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Best Tongkat Ali Supplements: Top Recommendations

Tongkat Ali (TA) is a medicinal plant from Southeast Asia, traditionally used for its "anti-aging" properties.

As a traditional remedy and a contemporary supplement, TA is credited for potentially enhancing energy levels, mood, libido, and hormonal levels, especially in men.

It is also celebrated for boosting sports performance and potentially aiding in weight loss.

Some studies have suggested that properly standardized extracts may increase free testosterone, elevate sex drive, diminish fatigue, and foster overall well-being.

Therefore, we've put together a list of the top 6 Tongkat Ali supplements that, in our view, are the best choices in the market. We are also going to help you make an informed purchasing decision and share the most important health benefits of TA based on scientific evidence.

Best Tongkat Ali supplement: shortlist

  1. Momentous — best quality Tongkat Ali to enhance testosterone and strength
  2. Transparent Labs — best quality Tongkat Ali to improve testosterone levels
  3. Double Wood — high quality Tongkat Ali supplement to support libido
  4. Nugenix — best Tongkat Ali to address male sexual health
  5. Nootropics Depot — best Tongkat Ali to support stamina in men
  6. Telos Biosciences — best Tongkat Ali to enhance men's well-being

How we compiled the list of best tongkat ali supplements?

For this guide, we explored numerous best Tongkat Ali brands, focusing on the quality of ingredients, evaluating the credibility of manufacturers, analyzing consumer reviews, and assessing price points. This approach enabled us to identify supplements that offer value, ensuring they stand out as excellent choices for individuals seeking to enhance their vitality.

Price comparisonIngredient quality Third-party testingBrand reputation
$11.39–39.95Natural and quality ingredientsIndependent evaluation of the productBrand transparency and customers’ positive feedback
  • Price comparison. We carefully compared prices across similar products to ensure you get the best value for your money. Affordable pricing, without compromising on quality, was a key factor in our selection process.
  • Ingredient quality. The ingredients were checked for their quality. Only products with high-quality, natural ingredients that promise to deliver the intended benefits were chosen.
  • Third-party certification. Products that have been checked by independent third parties for authenticity and safety were the priority. This certification is a testament to a product's reliability and compliance with stringent standards.
  • Brand reputation. A brand's history, customer feedback, and its consistency in delivering quality products were critically evaluated. Brands with a positive track record of customer satisfaction and self-reported efficacy of the product were preferred.

Best Tongkat Ali brands in 2024

To help you navigate through your options, we've crafted a simple guide that outlines the key features of each Tongkat Ali supplement. This guide touches on the details from manufacturers and highlights both the possible benefits and potential downsides of each option. In selecting these products, we focused on high-quality and trustworthy brands.

Selected products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Additionally, avoid using supplements if you are under 18, pregnant, breastfeeding, have any known or suspected medical conditions, or are taking prescription or over-the-counter medications.

1. Momentous — best quality Tongkat Ali to enhance testosterone and strength

Momentous Tongkat Ali

Momentous Tongkat Ali is a premium herbal supplement derived from the Longjack plant (Eurycoma longifolia), designed to potentially enhance libido, improve physical fitness, and aid in increasing testosterone levels.

Momentous sources include Tongkat Ali from Indonesia, which uses 100% pure root powder to maintain a natural ingredient profile. According to the brand, the supplement may increase total and free testosterone levels, elevate energy and mood, enhance athletic performance, build stronger muscles, and expedite recovery times.

Each capsule contains pure Tongkat Ali root powder, with a recommended dosage of 2 capsules daily (400 mg) for optimal results. However, this dosage is higher than the 200 mg shown to have no to minimal adverse effects in clinical trials. Therefore, you should consult with your healthcare provider for the best dose suitable for you.

According to the brand, customers may experience positive effects within 2-4 weeks of consistent use. Priced at $19.95, Momentous Tongkat Ali is backed by third-party certifications from NSF and Informed Sport, ensuring rigorous standards for safety and efficacy.

