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Bestfactor Next Gen Probiotic Review

More and more people are becoming mindful of their dietary habits. Obesity and the health effects attached to it define an increasing need to find additional and alternative nutrition solutions.

In comes Bestfactor probiotics review, a glimpse into Bestfactor Next Gen probiotic, a unique dietary supplement that combines a full spectrum of known possible probiotics’ benefits — increasing digestive function, combating inflammation, and improving overall immune health.

Bestfactor claims their premium ingredients, state-of-the-art quality manufacturing facilities, and attractive purchase plans put them in a position of highly sought-after probiotics.

Bestfactor probiotics product complements your daily recommended diet with 100 billion colony-forming units (CFUs), additional instrumental compounds such as turmeric, and beta-glucans.

Those suffering from inflammation, worn-out joints, and trouble maintaining sleep should definitely give this supplement a go. Moreover, Bestfactor probiotic satisfies many a need — it is vegetarian-friendly since its capsules are completely gelatine-free.

Quick overview

Bestfactor Next Gen probiotic is a genetically GMO-free nutritional supplement for people suffering from various modern-day woes. According to the label on the bottle, it is a 100% natural dietary solution intended to assemble a healthy community of microorganisms within your gut. And then turn your body to a more positive state.

  • Ingredients. Bestfactor probiotic holds an impressive roster of compounds, vitamins, minerals, and a considerable amount of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains. In addition, it boasts a striking number of 100 billion CFUs.
  • Intended purpose. The intended clientele uses Bestfactor probiotics to combat digestive concerns first and foremost. Moreover, probiotics can support your immune system furthering a healthier overall state.
  • Price. Bestfactor probiotic bottles are pretty affordable — priced at $39.71, which means $0.66 per capsule. The price is fair and even more so when given special offers for more extended periods of use.
  • Benefits. This product is beneficial in more ways than one. Excluding the apparent benefits of probiotics’ digestive properties, Bestfactor may provide a support for your immune functioning and other health benefits.
  • Side effects. Studies show that probiotics are generally safe and have no major side effects. The same goes for Bestfactor probiotics. People with severe immune function impairments and critical patients should not use it, though.

About Bestfactor

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Bestfactor Corp hails from the town of Miami Lakes, Florida, and dedicates their research to developing various natural formulas for daily nutritional supplements, encompassing:

  • Probiotics
  • Thermogenic weight support
  • Appetite suppressants
  • Testosterone, stamina, and endurance boosters
  • Muscle-building and recovery supplements
  • Collagen peptides

A variety of supplements offered establishes Bestfactor as a staple provider within the dietary product industry. In addition, the exclusivity of their very own formulas provides an authentic experience for various lifestyles.

Every Bestfactor Corp product is in accordance with the standards of good manufacturing practice (cGMP), and their facilities are registered by the guiding hand of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Ingredients of Bestfactor probiotic supplements

Bestfactor is proud of its product’s biochemical composition. Thus, we present to you a comprehensive list of the most prevalent ingredients within the Bestfactor Next Gen probiotic output. First and foremost, the probiotics themselves — the strains of good bacteria included (an astounding amount of 100 billion CFUs) — then, other ingredients and their benefits.

Lactobacillus acidophilus

L. acidophilus may assist in lactose digestion, reduce cholesterol levels, and enhance overall immune response.

L. acidophilus has a prevalent acid and salt resistance and produces antibacterial substances during metabolism.

Lactobacillus plantarum

L. plantarum is a probiotic that has significant antioxidant properties, as well as maintains intestinal permeability.

Currently, scientists are researching this particular strain as to having an ability to alter intestinal flora and inhibit growths of potential pathogens.

Bifidobacterium bifidum

B. bifidum probiotic reduces the chances of acute diarrhea and contributes to the management of vaginal homeostasis.

B. bifidum may also help in breaking down and absorption of food, and contribute in fighting bad microorganisms that cause diseases.

