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Ritual Vitamins: Reviews of The Top Products

In this Ritual Vitamins review, we take an in-depth look at the brand's top products and their purposes.

Ritual has carved a niche in the health supplement market with a focus on quality, transparency, and science-backed formulations.

Let’s dive into the specifics of what makes their products stand out.

Reviewing Ritual vitamins: what did we look at

Our review process involved an evaluation of Ritual's products based on several criteria:

Ingredient quality Formulation scienceTransparencyCustomer feedbackValue for money
Source and integrityScientific backingDetailed product and sourcing informationUser reviews$25–54
  • Ingredient quality. We examined the source and safety of the ingredients.
  • Formulation science. We assessed the scientific backing of each formulation.
  • Transparency. We reviewed how Ritual shares information about its products openly.
  • Customer feedback. We considered real-world experiences and reviews from users.
  • Value for money. We evaluated the cost-effectiveness of the products.

Best Ritual vitamins products reviewed

In this section, we take a closer look at some of Ritual Vitamins' standout products. From multivitamins tailored for different age groups and genders to specialized supplements like protein powder for pregnancy and postpartum needs, sleep aids, and synbiotic supplements. Here, we explore the key features, benefits, and user feedback of the following Ritual Vitamins products.

1. Ritual Multivitamin 18+ — overall best multivitamin for women

Ritual Multivitamin for Women 18+

Ritual Women 18+ is formulated to support the nutritional needs of women aged 18 to 49. It includes key nutrients like folate, Omega-3 DHA, iron, magnesium, and vitamins D, E, and B12.

Key ingredients and potential benefits:

  • Folate: May support brain health and development.
  • Omega-3 DHA: May promote heart and brain health.
  • Iron: Essential for energy production and immune function.
  • Magnesium: May support muscle and nerve function.
  • Vitamins D: Essential for bone health.
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant support.

The provider recommends taking two capsules daily.

On Amazon, Ritual Women 18+ has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 from over 2,700 global ratings. Customers like the quality of the vitamins, saying they are good and packed with essential nutrients. They also appreciate the ease of swallowing. However, some customers have reported fishy burps after taking the vitamins.

We find this product to be a well-rounded supplement that may help address nutrient gaps for women in this age group due to its comprehensive blend of essential vitamins and minerals.

Each bottle with 30 servings costs $33.

2. Ritual Over 50 — best overall multivitamin for older women

Ritual Essential for Women Multivitamin 50+

Ritual Women 50+ is designed for post-menopausal women, addressing their unique nutritional needs to support healthy aging. A notable difference in Ritual Women Over 50 is the absence of iron. Post-menopausal women typically do not need additional iron supplementation unless they have an iron deficiency, which is less common after menopause.

Key ingredients and potential benefits:

  • Magnesium: May help maintain normal muscle and nerve function.
  • Vitamin D3: May support calcium absorption for bone health.
  • Omega-3 DHA: May promote cardiovascular and brain health.
  • Vitamin B12: Essential for energy production.

The brand recommends taking two capsules daily.

This product is rated 4.1/5 stars by over 900 global ratings on Amazon. Customers like the supplement's appearance and some say it helped them with hair and nail growth. However, some users feel the price is too expensive.

In our opinion, Ritual Essential for Women 50+ caters well to the specific needs of post-menopausal women by excluding unnecessary iron and focusing on essential nutrients for health support.

One container with 30 servings is priced at $39.

3. Ritual Multivitamin 18+ — best overall multivitamin for men

Ritual Essential Multivitamin for Men 18+

Ritual for Men 18+ is formulated to support the nutritional needs of men aged between 18 and 49. According to the manufacturer, it aims to promote heart, bone, and brain health. Key ingredients include Omega-3 DHA, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins A, D, and K2.

Key ingredients and potential benefits:

  • Omega-3 DHA: May support heart and brain health.
  • Magnesium: Essential for muscle and nerve function, as well as bone health.
  • Zinc: Important for immune function.
  • Vitamins A: May support vision.
  • Vitamin D: May support bone health.

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily.

On Amazon, the product has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5, based on over 1,400 global ratings. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the quality of the vitamins in the supplement. One user even reported a noticeable improvement in their energy levels. However, some users have raised concerns about the price of the product.

