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Best Zinc Supplement of 2024

In today’s busy schedules, nutrition usually takes the backseat amidst our demanding to-do lists. Our overwhelming lifestyle leads us to neglect our mineral and vitamin levels, which ends up impacting our mental and physical state.

While supplementation should never replace a balanced diet, it may be an optimal support in some cases, especially for those with deficiencies due to dietary choices or heightened body demands.

We have curated a selection of the best zinc supplements that, in our opinion, make excellent companions for those seeking various features, prices, and formulations.

Best zinc supplement: shortlist

  1. Vitality Pro — best zinc supplement with science-backed ingredients
  2. Transparent Labs — best zinc for testosterone
  3. Double Wood — best zinc supplement for brand transparency
  4. BulkSupplements.com — best zinc supplement brand
  5. New Chapter — best zinc supplement for immune system
  6. Nature Made — best zinc supplement at an affordable price
  7. CLAV — best zinc supplement for women

How did we choose the best zinc supplements?

Choosing the best zinc supplement may be challenging due to the market's overpopulated nature and the FDA's (Food and Drug Administration) limited oversight. The combination of these two factors is a recipe for disaster — prompting many brands to make unreliable claims about their supplements.

Consequently, we have undertaken the task of diving deep into the zinc industry, exploring various providers, and spotting those supplements that truly excel based on the following criteria:

PriceBrand TransparencyType of zincOther ingredientsDose
$5.79–$35.00Transparency about sourcing, manufacturing, and testing practicesZinc types tailored for various preferencesHigh-quality and science-backed ingredientsUnder 40 mg of zinc per day
  • Price. We opted for providers that unite quality and affordability, delivering pricing options for various budget profiles.
  • Brand Transparency. Our selection includes providers that are transparent about sourcing and manufacturing. Moreover, we prioritized those products that undergo third-party testing to ensure the quantities of ingredients align with those on the label.
  • Type of zinc. There are various types of zinc available on the market, including gluconate, citrate, or sulfate, among others. The best form of zinc will depend on various factors such as tolerability, absorption rate, or personal preference.
  • Other ingredients. Zinc supplements often include additional ingredients, such as vitamins, herbs, or other minerals. We opted for high-quality and science-backed ingredients to complement zinc in the supplements’ formulations. Moreover, our selection also focused on those brands that craft their products for diverse dietary needs.
  • Dose. For healthy adults, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of zinc is 8 mg and 11mg, for females and males, respectively. The RDA increases for pregnant and lactating women. However, it is important to refrain from exceeding its daily intake of 40 mg to mitigate potential health risks.

Best zinc supplement 2024: products overview

Zinc plays a role in various bodily functions, including immune function, protein and DNA synthesis, wound healing, and cell signaling and division. This compound is naturally present in some foods and available in supplementation, which can be highly valuable for those with deficiencies.

Due to the importance of this mineral, we have researched the market to answer one of the most inquired questions online, "What is the best zinc supplement?" Discover the solution to this dilemma in our curated selection of 7 top-notch products below:

1. Vitality Pro — best science-backed formula in zinc supplements

VitalityPRO Zinc L-Carnosine

Amidst a zinc scene where multiple providers advertise their products as the holy grail of wellness, Vitality aims to change the paradigm, delivering a formula that features researched ingredients to help counteract oxidative stress in the digestive tract, which, in turn, may promote the restoration of gastric lining and the healing of ulcers.

Combining 8 mg of zinc with 29 mg of L-carnosine per capsule, the product is specially engineered to aid gut health and enhance mucosal protection. The combination of these two elements has gained momentum in the scientific field, with animal and human studies pointing out its potential to prevent and support mucosal injury through local anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and cytoprotective action.

The brand recommends taking 1-2 capsules per day with water or as directed by your healthcare provider. It is available for $35.00 and includes 120 tablets per bottle.

2. Transparent Labs — best zinc supplement for men

Transparent Labs ZMO

Transparent Labs introduces a formula targeted for athletes, boasting zinc, magnesium, and oyster extract to enhance performance and energy during long gym sessions.

