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DoFasting App Review 2024: Features, User Experiences, and Verdict

Starting a journey to weight loss and improved well-being often leads us to explore various paths. Have you ever considered the method of intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting can be pretty flexible. Essentially, it is limiting your eating to a specific time frame, giving yourself a 3 to 12-hour eating window, and fasting for 12 to 21 hours, depending on your advancement level.

Some studies indicate that fasting for appointed hours daily might offer health benefits and lead to weight loss.

However, this article is not about that. We are here to shed light on the DoFasting app. For readers wondering, "what is DoFasting?" it's an app designed to help users integrate intermittent fasting into their daily routines.

In this thorough review, we will look at this app’s effectiveness, functionality, user experience, and key features so you can decide whether this app is for you.

How did we review DoFasting: our guidelines

  • In reviewing DoFasting, we evaluate user experience, educational content, functionality, and customer support.
  • Additionally, we considered the app's suitability for both beginners and advanced users, addressing their specific needs based on their experience level.
  • Because of our commitment to transparency, we will highlight positive aspects of the app as well as offer constructive feedback for potential improvements.

What is the DoFasting app?

DoFasting is an application designed to assist users with intermittent fasting journeys. The app may also help you with fitness and wellness goals by offering personalized fasting plans, fasting trackers, various workout routines, calorie intake calculations, nutritional guidance, informative articles, and more.

In addition, DoFasting tailors recommendations based on your individual preferences and evaluates and offers potential intermittent fasting plans based on your quiz answers. The app claims to have science-backed methods combined with easy-to-use features that might improve users' health.

Disclaimer — the DoFasting website, app, services, and products are designed to promote general health. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They are not a substitute for medical advice or intervention. For weight loss-related medical advice, please consult with a qualified healthcare provider.

The company behind DoFasting

The company associated with DoFasting is KiloHealth, a notable health-focused firm based in Lithuania with a global customer base exceeding 5 million. Recognized as the second fastest-growing company in Europe since 2021, Kilo Health is dedicated to health-related products and projects.

Their mission is to assist individuals in achieving their fitness goals, focusing on innovative health solutions. They value accessibility and effectiveness, placing a strong emphasis on user well-being.

Other available DoFasting products

In addition to its main app, DoFasting offers supplementary products to enhance user experience. These include DoFasting Appetite Suppressant, DoFasting Smart Scale, and DoFasting Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies.

If you are interested in these products, you can check them out on the DoFasting website and the DoFasting Amazon shop. However, as of the article's writing, the products were unavailable for purchase, but you can sign up with your email to be notified when they become available.

Reviewing the DoFasting app

Here are the main features of the DoFasting app.

Fasting tracker

The fasting tracker on the DoFasting app is straightforward. Unlike some competitor apps, you can choose when to start fasting yourself rather than having to schedule it in advance. The app will remind you when the time to begin fasting is based on the plan you have selected; it sends you a notification when you need to start the cycle.

To finish the intermittent fasting cycle, you need to press the end button yourself, and the app will automatically calculate the calories you have burned during that time.

Post-fasting, the app prompts you to share your feelings, including options like tired, anxious, lightheaded, or hungry. Unfortunately, it provides no specific guidance on meal selections to help ease your stomach back to eating. Usually, experienced fasters ease into eating after fasting with gentle liquid foods. Advice is always similar for all types of fasting plans, whether you choose a beginner or advanced fasting plan.

However, you might search for some advice in the article section to learn what breaks a fast.

Calorie counter

Calorie counting is a very prominent feature in the DoFasting app. While you can search for some products or dishes with precalculated calories in their database, sometimes you can’t find items you've consumed.

Although you can submit your meals or specific products, you must know how many calories your dish contains. It might be a struggle for those who are not into calorie counting or don't know how to do it.

Regarding the app's core concept, calorie counting shouldn't be as important as intermittent fasting, which focuses on restricting eating windows, not calorie counting

Recipe database

The DoFasting app has many recipes people can choose from. Users can benefit from a rich selection of food categories that cater to various dietary preferences.

For example, you can find low-calorie meal recipes, quick meals under 10 minutes, and healthier alternatives. You can easily see how to make a delicious healthy smoothie or cook a cheese pepperoni tortilla pizza.

Recipes are well thought out and interesting, something that most people would only think to cook occasionally. Thus, it can enrich your daily menu. You can learn how to make burgers, risotto, stews, poultry dishes, red meat dishes, sandwiches, wraps, sweet snacks, and more.

Each meal, of course, contains step-by-step instructions, ingredient requirements, measurements, and cooking time. The meal recipe also includes a food preparation time and estimated calorie intake you will receive when eating the dish.

