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The Best Supplements for PCOS Management: 9 Brands Reviewed

PCOS, short for polycystic ovary syndrome, is a common health difficulty affecting 5–10% of women of reproductive age. Symptoms, such as insulin resistance, irregular menstrual cycles, or weight gain, may be addressed with certain medications or lifestyle changes.

However, women reluctant to start a prescription treatment may be looking for supplements to take for PCOS.

Hence, we analyzed the market and delved into the research of certain supplements to compile a list of the best over-the-counter PCOS supplements that might help ease some related symptoms.

Best supplements for PCOS: shortlist

  1. Bird&Be — best prenatal vitamins with CoQ10 for women with PCOS
  2. Ora — best PCOS supplements for skin health and hormonal balance
  3. PartiQlar — best PCOS supplement for hormonal balance
  4. WelleCo — best supplements to relieve PCOS-related PMS symptoms
  5. Ritual — best prenatal vitamins for women with PCOS and TTC
  6. VitalityPRO — best supplement for heart health in PCOS
  7. O Positiv — best inositol supplements with folate for PCOS
  8. Purovitalis — best vitamin supplement for PCOS
  9. Femometer — best PCOS supplement for ovulation

How did we compile our list of best supplements for PCOS?

To compile our list of the top PCOS supplements that may be suitable for specific needs and preferences, we took into consideration the following quality criteria.

Third-party testing
DosageIngredientsPrice per serving
Independent lab testingScientifically proven to be safeBacked by science$0.03–0.75
  • Third-party testing. We looked for PCOS supplements approved as safe and free from contaminants by third-party labs.
  • Dosage. Top-rated PCOS supplements on our list come in adequate doses that were scientifically tested to be safe.
  • Ingredients. The products on our list of best are formulations of science-backed ingredients that are suggested to be effective in improving insulin sensitivity, irregular ovulation, and other PCOS-related symptoms.
  • Price. Aiming to provide you with the most cost-effective options, we have selected the supplements available on the market with affordable prices ranging between $0.70–$1.00 per daily serving.

Best supplements for PCOS: overview

Every woman's body is different, and there is no one-fits-all supplement option. Thus, your initial step before buying any PCOS product is to consult your OB-GYN to determine what might work best for you and your health needs.

Once you’ve learned more about your health difficulties and needs, you can check the products in this detailed overview of the commonly used supplements good for PCOS.

1. Bird&Be — best prenatal vitamins with CoQ10 for women with PCOS

Bird&Be The Power Prenatal for Females

Packed with 27 daily nutrients, Bird&Be The Power Prenatal For Females may be an excellent vitamin for women with PCOS trying to conceive. A review study has shown that the nutrients in its formula, including a significant dose of CoQ10, may improve health parameters for women with PCOS, whether TTC or not.

Bird&Be offers two options for its prenatal vitamin: one with 200 mg CoQ10 and another with an additional 400 mg CoQ10 Boost. CoQ10 is believed to help protect eggs and sperm from free radical damage. An extra boost could be potentially beneficial for women trying to conceive at a slightly more advanced age or those undergoing fertility treatment.

Since you may need to consume 6 to 7 capsules a day, the provider of The Power For Females has added them into daily sachets to save you time and ease usage. Each pack of these prenatal vitamins contains 30 daily convenience packs.

You can take all capsules at once after a meal, three hours before or after other medication, at any time of the day, yet a doctor’s consultation is essential for your safety. The capsules are vegan and free from major allergens.

According to the provider, The Power For Females is made with highly bioavailable ingredients in cGMP-certified facilities and is third-party tested.

The pack of The Power For Females by Bird&Be without CoQ10 addition is $54 ($1.80 per serving). You can also pay for your prenatal vitamins using HSA/FSA funds.

2. Ora — best PCOS supplements for skin health and hormonal balance

Ora Hormonious

Besides irregular cycles, acne is another common symptom of PCOS. This is where Ora Hormonious can be helpful, offering hormonal support and helping achieve healthy skin with its antioxidant-rich formula.