2. Transparent Labs — best quality Tongkat Ali to improve testosterone levels

Transparent Labs LJ100® Tongkat Ali

LJ100® Tongkat Ali is a distinguished herbal supplement by Transparent Labs for those seeking a natural well-being boost. This supplement contains a 100 mg extract from the Eurycoma longifolia plant, often called Tongkat Ali or Longjack, that offers a standardized amount of bioactive quassinoids (naturally occurring plant compounds with a wide range of biological effects).

According to the brand, the supplement might improve testosterone levels, a crucial factor for athletes aiming for optimal fitness performance and muscle development.

Transparent Labs TA supplement contains no artificial sweeteners or coloring and is gluten-free and non-GMO. Additionally, the brand holds Certificates of Analysis for each supplement conducted by third-party labs, demonstrating its trustworthiness.

Priced at $29.99, Transparent Labs offers to integrate 1 capsule daily into your regimen, preferably on an empty stomach for potential benefits.

3. Double Wood — high quality Tongkat Ali supplement to support libido

Double Wood LJ100 Tongkat Ali Extract

LJ100 Tongkat Ali extract is a natural supplement by Double Wood Supplements. This revered herb might support libido and male hormone levels.

Each capsule delivers a concentrated dose of bioactive eurypeptides (22%) and glycosaponins (40%), more potent than standard extracts, according to the brand.

Moreover, Double Wood offers full transparency through accessible Certificates of Analysis and third-party testing results, ensuring you receive a soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan product.

Lastly, the brand suggests taking one 100 mg capsule daily, with or without food, to test your individual response. If well-tolerated and a stronger effect is desired, increase to 2-3 capsules daily (200-300 mg).

Priced at $39.95, Double Wood Supplements might be a pathway to enhanced well-being.

4. Nugenix — best Tongkat Ali to address male sexual health

Nugenix Essentials Tongkat Ali

Nugenix's Tongkat Ali capsules are designed to potentially enhance male vitality and sexual health. Each capsule is packed with 200 mg of concentrated 100:1 tongkat ali extract, derived from Eurycoma longifolia root.

Additionally, the brand claims to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, with ingredients being sourced in the U.S. and around the globe for purity and potency.

Nugenix Essentials also advises to consult a healthcare provider, especially for those with medical conditions or on medication, to ensure safe integration of the supplement into your health regimen. Otherwise, the manufacturer suggests taking 1 capsule daily, with or without food.

Priced at $11.39, Nugenix is free from soy, gluten, GMO, synthetic colors, and harmful fillers.

5. Nootropics Depot — best Tongkat Ali to support stamina in men

Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules

Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali extract capsules provide 200 mg of high-quality Eurycoma longifolia root extract, standardized to contain 2% eurycomanone. This precise standardization offers a consistent dose of the herb's primary bioactive component.

According to the brand, Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali extract capsules may enhance stamina, boost exercise performance, and increase strength. This supplement is ideal for athletes aiming for the top of their game or professionals seeking to optimize their productivity and resilience.

Additionally, the Tongkat Ali extract supplement by Nootropics Depot may aid in reducing stress by potentially impacting cortisol levels, allowing for improved focus and endurance. The brand suggests integrating 1 capsule daily into your regimen.

Priced at $20.89, Nootropics Depot claims its product is plant-based and lab-verified formula. However, the brand doesn't disclose its certifications on the website.

6. Telos Biosciences — best Tongkat Ali to enhance men's well-being

Telos Biosciences Tongkat Ali

Telos Biosciences' Tongkat Ali extract delivers maximum quality, with each bottle containing 60 capsules, delivering a robust 200 mg of this revered herbal extract. Known for its potential to boost stamina, athletic performance, and strength, this Tongkat Ali may support fitness lovers seeking to potentially elevate their overall well-being.

Beyond its energizing properties, this supplement may support a balanced stress response, promoting lower cortisol levels and contributing to overall well-being, according to the brand.

Telos Biosciences ensures the highest quality, with products free from common allergens and third-party tested for quality, according to the brand.

The manufacturer also suggests taking 1 capsule a day with or without food.