The meal database may be a source of inspiration and encouragement to cook delicious meals.

Workout program

DoFasting's workout program impresses with its vast range of workout options suitable for everyone. The program has a range of exercises to accommodate various preferences and skill levels. The app covers all bases, whether users seek mobility improvement, light exercise, strength building, or intense workouts.

Individuals with limited mobility can benefit from options like "Stay Active While Sitting," while those seeking a light workout can choose from "Quick Workouts." For a more challenging experience, users can opt for workouts such as "Lower Body HIIT," "Strong Core," "Golden Abs," and more.

What makes the fitness section great is the simplicity and clarity of each workout, providing details on duration, difficulty level, and step-by-step instructions with video demos for each move. DoFasting's fitness section is user-friendly and practical, making it a great choice for diverse workout needs.

Educational content about fasting

DoFasting has many educational articles and tips about fasting, nutrition, body, mind, habits, and other health-related topics.

Content on fasting is helpful as many articles explain intermittent fasting step by step, offering advice and information about what to expect, what to do, and how to power through intermittent fasting.

The information provided is vital as it increases users' understanding of fasting principles so everyone can properly implement them into their routines.

Diving deeper: the DoFasting app experience

Let’s examine further the practical benefits of the DoFasting program.

Interface and ease of use

DoFasting's interface showcases an intuitive design that prioritizes user-friendliness. The app's navigation is seamless, offering a simple and engaging experience.

You can easily locate what you need without any confusion, unlike with some other competitor apps. The overall design promotes efficient interaction, contributing to a positive user experience.

Usefulness and safety of the program

DoFasting serves a purpose based on individual preferences. If your main interest is intermittent fasting, there may be better choices than this app. While it includes features like a calorie calculator, meal tracking, and exercise programs, it lacks advanced features for intermittent fasting such as personalized coaching. The simplicity of the app might not be suitable for experienced users.

The app does not promise anything misleading in terms of your fitness goals. It is also designed with the help of a professional nutritionist with extensive experience in the medical field and the app creation process, thus contributing to the reliability of information.

Scientific foundation behind the program

As evidence shows, intermittent fasting as a method of time-restricted feeding may be one of the strategies for effective weight management and improvement of certain metabolic parameters. It can be particularly beneficial for certain groups of individuals, for example, people with metabolic conditions.

However, intermittent fasting is not suitable for individuals who have a history of eating disorders, endocrine conditions, excessively low body weight, or a tendency to overtrain, since fasting can put the body under additional stress.

DoFasting is scientifically grounded, developed with the expertise of a licensed dietitian and Head of Nutrition and wellness at Kilo Health.

Customer support

In our testing experience, DoFasting provided excellent customer support. When seeking advice, we engaged with the customer support assistant via live chat and received a response within a minute. After explaining the issue, we were promptly directed to the professional nutritionist team, who reached out to us via email

How to start using the DoFasting app?

These are the steps that will get you started with the DoFasting app.

1. Filling out the quiz

The first thing you have to do is fill in the quiz, which will take little time and is short and simple. It asks you several general questions like your weight, height, experience with intermittent fasting, goals, and preferences.

  • Access the quiz. After downloading the app, start with the quiz. It's usually prominently displayed on the home screen.
  • Complete the quiz. Answer the questions honestly and accurately. The quiz gathers information about your lifestyle, preferences, and goals to tailor a personalized plan for you. Once you've completed the quiz, submit your responses.

2. Signing up

Signing up is also a straightforward process. You have to provide your email address, confirm the signing process, and create your password.

  • Navigate to the registration section. If you're not already there, go to the app and find the "Sign Up" option.
  • Provide necessary information. Fill in the required fields, including your email address and a secure password. Check your email for a verification link and follow the instructions to verify your DoFasting account.

3. Starting the plan

Starting the plan is effortless as soon as you familiarize yourself with the application.

  • Access your personalized plan. Once logged in, find the "My Plan" or similar section. This is where you'll see your personalized fasting plan based on the quiz results.
  • Follow any on-screen instructions to start your selected plan. You can also change fasting hours, meal preferences, or other personalized details.
  • Explore onboarding tips. Explore any onboarding tips or information app provides, including helpful advice, resources, or features to enhance your experience.

How much does DoFasting cost?

Is the DoFasting app free? The short answer is no. However, DoFasting provides flexibility with different subscription options. While specific pricing details may vary, users often benefit from discount deals. Keep an eye out for ongoing promotions.

Subscription planCost
1-month plan (billed every 1 month)$74 / month
3-month plan (billed every 3 months)$32 / month
6-month plan (billed every 6 months)$46 / month

How easy is it to cancel the subscription?

