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spermidineLIFE Review 2024: Exclusive Offers & Insights

With emerging research pointing to spermidine’s potential to support longevity, spermidine supplements have been gaining more and more traction as anti-aging solutions. Alongside this traction, a number of brands have entered the market, each with its own distinct formulations.

One such example is Longevity Labs, a health start-up that has launched its line of spermidine products under the brand name spermidineLIFE. To determine whether the brand is worth siding with, we conducted our own spermidineLIFE review, covering everything from the formulations and suggested benefits to quality assurance efforts and pricing.

Quick overview of spermidineLIFE supplements

To explore every facet of what the spermidineLIFE brand embodies, leaving no stone unturned, we have highlighted specific areas of our research that received the most attention. We present them below.

FormulationSuggested benefits CertificatesPrice point
If synthetic or food-derivedWhether in line with scienceCertificate of Analysis (COA) or similarRanging from $69 to $199
  • Formulation. Our first objective was to find out whether the brand’s spermidine offerings are synthetic or if they are instead food-derived — containing additional nutrients and bioactive compounds that may have synergistic effects beyond spermidine.
  • Suggested benefits. We examined the brand's marketing efforts and health claims to assess whether they align with scientific evidence or are unduly promotional.
  • Certificates. Being upfront about the measures taken to ensure product safety and quality, as well as providing relevant documentation upon request, contributes to the brand's trustworthiness. We also made sure to document these measures.
  • Price point. Given the range of spermidine supplements available from spermidineLIFE, we have compared their prices to help you choose the one that makes the most sense for your budget.

About spermidineLIFE

As part of Longevity Labs, a private initiative led by motivated scientists, spermidineLIFE is a brand that advocates for healthy aging through spermidine — a natural compound essential for cellular processes.

As stated on the brand’s page, the company relies on world-class scientific expertise to achieve this. This is facilitated by an advisory board tasked with conducting honest research and providing critical reviews to translate scientific findings into natural solutions.

Driven by a shared belief in a natural approach to supplementation, the team behind spermidineLIFE uses wheat germ extract as their primary source of spermidine. This choice is informed by its high concentration of natural spermidine.

They add to their efforts by testing the wheat germ extract both before and after their proprietary extraction process. This is done to ensure that their supplements are indeed rich in natural spermidine, safe, and up to high-quality standards.

If you are someone who is looking for a natural pathway to support your longevity efforts, spermidineLIFE is a brand that, at first glance, checks these boxes.

spermidineLIFE supplements reviewed

Now, going beyond that initial glance, let us take a closer look at what the brand actually has to offer by reviewing its spermidine product lineup. This, we hope, will assist you in identifying a viable product to support your journey toward graceful aging.


spermidineLIFE® spermidine capsules

This dietary supplement from spermidineLIFE is their original. Crafted from a natural wheat germ extract, which the FDA has recognized as safe, it is intended to harness spermidine's benefits, helping with autophagy support and cellular renewal.

Each bottle of the brand's spermidineLIFE product goes through lab testing to verify the stated amount of spermidine. The supplement is also GMO-free.

According to the manufacturer, the daily suggested dosage is 2 capsules. Every serving contains 800 mg of wheat germ extract, amounting to 1 mg of natural spermidine.

Visit spermidineLIFE's site to get yours. A 60-count bottle costs $69.

spermidineLIFE Memory+

spermidineLIFE® Memory+

Labeled ‘Memory+,’ this spermidienLIFE offering is designed to provide benefits beyond spermidine. According to the brand, while it should support cell renewal, it should also promote normal cognitive function.

In essence, this product is a combination of natural spermidine-rich wheat germ extract, brahmi powder, saffron extract, and additional cognitive performance-enhancing micronutrients like thiamin and zinc.

Within each serving of spermidineLIFE Memory+, you will find 1300 mg of wheat germ extract. Again, the manufacturer recommends a daily dosage of 2 capsules.

You can purchase your spermidineLIFE Memory+ bottle, worth a month's supply, for $109.

spermidineLIFE Extra+

spermidineLIFE® Extra+

Better suited to those seeking a more potent spermidine supplement, spermidineLIFE Extra+ is the next generation of the brand’s product, spermidineLIFE, which we covered earlier.

This version doubles the natural spermidine content and contains 30% more polyamines, essential compounds for regulating cellular function, compared to its predecessor.

Like other supplement options already featured on our list, the recommended daily dosage, as advised by the manufacturer, is 2 capsules per day. Each capsule delivers 650 mg of wheat germ extract and 1 mg of natural spermidine, totaling 2 mg of spermidine content per serving.

A one-time purchase of spermidineLIFE Extra+ is priced at $109. You can buy yours from the brand's official website. By the way, there's a 'Subscribe and Save' option available for those looking to stock up in advance, which allows you to save more on your purchase.

spermidineLIFE Ultra+

spermidineLIFE® Ultra+

With the word 'Ultra' in its name, this spermidineLIFE supplement contains over three times the polyamines of the brand’s original product. It is also different in that it is delivered in sachets instead of capsules. This provides an opportunity for spermidine supplementation for those who have difficulty taking capsules.

Inside every box of spermidineLIFE Ultra+, there are 30 packets. Each packet carries 2150 mg of the brand's patented CelVio® spermidine-rich wheat germ extract and delivers precisely 3.1 mg of natural spermidine.

The powdered content within these packets is water soluble, meaning that you can add it to and consume it with your favorite beverage. The product is also vegan-friendly and non-GMO, just like its alternatives.

As per the brand's recommendations, to consume spermidineLIFE Ultra+, it is advised to dissolve one sachet in 4 fl oz of cold water or a beverage of your choice. You should have 1 sachet a day.