Bifidobacterium lactis

B. lactis, otherwise known as B. animalis, supports human immune system and improves digestive function.

It is also notable, B. lactis is associated with oral health, where it contributes to lowering the chance of oral infection.

Bifidobacterium longum

B. longum can minimize common cold symptoms and are used in conjunction with conventional therapies to treat ulcerative colitis.

Contemporary studies are researching the effects B. longum have in immune responses in the lungs and skin and influencing brain activity.

Other ingredients and their benefits

IngredientAmount per serving (2 capsules)Description and benefits
Vitamin C60 mgVitamin C is an essential micronutrient for humans that mainly serves as a maintenance agent for healthy blood vessels, bones, and skin. It also helps immensely with wound healing processes.
Vitamin D1040 IUSpecifically, vitamin D3 factors in calcium and phosphorus uptake within our bodies. These macroelements, in turn, are absolutely necessary for building bone tissue.
Vitamin E23 IUVitamin E serves as one of the primary antioxidants inside our bodies that combat reactive oxygen species (ROS), popularly known as free radicals, and keep our cells protected.
Zinc25 mgSpecific uses for the brittle metal zinc, or zinc oxide in this instance, may protect humans from colds, decreasing bone metabolism, and gastroenteritis.
Turmeric500 mgThis particular compound is anti-inflammatory and may protect against oxidative stress. Moreover, curcumins tend to help with joint and muscle recovery and improve soreness levels slightly.
Beta-glucans500 mgBeta-glucans include specific glucose polymers that tend to keep higher cholesterol levels at bay and help control blood sugar levels. As a result, they prevent the growth of dangerous pathogens and protect the gastrointestinal system from inflammation.
Citrus bioflavonoids100 mgBioflavonoids are phytochemicals produced by plants famous for their antioxidative properties. They pair very well with vitamin C, which enhances the effect of both elements.
L-lysine100 mgAn essential amino acid, L-lysine, is a building block for our cells that cannot be synthesized within the body and thus must be obtained from nutrition.
Inulin organic powder50 mgInulin is both a polysaccharide and a very important prebiotic. Prebiotics feed our good bacteria, probiotics included, and are needed to maintain a healthy size of said good bacteria colonies within our bodies.
Fructooligosaccharides50 mgFructooligosaccharides, composed of short fructose chains, serve as other prebiotics. Moreover, these compounds help reduce blood sugar and improve mineral absorption.
BioPerine powder10 mgBioPerine is a bioactive patented extract found chiefly in black pepper that may support a healthy heart, target excess ROS, and reduce inflammation. Also, it may enhance nutrient absorption.
Melatonin powder5 mgMelatonin helps in regulating the sleep-wake cycle and also has antioxidant properties. Furthermore, melatonin, perfecting a person’s sleep, might help control weight and promote anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits of the Bestfactor Next Gen probiotic

Bestfactor product displays a variety of known and scientifically proven benefits, the principal among them:

  • Digestive system support. Bestfactor probiotic reinforces the gastrointestinal tract to the utmost. It is quite well-researched that main probiotic colonies secure their colony positions without hindering any prior beneficial microbiota ecosystems and replace inflammation-inducing bacteria.
  • Potent immune system protection. While reducing harmful bacteria and restoring digestive balance, Bestfactor probiotic establishes a microclimate within the body to support our immune system. In addition, a well-rounded selection of ingredients within the supplement may allow for infection prevention. For example, a specific strain of Lactobacillus, L. acidophilus, has a tendency to improve symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.
  • Promotion of joint stress relief. People tend to develop joint pain whether they enjoy a more proactive way of life or are more comfort-oriented. Sometimes, stress-related factors may cause joint pain and muscle spasms. Bestfactor biochemical composition targets just that. Turmeric extract, L-lysine, zinc, and vitamins included are especially effective here.
  • Overall stress reduction. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Probiotics target gut-brain axis deterioration by lessening discomfort within our gut. Refined vigor, mental clarity, and fatigue reduction are just a few of the benefits concerning stress-related problems.

