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Performance Lab Supplements Review in 2024

If you are looking for an in-depth and unbiased Performance Lab review, our analysis of this brand can give you a detailed assessment of its effectiveness and quality.

Performance Lab has an extensive portfolio of supplements designed to benefit various aspects of health, from cognition to immunity. OptiNutra, with its team of neuroscientists, develops these high-quality supplements.

This company of dietary supplements gained popularity for its certificates and quality standards. Performance Lab sticks to transparency, showing both positive and negative customer feedback on its website.

Let us discover Performance Lab in a more detailed overview below.

Quick overview of Performance Lab supplements

Performance Lab specializes in developing supplements for diverse health improvements and introduces 13 products. These are multivitamins for men and women, energy and brain boosters, sleep aid, and probiotics.

Here is a short description of these supplements:

  • Ingredients. Commonly used ingredients are NutriGenesis® Ajipure® L-tyrosine, L-tryptophan, and vitamin complex. Remember that each product has been uniquely formulated, hence ingredients vary.
  • Price. Supplements are priced to be affordable for a large group of people and differ depending on the formulation. The prices range from $35–80, and discounts are available with multibuy options.
  • Benefits. Some benefits Performance Lab aims to provide to its customers range from improved cognitive and physical performance and faster recovery to immune health support.
  • Certifications, FDA approval. While the supplements are not FDA-approved, they are third-party tested and manufactured in FDA-approved, cGMP, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified facilities.

Performance Lab company overview

Performance Lab is one of the leading health-oriented brands offering a wide range of supplements. It is based in the UK, where they manufacture their products in certified facilities and labs. Nonetheless, their products are distributed worldwide.

The variety of products makes it possible to stack supplements for a personalized routine. Performance Lab also offers separate formulations of the same product adjusted for men and women.

OptiNutra® is the parent company behind Performance Lab, providing it with high-quality and patented formulas by neuroscientists. This manufacturer offers patented NutriGenesis® vitamins and BioPerine® formula for enhancing supplements’ bioavailability.

Performance Lab holds several quality and safety certifications, including:

  • Natural Products Association Certified (NPA)
  • Underwriter Laboratories Certified (UL)
  • USDA-Organic Certified
  • US Pharmacopeia Certified
  • Specialized Technology Resources (STR) Certified
  • National Science Foundation certified Current Good Manufacturing Practices (NSF cGMP compliant)

The company adheres to sustainability standards, sourcing its ingredients from environmentally cautious manufacturers.

Best Performance Lab supplements reviewed

To discover the best Performance Lab supplements, we delved into reviews to determine customer favorites, their ingredients, prices, and suggested benefits.

Based on these criteria, we are providing a review of the following top-rated best supplements.

Performance Lab Mind — great for cognitive support


Performance Lab Mind is a nootropic formula designed to support cognitive functions, including memory, focus, motivation, and brain energy.

The ingredients in Mind are science-backed and natural. All the ingredients in this formula are of high quality, with 3 out of 4 ingredients being patented.

Here is the list of the ingredients and their proposed benefits:

IngredientAmount per servingSuggested benefits
Cognizin® citicoline250 mgCan influence the production of acetylcholine for memory and learning
Sharp-PS® Green phosphatidylserine100 mgMay promote neuronal repair, also improve learning, focus, and memory
Ajipure® L-tyrosine250 mgMay assist in cognitive performance under stress
Maritime Pine Bark Extract75 mgMay prevent oxidative stress, increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain for energy

Mind by Performance Lab is free from additives, soy, gluten, nuts, and GMOs. The ingredients are packed in NutriCaps® prebiotic and vegan capsules.

The provider recommends taking 1–2 capsules on an empty stomach in the morning or afternoon.

One month's supply of Mind is $59.00 ($1.96 per serving).

Performance Lab Flex — for improved mobility


Flex by Performance Lab is a supplement designed with all-natural and vegan compounds to help reduce joint pain, improve mobility and bone health, as well as lower inflammation.

It’s suitable for athletes, bodybuilders, and people with joint aches. Below is the list of ingredients that help to maintain joint health.

CurcuWIN® turmeric 250 mgMay help to lower inflammation and pain in joints
AprèsFlex® boswellia serrata100 mgCan protect joints’ cartilage and connective tissues
Glucosamine sulfate 2KCL500 mgMay help cushion joints and improve flexibility
Phytodroitin™ mucopolysaccharide extract100 mgHelps to maintain hydrated joints and collagen production
OptiMSM® methylsulfonylmethane100 mgHelps maintain collagen and chondroitin for joint health
NutriGenesis® strontium300 mgMay stimulate the production of bone-building cells

Keep in mind that glucosamine sulfate in higher or increasing doses should be consumed with caution in people with diabetes.

2 capsules are the daily recommended dosage and can be doubled after a physical activity if more joint support is needed.