Priced at $17.01, Telos Biosciences is an affordable option to enhance your well-being

Comparison of the best Tongkat ali supplement

BrandPricePrice per servingCapsules per containerDaily serving sizeVegan?
Momentous$19.95$0.66602 capsulesN/A
Transparent Labs$29.99$0.49601 capsuleNo
Double Wood$39.95$0.331201 capsuleYes
Nugenix$11.39$0.37301 capsuleNo
Nootropics Depot$20.89$0.34601 capsuleYes
Telos Biosciences$17.01$0.28601 capsuleNo

What is Tongkat Ali? Benefits reviewed

Tongkat Ali is a plant native to Southeast Asia and is valued for its potential medicinal properties, particularly those derived from its roots. It's used in traditional medicine across many Asian countries for various purposes, including reducing illness risk and stress and potentially increasing muscle strength, testosterone, and libido.

While parts of the plant, like bark and leaves, have beneficial properties, the roots are most commonly used in supplements due to their rich content of compounds believed to offer health-promoting qualities.

The example also outlines various benefits of Tongkat Ali:

  • In a randomized clinical trial on Tongkat Ali supplementation, several sexual well-being scales were assessed. As a result, participants showed improvements in physical fitness, erectile functioning, sexual health and satisfaction.
  • A systematic review and meta-analysis showed a significant increase in total testosterone levels in healthy men who used Tongkat Ali supplements.
  • Additionally, in a 2013 study, Tongkat Ali demonstrated its potential to reduce feelings of tension, anger, and confusion, as well as boost energy levels.

However, it notes that more research is needed to support these claims fully, with some benefits like improved sexual performance in men being debated or insufficiently researched in women.

How to choose the best Tongkat Ali supplement?

To find out what is the best Tongkat Ali supplement, we need to consider several factors.

  • Start by seeking out reputable brands that have a solid track record for quality and reliability disclosed on their website, such as Certificate of Analysis, third-party testing, or compliance with GMP standards; these brands are more likely to offer quality products.
  • It's also important that the supplement specifies that it contains a standardized extract of Tongkat Ali, as this ensures consistency in the strength and efficacy of what you're taking.
  • Since individual health needs and responses to supplements can vary, it's also wise to consult with a healthcare professional. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific health conditions and goals, helping you make the most informed choice.

Maximizing the effects of Tongkat Ali supplements: dosage and timing

To maximize the benefits of Tongkat Ali supplements, you must stick to the recommended dosages and timing advised by the manufacturer or your doctor. Typically, doses of 200 milligrams daily, based on extract strength and individual health objectives. The majority of scientific studies used 200 mg of Tongkat Ali, with no or minimal adverse effects.

For optimal results, taking the supplement in the morning can well align with your daily routine. Also, consistent intake is key; benefits such as improved energy levels may become more noticeable with regular, sustained use over weeks or months.

Lastly, always consult a healthcare provider to tailor the dose and timing to your specific needs, ensuring it complements your overall wellness plan without adverse effects.

Possible Tongkat Ali side effects

Tongkat Ali is generally safe but can cause side effects like insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness, especially at high doses. Gastrointestinal discomfort and changes in heart rate or blood pressure may occur. Starting with low doses to test tolerance is advised. However, for individuals with health conditions or on medication, you must consult a doctor before starting the intake.

There are limited regulations and some concerns about contamination with heavy metals in commercial products. High doses have shown liver changes in animal studies, but human research suggests it's safe for the liver at doses of 200–600 mg daily, with serious side effects being rare.

It's not advised to consume Tongkat Ali supplements for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with certain diseases or conditions, or children. It also may interact with some medications, highlighting the importance of consulting healthcare professionals.


To sum up, Tongkat Ali is a natural supplement with a rich heritage in traditional medicine celebrated for enhancing libido, energy levels, and overall vitality, especially among men. However, there is a lack of scientific support in humans in regard to its efficacy.

Incorporating TA supplements into one's routine, with attention to dose and timing, might improve well-being and performance. However, users should proceed cautiously, considering potential side effects and consulting healthcare professionals to ensure compatibility with their health profile.

Finally, Tongkat Ali might be a valuable addition to one's health and wellness regimen through informed selection and proper use.

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