In our view, Ritual for Men is a well-rounded supplement for men’s health due to its formula and high product quality.

Each bottle containing 30 servings costs $33.

4. Ritual Protein for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Ritual Essential Protein Daily Shake Pregnancy & Postpartum

Ritual Essential Protein for Pregnancy and Postpartum is made to support the increased nutrient needs during pregnancy, postpartum, and lactation.

Key ingredients and potential benefits:

  • Plant-based protein (20 g per serving): May help supplement all essential amino acids and may support muscle health and recovery.
  • Choline (250 mg per serving): May support increased nutrient demands during pregnancy and lactation.
  • No sugar: It is sweetened with a combination of fermented sugarcane (Reb-M), monk fruit, and hand-made vanilla flavor.

The provider recommends taking one scoop (30 g) daily with 8 to 12 oz of any cold liquid.

Ritual Essential Protein for Pregnancy and Postpartum has a 3.9 out of 5 rating from over 220 global ratings on Amazon. Customers are satisfied with the quality of the protein supplement powder, mentioning that it is nutritious and delicious. However, some customers are dissatisfied with the packaging. They stated that the resealable part doesn't work well.

We think that this might be a good product for use during pregnancy and lactation due to its quality and the fact that it doesn’t contain stevia or sugar alcohol. While there is no evidence suggesting these sugar alternatives are unsafe, there is also no conclusive information on their safety for pregnant and lactating women.

A pack with 15 servings costs $40.

5. Ritual BioSeries Melatonin

Ritual BioSeries™ Melatonin

Ritual BioSeries Melatonin is designed as a stage-release melatonin supplement to help support the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. This product is made with a three-in-one tablet in capsule technology that is proposed to help deliver melatonin in phases throughout the night to promote restful sleep.

Key ingredients and potential benefits:

  • Melatonin (5mg): Crucial for sleep regulation.

According to Ritual, the formula includes:

  • 1mg of instant-release melatonin: May help you fall asleep quicker.
  • 3mg of extended-release melatonin: May support staying asleep throughout the night.
  • 1mg of extended-release melatonin: Proposed to taper off towards the morning to prevent grogginess.

Ritual recommends taking one capsule one hour before bedtime daily.

On Amazon, Ritual BioSeries Melatonin has a rating of 3.8/5 from over 120 global ratings. Users appreciate that it helps them fall asleep faster and doesn’t make them groggy the next day. Some users have complained about the price, considering it high for the amount provided.

In our opinion, this product is a high-quality sleep aid that stands out for its innovative phased-release technology.

The fee for one bottle with 20 servings is $25.

6. Ritual Synbiotic+


Ritual Synbiotic+ is a comprehensive gut health supplement that combines prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics to help support a balanced microbiome.

Key ingredients and potential benefits:

  • Probiotic Blend (11 billion CFU):

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG®): May help balance gut microbiota and support immune function.

Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis (BB-12®): May help promote digestive health.

PreforPro® (15 mg): A prebiotic blend that may support beneficial bacteria growth.

Tributyrin as CoreBiome® (300 mg): A postbiotic that is proposed to support the gut barrier.

The brand recommends taking one capsule daily.

Ritual Synbiotic+ has a rating of 4.1/5 from over 1,000 global ratings on Amazon. Customers like the quality and the fact that it helps relieve bloating. However, some users feel that the product is too expensive.

In our view, this is a good synbiotic supplement option due to its quality and positive customer reviews.

A container with 30 servings is priced at $54.

Comparing Ritual Vitamins products

Here is a quick snapshot of the top Ritual Vitamins.

ProductPricePrice per servingServing sizeServings per containerThird-party tested?
Women 18+$33$1.102 capsules30 Yes
Women 50+$39$1.302 capsules30Yes
Men 18+$33$1.102 capsules30Yes
Protein for Pregnancy and Postpartum$40$2.67 1 scoop15Yes
BioSeries Melatonin$25$1.251 capsule20Yes
Synbiotic+$54$1.801 capsule30Yes

Are Ritual Vitamins any good?

