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Escape the Grip of Stress With Apollo

The alarm goes off at 6 AM.

It’s time for another busy day. You were expecting a good night's sleep but couldn’t close your eyes again.

The pressures of life weigh you down. Getting that peace of mind seems like a mission impossible.


It’s obvious now. Stress is silently destroying your life.

It isn't just in your head. It's real, and it's harmful, chipping away at your well-being every second.

white woman runs in forest wearing apollo device
Image by Apollo Neuroscience, Inc

But it's not your fault. Over the past 40 years, everything has changed — the way we work, live and interact with each other. We don’t know how to take care of ourselves anymore.

Unchecked stress works like a domino effect, disrupting your sleep, mood, mental performance, and even relationships.

And when you are constantly stressed, you’re at risk of getting more serious health problems like heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and depression.

You might feel discouraged. You’ve tried different ways to cope with it but had no success.

Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


Combining old wisdom and technology

The story begins at the University of Pittsburgh, where a group of neuroscientists and doctors had a big idea.

Apollo devices lineup
Image by Apollo Neuroscience, Inc

They wanted to combine the old-school science of touch therapy with new, innovative technology to help veterans struggling with treatment-resistant PTSD.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Apollo Neuroscience was born. Co-founded by Kathryn Fantauzzi and Dr. David Rabin, a husband-and-wife team, they turned that lab research into something real and accessible.

Apollo — a wearable wellness device

Apollo was developed by neuroscientists and physicians to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

Typical stress-relief methods like meditation and mindfulness aren’t always enough. While these techniques are easy to learn, they might not be effective or suitable for everyone.

Apollo is here to change that. It’s simple and fits right into your daily routine.


Features and benefits

The device stands out for its unique features tailored to support your health on different levels.

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Image by Apollo Neuroscience, Inc

Apollo Vibes

By delivering soothing vibrations, known as Apollo Vibes, it engages the sense of touch to provide relaxation, deeper sleep, and more energized wakefulness.

Stay Asleep feature

Available through SmartVibes (a new annual membership), this responsive feature detects when you're about to wake up and delivers gentle vibrations to keep you asleep.

It also helps you wake up more rested and ready for the day.

Backed by science and user experience

Apollo is supported by in-house research and customer feedback.


According to the website information, users report up to 40% less stress, up to 19% more time in deep sleep, and significant improvements in focus and heart rate variability (HRV).

Designed for real-life

Unlike other health-promoting tools that require time and regular practice (like meditation or breathwork), the Apollo wearable is specifically designed for your busy life.

Save up to $200
Apollo® Wearable pop up

Save up to $200 on Apollo during Prime Day!

If you’re ready to improve your sleep and reduce stress, now is the right moment:

  • Apollo is available for $309.99, but it doesn’t end here.
  • On the PRIME DAY SALE (July 16-17th), you can save up to $200.
  • Buy one device and get up to $70 off. Buy two, get $200 off.

It’s time to take your health into your own hands!

For a more in-depth Apollo device review, consider checking out our dedicated article.


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