The cancellation process is simple. However, it varies based on where you bought the app — DoFasting's website, Google Play, or another platform. Depending on the platform, you may need to use your phone's subscription settings or the company's website to cancel.

On the mobile app, the process is straightforward. Users can navigate to the help center, where they'll find a step-by-step explanation of the cancellation procedure.

Always make sure to check the company's cancellation policies. DoFasting considers refunds only within 14 days of purchase, requiring proof of payment and visual evidence that the product was faulty.

What we liked about the DoFasting app?

DoFasting is a great app that will keep you accountable for your intermittent fasting schedule, constantly reminding you when to start. Also, the app offers a vast range of food recipes.

We enjoyed that the app sends you reminders to stay hydrated. You can add the number of cups or bottles of water you drank during the day, and it will calculate if you hit the water limit recommended for drinking per day.

Do Fasting also has great inclusive workout demos that range from beginner to advanced-level exercise. The app also has videos for people with less mobility to have a light workout.

Additionally, we liked this app's helpful educational articles and ease of use; it was simple to navigate, enhancing user experience.

What we didn't like about the DoFasting app?

While DoFasting has plenty of great features and is easier to navigate than other apps, there are some areas for improvement.

The Subscription price is $74 per 1 month, $32 / month with a 3-month subscription, and $46 / month for 6 month subscription, which is relatively high. And with high costs come high expectations. Many customers of this app expressed its offerings to be too basic. While it offers various features, some users find that they may not be as relevant to the core concept of intermittent fasting.

The main emphasis should be intermittent fasting, guiding the body into ketosis, preparing for and easing out of fasting. However, the app doesn't offer specific meal guidance after breaking the fast or. DoFasting seemed more focused on calorie calculation than intermittent fasting despite it being a prominent feature.

Disclaimer — the feedback is subjective, and continuous app updates may have addressed some of these points since the last review.

What do users say about DoFasting?

The DoFasting app has a 2.8-star rating on the Play Store, mostly leaning towards 1-star reviews. Users have mixed opinions — some find the app beneficial, helping them stay on track with calorie intake, fasting, and hydration, and some consider it a waste of money.

While your personal experience with the app might differ from the available reviews, some customer feedback is still worth considering.

Positive DoFasting app reviews

Pleased users praised the app for helping them stay accountable with calorie intake and sticking to fasting and hydration goals. They appreciate the informative and helpful articles and customer support that provided them with all the necessary guidance throughout the fasting stages.

Users also expressed the simplicity of programs, the ease of following them, and the inclusion of excellent recipes and various exercise options. Additionally, many users express satisfaction with the app's ability to synchronize with Fitbit.

Negative DoFasting app reviews

On the flip side, there is a noticeable split in user opinions, with some praising the app's effectiveness and others expressing dissatisfaction.

Some users feel that they were presented with generic windows for intermittent fasting after answering multiple questions, finding the app too simplistic for its cost.

In addition, a lot of users reported technical issues on the Play Store, including glitches and data registration problems. Others reported that the latest updates are affecting users' ability to use the app.

Additionally, some customers found the 3-month subscription misleading, as it automatically renewed, and one user was denied a refund after complaining to customer service.

Disclaimer — for the most accurate and up-to-date user sentiments, it's recommended to check recent reviews on app stores or online platforms where users share their experiences.

Comparing DoFasting with the competition

AppDoFastingBodyFastFasting- Intermittent FastingZero
Subscription options3-month, 6-month, 12-month1-month, 3-month,12-month1-month,12-month1-month,12-month
Free trialNo No No Yes
Subscription cost*$32.00 per month with 3-month subscription$37.00 per 3 months with personalized coaching$10.00 per month$9.99 per month
Ratings2.8 stars4.7 stars4.9 stars4.4 stars
Fasting trackerWith subscriptionFree Free With subscription
Free featuresNoneCan access basic contentCan access basic contentNone
Personalized coachingNoneWith subscriptionNoneNone
Educational contentWith subscriptionFree for basic contentFreeWith subscription
Contains exercise programsYes No No No

* — Subscription costs vary depending on the specific plan choice.

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Our conclusion – is DoFasting legit?

In summary, the only question stands: does DoFasting work? DoFasting is a legitimate app with appealing features like daily hydration reminders, exercise programs, and informative guidance throughout fasting, and it definitely works.

However, customer opinions are split, with some deeming the app costly for its basic functionalities while others praise its valuable fasting insights. The $34.99 subscription fee for three months appears steep to many users.

Although DoFasting offers a versatile platform combining personalized fasting plans, workouts, and educational content, it needs to catch up with other intermittent fasting apps. While some improvements have been made, there's still room for DoFasting to enhance its offerings and align with market expectations.


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