6 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

There are many home remedies that might help with your weight loss process, from apple cider vinegar drinks to juice cleanses. Who knows what really works and what is just a myth? Losing weight should be done in conjunction with a healthy diet. It can be paired with various natural, everyday products to boost your metabolism, stimulate fat burning, and suppress your appetite.

Key takeaways:
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    Taking longer to chew foods not only helps your body signal when you get full, but it also helps ease digestion and suppresses the appetite with more fibrous foods.
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    It's important to research before taking any natural herbs to learn of potential side effects.
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    In addition to cooking, natural herbs can be used when juicing fresh fruits and vegetables or steeped overnight in beverages and consumed the next day.

1. Cook with herbs and spices

It’s no surprise that what we put on our plates plays a considerable role in our body's transformation. Good nutrition is key to living a healthy lifestyle, and for those looking to lose weight, the best way to go. We don’t often think about the herbs and spices we cook as part of our weight-loss regimen, but it’s more essential than you might think. While it won't help you drop 20 pounds overnight, a handful of everyday herbs can help boost your metabolism, reduce your blood pressure, and suppress your appetite, leading to an overall weight drop. If you’re looking to spice things up, try incorporating these herbs into your daily foods and beverages:

  • Cayenne pepper (helps boost the metabolism and suppresses the appetite).
  • Cinnamon (reduces blood sugar, suppresses the appetite, and slows the breakdown of carbohydrates).
  • Cumin (promote weight loss and speeds up the process of fat burning).
  • Parsley (improves liver metabolism, which is essential for digestion and storing nutrients).

2. Drink lemon water with honey

Lemon water with a dash of honey is one of the best drinks you can give your body, whether you’re looking to lose weight or not. Not only is it a detox for your body, but it gives you an energy boost and promotes healthy digestion and immunity. Honey is a natural antioxidant packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that have been used for thousands of years. Not only does it act as an anti-inflammatory, but it also reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Lemon is also loaded with various nutrients, including vitamin B6, which converts food into energy.

While there is limited research on the study of drinking the beverage for weight loss (without fasting), fasting while consuming the drink proves to be effective. One study of 50 participants who drank 300 mL of lemon honey juice four times per day for four consecutive days during fasting showed a significant reduction in weight, body mass index (BMI), fat mass, and total serum triglycerides with an insignificant decrease in fat percentage and total serum cholesterol.

3. Load up on the garlic

If you love using garlic in your dishes, you may already be boosting your weight loss goal. Garlic is excellent for healthy immunity, getting a good night’s sleep, and helping you lose a few extra pounds. This vegetable also boosts your metabolism and is loaded with calcium, vitamins B6 and C — all essential for fat burning. Not only does garlic boost the metabolism, but it can help balance your blood sugar levels, normalizing your urge to eat. If you want to take it a step further, those who consistently chew garlic release the satiety hormone, suppressing their appetite and eating less overall. While it suppresses the appetite, it also simultaneously increases it — but for small meals. Eating smaller meals more often helps prevent overeating, leading to weight loss.

4. Eat fenugreek seeds

A common herb in Indian cuisines, fenugreek seeds have been known to heal various health conditions, including diabetes and cholesterol, and they can also help fight obesity. A study of 12 men over a 14-day period found that consuming 1.2 grams of fenugreek seed extract decreased their daily calorie intake by an average of 12% and their fat intake by 17%. The seeds are also extremely high in dietary fiber at 45.4% (32% insoluble and 13.3% soluble), a great source to help you reduce your appetite. So if you’re looking for an appetite suppressant that reduces cholesterol and lowers your blood sugar levels, fenugreek seeds are a great option.

5. Drink oolong tea

Research has shown that drinking oolong tea can help burn fat while sleeping. A study examined 12 non-obese males who consumed oolong tea, caffeine, or a placebo in correlation with sleep recordings. After 14 days of testing, the results showed that caffeine and oolong tea both increased fat oxidation by approximately 20% without affecting energy expenditure over 24 hours. Overall, those who oolong drink tea every day should see an increase in energy expenditure while stimulating fat oxidation. While caffeine can often be a sleep disrupter, the oolong tea showed no signs of disrupting sleep for any participants. Their sleep patterns stayed the same, from falling asleep to staying asleep, therefore not disrupting the metabolism from burning fat.

6. Eat more raw vegetables

It’s never a bad idea to load up on more veggies and greens. Eating all vegetables is healthy for you, but consuming raw vegetables is extremely beneficial. It promotes a greater chance of weight loss in a variety of ways. With most vegetables being high in water content, it helps fill your stomach faster while consuming fewer calories. Compared to cooked vegetables, raw vegetables don’t shrink in volume, therefore taking up more space in your stomach. In addition to their volume, raw vegetables also have a higher fiber content than cooked vegetables. While fiber is indigestible, it still fills your stomach, helping you feel full faster and leaving you feeling satisfied longer. Chewing and breaking down raw vegetables also takes time and energy, resulting in more calories burned.

With the endless list of remedies online these days, it’s always a good idea to do some research before trying them out. While most are perfectly safe, some are not recommended since they restrict calories to the point of potentially putting your health in danger. Furthermore, check with your doctor before starting a new regimen, especially if you’re on medication. Even the most natural herbs can have side effects you may not know about. Most importantly, find something that fits you and your preferences.


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