Ultra+ from spermidineLIFE is currently available for $149 when opting for a one-time purchase. Again, there's also the 'Subscribe and Save' option for further savings.

spermidineLIFE Pro+

spermidineLIFE® Pro+ 10 Pack

Lastly, on our list is the spermidineLIFE Pro+ — a dietary spermidine supplement that, according to its makers, offers professional strength. Each serving of this product is intended to deliver 4800 mg of spermidine-rich CelVio® extract and, with it, 6.55 mg of natural spermidine.

Given this higher dose, the makers suggest incorporating cycling of spermidineLIFE Pro+ sachets with their original spermidineLIFE product into a monthly routine, as needed.

Like the Ultra+ version, it comes in sachets and can be consumed with food or beverages. Once again, the recommended approach for taking this supplement is the same — 1 sachet per day.

Although typically priced at $199, spermidineLIFE Pro+ is currently discounted to $149 on the company's official website. To take advantage of the offer, head over to the brand's site.

Comparing spermidineLIFE supplements

ProductPrice per bottle/packagePrice per servingServing sizeServings per bottle/packageSpermidine content per servingAdditional active ingredients
spermidineLIFE$69.00$2.302 capsules301 mgZinc and thiamine
spermidineLIFE Memory+$109.00$3.632 capsules301 mgBacopa monnieri, saffron flower extract, zinc, and thiamine
spermidineLIFE Extra+$109.00$3.632 capsules302 mgZinc and thiamine
spermidineLIFE Ultra+$149.00$4.961 sachet303.1 mgZinc and thiamine
spermidineLIFE Pro+
$199.00$19.91 sachet106.55 mgZinc and thiamine

Why should you consider trying spermidineLIFE?

If you are considering incorporating spermidine into your routine, you may have heard of the potential benefits associated with this supplement already. For those who have not, emerging research suggests that this polyamine may facilitate healthy aging in humans by playing a role in autophagy — a process by which the body removes damaged cell components. Besides this, it is suggested that spermidine may support cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, and even enhance cognitive function.

Now, let's take a closer look at spermidineLIFE and see what sets it apart from other spermidine supplement brands out there.


Commendable is spermidineLIFE's commitment to transparency, from disclosing product origin and manufacturer to detailing sourcing practices and providing open ingredient lists. There are also disclaimers within each of the company’s product descriptions, informing consumers that the products may contain wheat or gluten. This helps those allergic to wheat or with gluten intolerance avoid potential adverse effects.


Clear in its messaging regarding sourcing practices, spermidineLIFE explicitly emphasizes its commitment to the natural approach in its production process. The primary ingredient used across its entire spermidine product range is wheat germ extract — known for being one of the richest natural sources of spermidine.

Additional ingredients

Each of the company’s spermidine products contains micronutrients such as thiamine and zinc, added to support the body's own cell renewal, per the brand. While all products include these micronutrients, spermidineLIFE Memory+ offers more — it is also enriched with nutrients like iron, brahmi, and saffron extract, known to reduce mental fatigue and decline.

Quality assurance measures

According to the brand, its trademarked CelVio® wheat germ extract is crafted without solvents and synthetic ingredients. They subject it to testing pre and post-extraction and also have third-party lab tests to confirm the promised spermidine dose. To top it all off, the makers of spermidineLIFE coat all their capsules with food-safe ingredients to maintain quality and product consistency.

What are the possible side effects of spermidineLIFE supplements?

While there haven't been any major side effects reported from spermidine supplements so far, it's still important to understand that, like with any other dietary supplement, there may be risks involved. However, if taken responsibly and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, it's generally regarded as safe.

In terms of spermidineLIFE products, although they contain modest amounts of gluten per daily dosage, individuals allergic to wheat or gluten are advised against taking them due to this content. Similarly, people with celiac disease or those taking blood thinners should also avoid these products.

spermidineLIFE reviews: customer feedback

While we strived to capture a balanced range of opinions, it's clear that the bulk of reviews for spermidineLIFE are positive. This widespread satisfaction extends to many of the brand's supplement options, with the flagship spermidineLIFE product maintaining a commendable 4.3-star rating on Amazon.

However, there are also those who find spermidineLIFE to be a high-priced brand and have not experienced immediate effects. Nonetheless, it's crucial to recognize that many of spermidine's benefits are linked to internal health improvements, and most long-term users have reported experiencing the promised benefits.

Are spermidineLIFE supplements good?: conclusion

Having completed a detailed review, we can confidently assert that spermidineLIFE is a brand distinguished by its commitment to crafting spermidine supplements using natural ingredients. They derive their spermidine from wheat germ extract, a natural source abundant in spermidine concentration.

In terms of being clear and open, the transparency of spermidineLIFE shines through in its disclosure of sourcing and manufacturing practices. Additionally, their prompt response to our inquiries and provision of necessary certificates enabled us to examine their supplement offerings closely and provide our readers with an honest review.

When you consider everything, spermidineLIFE emerges as a major provider of spermidine supplements that, at the very least, deserves your consideration.

What we like

What stood out to us most about spermidineLIFE was the combination of the positives. spermidineLIFE offers a natural approach to supplementing with spermidine, but its advantages extend beyond that. The company's suggested benefits align with science, and its practices are backed by third-party institutions. Lastly, when we inquired — they responded. The company provided COAs for all of its products, allowing us to delve into all the specifics.

What we don't like

Although we got to the bottom of it, the negative aspect we found that may be troubling for consumers is that the brand does not disclose the concentration of spermidine in its wheat germ extract. Therefore, without having conducted diligent research, consumers have no way of knowing exactly how much spermidine is present per daily serving.


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