More to this, the manufacturer claims that the addition of adaptogens, such as Ashwagandha, Cordyceps, and Holy basil, may help improve mood and energy, as well as address menstrual irregularities with ingredients such as Maca, which has been used in Peru for ages in order to manage irregular periods.

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to take 3 capsules daily, with or without food, either all at once or spaced throughout the day for convenience. Ora Hormonious does not contain gluten, flavors, or colors.

Ora's supplement is certified Kosher and vegan. To underscore its quality and safety, the provider shares third-party testing results on the official website.

One bottle of Ora Hormonious, containing 90 capsules for 30 servings, is sold for $34.99 ($1.16 per serving). Note that the provider does not offer monthly subscription options.

3. PartiQlar — best PCOS supplement for hormone balancing in women

partiQlar Pure Resveratrol

PartiQlar presents Pure Resveratrol supplements in capsules. Resveratrol is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, suggested to benefit women with PCOS by balancing testosterone, LH, and DHEAS levels.

PartiQlar is a single-ingredient PCOS supplement, including a bioavailable trans-resveratrol form of the ingredient. This is also regarded as an anti-aging supplement that is believed to have some neuroprotective and anti-oxidant effects.

Pure Resveratrol supplement by PartiQlar is third-party tested and NSF-certified for its quality and safety. According to the provider, resveratrol in the supplement is of 99% purity. This supplement is also manufactured in cGMP and FDA-compliant facilities.

The recommended daily serving of PartiQlar PCOS supplement is 1 capsule offering 500 mg trans-resveratrol. One bottle contains 60 capsules serving 2 months.

A 2-month supply of PartiQlar Pure Resveratrol costs $36.99 ($0.62 per serving). Bigger discounts are available with multi-buy options.

WelleCo The PMS Elixir

PMS is known to be common in people with PCOS. Additionally, PCOS can lead to disrupted carbohydrate metabolism due to insulin resistance. WelleCo's PMS Elixir supplements are designed to potentially address these issues, aiming to improve PMS symptoms.

The PMS Elixir combines 18 ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts. Some of these ingredients may interact with medications and medical conditions, so before supplementation, you should consult a healthcare provider.

Customers talk about WelleCo's PMS Elixir, noting improvements in mood swings, hot flashes, weight, and bloating. Many report significant relief from PMS symptoms within a few weeks, including reduced acne and more balanced emotions.

The provider recommends taking 2 capsules at breakfast with plant fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, or olive oil. The supplement contains no added gluten, egg, dairy, lactose, soy, nuts, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

You can purchase PMS Elixir as a one-time buy for $39 ($1.30 per serving) or subscribe for monthly deliveries with a flexible delivery frequency.

5. Ritual — best prenatal vitamins for women with PCOS and TTC

Ritual Prenatal Multivitamin

For women with PCOS who are looking for pre-pregnancy or pregnancy support in the form of simple prenatal vitamins, Ritual Essential for Women Prenatal Multivitamin may be a good choice. Although it contains 12 ingredients compared to some prenatal vitamins, according to the provider, it is designed to help meet nutritional needs when trying to conceive or pregnant.

As the ingredients may be destroyed by the harsh GI environment, the manufacturer created delayed-release capsules for optimal nutrients to help them reach the small intestine for absorption. This design also helps combine oily and dry ingredients in one pill for convenience.

To help mask any unpleasant aftertaste, especially for pregnant people experiencing nausea, the provider offers two flavor options — mint or citrus. The recommended daily intake for Ritual multivitamin is 2 capsules.

Each bottle of this supplement contains 30 servings and costs £39 (£1.30 per serving). Please note that ordering the product automatically enrolls you in a monthly subscription.

6. VitalityPRO — best supplement for PCOS to support heart health

VitalityPro Advanced Berberine

Women with PCOS may be at risk of developing cardiovascular challenges. VitalityPRO Advanced Berberine supplement features a powerful alkaloid berberine known for its heart-protective and anti-inflammatory effects.

Scientific findings suggest that supplementation with berberine in women with PCOS may show some benefits in improving insulin sensitivity and fertility parameters.

Berberine itself has low bioavailability, thus, the scientists behind the VitalityPRO supplement added Milk thistle — believed to contribute to advanced supplement absorption.