Recent evidence has shed light on the potential of zinc to increase testosterone, indicating that those with deficiencies may benefit from this mineral to increase their overall testosterone markers. Consequently, Transparent Labs may be an optimal match for those athletes with low zinc levels seeking products to improve their fitness goals.

While zinc takes the spotlight in the formula, Transparent Labs also boasts added ingredients to support fitness performance, including oyster meat and 144 mg of magnesium — a mineral that has shown some promise to enhance testosterone levels in physically active individuals.

The brand recommends taking 2 capsules with 12 ounces of water on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before bed for best results. The supplement is priced at $28.99 and includes 60 capsules.

3. Double Wood — best zinc supplement for brand transparency

Double Wood Zinc Picolinate

Zinc is a mineral that plays a crucial role in the body, with deficiencies linked to increased susceptibility to infections, skin problems, and hair loss. Double Wood aims to combat zinc deficiencies with picolinate zinc, a formula specially engineered to improve its absorption on the body.

Double Wood shines through its unwavering compromise with customers, delivering high-quality products with stringent manufacturing standards and third-party testing.

The brand recommends taking one capsule of zinc per day. However, it is important to note that this product is slightly above the daily recommended amount of zinc intake for women.

The product is available for $19.95 and contains 300 capsules.

4. Bulk.Supplements.com — best zinc supplement brand

BulkSupplements.com Zinc Citrate Capsules

BulkSupplements.com delivers a straightforward and high-quality option for those seeking zinc formulas without added ingredients. Boasting 30 mg of zinc citrate, the product aims to target various health concerns in those with zinc deficiencies — including immune function, wound healing, and mood.

Zinc plays a crucial role in skin health, as it has been associated with regulating the wound healing process. A study involving individuals with diabetes linked zinc with improved metabolic profiles and parameters of foot ulcer size, associating this mineral with wound repair.

Moreover, zinc deficiency has also been linked with mental health, potentially exacerbating stress and anxiety problems. A study from 2017 pointed out that serum zinc levels were inversely correlated with mood disorders in adolescent female students.

Individuals are recommended to take one capsule with water or any other liquid daily. The product is available for $23.96 and includes two bottle sizes — 240 capsules or 500 capsules option.

5. New Chapter — best supplement with zinc to support the immune system

New Chapter Fermented Zinc Complex

New Chapter stands out as one of the best zinc supplements for immune system support, delivering a unique blend of herbs, copper, and zinc to strengthen the body when stress or heightened demands impact its wellness.

Zinc is indispensable for the development and function of the immune system, with deficiencies often associated with higher susceptibility to infections as well as decreased wound healing. Supplementation with zinc has been explored as a way to support the immune system, with some evidence pointing to an overall decrease in inflammation and oxidative stress.

This supplement also includes various herbs renowned for their anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting properties, including eleuthero, organic astragalus, and elderberry.

Individuals are advised to take one tablet daily. The supplement is priced at $17.00 and available in 4 interest-free payments.

6. Nature Made — best budget-friendly zinc supplement

Nature Made Zinc

Many brands tend to neglect the concerns of their customers, often charging overly high fees for their products. Nature Made aims to redirect the spotlight back to its users, delivering an affordable formula with top-notch zinc for diverse budget preferences.

Nature Made’s formula, with 30 mg of zinc, may be an optimal choice to increase zinc levels in population groups with a higher risk of deficiency, including seniors, vegetarians, vegans, or those with gastrointestinal issues.

This company is also committed to providing full transparency in its products, offering supplements free from added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The brand recommends taking one tablet daily and advises against surpassing the tolerable upper intake level of 40 mg.

It is available for $5.79 and includes 100 tablets.

7. CLAV — best supplement with zinc for women

Diet often takes a second place in many busy lifestyles, leading to poor nutrition choices. Consequently, our zinc reservoirs can be affected, taking a toll on various bodily processes, including our skin. CLAV stands out in our list as one of the best zinc supplements for women, as it is particularly crafted to support skin, hair, and nail health.

