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Omre NMN + Resveratrol Review in 2024: Can It Unlock Cellular Vitality?

If you are looking for honest Omre NMN reviews, you are in the right source to learn our thorough evaluation of this brand. This product has been previously labeled as an anti-aging supplement combining two renowned ingredients to unlock cellular vitality.

Yet, no longer categorized as a “supplement,” Omre NMN + Resveratrol is claimed to increase NAD+ levels — a molecule involved in nearly all cellular functions.

Our aim with this article is to provide you with an in-depth analysis of this product from Omre. This review and evaluation are based on quality considerations such as manufacturing, testing, brand transparency, and customer reviews.

Note: we are using Omre NMN and Omre NMN + Resveratrol interchangeably while referring to the same product.

What is Omre NMN + Resveratrol?

Omre is a UK-based company creating supplements for supporting various aspects of health. Currently, the brand portfolio consists of 4 products — Afterdrink, Hydrate, Spermidine, and NMN + Resveratrol. Our target for review in this article is Omre NMN as a longevity product.

Omre NMN + Resveratrol, formerly acclaimed as a “supplement,” is currently sold as a wellness product suggested to possess some anti-aging benefits. As described by the founder of Omre, Dr. Pedram Kordrostami, another paramount purpose of this product is to support cellular energy levels.

Omre product contains 3 ingredients, with 2 of them proposed on having potent anti-aging properties and a synergistic mechanism of action. NMN is believed to enhance NAD+ levels, providing energy for cellular functions. At the same time, resveratrol is thought to boost the activation of sirtuin genes, which play a role in the reduction of inflammation, metabolic control, and promoting healthy aging.

Let's explore each of these ingredients in greater detail below.

Key ingredients of Omre NMN products

Omre contains NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), resveratrol, and BioPerine®. Each ingredient serves a different function to support cellular energy and youthfulness.

  • NMN powder, 500 mg. Nicotinamide mononucleotide, the primary ingredient in Omre, serves as an NAD+ precursor.
  • Resveratrol, 500 mg. The manufacturer uses a more stable and easy-to-absorb form of this ingredient — trans-resveratrol derived from Japanese knotweed root. This is suggested to be a powerful compound with antioxidant effects.
  • BioPerine®, 5 mg. This is a patented formula of piperine — the active ingredient derived from black paper — used to potentially enhance the bioavailability of resveratrol.

How does Omre NMN work?

Omre NMN combines NMN, resveratrol, and piperine and is supposed to work by boosting NAD+ levels to help slow down aging processes and enhance cellular vitality. These are some of the supplement's effects supported by limited scientific research including different amounts of ingredients that are used in Omre NMN.

Absorption and utilization in the body

When administered orally, NMN appears to be rapidly absorbed in the gut and then converted to NAD+ in the cells of peripheral organs such as skeletal muscle and liver.

Two proposed mechanisms are under consideration for NMN uptake:

  • Direct uptake of NMN through specific transporters.
  • Through an enzyme-dependent chemical reaction, converting NMN into NR before the uptake.

While research is emerging on NMN's mechanisms of action, the process by which NMN enters cells or tissues remains incompletely understood and is a topic of debate.

Resveratrol has quite good absorption (around 75%). However, the bioavailability is much lower (<1%) due to the metabolism of this compound in the intestine and the liver. Interestingly, the timing of oral administration can play a role, with morning administration demonstrating higher bioavailability.

Rapid absorption, poor bioavailability, and low aqueous solubility are some of the crucial limitations and challenges of the resveratrol administration. In response, some best resveratrol supplements may be designed with innovative formulas to enhance benefits. Omre NMN + Resveratrol manufacturers added BioPerine® to potentially increase the compound's bioavailability.

NMN's role in cellular function

NMN, which evolved as a powerful and direct NAD+ precursor, is suggested to mitigate some age-related disorders and promote overall health and endurance, as observed in studies with animal models.

NMN is not directly involved in cellular function. Yet, it may contribute to the increase of NAD+ molecules and the activation of NAD+-dependent molecules, which in turn may play a role in promoting cellular functions. NMN is also suggested to play an indirect role in DNA repair.

Resveratrol's role in cellular function

Resveratrol, as a polyphenol, may play a role in preventing inflammaging (age-related increase of pro-inflammatory markers) by potentially influencing immune cells and activating sirtuin genes. This compound is naturally present in some foods, as well as plants, where it serves as a scavenger of reactive oxygen species (ROS), preventing oxidative stress.

According to some longevity scientists, NMN and resveratrol may work synergistically to support cellular metabolism and DNA repair by activating the SIRT1 gene. Another potential contribution of resveratrol is its cardioprotective activity.

Keep in mind that all these benefits emerge from limited scientific findings, and broader studies are required to establish the benefits of resveratrol supplementation.

Unpacking potential Omre NMN+ Resveratrol benefits

Omre NMN + Resveratrol supplements are designed specifically to support cellular energy production. Moreover, the combination of the two anti-aging ingredients may also provide the following health benefits:

  • Cellular protection
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Muscle endurance
  • Metabolic health
  • Better immune function
  • Suppressed age-related weight gain

It is crucial to recognize that the effects of NMN and resveratrol may vary from person to person, depending on individual factors such as natural body responses and health status. Moreover, additional research involving human subjects is needed to further substantiate these effects.