To ensure the consumer gets a high-quality and safe supplement for addressing PCOS symptoms, the provider conducts third-party testing. As the published certificate of analysis suggests, berberine is 99% pure.

One bottle of VitalityPRO Advanced Berberine contains 120 capsules for 4 months of use — 1 capsule taken daily. Each serving contains 500 mg berberine and 125 mg Milk thistle.

You can get your Advanced Berberine supplements from VitalityPRO at $44.00 ($0.37 per serving).

7. O Positiv — best inositol supplements with folate for PCOS

O Positiv Ovarian Support Capsules

O Positiv FLO Ovarian Support capsules contain not only D-chiro-inositol and Myo-inositol formula but also folate and Diindolylmethane (DIM). The latter two are known for their potential role in weight management, which may be important for women with PCOS.

O Positiv recommends taking 3 capsules daily with water for a minimum of three months. For personalized guidance, consult your healthcare provider.

As claimed by the company, this supplement is made from non-GMO ingredients, and is vegan and gluten-free. Additionally, the brand aims to ensure quality by conducting stability tests with GMP-certified manufacturers and third-party testing for potency, allergens, and other contaminants.

Currently, O Positiv is available for shipping in the U.S. only, with a plan to expand its availability globally soon. Customers are required to pay shipping costs, which vary by location. However, shipping is free for subscription orders.

The one-time order of O Positiv FLO is $42.99 ($1.43 per serving). Desiring to save on your monthly orders, subscribe and select the quantity and frequency of deliveries.

8. Purovitalis — best vitamin supplement for PCOS management


According to researchers, vitamin D deficiency is another risk factor for PCOS development, yet supplementation may help to lower the risks by contributing to improved insulin sensitivity. Purovitalis offers vitamin D3 supplements of certified quality to help women address PCOS.

The vitamin D3 supplement for women with PCOS comes in capsules, the bioavailability of which is enhanced with liposomal technology to increase the absorption rates of the ingredients.

The manufacturer of Purovitalis Liposomal Vitamin D3 claims to conduct third-party testing for the approved quality of its products. The supplement is also made in cGMP-certified facilities in the EU.

The daily recommended dosage of Purovitalis Liposomal Vitamin D3 is 1 capsule delivering 50 mcg/ 2000 IU. Note that this dose may be higher than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin D, so consider the supplementation after a doctor's consultation.

A one-time purchase of Purovitalis vitamin D3 for PCOS costs $20.00 ($0.33 per serving).

9. Femometer — best PCOS supplement for ovulation and LH levels

Femometer Myo & D-Chiro 40:1 Inositol

Femtometer is a women-oriented company offering Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol supplements to help women with PCOS support ovulation — potentially improving fertility.

As per research, combining D-chiro and Myo-inositol may improve ovulation and egg quality in women with PCOS by balancing hormonal and glycemic profiles.

The manufacturing process of Femometer Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol supplement is processed in FDA and cGMP-compliant facilities in the USA. The company claims that final products are third-party tested for quality and safety.

The recommended intake of Femometer supplement is 3 capsules daily with food. Each serving provides 2000 mg of Myo-inositol and 50 mg of D-chiro-inositol.

To help you catch your ovulation windows and LH levels, the brand offers a Fertility Health Kit — a pack of inositol + LH and HCG tests.

One bottle of Fomometer inositol supplements for PCOS comes with 90 vegetable capsules and costs $35.99 ($1.20 per serving).

Comparison of the best supplements for PCOS

BrandPricePrice per servingServing sizeServings per bottleIngredients
Bird&Be$54.00 $1.806–7 capsules30Vitamins, omega-3, antioxidants, CoQ10
Ora$34.99$1.163 capsules30Hormone support formula, vitamin C
PartiQlar$36.99$0.621 capsule60Resveratrol
Welleco$39.00$1.302 capsules30Vitamins, minerals, botanicals
Ritual£39.00£1.302 capsules30Vitamins, minerals
VitalityPRO$44.00$0.371 capsule30Berberine, Milk thistle
O Positiv $42.99$1.43 3 capsules30Folate, Myo- and D-chiro-inositol, DIM
Purovitalis$20.00$0.331 capsule60Vitamin D3
Femometer$35.99$1.203 capsules30Myo-inositol, D-chiro inositol

What is PCOS and what causes it?