The relationship between zinc and skin is gaining traction in the scientific sphere, with some studies pointing out its role in supporting healthy skin and hair. It is suggested that deficiency of this mineral may be linked to various problems such as hair loss or acne vulgaris. Moreover, supplementation with this mineral has also been linked with improvement in inflammatory skin conditions, including atopic dermatitis or acne inversa.

The brand recommends taking one tablet daily with the beverage of your choice and storing it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. It is available from $24.90 and includes 180 tablets per bottle.

Best zinc supplement 2024: comparison

ProductPriceServings per bottleDaily servingZinc per servingOther ingredientsThird-party testedVegetarian
Vitality Pro$35.0060-1201-2 capsules8 mgL-CarnosineYesYes
Transparent Labs$28.99302 capsules11 mgMagnesiumNot specifiedNo
Double Wood Supplements$19.953001 capsule10 mgNoYesNo
BulkSupplements.com$23.962401 capsule30 mgNoNot specifiedNo
New Chapter$17.0030/60/90 1 tablet15 mgCopper and elderberryNot specifiedYes
Nature Made$5.791001 capsule30 mgCalcium and magnesiumNot specifiedYes
CLAV$24.901801 tablet25 mgNoNot specifiedYes

Benefits of zinc supplements

Zinc delivers a tapestry of benefits to support overall wellness. Its deficiency has been associated with various health risks, such as infections, hair loss, delayed wound healing, and diarrhea. For this reason, ongoing research aims to uncover zinc's full potential, with emerging evidence pointing out the following benefits:

  • Immune function. Zinc affects multiple aspects of the immune system, including the development and function of immune cells and various inflammatory processes. Deficiencies in zinc levels are suggested to increase the likelihood of developing viral infections, making supplementation with zinc or especially targeted for the immune system crucial to fortify the body if you are not obtaining adequate levels through the diet.
  • Skin health. Zinc deficiency has been linked with various dermatological concerns, including acne, eczema, and hair loss. According to a systematic review, acne vulgaris may have a close relationship with zinc levels, with reduced papule count observed in individuals treated with oral or topical zinc. Moreover, supplementation with zinc has also shown some positive outlooks in various skin conditions such as dermatitis or acne inversa.
  • Testosterone levels. Zinc participates in various biological processes, displaying a crucial role in the production and regulation of several hormones, including testosterone. Recent studies have delved into this field, linking zinc deficiency with lower testosterone levels in men. Consequently, moderate supplementation with zinc may help to improve the level of this hormone.
  • Wound healing. Zinc is a micronutrient essential in wound healing. Although the evidence is limited, there have been some breakthroughs in individuals with diabetes, showing the potential of zinc to support healing.

How to choose the best zinc supplement?

When it comes to finding the best zinc supplement, there is no universal solution, as formulas are tailored to specific preferences and needs. Thus, we have focused on unveiling some of the key aspects to look for when purchasing a zinc supplement, curating several aspects important to selecting the right match:

  • Third-party testing. Due to the FDA's limited oversight of supplements, it is always best to select brands that undergo testing, ensuring that quantities meet those on the label and that the product is free from contaminants.
  • Intended purpose. Zinc supplements feature a variety of dosages and forms of the mineral. Before purchasing a product, it is paramount to evaluate your requirements, nutritional habits, and other preferences. Moreover, a consultation with a doctor should also be considered to choose the product that aligns best with you.
  • Formula. Before purchasing any supplement, it is paramount to ensure that the formulation aligns with your dietary preferences and needs. Moreover, it is crucial to take into account the recommended daily intake of zinc to avoid exceeding the upper safe limit of 40 mg.

Best zinc supplement 2024: conclusion

Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a role in various bodily processes, becoming crucial to supporting immunity and fostering overall well-being. While a balanced diet typically provides the recommended intake of zinc, poor nutrition or particular dietary preferences may impair the levels of this mineral in the body.

Supplementation with zinc may be a valuable solution for those experiencing mild deficiencies which are linked to increased incidence of infections, skin problems, or difficulty in wound healing. However, if you suspect you have a zinc deficiency, it is recommended to consult with a medical professional to determine the right treatment plan.

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