Possible side effects

When concerning side effects, they are possible. However, these effects mainly have to do with taking the supplement in high doses, too frequently, or while having prior health concerns.

  • Unwanted digestive symptoms. With the introduction of new microorganisms inside the body, some people taking probiotics may experience diarrhea, gas, or even a bloated belly and constipation. However, they tend to wane over time.
  • May cause headaches. An increased intake of L-lysine, found within Bestfactor probiotic, can cause headaches because it excites the central nervous system.
  • Adverse reactions. Some of Bestfactor probiotic’s components may not be suitable for people who are allergic or are sensitive to them. Turmeric, which is present in Bestfactor, for those intolerant may cause difficulty breathing, facial swelling, and hives.
  • Prior serious illnesses. Certain people with severely weakened immune systems, acute diseases, and those who had recent surgery should leave out the Bestfactor probiotic from their diet.

Pros and cons

How does Bestfactor probiotic work?

As with many probiotic supplements, Bestfactor probiotic compiles a myriad of components, chief among them the probiotic strains — Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. And in no short number at that — 100 billion CFUs.

These supplements provide gut-beneficial bacteria within the body and, in doing so, set a balance to the overall microbiome. Harmful bacteria in the gut can provoke inflammation and other diseases. Introducing gut-friendly microbes is welcome to counteract the effects of their more mischievous counterparts.

Improvements in your gastrointestinal tract may be a sufficient sign the probiotics are working.

Firstly, you should take two capsules from your bottle of probiotics, 30 to 60 minutes before sleeping. Also, you should take the capsules with a glass of water or as your healthcare provider directs.

Secondly, as with any dietary supplement, you should check with your family doctor before consuming this product. Especially if you are a pregnant, nursing woman, have a medical condition, or have experienced adverse reactions before. Having said that, instructions on the bottle label are clear and easily readable.

Finally, Bestfactor claims, their probiotic is only intended for adults 18 years of age or older.

How much is Bestfactor probiotic supplement?

PlanVolumeTotal costCost per capsule
Good Value (1 month supply)60 capsules (2 per day)$39.71$0.66
Very Popular (2 months supply)120 capsules (2 per day)$70.00$0.58
Most Effective (3 months supply)180 capsules (2 per day)$90.00$0.50

Also, as a reminder, there are no additional shipping costs — shipping is free worldwide — and a 100% full refund policy is in effect.

Quality, transparency, and safety

Bestfactor Corp delivers on all three counts pretty much. On their landing page, you can see more information about the quality assurances (GMO-free seal of approval) for their products.

Secondly, transparency policy (terms of use & disclaimer, and terms & conditions of sale documents). And lastly, safety standards (FDR and cGMP certification) presented and implemented during the production stages of their products.


When choosing the most reliable supplementary product, the manufacturing source is paramount to track and get interested in.

Concerning the Bestfactor probiotic, the product has been created in the FDA and cGMP-approved facilities of American Natural Products.

How can I know if Bestfactor probiotic works?

There are a few things to bear in mind when taking Bestfactor probiotics and hoping for the best outcome. First, the most prevalent signs that probiotics are actually working may be a noticeable relief in preceding ongoing conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), urinary tract infections (UTIs), diarrhea, constipation, eczema, and allergies.

Moreover, a slight weight loss, improved mood, better sleep quality, and clearer skin may also signal that the Bestfactor probiotic works.

Do not fret if you cannot feel the immediate effect of the probiotic. Good bacteria start showing their nutritional prowess when you take them regularly and over a more extended period.

That is because probiotic bacteria, like any other cellular form of life, must take hold of their respective place within your gastrointestinal tract, as well as survive in its environment.

For women, unsure about the effect Bestfactor probiotic has on you, and would like to explore more options, we offer a commentary on the best probiotics out there.

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