The leading cause of PCOS is hormonal imbalance. Women with PCOS usually have higher-than-normal levels of androgens (sometimes referred to as “male hormones” naturally present in lower amounts in females.

One such hormone is testosterone, the increased levels of which in women can cause excess body hair growth, deeper voice, infertility issues, acne, and PCOS.

Another reason for polycystic ovary syndrome is the genetic predisposition or unhealthy lifestyle. PCOS may demonstrate early symptoms after puberty or later in one’s 20s or 30s.

Women with PCOS are more likely to encounter insulin resistance — related to excess weight gain. Also, they are more prone to developing type 2 diabetes. PCOS is generally characterized by the lack of or irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation, causing most women to struggle with conceiving.

The benefits of taking supplements for PCOS

Taking PCOS supplements in addition to a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sleep patterns, women are suggested to experience the following benefits:

  • More regular and less painful menstruation. Certain supplement formulations may help balance hormones and reduce inflammation, thus inducing regular and less painful periods.
  • Healthy weight support. Inositol is one of the common ingredients in PCOS supplements suggested to influence insulin sensitivity supporting weight management when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Ovulation. Specific supplements for polycystic ovary syndrome, such as inositols, may be beneficial for inducing ovulation and higher egg quality.

Remember that every woman's body is different and may react differently to supplements. Thus, a doctor’s consultation is a must in case of PCOS.

Ingredients to look for when choosing the best supplement for PCOS

If you are looking for vitamin supplements for PCOS, think of the below-discussed ingredients scientifically suggested to contribute to the associated symptoms of this condition.

Folic acid

Women at reproductive age, before and during pregnancy, are recommended to take folic acid (vitamin B9). Supplementation with folic acid is suggested to improve metabolic functions.

In conjunction with myo-inositol, folic acid has been observed to improve fertility rates in women with PCOS.


Although the research on omega-3 effectiveness for PCOS is ongoing, available data suggests that supplementation with these fatty acids may contribute to improved blood lipid levels and shrink intervals between periods.

A recent study conducted with women with PCOS demonstrated that 6 months of supplementation with 2 g of omega-3 fatty acid may help improve metabolic health and support regular menstrual cycles.


According to research studies, inositol may have several benefits for PCOS — reducing testosterone levels, improving insulin sensitivity, and regular cycle length. This is one of the commonly recommended supplements by healthcare practitioners.

There is some evidence that inositol may also be an alternative to metformin for women who suffer from the side effects of the latter. Yet, the dosages and formulations in the research studies do not necessarily match those supplements available on the market, and any changes in your PCOS therapy regime should be discussed with a healthcare practitioner.

Other ways to manage PCOS symptoms

Supplements or prescription medications are not standalone means to manage polycystic ovary syndrome. You should consider a holistic approach to address fertility-related and health challenges.

Women with this health condition should follow a healthy, balanced diet that includes fish, beans, legumes, and nuts. Doctors often advise replacing high-carb foods with whole grains to help enhance insulin sensitivity.

Healthy body weight maintenance is another approach to reducing some of PCOS-related symptoms. Regular exercise is recommended for women with excess body weight.

Often, women with body weight below the normal range may also have PCOS — called lean PCOS — and struggle with gaining weight. In this case, a nutrient-dense and varied diet is recommended.

Best supplements for PCOS — conclusion

PCOS is characterized by anovulatory or irregular menstrual cycles, challenges maintaining healthy body weight, hirsutism, acne, and psychological difficulties. PCOS supplements are specifically designed products or single ingredients scientifically observed to own some promising benefits for this health condition.

Along with supplementation, you should initiate lifestyle changes to ease the PCOS-associated symptoms. Some of such changes are exercise, a healthy diet, as well as mindfulness activities.

Before administering any supplement formulation to address PCOS, women should talk to obstetrician-gynecologists.

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