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Bioniq Review: Personalized Supplements for Optimal Health

Do you feel like keeping up with your health is a never-ending race? You're not alone. With all the health tips and supplement options out there, it's super easy to get overwhelmed.

Enter Bioniq — a personalized supplement that aims to demystify the journey of improving your health. Instead of providing general supplements, Bioniq focuses on individual health profiles to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

By analyzing your unique health data, Bioniq explores gaps in your nutrition and wellness routines and offers supplements and lifestyle recommendations tailored to individual needs.

In this Bioniq review, we will find out how these personalized supplements can potentially help you address nutrition and lifestyle challenges.

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Quick review of Bioniq supplements

Bioniq offers a unique approach to daily nutrition with its personalized supplements. Here's a brief overview:

  • Ingredients. Bioniq's formula is customized based on individual health data to meet your body's specific nutritional needs.
  • Intended purpose. The supplements are designed to fulfill daily foundational nutrition requirements, supporting optimal health.
  • Customer satisfaction. Users report positive results and less clutter in their vitamin cupboard, suggesting potentially improved health and convenience.
  • Price. The cost of Bioniq’s supplements starts from $75, depending on the product and pricing model.

What is Bioniq?

Bioniq is a health tech company that specializes in creating personalized supplements tailored to the individual needs of its users.

The brand offers two main products: Bioniq PRO and Bioniq GO.

Bioniq PRO is designed for high performers. It offers personalized supplements based on over 4 million biochemical data points. The product combines a health questionnaire with blood testing to determine exactly what nutrients each person's body requires.

Bioniq GO focuses on deep personalization, catering to each individual's unique health and wellness needs. Unlike Bioniq PRO, the product only uses a questionnaire to collect user’s health information.

Using a unique data-driven approach, Bioniq matches quiz and test results with a database of more than 100,000 users to ensure that every supplement mix is aligned with the user’s health goals.

How does Bioniq work?

Starting with Bioniq is straightforward, regardless of which package you choose.

With Bioniq GO, you simply fill out a questionnaire and wait for the results. However, if you’re using Bioniq PRO, you also perform a blood test and then fill out a questionnaire for additional insights.

These steps are super important because they let Bioniq collect all the vital information about your health and what your body needs nutrition-wise.

Once you’re done, Bioniq's clever algorithm gets to work. By honing in on your blood test results, health details, or both, Bioniq whips up a personalized supplement blend tailored to your specific health needs.

Taking Bioniq supplements

Bioniq offers supplements in granule form rather than traditional capsules or tablets. These granules have the potential to resist stomach acid, helping the body absorb the supplements more effectively. Made from prebiotic fibers, the brand claims that they are designed to deliver the nutrients they contain directly to your system.

While the specific dose and frequency of intake can vary based on individual health data and needs, the granule form allows for a flexible and convenient way to include Bioniq supplements in your daily routine, helping you get the right nutrients in the right amounts at the right time.

Who can benefit from Bioniq?

If you're on the hunt for health solutions that feel like they're made just for you, Bioniq may be the product you’ve been looking for. We're talking about individuals who are tired of the one-size-fits-all approach to supplements and crave something that's tailored to their body's unique needs.

And if you're someone who's juggling with nutrient deficiencies — maybe you're not getting enough iron, vitamin D, or B12 — Bioniq's personalized approach may help fill those gaps.

Plus, fitness enthusiasts who love tech and gadgets, or anyone really keen on optimizing their health based on their body's specific requirements, may find Bioniq's data-driven method very appealing.

Key features and benefits of Bioniq

Bioniq is revolutionizing the way we approach health and wellness with its personalized supplements.

By focusing on individual health needs and preferences, Bioniq offers a unique, data-driven approach to nutrition.

Here are some of the key features and benefits that make this brand different from others.


Bioniq takes personalization to the next level.

By using a comprehensive quiz or combining the quiz with blood testing, Bioniq crafts a supplement formula that's 100% tailored to your individual health needs.

This process ensures that the supplements provided are not generic but are instead customized to support your health.


With Bioniq GO simple health quiz or Bioniq PRO quiz and blood test combination, getting started is easy and straightforward.

This hassle-free process eliminates the barriers and allows you to focus on the potential benefits with maximum convenience, making it simpler than ever to take control of your health.

High-quality ingredients

Bioniq puts a strong emphasis on quality, choosing ingredients that your body may actually need and benefit from.

According to the brand, the supplements are formulated with highly bioavailable granules designed to maximize the absorption of all beneficial nutrients.

With this unique approach, you may not only be taking supplements but also investing in your health with ingredients that may truly make a difference.

Potential drawbacks of Bioniq

Bioniq provides personalized supplements developed by world-leading science, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Personalized health supplements like Bioniq can be a bit on the pricey side, which might not fit everyone's budget.

Aside from that, BioniqPRO highly relies on blood tests. This method is a smart way to figure out what your body actually needs, but sometimes it can flag something that isn't really an issue, leading to unnecessary stress or extra tests you didn't really need.

Before you start using a new supplement, especially one as customized as Bioniq, you should first talk with your doctor. It's always good to make sure everything you're taking plays nicely together and suits your specific health needs.

Bioniq supplements: pros and cons

What is the cost of Bioniq supplements?

The cost of Bioniq supplements varies depending on the package you choose. Bioniq offers two main personalized supplement options: Bioniq GO and Bioniq PRO.

Bioniq GO, the basic package, is $75 per month. This option does not require a blood test to get started and comes with free additional gifts.

On the other hand, Bioniq PRO, the premium offer, costs $199 per month. This package provides a more comprehensive approach to personalization, requiring a blood test to tailor the supplement plan more closely to your individual health needs.

Both options are designed to simplify the process of integrating personalized supplements into your daily routine.

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Comparing Bioniq with other personalized supplements

Brand PriceMethod of personalizationCustomizationThird-party testingShipping
BioniqStarts from $75Quiz, blood testYesNot specifiedNot specified
Autumn$79.99 Saliva testYes Yes Free shipping for every order
HUM Nutrition$10.00–$60.00Quiz NoYesFree monthly shipping on orders over $50
Viome$199 Blood and stool testYesYesFree in the U.S.
Gainful$22.00–$45.00QuizYesNot specifiedCalculated at checkout
Vous VitaminsStarts at $30 QuizYesNoFree
CorneaCare$15–$230Quiz NoYesFree in the U.S.
Nurish by Nature Made$4–$16 Quiz NoMost of the productsFree U.S. shipping on orders over $30

Conclusion: is Bioniq right for you?

Bioniq is similar to a health buddy who actually understands what you’re going through. The brand offers supplements that aren’t just off-the-shelf guesses but are genuinely tailored to your body’s needs.

If you’ve been searching for a more personalized approach to your health, or you just want to fill your nutritional gaps, Bioniq could be your next exciting find.

However, as you navigate your health journey, it’s good to keep an open mind and weigh all the pros and cons.

What we like

The idea that you can have supplements made just for you based on your own health data is an impressive feature. It’s like having a nutritionist in your pocket. All you have to do is complete a health quiz or some blood tests to get a personalized formula.

Additionally, switching from your usual pills to Bioniq granules may help your body absorb all the beneficial ingredients more easily.

What we don't like

Some users may find the pricing relatively too high. Bioniq’s supplements are generally more expensive than similar products on the market.

While blood tests could be recognized as an innovative feature for personalization, they might not be suitable for everyone.

Before using these supplements, it might be a good idea to consult with your doctor to make sure Bioniq is the perfect match for your health goals and budget.

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