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Best Supplements for Bloating: Better Digestion in 2024

Bloating is an uncomfortable and often embarrassing symptom related to digestive issues. Supplements that support gut bacteria, usually referred to as microbiome, and naturally occurring digestive enzymes are often helpful in relieving uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

However, with so many product options available, choosing the best supplement for bloating can be difficult.

We researched several supplement brands that help with bloating and ranked them according to specific criteria to consider when choosing a supplement.

This article also offers tips on how to incorporate supplements into your daily routine and ways to monitor your progress.

Best supplements for bloating: shortlist

  1. Future Kind overall best product for bloating
  2. Unbloat best supplement for gut health and bloating
  3. Ritual best probiotic supplement to prevent gas and bloating
  4. HUM best anti-bloating digestive enzyme supplement
  5. Bioma best comprehensive anti-bloating supplement
  6. Culturelle best probiotic for indigestion and gas
  7. Microbiome Plus+ best probiotic and enzyme blend for digestive support
  8. Double Wood Supplements best affordable supplement for gas and bloating

How we compiled the list of best bloating supplements?

When selecting the best supplements for digestion and bloating, we considered these quality and safety considerations.

Ingredient qualityPrioritized natural ingredients
Reputable providersEstablished and respected companies
Third-party testingIndependent laboratory certifications
Customer reviewsCustomer satisfaction
  • Ingredient quality. We prioritized the best bloating supplements made with natural ingredients that avoid artificial additives.
  • Reputable providers. We chose brands known for their quality products and transparent manufacturing processes.
  • Third-party testing. We selected the best anti bloat supplements that undergo third-party testing to ensure they meet the highest standards.
  • Price. We chose supplements that fall into a reasonable price range without sacrificing quality.
  • Customer reviews. We read through customer feedback to ensure the quality of the product matched the common consumer expectations.

Top picks: best supplements for bloating

Using our criteria, here is a summary of eight probiotic and digestive enzyme products we found to be the best supplements for gas and bloating.

These supplements contains ingredients that have the potential to interact with certain medications or foods leading to adverse effects. It is imperative to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating this supplement into your routine.

1. Future Kind — overall best product for bloating

Future Kind probiotics

Future Kind vegan probiotics digestion supplement offers 30 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of microorganisms, including the patented and potent DE111® B. subtilis strain. This probiotic is a great option for individuals who want to enhance their gut health using plant-based supplements.

According to the brand, this probiotic may relieve bloating and gas by supporting intestinal health, optimizing digestion, and enhancing the immune system. Future Kind recommends taking one capsule daily.

Since 2019, Future Kind has been producing 100% vegan supplements using evidence-based science. Made in the U.S. in an FDA-regulated and GMP-certified facility, the company is committed to using clean organic ingredients when possible and undergoing third-party testing for purity.

On the Future Kind website, customers rate this product 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Each bottle costs $29.99 and contains 30 capsules for a 30-day supply.

2. Unbloat — best supplement for gut health and bloating

Unbloat Daily Capsules

Unbloat is specially formulated with ingredients for bowel support, gut health and is specifically designed to reduce bloating and improve digestion. Each capsule contains 21 digestive enzymes, 7 probiotic strains, 6 herbal remedies, 2 prebiotic fibers, and other essential ingredients.

The brand recommends taking two capsules daily within 30 minutes of a meal and claims you’ll feel relief from bloating on day one. They suggest taking an extra capsule if you are going to eat a heavy meal and to continue taking Unbloat long-term for better digestion in six to eight weeks.

Unbloat is gluten and GMO-free and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. Over 1200 customers on the Unbloat website rate this product with an average of 4.6 stars out of five.

Each bottle costs $44.99 and contains 60 vegetarian capsules, which will last 30 days.

3. Ritual — best probiotic supplement to prevent gas and bloating


Ritual’s Symbiotic+ is a unique blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics that support a healthy gut microbiome.

This distinctive supplement incorporates prebiotics through PreforPro®, a prebiotic blend clinically studied in human trials that contributes to the health of beneficial bacteria.

Moreover, the probiotic strains include 11 billion CFUs of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG®) and Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis (BB-12®), and are two of the most diligently studied probiotic strains for better gut health.