Ritual Vitamins is a company that offers a variety of multivitamins, protein powders, and other supplements made from simple, high-quality ingredients. The purpose of their products is to help people supplement their diet, aiming to support their general health.

The company is known for their transparency and traceable ingredients. They provide detailed information on how and where the ingredients in their products are sourced, along with the science behind why they are used in each formulation.

An independent lab tests all Ritual products for heavy metals, contaminants, and label accuracy. Some of their products are even certified by third-party organizations, including the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and Informed Sport.

Ritual is one of the few vitamin brands investing in clinical research to help validate its product claims. While specific studies may not conclusively demonstrate effectiveness, the brands ongoing research efforts underscore its commitment to scientific rigor and product quality.

Keep in mind that everyone's need for these supplements can vary depending on their diet and lifestyle. If you value quality and research-backed products, Ritual Vitamins might be a good option.

Ritual Vitamins reviews from customers

Amazon ratings vary, with an average of around four stars. Customers have reported noticeable health benefits, but some mention an unpleasant aftertaste and high pricing.

Trustpilot has a rating of 1.6 stars based on 44 reviews. Customers appreciate the quality and transparency of ingredients, but many note issues with the subscription service.

On Ritual Vitamins’ official website, many products have a rating of 4+, and customers praise their quality.

While Ritual Vitamins has received positive feedback for its quality and transparency, some customers have reported issues with taste, pricing, and the subscription service.

What to know before taking Ritual Vitamins

Here are key considerations to note before taking Ritual Vitamins.

  • Identify your needs. Consider understanding your dietary and lifestyle factors to choose the most suitable supplement.
  • Follow the directions for use. Try to adhere to the company’s usage instructions for each product.
  • Be aware of potential side effects. Exceeding the recommended dosage of vitamins can lead to potential side effects like nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain.
  • Consult a healthcare professional. It is crucial to seek professional advice, especially if you have existing health conditions or are taking other medications.
  • Monitor for adverse effects. If you experience any negative effects, discontinue use and seek medical advice immediately.
  • The role of supplements. Lastly, it’s important to remember that supplements are designed to complement a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. They are not meant to replace the nutrients you get from food but rather to fill any potential nutritional gaps.

About Ritual Vitamins: quality and safety

Ritual Vitamins is a U.S.-based company founded by Katerina Schneider in 2016. Schneider's desire for cleaner and more transparent supplements during her pregnancy led to the creation of the company. Today, Ritual offers a variety of multivitamins, protein powders, and other supplements made from simple and high-quality ingredients.

  • Quality. Ritual Vitamins’ products are vegan, non-GMO, and made from high-quality ingredients.
  • High safety standards. All products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to help ensure safe production and accurate labeling.
  • Transparency and traceability. Ritual provides detailed information on ingredient sourcing and the science behind their use.
  • Testing. Independent labs test products for heavy metals, contaminants, and label accuracy.
  • Third-party certifications. Some products are certified by organizations like the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and Informed Sport. Also, Ritual Vitamins is a Certified B Corporation, indicating its commitment to social and environmental standards.

Comparing Ritual Vitamins with the competition

This table compares Ritual with two other top brands in the vitamin supplement industry. We highlight key features such as quality, transparency, testing, and price range.

BrandQualityTransparencyTestingApproximate price range
RitualsNon-GMO, vegan, gluten-freetraceable sourcing Third-party tested$25–50 per month
Future Kindvegan, free from major allergensThird-party testing results availableThird-party tested$19.99–59.99 per product
Care/ofNon-GMO, no unneccessary fillersComplete ingredient listThird-party tested$7–19 per month

Ritual Vitamins review — our conclusion

Ritual Vitamins is committed to transparency, quality, and scientifically backed formulations. Its products are particularly suitable for individuals who prioritize minimalistic formulations and traceable ingredients. While its price point may be higher than that of some competitors, many users find value in the quality and benefits of the products.

What we like

  • High-quality and traceable ingredients
  • Transparent labeling and third-party testing
  • Science-backed formulations
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping for orders within the United States, Canada, and the UK

What we did not like

  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • Subscription required if purchased from the company’s website
  • No personalized vitamin bundles
  • Limited availability


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