prevention
  • Immune health support
  • Improved digestion

Choosing the right probiotic strain with your doctor’s assistance can ensure you will address your specific health goals.

Probiotics gummies vs. other probiotics supplement forms

Many individuals choose to supplement their diets with probiotic chewable gummies due to their convenience when compared to probiotic capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids.

Nonetheless, more scientific evidence is required to establish the effectiveness of probiotic gummies. Generally, their effectiveness depends on factors such as their viability at the time of supplementation, CFU count, and, of course, the specific probiotic strains they contain.


Probiotics packed in gummies may provide digestive and immune benefits. They may also hold certain advantages over other types of probiotic supplements for the following reasons:

  • Convenience. For individuals finding it hard to swallow capsules or pills, they can chew probiotic gummies for simpler administration of the supplement.
  • Portability. Some specifically designed probiotic gummies may not require refrigeration, thus making a good travel companion.
  • Taste. Probiotic gummies are often produced with natural flavors making them more palatable for use compared to other probiotic supplement forms.

Side effects and considerations

Probiotic gummies are generally safe for daily consumption. However, rarely, they may pose such adverse effects as digestive disturbances when you first introduce it to your diet.

Probiotic gummies, depending on their formulation, may contain added sugar for improved taste. Hence, it’s crucial to be mindful about your daily sugar intake for dental health.

Some products may include potential allergens like nuts, gluten, or dairy. Therefore, it's essential to exercise caution and carefully review the supplement facts when purchasing your probiotic gummies.

Also, individuals with weakened immune system should consult their healthcare practitioner before supplementation with probiotic gummies or other supplement forms.

Which probiotic form is the most effective?

The effectiveness of probiotics does not particularly depend on the form but rather on the specific probiotic strain, dosage, CFU count, and individual response to supplements.

Your doctor is the best source of professional advice when it comes to determining which probiotic form is most effective for your specific needs, preferences, and health conditions.

The best time to take probiotic gummies

It's generally recommended to take probiotic gummies on an empty stomach in the morning, about 30 minutes before consuming any food. However, an emerging theory suggests that taking probiotics with food rich in healthy fats might help them survive the acidic environment of the stomach and reach the intestines more effectively.

Consistency is key when it comes to taking probiotic gummies. Healthcare providers and brands often advise sticking to a regular schedule, consuming them at the same time every day.

Following the recommended intake provided by the manufacturer is essential, but consulting with your doctor can help determine the best time to take your probiotics gummies, as well as the best dosage and duration of consumption tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Tips on selecting the right probiotic gummies for your routine

When buying your probiotic gummies, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Probiotic strain. Identify your health goals with your doctor to choose the most suitable probiotic strain for you.
  • CFU count. Pay attention to the amount of live bacteria throughout the shelf life mentioned on the product label. Generally, a higher CFU count may be a sign of a quality product.
  • Brand reputation. Read customer reviews to learn about the brand’s transparency, delivery, as well as quality assurance through testing and high-standard manufacturing.
  • Storage. Look for probiotic gummies that do not require refrigeration. Generally, the storage recommendation for shelf-stable products is to keep them in a dark and cool place.

The best probiotic gummies — conclusion

Probiotic gummies are crafted to support digestive health, facilitate immunity, and enhance overall well-being. To receive the ultimate benefits from these supplements, you should consult your physician for personalized guidance in the choosing process.

Furthermore, choosing the best probiotic gummies for you needs a meticulous alignment of the product properties to your specific health needs. Thus, when searching for your supplement among the overwhelming amount of products in the market, prioritize probiotic strains specific to your health needs, CFU count, and safety measures.

Other probiotic products and benefits

Studies suggest that there is a link between probiotics and weight loss.

Probiotics may assist in reducing the risk of stomach ulcers.

Select the best probiotics for kids to support their digestion.

Using oral probiotics can help maintain gum health.


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