Potential side effects of Omre NMN

Ingredients included in Omre NMN are generally considered safe. Yet, as with any other supplement, depending on numerous factors, including individual body tolerability and improper product administration, use may result in adverse effects, such as:

  • Mild digestive discomfort
  • Interaction with other medications
  • Allergic reactions

It's worth highlighting that NMN and resveratrol are still undergoing research to unveil potential side effects for human consumption. Hence, it's always wise to await thorough scientific investigation and consult with healthcare professionals before incorporating any health product into your routine.

What do users say? Omre NMN reviews and success stories

Omre NMN reviews are varied, where customers report the health benefits they experienced with the product. The manufacturer is transparent with the future buyers and displays both negative and positive customer feedback to help each person make an informed decision.

One of the effects frequently mentioned in customer reviews for Omre NMN + Resveratrol is increased energy and better sleep. However, some people notice no significant changes in their well-being after administration of this product.

Although some customers find the shipping experience challenging, some people report the fast delivery, neat product packaging, and the actual ease of use — including serving size and capsule intake.

Usage guidelines and dosage: how to use Omre NMN?

The provider of Omre NMN recommends taking 2 capsules in the morning, reasoning it with the natural rise of NAD+ and SIRT1 activity early in the morning. By taking NMN + Resveratrol this way, you may naturally rhyme with your body to further support these functions.

Although NMN is well-absorbed with or without food, resveratrol is suggested to have a better absorption rate when taken with healthy fats. However, the brand suggests that people practicing intermittent fasting with a fasting window in the morning can take the NMN capsules with a teaspoon of olive oil.

Keep in mind that these are general recommendations from the manufacturer. For more professional and personalized administration advice, you should talk to your healthcare provider.

Where to buy and pricing information

Omre NMN + Resveratrol is available to buy from the provider’s official website. When buying NMN products online come across alternative offers from retailers, it's advisable to verify their authenticity with the manufacturer to ensure legitimacy and avoid potential scams.

One bottle of Omre NMN contains 60 capsules for 30 servings at $59.97 for a one-time purchase. Different pricing is available with subscription and multi-buy options.

QuantityOriginal priceMulti-buy discountPrice with subscription
1 bottle$59.97N/A$56.97
2 bottles$119.94$113.90$108.21
3 bottles$179.37$152.92$145.27

Omre NMN is shipped directly from the USA and is accessible to customers worldwide.

Comparing Omre NMN with other NMN + resveratrol supplements

BrandPricePrice per servingServing sizeServings per bottleAdditional ingredients
Omre NMN + Resveratrol$59.79$1.992 capsules30BioPerine®
VERSO Cell Being$60.00$2.002 capsules30TMG (betaine)
Wonderfeel Youngr$88.00$2.932 capsules30Ergothioneine, hydroxytyrosol, vitamin D3
Purovitalis bundle$114.68$1.912 NMN and 1 resveratrol capsule60-

When comparing to buy the best NMN products available in the UK, you can consider these aspects in the table, as well as pay attention to the quality factors mentioned in our Omre NMN review.

Please be aware that NMN is under investigation as a potential new drug by the FDA. However, it is important to note that since we are not a manufacturer or retailer, we do not take any responsibility for the availability of the product as a dietary supplement after having lost its dietary ingredient status.

Quality, transparency, and safety of Omre NMN

Omre claims to prioritize the quality, transparency, and safety of its NMN + Resveratrol product, ensuring a commitment to delivering a product that meets high standards in every aspect. We have reviewed the product based on the following quality aspects:

  • Sourcing. The provider of Omre NMN claims to source its ingredients from reputable suppliers offering highly bioavailable and third-party tested compounds.
  • Manufacturing. Omre NMN + Resveratrol is manufactured in the USA, in cGMP-certified (Current Good Manufacturing Standards), and in FDA-approved facilities. Implementing such manufacturing practices helps ensure the final product is free of contaminants or heavy metals.
  • Third-party testing. The brand subjects its NMN to third-party testing, a crucial step in verifying the alignment between the supplement label's claims and the actual content of ingredients within the capsule. Also, Third-party lab testing serves to identify the presence of any harmful compounds.
  • Purity. The NMN powder and resveratrol in Omre are claimed to have a purity of 98%, as confirmed by third-party testing. While the Certificate of Analysis (COA) is not displayed on the product page, it can be provided upon request.

Our verdict — is Omre NMN worth a try?

Considering the quality, brand transparency, safety factors, and potential health benefits, we think trying Omre NMN is worthwhile for those seeking a reliable and meticulously tested wellness product.

We like that the brand provides flexibility in pricing, offering a range of options with versatile quantities and delivery frequencies. Additionally, we would choose Omre NMN product for its high 98% purity, potentially increased bioavailability, and the combination of NMN + resveratrol.

In our opinion, this is also a preferable option for people looking for vegan NMN products containing no GMOs, gluten, or other major allergens.


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