The postbiotic also supports digestive health by supporting intestinal integrity.

The brand developed a distinctive delayed-release dual capsule designed to release the supplement blend in your colon (rather than your stomach) where your body needs it. The recommended dose is one capsule taken daily, preferably on an empty stomach.

Customers on Amazon rate this product with 4.1 out of five stars.

At $54, this supplement may be more costly due to the blend of three gut health supplements in one. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply.

4. HUM — best anti-bloating digestive enzyme supplement

HUM Flatter Me® Extra Strength

HUM Flatter Me Extra Strength is a targeted supplement designed to enhance digestive health and relieve bloating. Formulated with a variety of 50% more digestive enzymes, it helps break down proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, lactose, and fats, which may contribute to a reduction in bloating and improve overall digestive function.

The addition of natural botanicals such as ginger, peppermint leaf, and fennel further aid in easing digestive discomfort.

As a reflection of HUM’s commitment to high quality, each ingredient is chosen for its proven effectiveness in clinical trials, and the product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure potency, purity, and effectiveness.

HUM recommends taking one capsule twice daily, preferably before your two largest meals. Customers on the brand’s website rate this product with 4.4 out of five stars.

Each bottle costs $33 and contains 60 capsules.

5. Bioma — best comprehensive anti-bloating supplement

Bioma Health probiotics

Bioma Probiotics are designed to provide a supportive blend of three bacterial strains to strengthen personal gut health. The brand claims the probiotic will improve digestion, gas, and bloating and boost your energy levels.

Each serving includes a blend of B. lactis, B. longum, and B. breve, totaling 9 billion CFUs per serving and encased in delayed-release capsule technology, ensuring the active bacteria reach your gut.

In addition to the probiotic strains, Bioma Probiotics also includes xylooligosaccharides and tributyrin, which are scientifically shown to promote a better digestive environment.

The product is made with non-GMO ingredients, is gluten-free, and keto and vegan-friendly making it a great option for a wide range of individuals.

The brand recommends taking two capsules per day with a glass of water before breakfast. Amazon customers rate Bioma Probiotics with 3.7 stars out of five.

Each bottle costs $79.99 and contains 60 capsules, equivalent to a 30-day supply.

6. Culturelle — best probiotic for indigestion and gas

Culturelle Digestive Daily Probiotic

Culturelle offers a reliable probiotic based on one of the most rigorously scientifically studied probiotic strains, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. The brand claims that the probiotic works naturally with your body to promote digestive health and may ease occasional gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

The Culturelle probiotic is free of artificial dyes, dairy, wheat, yeast, and sugar, making this product allergy-friendly.

Culturelle takes pride in the fact that its probiotics have been used in clinical studies since 1998, and its products are proven to be safe. Each probiotic capsule is packed in specially designed packets to ensure ingredient freshness and the probiotic's survivability.

The brand suggests taking one capsule daily. If you are experiencing digestive discomfort or are traveling, the brand recommends taking two capsules daily (one in the morning and one at night). Customers on the Culturelle website rate this product 4.5 out of five stars with over 700 reviews.

Priced at $17.99, each bottle contains a 30-day supply.

7. Microbiome Plus+ — best probiotic and enzyme blend for digestive support

Microbiome Plus+ Pro Digestive Enzymes

Microbiome Plus+ is a pro-digestive enzyme blend of nine enzymes and probiotics designed to support healthy digestion. With all-natural vegan ingredients, this supplement is claimed to help break down and absorb fats, carbohydrates, gluten, and protein from food.

The patented probiotic blend, Makzyme-Pro™, includes the probiotic strains Fungal Protease from Aspergillus oryzae, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, and Lactobacillus plantarum. Each capsule contains several digestive enzymes, including bromelain, papain, fungal lipase, fungal lactose, and alpha-galactosidase.

With a commitment to quality, Microbiome Plus+ manufactures the probiotic in a cGPM-registered facility and has the probiotic undergo third-party testing.

The brand recommends taking one capsule twice a day, 20–30 minutes before a meal. Customers on the brand’s website rate this pro-digestive blend 4.6 out of five stars.

Each bottle is priced at $34.99 and contains 60 capsules, giving you a 60-day supply.