One bottle of Flex is $49.00 ($1.63 per serving).

Performance Lab Sleep — to combat sleep issues


As the product name implies, Performance Lab Sleep is a natural sleep-aid. It can help prevent sleep deprivation due to muscle tension, stress, or involuntary movements.

Sleep is a formula of 4 ingredients proven to help with sleep issues. It supports sleep with magnesium and natural melatonin from Montmorency tart cherry as its primary ingredients.

IngredientAmount per servingSuggested benefits
Magnesium+100 mgCrucial for its nervous system calming effects for sleep
CherryPURE® 500 mgMay help regulate circadian rhythms
L-tryptophan250 mgMay help to relax and shorten sleep latency
Organic sea buckthorn100 mgAs a source of serotonin may help regulate sleep-wake cycles and restfulness

It’s important to know that sea buckthorn may interfere with medications for cancer, heart, digestive, and autoimmune disorders. Thus, consult your doctor before taking the Performance Lab Sleep supplement.

The daily recommended dosage for adults without known medical conditions is 2 capsules before sleeping on an empty stomach.

One bottle for 30 servings is $44.00 ($1.46 per serving).

Performance Lab Energy — for optimal energy levels


Performance Lab Energy is formulated to contribute to the production of ATP molecules — providing energy for cells. This supplement may benefit such aspects of life as brain fog, fatigue, metabolism, and physical activity.

6 ingredients in Energy by Performance Lab contributing to these benefits are described below.

IngredientAmount per servingSuggested benefits
Magnesium60 mgCan contribute to ATP-production, glucose conversion into energy
Acetyl L-carnitine500 mgMay support energy metabolism in muscles
Microencapsulated Bio-Enhanced®R-lipoic acid
100 mgPlays an antioxidant role and helps energy metabolism
MicroActive® Q1010 mgCan help turn food into energy and promotes new cell formation
BioPQQ®10 mgMay protect mitochondria cells against free radicals
BioPerine® black pepper extract2.5 mgAccelerates the metabolic rate, also increases supplement’s bioavailability

People with known bleeding disorders should talk to their doctor before taking supplements containing black pepper extract. Magnesium may also interfere with antibiotics, medications for diabetes, and blood pressure.

The supplement's daily dosage is 1–2 capsules in the morning and 1–2 in the afternoon.

One month's supply of Performance Lab Energy is $69.00 ($2.30 per serving).

Performance Lab Vision — promote eye health


People working with screens, experiencing eye strain, and everyone aiming to maintain eye health can benefit from Performance Lab Vision. This formulation of antioxidants can promote eye-brain connection for faster reaction times.

IngredientAmount per servingSuggested benefits
European freeze-dried blackcurrant300 mgShows antioxidant effects protecting vision against age-related decline
European blackcurrant extract25 mgMay additionally support vision in dark hours
European bilberry extract 25 mgA source of anthocyanins for retina health
FloraGLO® lutein10 mgCan help to prevent inflammation and age-related eye diseases
FloraGLO® zeaxanthin 2 mgMay increase blood and oxygen flow to the eye retina to reduce fatigue
Astaxanthin1 mgMay increase blood and oxygen flow to the eye retina to reduce fatigue
Saffron1 mgMay prevent the progression of premature vision impairment

Saffron in Vision supplement may exacerbate symptoms of bipolar disorder and interfere with blood thinners and blood pressure medications. Therefore, the supplementation, should be consulted with a doctor.

The daily dosage is 1 capsule taken with a source of healthy fats to increase absorption.

A one-month supply of Vision is $49.00 ($1.63 per serving).

Other Performance Lab supplements

Besides the Performance Lab products reviewed above, here are 8 other supplements:

  • NutriGenesis® Multi for Women. A formula of 13 enhanced-absorption vitamins and 11 minerals, plus inositol and boron for women’s health.
  • NutriGenesis® Multi for Men. An advanced vitamin and mineral formula for men’s digestive, heart, and immune health, among others.
  • Omega-3. A vegan-friendly source of DHA+EPA for proven heart and musculoskeletal health.
  • PL-Immune™. As a source of vitamin D and C, selenium, zinc, and probiotic strain Lactococcus lactis, it helps to enhance gut health and protect against harmful bacteria.
  • MCT. This is organic coconut oil as a metabolic aid supporting weight loss and energy production. It can be added to coffee, shakes, and salad dressings.
  • Caffeine +. Caffeine-based nootropic formula for a quick energy boost, cognitive performance, and brain health.
  • Probiotic. This formula of Inulin-FOS probiotics may balance good-bad bacteria for gut health and digestion.
  • D3 + K2. Vegan and easy-to-swallow capsules of vitamin D for bone, eye, and heart health in women and men.