8. Double Wood Supplements — best affordable supplement for gas and bloating

Double Wood Digestive Enzymes

Double Wood’s Essential Digestive Enzymes is a blend of 10 essential digestive proteins that support robust digestive health by aiding in the breakdown and absorption of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

In their commitment to prioritizing exceptional quality products, Double Wood offers the Certificate of Analysis (COA) and third-party testing results so you can rest assured in taking non-GMO ingredients that are safe and pure.

Manufactured in the U.S., the brand suggests taking two capsules daily, which can be increased to three or a maximum of four capsules per day when experiencing digestive issues.

Customers on the brand’s website rate this product 4.9 out of five stars.

A bottle costs $18.72 and contains 90 servings making this supplement an affordable way to promote better digestive health.

Comparison of the best supplements for bloating

SupplementTotal CostPrice per servingDaily doseServings per containerVegan friendlyCustomer reviews
Future Kind$29.99$0.991 capsule30yes4.6 stars
Unbloat$44.99$1.502 capsules30no4.6 stars
Ritual$54.00$1.801 capsule30yes4.1 stars
HUM$33.00$1.102 capsules30yes4.4 stars
Bioma$79.99$2.662 capsules30yes3.7 stars
Culturelle$17.99$0.591 capsule30yes4.5 stars
Microbiome Plus+
$34.99$1.131 capsule60yes4.6 stars
Double Wood Supplements$19.95$0.222 capsules90no4.9 stars

How to choose the best bloating supplements?

When choosing the best pills for bloating, it’s important to consider the root cause of the symptoms.

There could be an underlying condition that is causing the symptoms. If you have bloating, diarrhea and indigestion, especially over longer periods it is recommended to seek medical advice. It is also important to note that such supplements should not replace any medication and are not intended to treat such conditions, but rather to aid overall health and well-being.

Probiotics are filled with microorganisms that are beneficial for your microbiome and aid with digestion. Your microbiome is a natural collection of bacteria and viruses in your intestines that help with digestion and keep your immune system strong.

Digestive enzymes are compounds that help break down foods and may ease bloating caused by your body having trouble digesting certain foods.

Look for supplements coming from reputable brands that use quality ingredients, are transparent with their third-party testing, and give clear dosage instructions.

Consider any dietary restrictions you may have, such as ingredient sensitivities or intolerances, or preferences, such as having vegan ingredients.

Before starting any supplement, it’s recommended you talk with your doctor to evaluate for any possible interactions with current medications.

Incorporating supplements for bloating into your daily routine

To incorporate supplements to help with bloating into your daily life, start by talking with your primary healthcare provider about your symptoms to ensure the supplement is suitable for you.

Read the recommended dosage and instructions on the product label, and be sure to follow them as written.

It can be helpful to establish a consistent time each day, possibly with a meal or when going to bed or waking, to ensure you remain consistent with the product and its specific dosing instructions.

Along with taking stomach anti-bloating supplements, eat a balanced diet that incorporates fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. If you are not used to eating many fruits and veggies, start by adding some to your diet each day and gradually progress to more to reduce possible digestive discomfort.

Staying hydrated and getting regular physical activity are also necessary to support digestive health.

Monitoring progress with bloating supplements

To track your progress, it’s a good idea to keep a daily journal. Keep notes of your supplement intake, foods, water intake, physical activity, and bloating symptoms. Document the severity and frequency of your symptom episodes.

Keeping this record can help you track your symptoms and identify any possible food triggers.

Review your entries after a couple of weeks of taking the supplement to compare your current symptoms to those when you first started.

Concluding recommendations for best supplements for bloating

The best supplements to reduce bloating are often probiotics or digestive enzymes that help enhance your microbiome and help with food breakdown.

Choosing the right supplement includes selecting products from reputable brands that prioritize high-quality ingredients, transparency in manufacturing, and third-party testing.

Before taking a new supplement, check with your healthcare provider to ensure the supplement fits your needs and works with your medications.

Be patient with your body and allow time to adjust to the new supplement. Remember to track your symptoms when starting the supplement and keep notes about your daily nutrition and other lifestyle factors that affect your digestive health to monitor for improvement.

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