Comparing the top Performance Lab products

ProductPricePrice per servingMain benefitsNumber of ingredients
Performance Lab Mind$59.00 $1.96 Brain health, better cognitive performance, learning, and memory4
Performance Lab Flex$49.00$1.63Joint and muscle health, faster recovery5
Performance Lab Sleep $44.00$1.46
Improved sleep patterns and relaxation4
Performance Lab Energy$69.00$2.30Higher energy levels without caffeine6
Performance Lab Vision$49.00 $1.63Eye protection and upgraded vision7

Performance Lab supplements by purpose

To address several health improvements, you can get all the needed supplements from Performance Lab’s online website.

Let’s discover supplements optimized for specific purposes.

For cognitive support

Based on our Performance Lab review of all products, the best supplement for cognitive support is Mind.

The provider also recommends combining it with Caffeine+ for better results providing an energy boost, longer attention span, and stress relief.

You can obtain cognitive support from other Performance Lab products, such as:

  • Omega-3
  • Vision
  • Sleep

These are formulas to enhance brain activity, eye health, good night’s sleep, and a healthy nervous system.

For optimal energy levels

Performance Lab Energy is positively reviewed by customers as an effective formula for increased energy levels. This formula provides a caffeine-free energy boost and pre-workout support.

In addition, you can obtain the following products for the same purpose:

  • MCT
  • Sleep
  • D3+K2
  • Flex
  • Caffeine+
  • NutriGenesis® Multi for Men
  • NutriGenesis® Multi for Women

For better sleep

You can improve your sleep patterns with Performance Lab Sleep supplements. This is a unique formula with reported benefits for its relaxing and calming effects, also upgrading sleep patterns with natural melatonin content.

Another ingredient that may help improve sleep is omega-3. Studies show that this long-chain fatty acid is beneficial for sleep.

We discovered a few customer reviews of Performance Lab Omega-3 regarding its benefits on their sleep patterns.

For overall health

NutriGenesis® Multi for Women and NutriGenesis® Multi for Men can be excellent vitamin and mineral formulas for a wide range of health benefits, including heart, bone, brain, joint, eye, and teeth health.

Other than these products, the brand recommends stacking the following supplements:

  • PL-immune
  • Probiotics
  • D3+K2
  • Flex

The combination of all these supplements may help you maintain overall health. Yet, before taking them together, talk to your doctor to avoid overdosing.

Do Performance Lab products have side effects?

Performance Lab products are generally safe to use. The provider claims that ingredients used in all the formulations are well-tolerated by most users. Additionally, they have been third-party tested and approved by authorized companies for safety and purity.

However, consider talking to your healthcare provider when incorporating a new supplement into your routine. Be aware that side effects are possible with some ingredients and may be related to underlying health conditions, use of medication, and individual intolerances.

Performance Lab prioritizes safety and quality and holds several certificates issued by authorized companies.

Performance Lab quality, transparency, and safety

As a result of our meticulous Performance Lab review, we discovered that the brand sticks to high quality, transparency, and safety guidelines. These are the characteristics of the company widely praised by its customers.


In this Performance Lab review, we often highlighted the utilization of patented ingredients in the brand’s supplements. These are high-quality compounds sourced from reputable suppliers globally.


All supplements in Performance Lab’s range are developed in cGMP-compliant, HACCP, and US Pharmacopeia Certified facilities. Furthermore, they are USDA-organic certified for providing GMO-free and preservative-free products.

Third-party testing

As another safety assurance, Performance Lab conducts in-house testing of its final products. As a second step, the brand sends its supplements for independent third-party testing to establish the labeling accuracy and the quality of a product.


The Performance Lab products reviewed earlier are of high purity, as demonstrated by third-party testing. They are made of pure ingredients and contain no allergens or artificial additives.

Performance Lab reviews: customer feedback

Performance Lab customer reviews are transparently displayed on the brand’s website. More than 1000 reviews report the positive or negative effects after the supplements’ consumption, customer care quality, and delivery.

Based on user feedback, Performance Lab Sleep is customers’ favorite, rated 4.3 stars based on 180 customer reviews. It was reported to work for most users, yet some didn’t notice the effects after a decent supplementation term.

Further on the list are NutriGenesis® Multi for Women and NutriGenesis® Multi for Men, with 4.8 and 4.7-star ratings, respectively.

Mind by Performance Lab gained a 4.3 rating score. Some people notice overthinking and difficulty sleeping while taking these supplements. Most customers, though, review it for its efficacy for brain fog, sharper mind, and memory.

Our conclusion about Performance Lab supplements

Concluding from the detailed review, Performance Lab is a highly-rated supplement company providing clean and effective products targeting specific health improvements.

Although we don’t like that their products are available only on the provider’s official website, that may make it easier not to fall for scam retailers.

We liked the transparency of this supplement brand and its ethical values regarding manufacturing, sustainable sourcing, ingredients, and a variety of product formulations. The latter allows you to choose a supplement that is most suitable for your personal needs and goals.

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